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Chapter 1063 Killing, Taisu Yulu

? ? ?

The prompt that popped up suddenly called Qin Zheman's head full of question marks.

Potential point +300?

real or fake?

To know that with his current cultivation base, the potential points that the holy objects can bring to him are relatively limited.

Even if the sacred Ganoderma lucidum that grows on the perch tree can directly enhance the realm of ordinary practitioners, the potential point benefit that it can bring to him will only be a few dozen points, or even less.

If he hadn't seen more than a hundred sacred objects in the Wanbao Pavilion of Lanzhou City before, Qin Zha had actually given up obtaining potential points from the sacred objects.

How rare are the sacred objects?

Eat one piece, one piece less.

In comparison, hunting the Kunlun restricted area full of fierce beasts and crawling on the ground seems more suitable for him.

So the question is...

Yuanhan gave him a drink, what exactly was it?

300 potential points in one breath...

This thing is a bit amazing!

Such a mistake, Qin Zhe couldn't tell the embarrassment.

He has no affection for the three of Wuhui Gong.

The three of them led the flames to him and Yao Jing without mentioning them, and hid in the sidelines "watching the show" and did not do anything.

Yuanhan wants to protect the two people of the same rank, which is understandable.

But put himself in the position, as the affected party, Qin Zhe had no reason to sympathize with Yuan Han.

Now that there is such a phenomenon inexplicably, what should he do?

Sure enough...

Its better to continue to play dead?

Just as Qin Zhe was hesitant, the two ninth-order Shuramen stared at Yuan Han who had filled someone with an unknown liquid.

"B son of the palace of no regrets! You **** it!"

The person at the ninth-tier pinnacle uttered a rage and waved to take out a black flag.

The person in the middle of the ninth stage is relatively calm and much.

Seeing his companion furiously took out the black flag to kill him, he hurriedly reached out to stop it.

"Brother I wish! And..."

A "slow" word has not been spoken yet, he trembled all over, and his head fell to the ground.

The change came so suddenly, and the furious Ninth Tier peak instantly calmed down, and he suddenly remembered that Yao Jing was still missing.

However, everything is too late.

Almost at the same time that it fell in the middle of the ninth step, a slender hand with a black fingertip on the tip of the finger was pointed at the center of the remaining person's eyebrows.


There was a dull soft sound.

The head of the ninth-tier pinnacle, like a ripe rotten watermelon, exploded into blood mist.

In this scene, I saw Yuan Han who was holding Qin Zheyu and wanted to escape.

On the other side, the two imperial court ladies disciples were also dumbfounded.

Yao Jing has the ability to instantly kill the 9th-order peak, and the three have seen it before.

But how did they think that this is not her limit.

Following the ninth-tier pinnacle of Xiantian, she instantly killed two ninth-tiers!

She, is she really new to Tier 9?

Just now, what is the method of this near-final blow?

The two ninth tiers who are different and severely hit one after another, this blow is a direct kill in the true sense! Lian Yuanshen was also strangled at the same time!

As disciples of the Palace of No Regrets, although Yuan Han and others are beautiful and beautiful women on the surface, they also cultivated the magical way known for their brutality.

However, in the methods they practiced, there is no way that can be compared with Yao Jing.

Such a terrifying lethality, coupled with its incapable figure.

It is not so much that Yao Jing at this moment is a magic repair, but rather that she is an assassin who is good at a one-shot lore!

Don't talk about Yuan Han and others, even Qin Zha who would be "enjoying" the princess's embrace would be surprised.

Yao Jing's current number is simply terrifying.

If he had been changed to deal with the three ninth ranks, he wouldn't be able to deal with it on the premise of not using magical powers.

Yao Jing relaxed and settled the three of them.

This combat power is too terrifying!

was secretly exclaiming, Yao Jing's eyes dropped, and a hint of "killing intent" was faintly revealed.

Qin Zhe sensed the "killing intent" and couldn't stop shaking all over.

Others may not be able to tell, but Yao Jing knows that he has nothing to do.

He was lying in Yuanhans arms and didnt move for a long time. I was afraid that his Taoist couple would feel uncomfortable.

This situation is more than embarrassment?

The key is that he will not get up now, nor will he get up.

Yuanhan gave him a drink, it is a rare treasure.

Suramon chased her mostly for this thing, a typical murder and treasure.

The man took out his life-saving things and gave him a drink, obviously trying to save him.

Under such a situation, if he is to be discovered that he has nothing to do, how should he face others?

As the egg hurts, Yao Jings "killing intent" quietly converged, and Yukong landed.

She is not Liu Qingzhi after all.

