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As Ye Xiao withdrew his hand, the Purple Qi east arrival divine art that was originally released turned into a protective treatment for his injuries. As he circulated it, the many wounds on his body quickly disappeared without a trace. With another thought, a white robe appeared in the air, draped over his body..,

ye Xiao actually managed to calmly tidy up his appearance. He took out a mirror and looked at it. After tidying up his hair, he nodded his head in satisfaction and put the mirror away.

His demeanor was that of a handsome man who had just returned from a spring outing. He brushed off the dust on his body.

After his actions, he was still as elegant as ever. He was still as handsome as ever. He was still… extremely cocky.

His eyes quietly looked at the southern Sky Emperor, who was still rolling in the air and unable to control himself at all. There was no expression in his eyes at all.

The entire place was completely silent!

All of this had happened too strangely, too suddenly, and too suddenly. All of this had happened in less than thirty breaths, so how did it end up like this? !

Everyone could not believe what they were seeing. They stretched out their necks, stared with their eyes wide open, and gaped at the scene in front of them..

It was like a collective nightmare. The eyeballs on the ground were bouncing wildly.

Even Ye Hongchen, who had expected this battle, did not expect this battle to end in such a way! Ye Xiao’s counterattack was so sharp and unstoppable!

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Emperor nan Tian, who had the upper hand a moment ago and was killing himself in pain, had fallen into a situation where he did not know whether he was alive or dead in the blink of an eye!

The person who had ended this battle had been killed by his opponent in the blink of an eye. What the hell was this? !

A huge question mark appeared in everyone’s hearts. How could this be?

This was especially so for the experts of the Southern Heaven and earth. They felt as if they had fallen into a five-mile dream. They did not dare to believe it at all.

However, it did not matter whether they did not dare to believe it or not. The truth was clear in front of their eyes. Emperor nan Tian had lost!

This was too obvious a fact. Even if they did not want to admit it, but… how could it be fake under the eyes of so many people?

All of their faces were filled with despair as if they had lost their parents!

In the distance, Emperor South Heaven’s body, which was rolling non-stop, suddenly trembled. A round blood fountain, which had never been seen before, suddenly spurted out from Long Yutian’s mouth and shot into the sky..

After a long while, Long Yutian’s body finally stood still after a series of swaying movements.

However, everyone knew that Southern Heaven’s great emperor was finished!

At this moment, not only was Southern Heaven’s great emperor’s body destroyed, even his primordial spirit was no longer condensed. Although he could still stand and speak at this moment, his essence was already a dead person!

It was only because his last breath of vital qi, which he had cultivated for hundreds of thousands of years, had yet to dissipate. That was all. It could not even be considered as a return to the afterlife!

Although his body still looked tall and sturdy, it was actually just an empty shell.

His internal organs had all been spat out along with the blood arrow just now.

Other than the last bit of vital qi in his dantian, which had yet to dissipate, this body had no more vitality left.

With such an injury, he was bound to die!

Even if ye Xiao was willing to save him, even if he had to take out all the heavenly materials and earthly treasures in the endless space and the Dan Cloud Divine Pill, he would still have to sigh helplessly. This was because the body of the Great Emperor of South Heaven, Long Yutian, was no longer even the most basic element of the human body. How could he prolong his life? !

Ye Xiao solemnly watched as long Yutian stabilized his body. Then, he quietly watched as long Yutian floated towards him from afar. He did not move at all.

“I’ve lost this battle.”Long Yutian’s body stood in the air in front of ye Xiao. His eyes were dull and lifeless. There was not even a shred of life in them.

Ye Xiao nodded and sighed, “Yes, you’ve lost.”

As the person involved, ye Xiao naturally knew that the person standing in front of him was actually just a corpse.

Long Yutian was already dead.

The only thing that came to talk to him now was the last bit of his unreconciled soul, a little bit of obsession.

The last bit of Long Yutian’s soul was obsessed with his muddled defeat. He came over to ask ye Xiao about the truth of the matter. Perhaps after he finished asking, or perhaps before he finished asking, this little bit of soul had already dissipated and no longer existed in this world.

“Why? Why Did I lose?”Long Yuantian asked mechanically.

Ye Xiao said in a low voice, “The reason is very simple. The situation where you had the upper hand previously was just an illusion. I can create an illusion! “My real cultivation base has already far surpassed yours. It has even surpassed the two supreme figures of the north and south in the past. I have been suppressing my cultivation base to fight with you previously. “I need to use you to temper myself so that my cultivation level, which has grown too quickly, can be used by me.”

“Originally, if you hadn’t killed me, this show would have continued for a while. However, since you’ve gone to the extreme, I naturally won’t hold back anymore. In any case, my goal of training is almost complete.”

Royal Dragon heaved a sigh of relief as if a heavy burden had been lifted off his shoulders. “I see. This is the truth. Everything I saw was an illusion…”

After a pause, long Yutian asked, “So you’re saying that you’ve already reached the supreme-being realm?”

The moment he said this, everyone’s ears perked up.

Ye Xiao sighed and shook his head. “Not yet. I’m not a supreme-being yet.”

Long Yutian smiled comfortingly and nodded. “So you’re not, not yet…”

After saying this, Long Yutian’s body suddenly transformed into a stream of light with a ‘boom’. After his body exploded and scattered, he actually disappeared. It was as though he had just melted into the air.., not a single drop was left.

At the level of a grand cultivator like long Yutian, his original body had long been refined into a special existence like physical spiritual energy. It was difficult for ordinary people to be injured, and even if they were injured, they could quickly recover. However, once their foundation was not restored.., for someone like Long Yutian, even his internal organs had completely erupted out of his body, and the rest of his body would naturally melt into this world..

Ye Xiao took a light breath and retracted the words he had yet to finish.

“… I am indeed not a supreme-being, but I am even stronger than the legendary supreme-being realm in the realm beyond the mortal world. Perhaps, there shouldn’t be a supreme-being realm in the realm beyond the mortal world…”

He did not say it.

Because Royal Dragon was already dead.

His soul and spirit had been completely extinguished.

He could no longer hear it.

Ye Xiao did not want to tell anyone else either.


Just like that, the intense battle came to an end.

Everyone present still looked as if they had fallen into a dream and had yet to wake up.

“Nantian has lost!”

Ye Hongchen, who had the highest cultivation and had long expected this battle, was the first to wake up, he shouted, “I wonder, Nantian Lords, where do we go from here? Do we follow the Great Emperor’s agreement and belong to the sovereign pavilion, or do we choose to leave and return to our homeland?”

Prime Minister Su Mohun and the number one person of the Southern Sky Army, Fang Zhenyun, had ashen expressions on their faces. They were at a loss and did not know what to do.

For top-tier experts like them, such a situation should not have happened. However, it also proved that the unexpected death of Long Yutian had dealt a blow to them. Their spiritual pillar had been destroyed, and they were all at a loss and could not adapt to it!

Ye Xiao smiled and said, “Everyone, feel free to leave. Ye Xiao will not force you. I only hope that in the future…”

He smiled meaningfully.

Su Mohun raised his head to the sky and let out a long sigh. He bowed respectfully to ye Xiao, he said, “The Great Emperor was defeated. I should have followed the agreement between the Great Emperor and the monarch to serve the monarch… However, I am already old and disheartened. Therefore… I want to return to South Heaven and settle the emperor’s affairs. After that, I will live in seclusion and never come out. “Please allow us, your Majesty.”

According to the battle agreement between Long Yutian and ye Xiao, they were now ye Xiao’s subordinates.

That was why su Mohun spoke in such a lowly tone.

This was naturally not servile, but… he was still loyal to the Great Emperor of South Heaven, obeying and personally carrying out the last order of the Great Emperor of South Heaven, Long Yutian.

Ye Xiao closed his eyes and said, “Permission granted.”

“Thank you, my Lord, for your help.”Su Mohun seemed to have aged a thousand years in an instant. His originally rosy face was completely gone. His face was full of wrinkles, and he looked old and frail. His back was hunched, and even his steps seemed to be staggering..

This was not an act, but a complete death of his heart.

His heart was as dead as Ash!

