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As for Pat, he was lucky that the howl came when he was hunted by a claw tornado ability of one werewolf, sending him flying away from the reach of the two.

If he was stunned for three seconds in his place, the two were able to catch up and kill him!

Jim glanced fast at the rapidly changing fights; Jenny pressed forward alone, while Deno and Gorden stayed far from her, yet they also followed.

As for Ashley, she went to Pat to help him, while Lan moved to his side.

The three wolves retreated as fast as they could, yet Jenny had already hunted them with all her might. She drained the fiery ore of a huge amount of fire wisps stored inside; making the fire around her body to be gathered in a very frightening way.

She then raised both hands, and the next moment an explosion occurred.

Fire drew fast from her body outwards; crashing everything in its path.

The two guarding werewolves stopped moving as they knew they couldn't outrun the incoming fire, while they used both claws to send two strong claw tornados to stop the fire.

Yet their attack was crushed under the raging fire. They managed to decrease its intensity by clear margin, but not enough to make it die down.

"Burn," Jenny laughed before rapidly retreating, creating a space for the two giants behind her to move.

"Fighting with clear strategy, shifting it with each opponent; that's good," the capped master commended while observing the ongoing fight unfolding in front of his eyes. "Who is the one behind this? That human?" he muttered before adding, "if so then he is a gem."

He wasn't the only master sitting here watching. Even Pol watched from a special place in the arena seats, feeling much impressed with his shifting techniques and tactics.

"Tsk, this human is really annoying," he shook his head before standing from his place. "This werewolf team is done for," he muttered before adding, "I have to find them a more frightening team then," and the next moment he vanished from his place.

"I think you will win this round," Siera muttered while sitting in another place, "but that awful giant" she paused as her eyes caught Pol's actions. "He won't be settled with this, sigh."

The fight escalated when Deno and Gorden reached two burning werewolves and simply held them high by their strong arms and slammed them hard on the ground; evoking a strong booming sound.


The youth in the front didn't delay to use his howl once more, making his body tremble for the second time. Using the howl in such a short time twice had an obvious effect on his body; yet he tried to stop the two giants and retreat far from them escaping with his life intact!

Pat was dancing with the two werewolves, instigating their rage more with his rapid speed and swift moves. The two tried many times to hit him; yet they failed!

When Jenny and Ashley joined from behind, the two werewolves were cornered! This was the first time for them to be cornered in the arena, causing them to feel more enraged.

This sudden shift in events made the weak werewolf youth hesitant to go that side; so he went to the opposite one; aiming for the two intact and free werewolves attacking Jim.

For him, the two werewolves weren't in bad shape, and their opponent was weak human and useless Actimos.

Yet he was chased later by the two giants, Deno and Gorden, trying to catch up with him from behind.

Jim glanced at the incoming youth and smirked. He already read his mind. "Time for me to make a surprise," he laughed before heading directly towards the about to die fire remaining from Jenny's attack.

Jenny and Ashley joined hands together to aid Pat, and the three managed to press hard on the two youths. One of them suddenly used his neck, extending it to clash with the nearby Ashley.

Just as he was about to bite her neck and kill her; Pat interfered. For the first time in this fight, he used his claws and hit the youth's body with his high speed, leaving five deep marks on his body with poison.

And his poison was stinging!


The youth roared out in pain, while his friend tried to interfere yet he was stopped in track by Jenny's fiery whip that held his arms and prevented him from sending a claw tornado attack.

The next thing happened was for Ashley and Pat to team up together, acting in unison to hack the agonized youth with their swords and claws; finally killing him.

The killing hit came from Pat who used his teeth to bite hard on the neck of that youth, ripping a big chunk of it and spit it in the ground while blood covered his mouth and clothes.

"Your turn," he coldly said to the remaining werewolf before Ashley shouted: "Surrender and live."

Yet her words didn't evoke any response inside that youth. He tried to attack Pat with his claws, yet again Jenny interfered with her fiery whip, while Ashley used her swords to cut one arm off, then Pat finished him using his stinging claws first, then biting off his neck.

Four were down, and three remained!

Jim ran fast to the dying fire while the three living youths followed, with Deno and Gorden hot on their tails. The fire lost most of its intensity, so no one was afraid of it anymore.

For the audience, for the masters, and for the three werewolves; Jim was running towards the direction of his other teammates to join hands together.

None expected Jim was running to the fire for the fire!

The moment he reached the fire, his body started to absorb it. At first nothing obvious happened, except for his body to be engulfed in flames. Everyone thought he was just weak enough to handle fire.

"What is this?" the capped master remarked when he watched, with others, what was happening to Jim.

Fire started to move towards him and form layer upon layer. He seemed quite bizarre at this moment, yet the three youths coming fast from behind didn't stop for a moment.

"Let's see how you can handle my spell," he smirked as he turned around himself, stood in place motionless while holding one sword with both hands as he used his spell.

Like before, the sword felt suddenly heavy the moment it got connected with layers of fire. This scene wasn't noticed except by the rare masters and those hailing from prestigious clans and had some powers.

Yet the three youths coming at Jim didn't know what was going on!

They kept approaching and he kept there motionless. He waited, patiently resisting the mighty gravity force applied to his sword.

Five seconds.

Ten seconds.

Twenty seconds.

Thirty seconds.

One minute.

Just as one minute passed, the first two werewolves finally caught up to him. The speed of the werewolves weren't that low, yet it was much inferior to Jim's special speed.

"Let's see how you will burn," he laughed while finally letting his sword fall on the ground, deeply immersed into it.



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