Changed to Liu Qingzhi, and seeing Qin Zhai look like this, maybe he would really get his head hot and give him a sword.

But Yao Jing will not.

She could somewhat tell that Qin Zhe pretended not to die for other reasons.

Seeing Yao Jing "face sinks like water" landing in front of him, Yuan Han showed a hesitant expression.

Before she could speak, Yao Jing asked.

"What did you just give my husband a drink?"

The word "husband" fell in Yuan Han's ears, causing her face to change. She hurriedly raised her head and signaled to the two disciples who were about to come over, telling them not to come.

Seeing that the two stopped their bodies, Yuan Han spoke quickly.

"I just drank him a masterpiece with the magical effect of resurrection, Taisu Yulu. As long as one has a breath, Taisu Yulu can save his life."

While speaking, Yuan Han looked down at Qin Zhe, who was not able to recover in his arms, and hesitated.

"It stands to reason that Taisu Yulu should take effect immediately, and he should wake up at this moment. It may be that Shuramon's evil poison self-detonation method is too insidious, and it will take a while for Taisu Yulu to take effect. I can assure you, he There must be nothing wrong."

"Such the best."

Yao Jing nodded calmly, and sat cross-legged aside.

On acting, she is professional.

After Yuan Han said too Su Yulu, she also understood why Qin Zhe kept playing dead.

This is really embarrassing to say.

Taisu Yulu is a unique treasure with the magical effect of resurrection.

The four characters for Peerless Qibao alone are enough to explain how precious it is.

Qin Zhe inexplicably drank this kind of thing, it would be unreasonable to pretend that he would die.

The key person, Yuan Han, is very authentic, and is willing to give Qin Zhe this kind of drink.

To be known that someone has nothing to do with ass, they are not the bad guys who deceive the peerless Qibao?

Seeing that Yao Jing's expression was flat, Yuanhan didn't see happiness or anger. He just said "so the best" and adjusted his breath cross-legged by his side. He looked down at Qin Zhe in his arms, and looked forward with hesitation.

Tai Su Yulu has given Qin Zhe a drink, and she does not regret it.

The effect of the medicine, she also knows it~wuxiaworld.online~ Question Qin Zhe will be held by her, is it not appropriate to do anything?

Dont say that Yao Jing is a Taoist couple sitting aside, she has never been close to "male" from the palace of no regrets.

At this moment, Qin Zhe, who was lying in her arms, breathed evenly, with his head resting on her chest.

The man's breath coming on her face made her feel flustered and restless.

She wanted to say to Yao Jing, how about...you hug the person first?

However, Yao Jing looked like "I need to adjust my breath to recover", so Yuan Han was embarrassed to speak.

In any case, Qin Zhe and Yao Jing had this battle, which was brought by her and two Wugui Gong disciples.

Even though she paid the price of being too suyulu, Qin Zhe is now "seriously injured" in a coma, and she is at a loss.

More importantly, Yao Jing's brutal methods were a bit frightening to her.

Yuanhan is very worried, whether Yao Jing will start with two of her friends.

also came from a magic door, she knows better than anyone, how extreme the people in the magic door act.

(End of this chapter)