Fang zhenyun let out a long sigh and stepped out from the crowd. “Prime Minister Su and I have made the same choice. We wish to return to our homeland and send the Emperor on his final journey. From now on, he will never appear again.”He raised his head, his gaze was firm. “When the Emperor is buried in peace, my soul will be destroyed in front of the emperor’s tomb. “The Emperor was a hero for his entire life. Today, he died in battle and is still a ghost hero. There are brothers who will follow him. The Netherworld is far away. How can we let the Emperor travel alone?”

Ye Xiao said in a deep voice, “Allow!”

Following that, Lu Buyi stood out shakily, “This old man will return with Brother Zhenyun. The Great Emperor has fallen, and the throne is false. However, he is still my brother. The words of life and death that followed me back then are still ringing in my ears. Please allow me, Your Majesty.”

Ye Xiao nodded, but in his heart, he felt an endless sense of desolation.

Although Long Yutian had many things that people criticized, he was still worthy of being one of the five celestial emperors. He was an outstanding person in the world.

Even if he were to fall, there were still so many brothers who were willing to follow him in life and death. Even if they were to die, it would not be in vain!

Following that, hundreds of people from the southern sky camp stepped out one after another to resign. Ye Xiaoxiao allowed them to do so without any grudges.

This group of people finally bowed deeply to ye Xiaoxiao. Then, they completely ignored the countless experts who were watching the battle. They turned around and left as if they did not see anything. As for their own subordinates, they were willing to follow them on their own accord, hence, they followed them. They did not force those who were unwilling.

These people quietly disappeared from this place and headed south.

They did not even return to the temporary camp.

A group of desolate figures gradually disappeared into the horizon.


Ye Xiao looked towards the south. When he saw the disappearing figures of the crowd, he gently exhaled. After which, he turned around. However, he was already filled with a heroic spirit. His cold and sharp eyes swept across the surrounding crowd as he spoke with a pause after each word.., he slowly announced, “From today onwards, South Heaven belongs to the Lord Pavilion and to Me!”

The people from the Lord Pavilion immediately broke out into loud cheers.

The Lord Pavilion used the power of this battle to announce that South Heaven and earth would belong to the Lord Pavilion from now on!

It would belong to the Lord Pavilion!

Bai Yutian’s face turned pale as he stared at the space where Long Yutian died. He did not say anything for a long time before he waved his hand and left.

Han Jianghai also did not say a word as he turned around and left.

However, just as he was about to leave, he heard a clear voice laughing, “Your Majesty.”

Han Jianghai turned around and saw Bai Chen standing a few hundred Zhang behind him. He looked at Han Jianghai with a warm gaze and the person said softly, “Now that South Heaven has changed hands, I wonder when North Heaven will belong to me?”

When Han Jianghai heard that, he felt an extreme tyrannical emotion that filled the entire bottom of his heart. He could not suppress it at all. He said angrily, “You want North Heaven to change? That depends on whether you have the fate or the ability!”

After saying that, he snorted angrily and turned around to leave.

Bai Chen laughed loudly, looking extremely delighted.


On the way back to his own base, wan ‘er and Xiu’er had a worried look on their faces.

Bai Chen turned his head and asked in amusement, “What’s wrong with the two of you?”

Wan ‘er wanted to say something, but she hesitated. After pondering for a long while, she finally said, “Young master… You’ve always regarded monarch ye as your opponent… but now…”

Young Master Bai was elated and asked, “What’s wrong with that now?”

Wan ‘er said worriedly, “Now… that monarch ye is no longer the same as before… all I can say is that he has the ability to easily defeat Great Emperor South Heaven… This…”

Young Master Bai smiled faintly. “So What?”

He raised his head and looked at the surging sea of clouds in front of him, he smiled and said, “What I regret in my life is that it is difficult to find an opponent. “Along the way, the opponent that I originally recognized has either died or was unable to recover from the setback. Fortunately, I still have the monarch smile, so I won’t be too lonely in my life! At first, I had thought that this opponent’s true combat strength was limited and that it would be difficult for me to face him head-on. Now that ye Xiao has grown to such an extent, he is the opponent that I desire the most in this life. Such a great joy should be revealed

“To be able to fight such an opponent, to use the heavens as a battlefield, to use the earth as a chessboard, to use the heroes of the world and the cultivators of the secular world as chess pieces, and to engage in a fierce battle, regardless of victory or defeat, life or death, is a great joy in one’s Life!”

Xiu’er’s expression turned solemn, she said in a deep voice, “Young master, you should be glad that you have an opponent. However, you shouldn’t treat him blindly. You and I both know that ye Xiao is an unworldly alchemy grandmaster. The fact that the pavilion of life and death of the sovereign pavilion has its current situation is closely related to its unworldly alchemy skills. Just by saying that the pavilion of the Sovereign Pavilion has bribed the southern sky division, this method is not only effective on the southern sky division, but it is also extremely attractive to the soldiers of any force in the world. Originally, Lord Ye’s actual combat strength was shallow and not worth mentioning. However, now that he has the strength to easily kill one of the five celestial emperors, it can not be taken lightly. In addition, there seems to be some unknown but real connection between Lord Ye and Mister Ye Hongchen. Based on my comprehensive analysis, the current strength of the pavilion of the sovereign pavilion is not inferior to ours…”

Young Master Bai laughed out loud. “Didn’t the two of you look down on ye Xiao in the past? Why has your opinion changed after seeing him defeat a heavenly emperor by himself?”

Wan ‘er furrowed her brows tightly and said softly, “Young Master, why are you still so indecent? The two of us were worried for young master because we witnessed Lord Ye’s combat strength with our own eyes. Yet, young master is acting like this. How is it that the two of us aren’t worried? !”

At this point, Bai Chen’s expression finally returned to calm, he slowly said, “I understand what the two of you are thinking. Ye Xiao’s performance during this battle was indeed stunning, but you only know that ye Xiao’s strength is no longer what it was in the past. He was able to win against Long Yutian without a doubt, but how could you not know that my strength is a level higher? !”

His handsome long brows furrowed and he said proudly, “Wan ‘er, Xiu ‘er, I can say here that if ye Xiao knew that I, Bai Chen, had always thought that he was my opponent, he would definitely be proud of it!”

