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Reincarnation, transmigration, time travel. A dream that most of us had once wished for, but never had a chance to actually experience. And as we grew older , this idea sounds more and more ridiculous, delusional, something that's very impossible to happen. Returning back to the past, being able to redo things, to be able to live your life for a second time. Those things can only happen in movies, in books, in dramas -------it's all fictional. But what if that wasn't the case at all? What if returning back to past wasn't just a mere fiction but an actual fact instead? Just how awesome can that be??This is a story of a college student whom by some means unknown, had returned back to his childhood.He didn't die, he wasn't cornered or forced to jump on a cliff, no truck-kun intervention!! He simply wished for it randomly and it just happened. Let's see how a 20 years old man live his life for the second time. What decisions he'll make, what plans he'll concocts and what in hell was that voice speaking inside his head??This is a story of action, adventure, romance and everyday life. A/N:The mc will start at five years old and will slowly grew up as the story progresses. The pacing of the story will be quite slow at the start to give time on building a solid foundation for the characters. For those who don't want this kind of thing then this novel probably wasn't for you. The cover photo wasn't mine. I got it from the internet. If you are the owner and want me to take it off then feel free to message me. Join us in discord. https://discord.gg/Q7Yzs3GrHy

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