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Chapter 584: 1 Paper Document Abolish Yin Division Chapter 585: The Little Messenger Goes Crazy Chapter 586: Qingqing Earns Huge Sums Of Money The Value Of Magic Array Chapter 587: High Profile Robbery Unexpected Encounter Chapter 588: Mysterious Poetry Veterans Lead The Way Chapter 589: Jade Slip Of The Secret Room Yan Luo Area Chapter 590: It Should Be Saved When It Melts Chapter 591: News From Liu An Light Ringing Chapter 592: Auntie Attacked And Forced The Palace In Public Chapter 593: The South Territory The Cruel Thing Chapter 594: Make A Choice Make A Strong Statement Chapter 595: Chaos Situation Yaozu Intervenes Chapter 596: Succubus Secret Method Disturb The Red Dust Chapter 597: Mysterious And Mysterious The Request Of The Patron Saint Chapter 598: Why Does This Kid Look A Little Bloated? Chapter 599: Arrived In The Southern Territory Special Operations Brigade Chapter 600: Fearless And Fearless Demon Messenger Chapter 601: Monster Fox King Chapter 602: Fox Ears Can't Touch Chapter 603: This Fox King Is Amazing Chapter 604: The Passage Opens And The Robber Crosses The Border Chapter 605: Cross The Passage The Red Secret Realm Chapter 606: Treasure Valley Hostility Chapter 607: Thunder Shot The Real Brat Chapter 608: Dont Be Speculative Do It Chapter 609: Invincible At The Same Level Fat Beat Guardian Chapter 610: Secret Realm Chaos Show Your Attitude Chapter 611: Breaking News Arrangements Chapter 612: The Woman Who Operates Calculations Grabbing Business Chapter 613: The Large Army Arrived And Was Forced To Sell Chapter 614: Mans Romance You Dont Understand Chapter 615: When Do We Find A Chance To Elope? Chapter 616: Leave The Team And Go North To Find Chapter 617: The Lotus On The Rock Wall The Lotus In The Air Chapter 618: Playful Revenge Protect The Treasure Chapter 619: Hands Fight The Black Jiao Chapter 620: Powerful Black Dragon Breaking Its Dragon Horn Chapter 621: Dragon Ball Sit Down And Divide The Spoils Chapter 622: Fox Fire Barbecue Dragon Horn Chapter 623: 4 Branches Of Beast Practice Chapter 624: How About.. Your Highness I Will Lie Down With You? Chapter 625: Achieve The Great Witch The Racial Talent Is Immortal Chapter 626: Bloodline Reaction Return With Things Chapter 627: Lamenting Jiang Linfeng Sharing The Camp Chapter 628: Waiting For The Opportunity Bad Comers Chapter 629: Domineering Behavior The Old Man Is Suspicious Chapter 630: Conspiracy Loudly True Purpose Chapter 631: Dinner Settles Luring The Enemy Away Chapter 632: Take 1 Enemy 2 And Observe In Secret Chapter 633: Obliterate Tier 8 Board The Ship Strongly Chapter 634: Top Spirit Weapon Negotiation Chapter 635: The Truth Is Wrong Vicious Fox Demon Chapter 636: Conspiracy Calculations Brigade Chapter 637: The Sadness Of Dongyun's Patron Saint Chapter 638: Fight Black Jiao Again Knock Over With 1 Punch Chapter 639: Missed The Opportunity On Behalf Of The Call Online Chapter 640: Magical Powers Reversing Birth And Death Chapter 641: I Really Warn Broad Recipes Chapter 642: Cut Meat Meets Resistance Mysterious Halberd Blade Chapter 643: Woman Is Trouble Chapter 644: There Is A Way But You Have To Add Money Chapter 645: God Knows What It Went Through Chapter 646: Release The Black Dragon Full Time Cook Chapter 647: Get Another Promotion Take Care Of Both Chapter 648: Fox Wang Shiyin's Survival History Chapter 649: From Mr. To Senior Chapter 650: Dragon Meat Gift Forced To High Profile Chapter 651: The Little Lover Breaks The Sky And Plays In The Water Chapter 652: Be In The Public Inspiring Chapter 653: Formal Preparations For Exploration Window Paper To Be Pierced Chapter 654: Lead The Team To Set Off Borrow The Road Southbound Chapter 655: Marching Thousands Of Miles Thor Cannon Chapter 656: Fellow In The Same Way Focusing On Rd Department Chapter 657: Outrageous Test Requirements Chapter 658: Ancient City Ruins Mysterious Material Chapter 659: Dragon Cannon Giant Cannon Gives Heroes Chapter 660: Shelling The High Walls The Value Of The Remains Chapter 661: The Gathering Of Ghosts Impermanence Chapter 