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shrink from death Chapter 564 accident Chapter 565 ambush Chapter 566 hunt Chapter 567 what are you afraid of Chapter 568 stalemate Chapter 569 lunisolar glory Chapter 570 monarchs burst Chapter 571 kill back escape Chapter 572 horrible enemy Chapter 573 overwhelming power Chapter 574 maggots in bones Chapter 575 apprehend danger in every sound Chapter 576 medicine delivery Chapter 577 attraction Chapter 578 he isnt Chapter 579 your sister Chapter 580 precautions Chapter 581 personality eggality Chapter 582 sleeping master Chapter 583 who is this Chapter 584 like minded Chapter 585 windfall Chapter 586 unbelievable Chapter 587 heavenly spiritual body Chapter 588 the kings visit Chapter 589 you misread Chapter 590 visiting ling bao hall Chapter 591 come meet me inside Chapter 592 three things Chapter 593 i did it Chapter 594 burnout Chapter 595 i want to kill crown prince too Chapter 596 reconstruction Chapter 597 extreme joy begets sorrow Chapter 598 kill you right now Chapter 599 increase your knowledge Chapter 600 heavens arent blind Chapter 601 last joy take charge Chapter 602 disgusting Chapter 603 thunder up Chapter 604 inconceivable Chapter 605 the kings fury Chapter 606 strange Chapter 607 memory revival Chapter 608 lots of medicine Chapter 609 dancing egg Chapter 610 so many dan beads Chapter 611 super agerasia dan Chapter 612 burn the incense for help Chapter 613 take you out Chapter 614 different aesthetic standards Chapter 615 here he comes Chapter 616 reveal your secret Chapter 617 talk like controlling the kingdom Chapter 618 unbelievably wise Chapter 619 solve your problem Chapter 620 slip of tongue Chapter 621 my woman Chapter 622 three days Chapter 623 yin yang soul dan Chapter 624 leave with joy Chapter 625 why sigh Chapter 626 hammer and sword Chapter 627 dare not to bet Chapter 628 nine turns heart dan Chapter 629 you will have it too Chapter 630 keep the regret Chapter 631 marching in the grassland Chapter 632 lethal ambush Chapter 633 settle the north Chapter 634 world memorial ceremony 1 Chapter 635 world memorial ceremony 2 Chapter 636 world memorial ceremony 3 Chapter 637 farewell Chapter 638 eternal legend Chapter 639 reward warrant back Chapter 640 all kinds of assassins Chapter 641 boundless lake Chapter 642 quit the martial world Chapter 643 kill me end it Chapter 644 all ended Chapter 645 convinced Chapter 646 witness Chapter 647 a bunch of wastes Chapter 648 get the money Chapter 649 i am taking it Chapter 650 ashamed Chapter 651 quit the martial world Chapter 652 preparation Chapter 653 different people have different aspirations Chapter 654 pull up a seedling to help it grow Chapter 655 lots of impeachments Chapter 656 merits and demerits wujis first show Chapter 657 there is no story without coincidences Chapter 658 by accident Chapter 659 mans responsibility Chapter 660 qing yun realm cultivators Chapter 661 tough fight Chapter 662 reverse knock of golden soul blast Chapter 663 impregnable Chapter 664 failed at the end Chapter 665 demon showed up Chapter 666 bing er xuan bing Chapter 667 freak out Chapter 668 i am off Chapter 669 your life in my arms Chapter 670 who are you Chapter 671 is it still necessary to ask who Chapter 672 soul power Chapter 673 recommended ye xiao Chapter 674 ye xiao commander ye Chapter 675 military law white flag Chapter 676 unwavering slaughter Chapter 677 marching for battle Chapter 678 i faint Chapter 679 iron peak Chapter 680 tragic war Chapter 681 imposing manner of the losing army Chapter 682 it is him Chapter 683 sincerely convinced Chapter 684 who is lord xiao Chapter 685 taboo Chapter 686 meeting Chapter 687 its you Chapter 688 who are you Chapter 689 kick the camps Chapter 690 baffling battle Chapter 691 multiple attempts of assassination Chapter 692 lightning strike Chapter 693 glorious Chapter 694 have to hurry Chapter 695 twenty sharp daggers Chapter 696 tough fights in two sides Chapter 697 ashes to ashes Chapter 698 cross the battle Chapter 699 not enough men Chapter 700 headache in both sides Chapter 701 full attack Chapter 702 different perspectives Chapter 703 ye xiao ye xiao Chapter 704 lousy idea Chapter 705 enough Chapter 706 princess came for visit Chapter 707 disclaim Chapter 708 we wont see it Chapter 709 deal Chapter 710 important people Chapter 711 ashamed Chapter 712 fire attack Chapter 713 battle out Chapter 714 i get it Chapter 715 sorry Chapter 716 rolling fire Chapter 717 the extreme cold Chapter 718 gods want me dead Chapter 719 nine thousand miles hunt Chapter 720 glorious victory Chapter 721 is it fate Chapter 722 trembling land of han yang Chapter 723 peerless Chapter 724 for you Chapter 725 peerless affectionate guy Chapter 726 a great disturbance Chapter 727 counterattack of wuji Chapter 728 purge Chapter 729 fury for the loss of opportunity Chapter 730 grab a grandson Chapter 731 a great plan Chapter 732 mainstay Chapter 733 hero father hero son Chapter 734 dote Chapter 735 obsessed in cultivation Chapter 736 ready to hatch Chapter 737 primal creature Chapter 738 you are brother egg Chapter 739 get a name Chapter 740 erhuo Chapter 741 unequal treaty Chapter 742 erhuo and fish Chapter 743 weird theft Chapter 744 father and son Chapter 745 ye nantians worry Chapter 746 ascension to qing yun realm Chapter 747 ascension day Chapter 748 polar ice river Chapter 749 golden scaled dragon fish Chapter 750 coveted Chapter 751 thousands meter ice golden dragon Chapter 752 unlucky dude Chapter 753 mia Chapter 754 accidentally Chapter 755 snatch Chapter 756 i am ye chongxiao Chapter 757 just a cat Chapter 758 the three factions Chapter 759 allies they said Chapter 760 nature exquisite body Chapter 761 unable to escape Chapter 762 dark pine forest Chapter 763 danger Chapter 764 silve scaled golden caruncled snake Chapter 765 crowd of snakes Chapter 766 surprise suggestions Chapter 767 golden caruncle the weak point Chapter 768 snake king Chapter 769 eliminate the king Chapter 770 predicament Chapter 771 go erhuo go Chapter 772 silent kill Chapter 773 stockpile Chapter 774 another ambush Chapter 775 real killing strike Chapter 776 assassination attempt and assassinating Chapter 777 a moment of peace Chapter 778 weird carriage Chapter 779 let her go Chapter 780 i am a dan maker Chapter 781 you wont die with me around Chapter 782 painful experience Chapter 783 life risk recommendation letter Chapter 784 die for you Chapter 785 it was saint sunlight sect Chapter 786 remember the kindness remember the hatred Chapter 787 that man Chapter 788 unforeseen event Chapter 789 myth Chapter 790 zhan yunfei Chapter 791 unworthy of mentioning Chapter 792 nine exquisite body Chapter 793 the girl rongrong Chapter 794 why are you so nice to me Chapter 795 ye xiao took a step forward Chapter 796 be my daughter Chapter 797 the other side of zhan yunfeis personality Chapter 798 gain and loss Chapter 799 what do you see Chapter 800 terrifying Chapter 801 a huge conspiracy Chapter 802 sky thunder landmines Chapter 803 wings in the sky Chapter 804 broken clue Chapter 805 cold moon palace Chapter 806 never offend me Chapter 807 moonlight trial Chapter 808 floor after floor Chapter 809 natures perfection nine exquisite body Chapter 810 heavens selection Chapter 811 gods envy the elite Chapter 812 i hate you Chapter 813 what a monster Chapter 814 wind cloud thunder and lightning Chapter 815 disciple brother ye Chapter 816 genius in conservation Chapter 817 battle in the old days Chapter 818 what i lack Chapter 819 three phases Chapter 820 the path to become immortal Chapter 821 beginning of hell Chapter 822 2500 kilograms Chapter 823 outperform Chapter 824 blade sharpening Chapter 825 disengaged erhuo Chapter 826 where are the fish Chapter 827 adorable cat Chapter 828 tell a thief about theft Chapter 829 comforted erhuo Chapter 830 the space changed Chapter 831 assassins went up Chapter 832 sky ice palace jun yinglian Chapter 833 who else knows Chapter 834 go out with the sword in hand Chapter 835 the return of nantian Chapter 836 my improvement has been limited Chapter 837 clan dispute Chapter 838 stay Chapter 839 who is the murderer Chapter 840 where is your son Chapter 841 his name is ye xiao Chapter 842 the god level special training Chapter 843 unprecedented Chapter 844 worth dying Chapter 845 lei dadis boast Chapter 846 this is a tragedy Chapter 847 generation to generation Chapter 848 life origin dan Chapter 849 gratitude is gratitude hatred is hatred Chapter 850 who was beaten Chapter 851 breakthrough Chapter 852 fast improvement Chapter 853 the ground competition for prime disciple honor Chapter 854 devastating Chapter 855 ground competition of dream origin stage Chapter 856 next Chapter 857 cant stop feeling relaxed Chapter 858 peerless genius is a threat Chapter 859 training partner Chapter 860 visit the qiong hua palace Chapter 861 give a hand Chapter 862 yours and mine Chapter 863 the past Chapter 864 motherliness Chapter 865 incorrigible Chapter 866 foodie Chapter 867 blood bead Chapter 868 here is a monster Chapter 869 visitor in cold moon palace Chapter 870 two great prime masters Chapter 871 murder Chapter 872 terribly shameless Chapter 873 on the verge of a fight Chapter 874 survival Chapter 875 independence of cold moon palace Chapter 876 between life and death Chapter 877 back to life Chapter 878 witnessing a miracle Chapter 879 death is a perfect protection Chapter 880 a tale Chapter 881 sky soul hall Chapter 882 fierce blade Chapter 883 The Past Chapter 884 Separate Ways Chapter 885 Break The Deadlock Chapter 886 Housecleaning Chapter 887 So Long Chapter 888 Poles Apart Chapter 889 Martial World Is Good Chapter 890 Guan Lingxiao Chapter 891 Whats Wrong With You Chapter 892 Black Cavalry Alliance Chapter 893 I Am Going Too Chapter 894 King Of Horses Chapter 895 King Descended Chapter 896 Cause And Effect Chapter 897 In The Black Cavalry Alliance Chapter 898 How Many Enemies Chapter 899 Laughter Of The Monarch Hero Of Eternity Chapter 900 Immediate Effect Chapter 901 Typical Li Wuliang Chapter 902 That Accounts For It Chapter 903 Human Vice Chapter 904 Why Chapter 905 Grey Wolf Fought For You Chapter 906 Sky Soul Mountain Chapter 907 Sky Soul Precipice Chapter 908 His Lady Came For Revenge Chapter 909 Jumped Off The Cliff Chapter 910 Red And White Clouds Chapter 911: Sky Soul Power Aura Chapter 912: Chaotic Soul Clouds Chapter 914: Full Mountain Of Bones Chapter 915: My Soul Power Your Strength Chapter 916: Undying Heroes Chapter 917: Where Is Li Wuliang? Chapter 918: You Are Alive Brother Chapter 919: Weird Ganoderma Chapter 920: The Best Bad Friend Chapter 921: This Is Life Chapter 922: Ghost Ganoderma Chapter 923: What A Good Luck Chapter 924: Am I Really That Kind Of Person? Chapter 925: Precaution Chapter 926: Cant Take The Risk Chapter 927: Golden Hawk Chapter 928: Can You Speak Hawk Language? Chapter 929: Dont You Play Foolish Chapter 930: Lure Chapter 931: I Cant Touch You? Chapter 932: Babyish Golden Hawk Chapter 933: Flaming Needle Chapter 934: Speed Of The Hawk Chapter 935: Tempest Thunder Golden Hawk Chapter 936: Stars Sword Chapter 937: Fully Loaded Goodbye Chapter 938: Cultivation Boost Chapter 939: Shadowless Assassin Chapter 940: One Sword Move Problem Solved Chapter 941: Break Out Chapter 942: Who Are You? Chapter 943: Han Bingxue Chapter 944: Fortunate Chapter 945: Monarchs Footwork Chapter 946: Monarchs Sword Chapter 947: Frost Heaven Chapter 948: Terrified Chapter 949: Only One Chapter 950: Brother Its Me Chapter 951: Strong Brotherhood Chapter 952: Limitless Boldness Chapter 953: Coincidence Chapter 954: Strong Fellowship Chapter 955: Useless Son? Chapter 956: Afterwards Accountability Chapter 957: I Got You Chapter 958: Erhuos Wish Chapter 959: Beaten By A Cat Chapter 960: Crow Mouth Chapter 961: Weird Attitude Chapter 962: Go The Same Way Chapter 963: Too Amorous Chapter 964: You Liar Chapter 965: Freaked Out Chapter 966: You Are Fooled Chapter 967: Good Fortune In Love Affairs Chapter 968: Rising Jealousy Chapter 969: Too Much To Do Chapter 970: Mistake Chapter 971: Bravo Boss Chapter 972: Punching Bag Chapter 973: Why Would I Not Dare? Chapter 974: Troubles To The East Chapter 975: Ready To Kill Chapter 976: Do It Chapter 977: Explanation Chapter 978: To Revenge By Himself Chapter 979: Reason To Kill Chapter 980: Boss? Chapter 981: Familiar Body Fragrance? Chapter 982: Grey Mountain Stranger Chapter 983: The Horrible Organization Again Chapter 984: Possible Target Chapter 985: Is She Ugly? Chapter 986: Oracle District Chapter 987: Song Clans Domain Chapter 988: Implicated? Chapter 989: Song Jues Nephew? Chapter 990: What A Brave Man Chapter 991: Fury Chapter 992: Song Clan Chapter 993: Condemnation Chapter 994: White And Black Chapter 995: Killing God Descended Chapter 996: Kill Chapter 997: We Are Destined Chapter 998: Turn A Stone Into Gold Chapter 999: Uncle Song Jue Chapter 1000: Reunion Chapter 1001: Concubine? Why Not Chapter 1002: Strong Background Chapter 1003: My Name Is Xuan Bing Chapter 1004: Because Of You Chapter 1005: Xuan Bings Worry Chapter 1006: The Secret Of Oracle District Chapter 1007: Suspicion Chapter 1008: Mountain Of All Medicines Chapter 1009: Lots Of Weirdos Chapter 1010: Eldritch Youngsters Chapter 1011: People Of The Ye Clan Chapter 1012: Eventful Clan Chapter 1013: Crisis On The Ye Clan Chapter 1014: I Have Been There Chapter 1015: Why Would It Change? Chapter 1016: Different Intentions Chapter 1017: Blockhead Chapter 1018: Exclusive Chapter 1019: Sleepless Night Chapter 1020: Is It Him? Chapter 1021: Improve By Leaps And Bounds Ning Biluo Chapter 1022: That Night Chapter 1023: Forefather Of The Ye Clan Chapter 1024: Survival Rule Chapter 1025: Equal Match Chapter 1026: Enter Together Chapter 1027: Mudslinging Of Both Sides Chapter 1028: Heaven Treasure Mountain Chapter 1029: Gradualness Chapter 1030: Triple Layers Of Heaven Chapter 1031: Streams Of Spiritual Beasts Chapter 1032: Beasts Off Chapter 1033: Summon Chapter 1034: Asking For Direction Chapter 1035: Nine Layer Valley Awaits Monarch Chapter 1036: Transferred Out Chapter 1037: Waiting Chapter 1038: The Fourth Person Chapter 1039: Master Tianji Chapter 1040: Real Trial Begins Chapter 1041: Ye Clans Good Harvest Chapter 1042: Rainbow Cinnabar Fruit Chapter 1043: All Good Stuffs Chapter 1044: So Despicable Chapter 1045: Be Fooled Chapter 1046: True Start Chapter 1047: Dominator Of The Firmament Chapter 1048: Gamble Of The Strong Chapter 1049: To Let You Get Punched Chapter 1050: Disorientation Array Chapter 1051: Chief Is In Chapter 1052: Life Path Chapter 1053: Miserable Man Chapter 1054: Hard To Take Someone Down With Him Chapter 1055: The Gate To Heavens Opened Monarch Laughed Upon All Chapter 1056: Han Bingxue Went Crazy Chapter 1057: Binger Is It You? Chapter 1058: Something Wrong Chapter 1059: Standardized Cultivating Tea