662: Fast March Confrontation In Dense Forest Chapter 663: Make Trouble The Teacher Has A Famous Failure Chapter 664: The Peerless Demon Girl Freed Herself Chapter 665: You Seem To Have A Backbone? Chapter 666: Confusion Of Black And White 3 Family Affairs Chapter 667: Harem Pass Chapter 668: God's Eyes To See People Ultimatum Chapter 669: Release Catch The Duck On The Shelf Chapter 670: You How Dare To Use Strong Against Me? Chapter 671: Different Opinions Chapter 672: And Exploded Something Strange Chapter 673: The So Called Precious Metal Material Mining Rights Chapter 674: Tool Man Without Thinking Chapter 675: Vein Layout Seal Chapter 676: Abnormal Entrance Disappearing Bizarrely Chapter 677: See Also Mineral Veins Abnormal Underground Chapter 678: Bad Situation Return Hastily Chapter 679: What Should I Do If My Girlfriend Is A Little Bit Arrogant? Chapter 680: Ghosts Come Out Sword Intent Chapter 681: The Benefits Of Real Monsters Chapter 682: The Danger Is Hidden The News From Shiyin Chapter 683: Abnormal Mineral Vein Emergency Evacuation Chapter 684: Blast The Veins The Gods Are In Heaven Chapter 685: Face The Heavens The Arrogant Race Chapter 686: Shocking Blast A Scene Of Extinction Chapter 687: Double Heartache Emperor Zun Tomb Chapter 688: More Humanity Evildoers Break The Sky Chapter 689: 1 Axe To Open The Mound Fall Into Nothingness Chapter 690: Great God Pangu Are You There? Chapter 691: 2 Looking At Each Other Emperor Chonghuang Chapter 692: The Kingly And Wise Tyrant Chapter 693: Sudden Change Of Style Dead Skin And Face Chapter 694: Forbidden Things Chonglan Chapter 695: Looking Forward To The Chaotic Situation Chapter 696: Is This World Backward Or Ahead? Chapter 697: You But The Strongest Of Your Time? Chapter 698: Master My Ration.. Chapter 699: Chonglans Favor Staying Out Chapter 700: The Sigh Of The Patron Saint The Grinning Little Fairy Chapter 701: The Tragic Forgotten Woman Inspection Chapter 702: The Daughter Grows Up The Temple Of Yama Is Destroyed Chapter 703: Chaotic Scene Green Knot Chapter 704: Take Responsibility For Your Own Troubles Chapter 705: Can You Give Some Face When You Are Away From Home? Chapter 706: Left Hug And Right Hug Finally See Luo Shu Chapter 707: Under The Heavy Gift Flattered Chapter 708: Long Term Planning An Unattainable Height Chapter 709: Topics That Are Difficult To Respond Promises Must Be Done Chapter 710: Breaking News Things Are Strange Chapter 711: Suspicious Outside The Sea Against The Sky Chapter 712: Auxiliary Of Iron Strike Output Of Flowing Water Chapter 713: 1 Dead And 1 Injured What Is A Mermaid? Chapter 714: Don't Speak Mermaid Is Strange Chapter 715: Throne And Princess Chapter 716: Strong Sea Clan Entrance To Another World Chapter 717: Mermaid Princess Statistical Weakness Chapter 717: The Mermaid Princess Beat The Weakness Chapter 718: Princess Ripples Negotiate With Each Other Chapter 719: Act As A Lobbyist Goodbye Chapter 720: Remember To Bring Special Products The Kind That Can Improve Cultivation Chapter 721: There Are So Many Things In This World Chapter 722: Longmen Lu Shixuan Chapter 723: Stubborn And Poisonous Sister And Brother Chapter 724: To Clean Up The Fire Poison Chapter 725: The Return Of Ghosts The Upper Seat Dragon Chair Chapter 726: The Subordinates In The Palace Are Embarrassed Chapter 727: Is It Easy For One Person To Stay Alone? Chapter 728: Excessive Joke Good Leader Chapter 729: Finally See The Lord Weird Changes Chapter 730: Evil Spirit Just Open Your Mouth Chapter 731: All Thoughts Unexpected Problems Chapter 732: Outrageous Request Decisively Refused Chapter 733: Foolish Get Out Chapter 734: Melancholy News From Ripples Chapter 735: Deep In The Ocean Underwater Palace Chapter 736: Lianyue The Locked Queen Chapter 737: The Upper Limit Yoke The Materialized World Yoke Chapter 738: Lianyue Answers Her Doubts Tacitly Chapter 739: Try To Break Eclipse Features Chapter 740: The Important Thing Is That You Chapter 741: 1 Twists And Turns The Shackles Removed Chapter 742: There Are Many Different Races In The World Chapter 743: Blackfang Clan Queen 1 Angry Chapter 744: Mother And Daughter Meet Jade Coral Chapter 745: Spirit Devouring Advancement Try Body Technique Chapter 746: Attack And Kill Easily Chapter 747: Power Of Mermaid The Lair Of The Blackfang Clan Chapter 748: Lianyue Plays Off Has Talent Chapter 749: Go Upstream For The Sake Of Being Jealous Chapter 750: Reap Supernatural Powers 1 Bad Debt Chapter 751: Black Tooth Returns Lianyue Asks For Help Chapter 752: Xeon 1 Hit Opens The Sky Chapter 753: 2 Sea Clan Chiefs Chapter 754: The Threshold Of Jiyuan The Absolute View Of Lingtai Chapter 755: 1 Word Awakens The Dreamer The Temple Chapter 756: Lamenting Stars Suspicious Clouds Chapter 757: The Origin Of The Sacred Thing Imprinted Chapter 758: Alchemy Star God Absolutely Chapter 759: Elemental Emotions Breaking Through Chapter 760: Out Of The Cocoon Human Shaped Butterfly Wings Chapter 761: Pill Fire Is Generated The Queen Burns The Heart Chapter 762: Zerg 1 Said That The Parasitic Relationship Chapter 763: Snow Lotus Quality Powerfully Gather Spirit Chapter 764: Female Double Repair Snow Lotus Abnormal Shape Chapter 765: North Shore Appointment Full Martial Law Chapter 766: Borrow The Nameless Evil Spirits Chapter 767: Mother Daughter Doubles Grind Fairy Chapter 768: The Confusing Little Qin Evildoer Chapter 769: Entrance To Another World Straight In Chapter 770: Strange Spirit Beast Green And Blue Chapter 771: There Is A City In The Mountains And There Are People In The City Chapter 772: Dynasty Doubts Abandoned City Chapter 773: Yipu Mother And Daughter Lingshi? Celestial Stone? Chapter 774: Come In Contact With Dao Ming Chapter 775: Blocked Dynasty Confusing Chapter 776: Unusual Rules 4 Classifications Chapter 777: Leaving The Law The Fairy Spirit Chapter 778: Behemoth Dynasty Chapter 779: The 9th Prince Of Longhan Donglu Chapter 780: You Have 5 Claws Which Are Asymmetrical Chapter 781: Peerless Murderer Follow Up Plan Chapter 782: Hang B To Make Alchemy 2 Small Meetings Chapter 783: Shift Work Tool Bug Dancheng 3rd Grade Small Perfect Chapter 784: Flick A Shot Come Again From The Dynasty Chapter 785: Trailing In The Clouds Dynasty Border Chapter 786: Longhan Imperial City The Emperor Is Angry Chapter 787: The Palace In The Sky The Master Of The Country Chapter 788: Embarrassing National Teacher Domineering Appearance Chapter 789: Dynasty Secret Fight Official Contact Chapter 790: Good Friendly Exchange? Chapter 791: Heart Demon Swears Embarrassing Situation Chapter 792: Canglan Secret History God Of Later Generations? Chapter 793: North Of The Jedi God? Sleeping Chapter 794: Actress Female Officer Talented Chapter 795: Tang Yun 3 Foot Tripod Chapter 796: Fudge Hard The Deceiver Loses Chapter 797: Handwritten By Dan Fang Exchange Of Teaching Methods Chapter 798: Ignorance Industry Currency Chapter 799: Buy Medicinal Herbs Sell Cute And Stupid Chapter 800: Yinlou Taobao Encounter First Chapter 801: I Teach My Daughter Do You Have A Voice? Chapter 802: Massive Inventory Earning Blood Chapter 803: Prince Dongyue Charming Chapter 804: 1 Punch Then Swallow The Coral Origin Chapter 805: Awakened Race Talent The Eye Of Origin Chapter 806: The Sweep Is Over Chapter 807: The Tactics Of Emperor Shengzhou Chapter 808: On The State Banquet Teach Again Chapter 809: Each Thought The Emperor Appealed Chapter 810: Relic Trading Blood Earned Chapter 811: Good Harvest On The Eve Of Parting Chapter 812: Thousands Of Southern Wilderness Longhan Past Chapter 813: The Speed Of Light Becomes A Pill Verification Question Chapter 814: Wonderful Fairy Lead Pill Of Heaven Chapter 815: The Pill Is Shaped And The Pill Becomes A God Chapter 816: I Have Lost My Hair And Come To Congratulate Chapter 817: From The Fantasy World Master Dongyue Chapter 818: Rush The Crown 1 Anger Fight The True Fairy Chapter 819: Poisonous Fog Evil Spirits At Night Chapter 820: Dirty Outsider Lost Mind Chapter 821: Gods And Demons Blood Sacrifice Forced Synchronization Chapter 822: Fear Of The Demon Soul The Strongest Race Chapter 823: Wanli Chasing And Fleeing Hard To See Life Chapter 824: Mysterious Woman Kill The