Chapter 1060: A Thousand Jade Lotuses Chapter 1061: A Gift To You Chapter 1062: So Long For Now Chapter 1063: Xuan Bings Heart Chapter 1064: Left And Return Chapter 1065: Is This A Dream? Chapter 1066: I Will Come Back Chapter 1067: Ye Xiaos Ambivalence Chapter 1068: Space Changed Chapter 1069: I Have Plenty More Chapter 1070: One Stomp Shook The World Chapter 1071: Join Together To Attack Chapter 1072: Nothing To Do With Me Chapter 1073: It Was Me Chapter 1074: Doesnt Look Good Chapter 1075: Ye Xiao Is Home Chapter 1076: Generous Han Bingxue Chapter 1077: The Night Of Miracle Chapter 1078: Enticement Of The Art Of Dan Chapter 1079: Ones Self Was The Key Chapter 1080: Come With Trouble Chapter 1081: Overwhelming Aura Chapter 1082: Ye Xiao Showed Up Chapter 1083: I Am Awesome Chapter 1084: Give It A Try Chapter 1085: What Is Going On? Chapter 1086: How About We Kill Them All? Chapter 1087: Real Massacre Chapter 1088: Ye Nantians Lesson Chapter 1089: Have To Let It Out Chapter 1090: Outspoken Chapter 1091: Restructure The Leadership Of Ye Clan Chapter 1092: All Settled Chapter 1093: Show Up Chapter 1094: Vie With Each Other Chapter 1095: Only Need A Smack Chapter 1096: People From Qiong Hua Palace Chapter 1097: Clash Chapter 1098: Full Support Chapter 1099: A Confrontation Between Two Palaces Chapter 1100: Little Brother Disciple? Chapter 1101: Fairy Chengs Grievance Chapter 1102: Take My Words Back With You Chapter 1103: Isnt It A Good Name? Chapter 1104: Jun Yinglians Discovery Chapter 1105: Information About Ye Xiao Chapter 1106: Kill You For Him Chapter 1107: Dan God Inheritance Chapter 1108: Two Ladies Met Chapter 1109: For What Purpose? Chapter 1110: Sworn Sisters Chapter 1111: Wind And Thunder Started Chapter 1112: Unrivaled In The World Chapter 1113: Shuang And Han Chapter 1114: We Never Need To Be Reasonable Chapter 1115: Qiong Hua Palaces Conditions Chapter 1116: Never Compromise Chapter 1117: What Are You Doing? Chapter 1118: Let Me Tell You A Story Chapter 1119: Story Never Ended Chapter 1120: Brother And Sisters Reunited Chapter 1121: Denouncing His Fault Chapter 1122: What Happened? Chapter 1123: How Dare You Hit My Son? Chapter 1124: Extremely Protective Of His Son Chapter 1125: Must Be In A Dream Chapter 1126: We Were Wrong Chapter 1127: Rising Slowly Chapter 1128: One Step To Paradise Chapter 1129: Banquet Chapter 1130: Weird Harmony Chapter 1131: The Past Our Brother Chapter 1132: My Brother Xiao Monarch Chapter 1133: Town Of Anxiety Chapter 1134: Let Me Handle It Chapter 1135: Here Comes Erhuo Chapter 1136: Women Are Horrible Chapter 1137: Golden Hawk Arrived Chapter 1138: Lian Lian Arrived Chapter 1139: Nantians Trouble Chapter 1140: Jun Yinglian Brought A Message Chapter 1141: Chase Chapter 1142: Ruthless Heavens Will Hopeful Mundane World Chapter 1143: Proof Chapter 1144: A Difficult Choice Chapter 1145: Dont You Agree? Chapter 1146: Bang Bang Bang Bang Chapter 1147: I Was Wrong Chapter 1148: Long Lost Warmth Chapter 1149: Accident? Chapter 1150: Jun Yinglians Scheme Chapter 1151: A Careless Mistake Chapter 1152: Dont Mess With Women Chapter 1153: A Problem About His Cultivation Level Chapter 1154: How Much Do You Know About Heavens Terrace? Chapter 1155: Divine Yin Yang Fruits Chapter 1156: It Gives Invincibility Chapter 1157: I Have Been There Before Chapter 1158: Evil Chapter 1159: Set Out Chapter 1160: Golden Hawks Nerves Chapter 1161: Arrival Chapter 1162: A Pitfall Of Divine Fruits Chapter 1163: Fishing? Chapter 1164: Fish? Men? Ants Chapter 1165: Erhuo Moved Chapter 1166: Strive To Be First Chapter 1167: In The Depths Of The Galaxy Chapter 1168: Succession Chapter 1169: Warning Chapter 1170: Excitement Chapter 1171: The True Story Of Divine Yin Yang Fruits Chapter 1173: More Were Gone Chapter 1174: In The Name Of Public Interests Chapter 1175: Do Best Have Faith Chapter 1176: Hastiness Massacre Chapter 1177: Who Did This? Chapter 1178: Started To Unravel? Chapter 1179: Track Confusion Chapter 1180: Do Not Eat That Chapter 1181: Both Sides Were Running Chapter 1182: Master And Disciple Chapter 1183: Reveal The Scheme Chapter 1184: Do You Regret? Chapter 1185: The Woes Of The Princess Chapter 1186: One Has To Fight For Happiness Chapter 1187: Absolute Surprise Chapter 1188: Sword Attack Of Nobody World Trembling Chapter 1189: Fury Chapter 1190: Demonic Creature Chapter 1191: Wu Fas Swrod Chapter 1192: Close Call Chapter 1193: Chasing Chapter 1194: Hair? Chapter 1195: An Inexplainable Improvement Chapter 1196: Determination Chapter 1197: Taking Risk Chapter 1198: Under His Nose Chapter 1199: Bold But Cautious Chapter 1200: Dont Miss It Chapter 1201: Erhuo Returned Do It Quick Chapter 1202: Who Schemed Against Who? Chapter 1203: The Heart Of The Strong Chapter 1204: Done With The Fruits Chapter 1205: Skyrocket Chapter 1206: Cultivation Returned Chapter 1207: Around The Mountain Chapter 1208: Under Your Feet Chapter 1209: Absolute Accident Chapter 1210: Unable To Flee Chapter 1211: Blossoming Misty Lotus Flooding Blood Chapter 1212: Ultimate Blooming Chapter 1213: Gorgeous Murderous Execution Chapter 1214: Live Together Die Together Chapter 1215: Desperate Fight Chapter 1216: Strange Flames First Show Chapter 1217: Destructive Flame Chapter 1218: Shouldnt Be That Early Chapter 1219: Saint Glaze Palace Chapter 1220: Purple Queen Chapter 1221: The Monarch Returned Chapter 1222: Close Call Chapter 1223: Laughing Upon Mountains Chapter 1224: The Death Of A Beauty Chapter 1225: Hands Tied Chapter 1226: You Wont Talk? Terrific Chapter 1227: Inquisition By Torture Chapter 1228: This Is Art Chapter 1229: No Precedence Chapter 1230: Breakdown At Last Chapter 1231: Vicious Scheme Chapter 1232: Awake Chapter 1233: Recovered Chapter 1234: Vow Sealed Chapter 1235: A Clown Intoxicated By Success Chapter 1236: Heading East Censure Chapter 1237: Importunate Chapter 1238: Rapacity Chapter 1239: Make Use Of It Chapter 1240: Discuss The Wedding Chapter 1241: Dowry Dispute Query Chapter 1242: Eventful Family Chapter 1243: Route of Retreat; Resolve Chapter 1244: Tied the Knot Chapter 1245: A Calamity Began Chapter 1246: Plan Forest Ambush Chapter 1247: Twin Swords Blast Cold Ice World Chapter 1248: The Bandit And The Sheep Chapter 1249: Mind The Business Of Others Chapter 1250: A Terrifying Conjecture Chapter 1251: The Most Costly Employment Chapter 1252: The Fierce Blade Made A Move Chapter 1253: One Mans Show Chapter 1254: The Monarch Token Chapter 1255: The Stateliness Of The Monarch Chapter 1256: Let Go Of No One Chapter 1257: Mass Brawl Chapter 1258: Provocation Chapter 1259: A Lesson Too Ugly Chapter 1260: Poor Han Bingxue Chapter 1261: Heading To Sky Ice Palace Chapter 1262: Are You A Man? Chapter 1263: Distressed Chapter 1264: Overreach Chapter 1265: Crazy Chuchu Chapter 1266: Foreboding The War Chapter 1267: Between Life And Death Chapter 1268: Brothers Met Again Chapter 1269 Cleanse The Town Of Ye Chapter 1270 Easy To Love Difficult To Live Chapter 1271 Mother And Son Chapter 1272 Reunion Chapter 1273 Hes Alive Chapter 1274 Problem Solved Or Not Chapter 1275 There Is Hope Chapter 1276 Future Plan Chapter 1277 True Tittle Phase Chapter 1278 Weird Things Again And Again Chapter 1279 Parting Soon Chapter 1280 Impulsion Chapter 1281 Shadow Chapter 1282 Parting Time Chapter 1283 Scar Letter Chapter 1284 Real False Chapter 1285 In The Way Chapter 1286 High Spirit In The Battle Chapter 1287 Nine Laws Of Doom Chapter 1288 Dont Be Shameless Chapter 1289 Broke Even Chapter 1290 Wu Fas Cage Phase Chapter 1291 Bewildered Chapter 1292 Soul Separation Technique Chapter 1293 Disciple Brothers No Regret Chapter 1294 Make Way For You Chapter 1295 Crack Chapter 1296 I Won The Bet Chapter 1297 Two Wu Fa Chapter 1298 Wu Fa And Wu Tian Chapter 1299 Plan Set Chapter 1300 Go Chapter 1301 Spring Autumn Mustard Art Chapter 1302 Lofty Tower Chapter 1303 A Serious Problem Chapter 1304 The Last Strike Chapter 1305 Disappeared Chapter 1306 Peculiar Poison Severe Injury Chapter 1307 In A Dream? Chapter 1308 People In The Clouds Chapter 1309 Give You A Word Chapter 1310 Wonderful Power Chapter 1311 Surprise Him Chapter 1312 Frenzied Chapter 1313 Attack With The Extreme Hatred Chapter 1314 Until The Arrival Of Death Chapter 1315 Ge Clan Chapter 1316 Onlooker Chapter 1317 Identities Of The Men In The Fight Chapter 1318 Kill Wu Tian Chapter 1319 Wu Fa Went Crazy Chapter 1320 Ruined Legend Chapter 1321 Runaway Chapter 1322 A New Legend Chapter 1323 Approachable Chapter 1324 Join In The Fun Chapter 1325 The Horrible Organization Chapter 1326 Kill More Spare None Chapter 1327 Arrived At Ge Clan Chapter 1328 Small Gifts Chapter 1329 Please Hold Justice For Us Chapter 1330 Unforeseen Event Again Chapter 1331 In Embryo Chapter 1332 Carry Out Ones Own Duty Chapter 1333 Our Power Chapter 1334 Crazy Trail Chapter 1335 Come For A Fight Chapter 1336 Nobody Is Reasoning To You Chapter 1337 Strike Out Chapter 1338 Kept Them Alive Chapter 1339 Chuchu Arrived Chapter 1340 Worst News Chapter 1341 Ne After Another Chapter 1342 Fought Together Chapter 1343 One Generation Older Than You Chapter 1344 War Chapter 1345 Sweeping Off Chapter 1346 Ye Xiao Arrived Chapter 1347 Saint Sunlight Sect Down Chapter 1348 Bitterness Chapter 1349 Ice Tear Chapter 1350 Little Liang Chapter 1351 Real Thought Chapter 1352 Heading To Saint Starlight Sect Chapter 1353 Let Them All Out Chapter 1354 Frightened Saint Starlight Sect Chapter 1355 Gathering Up Chapter 1356 Come For Revenge Chapter 1357 Question Chapter 1358 Gratitude And Resentment? Chapter 1359 Step Forward Chapter 1360 To End The Liability Chapter 1361 Bet Chapter 1362 You Won Chapter 1363 Hate Erased Chapter 1364 Grievances Chapter 1365 Unforeseen Event Chapter 1366 Weirdness Chapter 1367 Discussion Chapter 1368 Gathering Of The Heroes Chapter 1369 Four Palaces Together Chapter 1370 Xuan Bings Conclusion Chapter 1371 Approach The Truth Chapter 1372 Who Are You? Chapter 1373 Double Pain Chapter 1374 Dead Knot Chapter 1375 Foe Of Fate Chapter 1376 Why Do I Need A Wife? Chapter 1377 Explanation Chapter 1378 Okay Chapter 1379 Mistress? Chapter 1380 My Concubine Chapter 1381 Do You Know? Chapter 1382 Wife And Concubine Chapter 1383 Cause And Effect Chapter 1384 Delicate Mindset Chapter 1385 How Did You Hook Up With Her? Chapter 1386 Bing Er And Xuan Bing Chapter 1387 How So Fast? Chapter 1388 Improved Because Of You Chapter 1389 Dark Shadow Chapter 1390 Show Up Chapter 1391 Get Going Chapter 1392 Red In The Sky Chapter 1393 Master Bais Opponent Chapter 1394 Xuan Bing Attacked Chapter 1395 The Black Hand Appeared Chapter 1396 Horrible Superior Cultivator Chapter 1397 Spiritual Mind In Cage Phase Chapter 1398 Erhuos Credit Chapter 1399 Fury Chapter 1400 Who Did It? Chapter 1401 Fear Chapter 1402 Sanitation Issue Chapter 1403 Li Wuliang In Charge Chapter 1404 Hit His Wife Chapter 1405 Ill Repudiate You Chapter 1406 Blame Both Sides Alike Chapter 1407 A Change Before The War Chapter 1408 I Like You Chapter 1409 Be Your Shield Chapter 1410 Conversation Of The Two Ladies Chapter 1411 I Will Do It Chapter 1412 Midnight Battle Chapter 1413 Shuang And Han's Battle Chapter 1414 Acquaintance Chapter 1415 I Am A Mole Chapter 1416 Soul Control Chapter 1417 West Hall West Hall Chapter 1418 The Power Of Flattering Chapter 1419 Shoulder To Shoulder Chapter 1420 Moles Cleansing Chapter 1421 We Family Chapter 1422 Xuan Bing's Speculation Chapter 1423 Battle In The Night Chapter 1424 Wu Huitian Chapter 1425 He Is He Isn't Chapter 1426 Duty Bound Chapter 1427 Life Cage Chapter 1428 The Last Tea Meeting Chapter 1429 Demon Soul Dao Chapter 1430 Thundering Up Chapter 1431 Assassination At Dawn Chapter 1432 Hero Valley Big Dream Mountain Chapter 1433 Erhuo Made A Move Chapter 1434 Beast Tide Chapter 1435 Straight In Chapter 1436 The Honor Demon Chapter 1437 Preparing For The Final Battle Chapter 1438 Battle In The East Hall Chapter 1439 Honor Demon's Anger Chapter 1440 Father And Son? Chapter 1441 Really? Nothing? Chapter 1442 Only A Piece Of The Demonic Soul Chapter 1443 The West Hall Ends Chapter 1444 Time For The Decisive Battle Chapter 1445 Battle Started Chapter 1446 Eat Chapter 1447 The Gate To The Great Demon Chapter 1448 Barrier In The Heart Gone Chapter 1449 Divine Thunder Trial Killed The Demon Chapter 1450 Farewell Today When To Return? Chapter 1451 Today Is The Day To Ascend Chapter 1452 Those Ascending Had Gone Chapter 1453 You Just Cant Get Enough Can You? Chapter 1454 A Strange Place Chapter 1455 Getting Really Rich From It Chapter 1456 Benefit From A Misfortune Chapter 1457 Ye Xiao The Pauper Chapter 1458 What Is Money? Chapter 1459 Where A Dream Got Wrecked Chapter 1460 The Nine Death Trials Member Of The Ye Clan Chapter 1461 Passed The Trials The Limitless Ocean Chapter 1462 People Of The Ye Clan The Poor Dark Evil Spirit Chapter 1463 I Cant Take It Anymore Chapter 1464 Outside The City Of Chaos Chapter 1465 A Secretive Improvement Chapter 1466 Returning Heart Legend Great Master Ye Chapter 1467 One Step At A Time Chapter 1468 The Monarchs Hall Chapter 1469 A Trap Or An Opportunity? Chapter 1470 Autumn Falls Chapter 1471 Be Strong Chapter 1472 Rebirth Vow Follower Chapter 1473 The Auction Started Chapter 1474 Unique Nasty Bastard Chapter 1475 The Farewell Sword Tit For Tat Chapter 1476 The Exorbitant Price Of The Great Dao Gold Chapter 1477 Rich Now Chapter 1478 Erhuo Woke Up Chapter 1479 Gift On First Meeting Chapter 1480 The Chaotic Purple Crystal Chapter 1481 The Fight In The Morning Chapter 1482 Take It Chapter 1483 Whose Prestige? Chapter 1484 The Dan As A Gift To You Chapter 1485 Seven Returns Dan Chapter 1486 Going To Be Rich Chapter 1487 Celebration Get Drunk Chapter 1488 The Warm Blood Of A Traitor Chapter 1489 You Are My Big Uncle Chapter 1490 Danger Be Ashamed Into Anger Chapter 1491 Be My Guard Chapter 1492 Ye Clans Blood Red Sky Chapter 1493 The Sky Turned Red Chapter 1494 Chaotic Storms Chapter 1495 Good Move Chapter 1496 Intrigue Aboveboard Chapter 1497 The Hall Of Life And Death Chapter 1498 Water Of True Spirits Chapter 1499 Grey Parasol Sword Sect Chapter 1500 In Full Sail Chapter 1501 Untitled Chapter 1502 Saint Cloud Dan How Could You? Chapter 1503 Chaos Arose Recruitment Chapter 1504 Who Can Help Me? Chapter 1505 Life Or Death In The Hall Of Life And Death Chapter 1506 Temporary Life Dan Chapter 1507 Death To Life Irresistible Lure Chapter 1508 Howl For Food Chapter 1509 Rain Descending To All Tell You A Secret Chapter 1510 Decision Made Chapter 1511 Good Wine Needs No Bush Chapter 1512 Choice Chapter 1513 Hidden Danger Dismissed Chapter 1514 I Want All Chapter 1515 Peerless In The Limitless Ocean King In The Human Realm Upon Heavens Chapter 1516 Began To Take Shape Chapter 1517 Gray Parasol Sword Sect Vengeance Chapter 1518 Hit The Iron Board On The Head Chapter 1519 You Cant Do This Chapter 1520 The Sword Of Protection The Soul Of Soldiers Chapter 1521 