Enemy?? Chapter 825: Whereabouts Become A Mystery 3 People Worry Chapter 826: The Arrival Of The Messenger The Supreme Manuscript Chapter 827: Was Hollowed Out Woke Up Chapter 828: Fox Demon Tianyu Chapter 829: Is It A Spirit Beast? Or A Monster? Chapter 830: Fox Has 9 Tails It Is The Sky Chapter 831: I Seem To Have The Trick Chapter 832: Amazing Feedback Light Speed For Nothing Chapter 833: Deed Of Partner Universe Chapter 834: Target Tier 9 Return To Longhan Chapter 835: Cultural Export The Whole People Play Chapter 836: Emperor's Heart 1 Cat And 1 Fox Chapter 837: Farewell Give Dan To The Beautiful Woman Chapter 838: This Person Is Not Very Authentic Chapter 839: Ancient Animal Realm Originally Manifested Chapter 840: Privilege In Exchange For Price Chapter 841: Spiritual Nourishment Pill Skilled In Brushing Chapter 842: Should We Turn Around And Give Birth To A Baby? Chapter 843: As A Fox Demon I Will Definitely Satisfy You Chapter 844: Canglan 1 Clan's Sleeping Place Chapter 845: Take A Break And Do Homework In Advance Chapter 846: The Situation In The North The Descendants Of Canglan Chapter 847: Before Leaving Return To The World Chapter 848: Ling Pills Face Muddled Worldly Changes Chapter 849: There Is No One At Home 2 Women Cross The Robbery Chapter 850: Whereabouts Become A Mystery Unexpected Call Chapter 851: The Arrival Of The Saint The Doubt Of Revelation Chapter 852: Confusing The Saint's Reward Chapter 853: Double Room Northland Worry Chapter 854: What Should I Do If The Saint Accidentally Fell Asleep? Chapter 855: It's Really Hard To Understand A Woman's Heart Chapter 856: The 2nd Ambassador Comes Chapter 857: The Situation Took A Turn For The Worse A Deadlock Chapter 858: Burning Shinshi Facing Shinshi Chapter 859: I've Cut The Way Of Heaven What Are You? Chapter 860: Young Man Do You Desire Power? Chapter 861: Cruel Saints Survived Chapter 862: Afterwards The Saint Wanted To Abdicate Chapter 863: Unheeded World Changes Undercurrents Chapter 864: Power Recovery Power Of Stars Chapter 865: Reunion In The Snow Obliterated By Thunder Chapter 866: The Saints And Demons That Were Destroyed At The Beginning Of The Era Chapter 867: Tenacious Saints Endless Hidden Dangers Chapter 868: Sacred Ginseng Gradually Accelerating The Process Of Returning To Ancestors Chapter 869: Back To The College Kunlun Restricted Area Chapter 870: The Old Man Is So Bad Promise Chapter 871: Mysterious Kunlun Hidden Rules Chapter 872: Looking For The Restricted Area Kunlun Gate Chapter 873: Kunlun Superb View Target Yaochi Chapter 874: Rest By The Lake Weird Hole Chapter 875: Wen Yi's Adventure Grey Fierce Jiao Chapter 876: Inhuman Combat Power Serious One Blow Chapter 877: The Ultimate Return To Yuan Pangu Is Coming Again Chapter 878: The Original Pearl Where The Essence Lies Chapter 879: Wonderful Unicorn Decided To Withdraw Chapter 880: The Beast That Knows How To Hold Thighs Dan Fire Barbecue Chapter 881: Sudden Change The Beast Recognizes The Master Chapter 882: Enviable High Frequency Of Heavenly Jealousy Chapter 883: Water Unicorn Chapter 884: Fen Xin Was Squeezed And The Star Refinement Chapter 885: Come Out And Pay Back Sooner Or Later The Garrison Arrives Chapter 886: Compassionate The Exploratory Team Returns Chapter 887: Son In Law Cheap Father In Law Witch Mother In Law Chapter 888: There Is Only One In Your Family And Two In My Family Chapter 889: Guardians Advice 7 Day Period Chapter 890: Complicated Situation The Decision Of 6 Yama Chapter 891: Does It Worth? Chapter 892: Strange Ganoderma Holy Relic Chapter 893: Forcibly Arrogant Lingmu Provokes Thoughts Chapter 894: Dan Name Cleansing Anti Day Medicine Effect Chapter 895: Abnormal Changes No Trace Of Dreams Chapter 896: Different Attitudes Shangguanyans Persistence Chapter 897: The Twisted Melon Is Not Sweet But It Quenches Thirst Chapter 898: Uncontrollable Power 7 Days To Chapter 899: Quasi Artifact Complete Life Form Chapter 900: The Elders Gather The Taoist Couple Is Too Skinny Chapter 901: Become An Ancient Witch Budo 9th Order Chapter 902: Signs All Beings Understand Chapter 903: Yunyun 0 State Heaven Is Approaching Chapter 904: The Strongest Hit Hello Goodbye Chapter 905: Repel Strong Good Luck Chapter 906: Quietly Withdraw Subordinates Gather Chapter 907: They Are All Kneeling Why Don't You Kneel? Chapter 908: Set Aside The Troubles And Feel At Ease Chapter 909: The Magic Of The Universe The Inner World Chapter 910: Lack Of Rules Humbly Ask For Advice Chapter 911: The Suspicion Of Stealing The Sky The Prototype Of The Avenue Chapter 912: Big Goal Authority Chapter 913: High Rise Buildings On The Ground The Prototype Is Beginning To Take Shape Chapter 914: Re Enter The Restricted Area 2 Female Voices Chapter 915: Problem Child Young School Girl Chapter 916: Interlocking 0 Layer Cake Chapter 917: 2 School Girls With Distinctive Personality Chapter 918: Shocked 2 Women Chapter 919: Beast Disputes Melee Will Start Chapter 920: 4 Beasts Fight 3 Fierce And 1 Spirit Chapter 921: Entanglement Double Kill Chapter 922: Shrinking Results Unexpected Ideas Chapter 923: Abba It Said It Didn't Want To Live Anymore Chapter 924: Price Girl Admiration Chapter 925: Counterfeit 2 Ha Invisible Pick Up Chapter 926: Named Laifu Chang Wei Comes Chapter 927: The Holy Beast The White Tiger Has Nothing To Do Chapter 928: Ji Xia's Contract Doubt Chapter 929: Qingqing Makes Friends And Is Determined To Release Life Chapter 930: On The Road Alone 7 Color Spirit Wood Chapter 931: The Giant Tortoise Appeared And Escaped Chapter 932: The Herd Is Changing The Taoist Couple Appears Chapter 933: Unprepared To Be Caught Off Guard Chapter 934: Is It A Young Bird? I Can Tell At A Glance Chapter 935: Abnormal Existence Is Reasonable Chapter 936: Explore Lingmu Again Weird Girl Chapter 937: Jade Sword Chapter 938: Inner Devil's Disturbance Hunting Mode Chapter 939: Hunting 1 Hit Far Away Chapter 940: Top Predator Entering The Middle Stage Chapter 941: Return Relic Chapter 942: Hello 2 School Girls My Name Is Qin Tian Chapter 943: Fly With Thighs And Sneak Into The Ruins Chapter 944: Into The Ruins Dongfang Xu Chapter 945: Do You Think I Hindered You? Chapter 946: I'm Not Your Elder Sister Nor Am I Elder Sister Chapter 947: Stone Stele Inscription Bizarre Connection Chapter 948: Deep In The Ruins Confusing Chapter 949: Design Foodborne Insects Chapter 950: Avoid Dongfang Xu Is Shocked Chapter 951: Don't Care About Adults' Affairs Children Chapter 952: Countermeasures Looking For Insect Nests Chapter 953: Foodborne Insects Chapter 954: Mistakes The Queen Fights Back Chapter 955: Cut The Insect Silk The Pill Is Hard To Make Chapter 956: God Jealous Stuck Chapter 957: The Magical Effect Of The Liquid Medicine The Aura Evolution Chapter 958: Blood Anomaly Like A Tiger But Not A Tiger Chapter 959: Go Deeper And End The Palace Chapter 960: Exploring Alone Seeds Chapter 961: Harvesting Buds Weird Figures Chapter 962: Weird Creatures Numerous Chapter 963: Demon Chapter 964: Negotiation Chapter 965: Strangling In A Flash The Heart Demon Appears Chapter 966: Different Kind Of Demons Unusual Chapter 967: Empty Ruins Mysterious Liquid Chapter 968: Mural Clues Strange Way Home Chapter 969: Alien Chapter 970: Arrive At The Entrance Stone Gate And Get Out Chapter 971: Trivial Things No Fireworks Chapter 972: Meet Another Stranger Again Yuanyuan Chapter 973: Linglong Sword Master Soldier Of Saint Chapter 974: Resentment Saint's Joke Chapter 975: This Does Not Seem To Be A Threat? Chapter 976: Discuss The Future Girl's Path Chapter 977: 1 House Ancestor Chapter 978: Can You Finish Talking In One Go? Chapter 979: Tianyu Harvest Capital Of The Great Chapter 980: The Next Step In The Magic Of The Universe Build The World Chapter 981: Professionals Who Create Space Chapter 982: Fit Your Body To Achieve The Holy Position Chapter 983: Heavenly Invasion Quasi Saint Chapter 984: Another Big Goal Level 10 Chapter 985: Contract Break New Connection Chapter 986: The Self Consciousness That The Opener Should Have Chapter 987: Witch Taboo Chapter 988: Meeting Strangers The Sanctuarys Approval Chapter 989: Resent And Stop Chapter 990: Facing The Evil Spirit Like A Ghost Chapter 991: The