The Plan Of The Old Men Chapter 1522 The Given Medicine Chapter 1523 Exact By Force Chapter 1524 Fast Expansion Chapter 1525 Xiao Monarch Great Undertaking Of Lasting Importance Chapter 1526 Old Fool Chapter 1527 In The Name Of Legend Chapter 1528 Master Xiao Arrived Chapter 1529 Blustering Arrogance Chapter 1530 A Commanding Position Chapter 1531 Backing Up To The End Chapter 1532 Be Forced To Cave Chapter 1533 Twin Killers Chapter 1534 What To Do? Chapter 1535 How Dare You Threaten Me? Chapter 1536 The More Mistakes The Better Chapter 1537 Rocketing Improvement Chapter 1538 The Path To Legend Chapter 1539 Fight For The Throne Five Kings Chapter 1540 The Return Of The Divine Throne Chapter 1541 The Descendant Of The Great Ye Clan A Weird Thing Chapter 1542 One More Drink Chapter 1543 What Bloodline Jade Plate? Chapter 1544 What Must Happen Always Happened Chapter 1545 Who Bullied My Man? Chapter 1546 No Surrender Chapter 1547 Obduracy Chapter 1548 Fraud? Chapter 1549 Burning Flame Of Anger Chapter 1550 Took Leave Chapter 1551 I Aint Convinced Chapter 1552 Merciless Chapter 1553 Yue Youyou Chapter 1554 Bloodline Test Chapter 1555 Pressing On At Every Stage Chapter 1556 Severe Competition Chapter 1557 I Am Convinced Chapter 1558 Ye Xiaos Heart Chapter 1559 Purple Qi Monarch Chapter 1560 Killing Formation Built Chapter 1561 Kill Ye Xiao Chapter 1562 He Doesnt Have The Power Chapter 1563 He Died Chapter 1564 His Powerful Weapons Mean Nothing To Me Chapter 1565 Comparison Kills Chapter 1566 Something Went Wrong Chapter 1567 Back You Up Chapter 1568 Power Chapter 1569 Chaos Arose Chapter 1570 Fought The Brotherhood Alliance Chapter 1571 Tragedy Chapter 1572 Brothers In The World Chapter 1573 Shangguan Lingxiao Chapter 1574 Why Kill Us? Chapter 1575 Rules In The Martial World Chapter 1576 Fall Out And Become Enemies Chapter 1577 Absolutely Irreconcilable Chapter 1578 Chaos Of War Chapter 1579 Seeking For Treatment Chapter 1580 Red Phoenix Chapter 1581 My Rule Is The Only Rule Chapter 1582 The Red Phoenixs Favor Chapter 1583 The Guan Clan In Danger Chapter 1584 Tiger In The Dream Chapter 1585 Ambush The Hall Of Returning Nature Chapter 1586 Break Off Friendships Chapter 1587 Dead Knot Chapter 1588 Dead Fight Chapter 1589 Ask For A Favor Chapter 1590 Lord Monarch Chapter 1591 Attack The Hall Of Returning Nature Chapter 1592 Ye Yunduans Plan Chapter 1593 The Horrible Hall Of Returning Nature Chapter 1594 The Last Ambush Chapter 1595 Fierce Of Mien But Faint Of Heart Chapter 1596 No Scruples Chapter 1597 He Doesnt Deserve It Chapter 1598 Master Xiaos Revenge Chapter 1599 In Front Of The Hall Of Life And Death Chapter 1600 If You Dare To Fight Me Chapter 1601 Come Out And Watch Chapter 1602 Irritating And Sickening Chapter 1603 The Dark Evil Spirit Fought With Life Chapter 1604 I Won Chapter 1605 The Dark Wind Hand Chapter 1606 You Are Guilty Chapter 1607 Bu Xiangfengs Real Unique Technique Chapter 1608 Farewell To The World Chapter 1609 Ocean Of Clouds Mountain In Dreams Chapter 1610 Let You Die Chapter 1611 Sky Rhythm Chapter 1612 Why? 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Chapter 1629 All Were Spies Chapter 1630 From The Dragon And The Phoenix Chapter 1631 Eggs Of The Dragon And The Phoenix Chapter 1632 Not Completely Dead Chapter 1633 Trouble Came At The Door Chapter 1634 Horrible Team Chapter 1635 The Hall Of Life And Death Opened Chapter 1636 Took Risk Chapter 1637 Keep The Head Low Chapter 1638 Fire Of Nirvana Chapter 1639 The Explanation Chapter 1640 Resolve Chapter 1641 Unperturbed Alive Or Dead Chapter 1642 Please Chapter 1643 Such A Gift Chapter 1644 Essence Of Dragon And Phoenix Chapter 1645 Theft Chapter 1646 Worst Hit Area Chapter 1647 Two Thieves Sharing Spoils Chapter 1648 Confiscated Chapter 1649 You Are Ineligible Chapter 1650 Erhuo Was Jealous Chapter 1651 The Prime Guardian Chapter 1652 One Confusing Thing Chapter 1653 Only One Supremacy Chapter 1654 Extremely Shocked Chapter 1655 I Am Going Out Chapter 1656 Dragon Going Into The Sea Chapter 1657 A Fat Sheep Chapter 1658 King Of Poisons Chapter 1659 Strange Silver Snakes Chapter 1660 Disperse In A Hubbub Chapter 1661 Improvement Of The Silver Snakes Chapter 1662 Strong Man In The Way Chapter 1663 Rob Chapter 1664 Cunning Scheme? Useless Chapter 1665 Sweeping Ahead Chapter 1666 The One Meter Higher Sky Chapter 1667 Killer Brothers Chapter 1668 The Growing Monarchs Hall Chapter 1669 The Couple With A Divine Saber Chapter 1670 News About Brother Chapter 1671 The Mysterious Big Sister Chapter 1672 Weird Chirp Of A Bird Chapter 1673 Battle Of Spiritual Beasts Chapter 1674 A Bird That Burrowed Chapter 1675 Precious Spiritual Medicinal Plant Chapter 1676 The Fool Is Here Chapter 1677 Fang Wudi Chapter 1678 Are You A Sword Man? Chapter 1679 Burst Chapter 1680 This Is A Game Chapter 1681 Severe Injury Too Late Chapter 1682 The Hesitating Bird Chapter 1683 Unscrupulous And Vicious Chapter 1684 A Dead Heart New Life Chapter 1685 Another Setup Chapter 1686 Negotiate With The Bird Chapter 1687 Extreme Purple Energy Field Chapter 1688 A Few Conditions Chapter 1689 Super Temptation Chapter 1690 So Excited Chapter 1691 The Four Great Spiritual Medicinal Plants The Cane Of Void Chapter 1692 The Original Body Of The Cane Of Void Chapter 1693 A Lesson Chapter 1694 : Erhuos Court Chapter 1695 Benefaction And Intimidation At The Same Time Chapter 1696 Matchless Soul Valley Chapter 1697 Decision Of The Brotherhood Alliance Chapter 1698 The Heart Of The Strong Indomitable Spirit Chapter 1699 The Flower King Chapter 1700 Long Lasting Power Gambling Chapter 1701 I Can Help You Chapter 1702 Recruited The Flower King The Foggy Miasma Mountain Chapter 1703 The Black Town Chapter 1704 Liquor Of Martial World Chapter 1705 Reunion Conflict Chapter 1706 The Commitment The Landlord The Cage Chapter 1707 Dignity Of The Owner Of The Hall Of Life And Death Chapter 1708 The Two Supreme Masters In History Chapter 1709 The Xiao Monarch The Hall Of Life And Death Chapter 1710 Never Bid Farewell In The Next Life Rise Beyond The Clouds Together Chapter 1711 You Surprised Me Chapter 1712 Incredible Improvement Chapter 1713 Trouble From The Old Days Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1714 Sudden Change In The Midnight Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1715 Black Dragon Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1716 Erhuo Showed Its Power Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1717 Kill The Dragon Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1718 The Secret Of The Jade Pendants Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1719 Descending Of The Supremacy Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1720 Asking For Help Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1721 No Luck In This Life? Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1722 Meet You In Eighteen Years Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1723 Timely Rain Martial Art? Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1724 The Thousand Poisons Clan Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1725 The Worldly Poison Art Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1726 The Heart Of Star And Moon Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1727 Misfit? Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1728 Completion Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1729 Male Chauvinism Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1730 Return Of The Twelve Spirits Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1731 Twice Faster Cultivating Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1732 There Is Prospect Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1733 Brother You Are Here Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1734 One Saber Strike Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1735 It Is You Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1736 Upgraded Together Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1737 The Great Army Of The North Sky King Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1738 The Horrible Poisonous Beast Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1739 Destined Toad Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1740 The Destined Toad Was Upset Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1741 Poison Beads Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1742 Big Blast Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1743 I Am Cleaning The Battlefield Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1744 You Are Scared Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1745 Slash Kill Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1746 Leave After Taking The Advantage Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1747 Encounter Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1748 People From The North Sky Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1749 Coping Leisurely Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1750 Still Too Weak Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1751 Being Chased? 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Realms In The Firmament Volume 4 Chapter 1819 The Red Fire Lord Chihuo And The Green Water Lvshui Wuxie Asked For Dan Beads Chapter 1820 Agerasia Dan Anger Chapter 1821 Sacrifice For Wealth Kill For Power Chapter 1822 The Phoenix Was Born Chapter 1823 Ye Xiaos Confusion Chapter 1824 Mum Or Dad? Chapter 1825 The Golden Phoenix In Shock Chapter 1826 Ye Xiaos Anger Chapter 1827 Ye Di Ye Huang Chapter 1828 Dragon And Phoenix Came Chapter 1829 Killing Prime Minister Of The West Sky Chapter 1830 Perfect Dragon Body Chapter 1831 Relieved Chapter 1832 The Golden Phoenix Was Excited Chapter 1833 Life And Death Destiny Chapter 1834 No Way Chapter 1835 Four Forevers Chapter 1836 Meng Wuzhens Helplessness Chapter 1837 The Chaotic Martial World Chapter 1838 Oppose You Break Your Heart Chapter 1839 Flying In The Dark Night Chapter 1840 Yeyue To The South Chapter 1841 Princess Ice Heart Chapter 1842 The Secret Assassin Chapter 1843 He Has To Jump Chapter 1844 The North Of The North Sky Ice Flame Chapter 1845 Weird Monument Chapter 1846 : The Monument Got Angry? Chapter 1847 The Anger Of The Mysterious Man Chapter 1848 The First Young Lord Of Gloom Chapter 1849 Her Smell Chapter 1850 Reunion Chapter 1851 Jun Yinglians Adventure Chapter 1852 Unbelievable Improvement Chapter 1853 The Real Rich Guy Chapter 1854 I Am Not Going Out Chapter 1855 You Have An Incredible Master Chapter 1856 Upset Little Thing Chapter 1857 Hooked Chapter 1858 Cant Leave Chapter 1859 One Meter Of Red Four Great Spiritual Plants Chapter 1860 Ill Take You Chapter 1861 Somebody Wants To Kill You Chapter 1862 Where Is The Stone Monument? Chapter 1863 Right Here Chapter 1864 Misinformation Chapter 1865 I Distract Them You Kill Them Chapter 1866 Wiped Out Chapter 1867 Endless Tangle Chapter 1868 Returning Chapter 1869 Met The Brotherhood Alliance Chapter 1870 Unwilling To Remain Out Of The Limelight Chapter 1871 Please Meet Someone Chapter 1872 The Heavens Leaf Chapter 1873 The Great Master Ye Chapter 1874 1874 Your Life History Chapter 1875 1875 If Heaven Has Emotions Heaven Is Also Old Chapter 1876 1876 Father And Son Bloodline Unrivalled Deep Love Chapter 1877 1877 This Or That Ye Chapter 1878 1878 Return Chapter 1879 1879 Monarchs Halls Speed Chapter 1880 1880 Reunion Chapter 1881 1881 Ill Help You Take Care Chapter 1882 1882 Monstrous Murder Case Chapter 1883 1883 Who Is Shifting The Blame? Chapter 1884 Poking The Hornets Nest Chapter 1885 1885 A Cloud Of Dense Fog Chapter 1886 1886 Practice Until You Die Chapter 1887 1887 Watching Silently Chapter 1888 Five Great Regions Simultaneouslymove Chapter 1889 Flustered Chapter 1890 100000 Years Ofbrotherhood Chapter 1891 Who Is The Otherparty? Chapter 1892 Prepare For War Prepare Forwar Chapter 1893 Fighting Springs Up Everywhere Chapter 1894 Why Did He Dothis? Chapter 1895 We Also Must Participate Chapter 1896 Precisely Our Doing Chapter 1897 Reminisce This Way Chapter 1898 With Me 2 In 1 Chapter 1899 A Fight With The Monarch Chapter 1900 1900: Lost? Chapter 1901 Subduing Thebrotherhood Chapter 1902 : Supporters Already Abundant Chapter 1903 Chaotic Potential Already Rising Chapter 1904 Sky Kingsarrival Chapter 1905 Blood Rivers Dream Chapter 1906 People In Distress Chapter 1907 Destruction Of Returningnature Chapter 1908 Are You Insane Chapter 1909 Wuzhen Dies Chapter 1910 Everyone Very Distressed Chapter 1911 Really Isdrunk Chapter 1912 First Get Rid Of Westernsky Chapter 1913 Monarch Clash Chapter 1914 The Situation Ishopeless Chapter 1915 Western Sky Troops Defeated Chapter 1915 - Western Sky troops defeated Chapter 1916 Dead End Sky King Chapter 1917 Ye Xiao Pays A Visit Chapter 1917 - Ye Xiao pays a visit Chapter 1918 - Finish my regards Chapter 1919 Decisive Battle With Westernsky Chapter 1920 Western Sky Without An Owner Chapter 1921 He Is A Hero You Areruthless Chapter 1922 Imperial Guards Return Chapter 1923 1923: Monarch Goes To War Chapter 1924 Someone Knocks On The Door Chapter 1925 1925: Its You? Chapter 1926 Finally Will See Boss Again Chapter 1927 Brothers Heart Chapter 1927 - Brothers Heart Chapter 1928 - Overflowing with unforeseen events Chapter 1929 - Covering the sky, two bigpowers Chapter 1930 - Fourth prince seeks an audience Chapter 1931 - : In this way, Father and Son Chapter 1932 - I wish to get married Chapter 1933 - 1933: It seems possible to win, doesnt it? Chapter 1934 - Can you still remember? Chapter 1935 - Taboo Of Interracial Marriages Chapter 1936 - The Difficulty Of Ascending To The Heavens Chapter 1937 - What Do You Want Chapter 1938 - I Want The Entire Beyond Avalon Chapter 1939 - War Can Only Be Cruel Chapter 1940 - News Of An Old Friend At The Foot Of Red Dust Mountain Chapter 1941 - Ye Hongchens Decision Chapter 1942 - Probing Chapter 1943 - The Game Chapter 1944 - The Northern And Southern Battlefields Chapter 1945 - The Southern Sky Army Was In A State Of Confusion Chapter 1946 - The Promise Of The Three Swords Chapter 1947 - Had Fallen Into A Trap! Chapter 1948 - Recruiting Him Face-to-face Chapter 1949 - Retreat Once Youre Done Using It Chapter 1950 - Countless Defections [Supplement 14-4] Chapter 1951 - War! Chapter 1952 - I Refuse To Accept This! Chapter 1953 - Breaking Through The Emotion Barrier Chapter 1954 - Challenge! He Had Already Lost Chapter 1955 - Before The Final Battle Chapter 1956 - The So-called Destiny Chapter 1957 - The Great Battle Against The Southern Sky Emperor! Chapter 1958 - Victory In Battle Chapter 1959 - South Heaven Belongs To Me! Chapter 1960 - Extremely Strange! Chapter 1961 - The Appearance Of The Devil! Chapter 1962 - : The Demon Of The Spirit Race Chapter 1963 - Big Xiong And Second Xiong Chapter 1964 - The Strange Young Master Bai Chapter 1965 - Young Master Bais Letter