Stranger Runs Away The Truth Chapter 992: Can Be Approached Language Barrier Chapter 993: The Root Of The Disillusionment Chapter 994: Resident Principal Chapter 995: Daomen Brothers And Sisters Chapter 996: Students Who Have Been Robbed Of Homes Countermeasures Chapter 997: See Through The Real Body Attitude Chapter 998: Deal With Hidden Dangers And Confront Foreigners Chapter 999: Supreme Demon Chapter 1000: Suspicious Clouds With The World Chapter 1001: Sanan It's A Fuss Chapter 1002: Returning To Haicheng A Dead Skinny Old Man Chapter 1003: Sudden News Missing Chapter 1004: Rushed To Los Angeles With Yao Jing As Company Chapter 1005: Don't Worry Watch Me Perform Chapter 1006: Acquaintance ? Chapter 1007: Dean Feixian And Honorary Director Chapter 1008: Truth Exhaustion Of Patience Chapter 1009: Anger No Regrets Chapter 1010: The World Is Chaotic Run Away Chapter 1011: Aftermath Opening Episode Chapter 1012: I Want You To Help Me Practice Chapter 1013: Night Sleepless Chapter 1014: Out Of Woman's Consideration Chapter 1015: All Beings Are Equal Under Heaven Chapter 1016: Mysterious Clone Fascinating Chapter 1017: There Is This Kind Of Operation ? Chapter 1018: Grievances Coax Chapter 1019: Message Where The Channel Is Chapter 1020: Official Appeal Seeking Assistance Chapter 1021: Embarrassing Atmosphere Dog Food Chapter 1022: Sister Am I Like Such A Material Woman? Chapter 1023: Space Counter Lock Coordinates Chapter 1024: Are You So Mean Now? Chapter 1025: A Remote Town A Familiar Name Chapter 1026: I Have A Fairy Stone So Dont Spend Money On The Lady Chapter 1027: Confirm The Location 9 Great Fairy Gates Chapter 1028: Clue Fairy Fate Conference Chapter 1029: Anti Thief? Anti Wolf Chapter 1030: The Rules Set By The Supreme Illusion Chapter 1031: The Mutual Resolution Of The Good Helpers Chapter 1032: Don't Panic If Yao Jing Is Up Chapter 1033: Everyone Has Ghosts They Are All Actors Chapter 1034: The So Called Fairy Fate Conference Chapter 1035: Place Of Trial Chapter 1036: Awkward Situation When The Farce Is Going On Chapter 1037: Contact Casual Repair Unexpected Gains Chapter 1038: Unexpected Fairy Messenger Chapter 1039: You Still Owe Me A National Teacher's Mansion Chapter 1040: Resolution Yin And Yang Weird Chapter 1041: Hidden Tricky Suspicious Chapter 1041: Hidden Tricky Suspicious Chapter 1042: Looking For Fairy Fate Suddenly Chapter 1043: Evil Creatures Change Supreme Present Chapter 1044: Sleeping And Powerful Suspicious Chapter 1045: 2 Hard Palace Statue Chapter 1046: Try To Attract The Stone Statue Reappears Chapter 1047: I Look So Unreliable? Chapter 1048: Messenger Arrived At The Fairyland Chapter 1049: In Addition To Gold And Jade Defeat In It Chapter 1046: Jinglou Chamber Of Commerce Encountered Obstacles Chapter 1050: Jinglou Chamber Of Commerce Encountered Obstacles Chapter 1051: Can't Hold On To Pr Incident Chapter 1052: Is This The Problem Of Your Blindness? Chapter 1053: Grab Business 3 To 1 Chapter 1054: Powerful And Mysterious Woman Chapter 1055: Yan E Wanbao Pavilion Chapter 1056: Probing Yuanyang Stone Chapter 1057: Wan Baoling Farewell Mutation Chapter 1058: The Truth Emerges Chapter 1059: Throw The Clouds And See The Fog The Illusion Of Heaven Chapter 1060: Quiet Shall We Practice Tonight? Chapter 1061: Lu Yu Disciple Of Wuhui Palace Chapter 1062: Black Mist A Mix Of Things Chapter 1063: Exterminate Too Su Yulu Chapter 1064: Things Are Strange They Hide Evil Intentions Chapter 1065: Chasing Soldiers Shura Chasing Orders Chapter 1066: How About You Try Women's Clothing? Chapter 1067: Provocative The Strong Zhuangzhong Chapter 1068: Gain Trust And Escape Chapter 1069: Assault Silently Chapter 1070: The Last Time Glowing And Heating Chapter 1071: Loud Noise Drama Kill Chapter 1072: Throwing Rat Avoidance Device 10 Halls Gathered Chapter 1073: 10 Temples Separatist Occupying Land As King Chapter 1074: Embarrassing Situation The Situation Has Changed Chapter 1075: Arrived In The Palace Of No Regrets Chapter 1076: Palace Lord Extremely Annoying Woman Chapter 1077: Star Swirl Chapter 1078: 3 People In The Same Door Tianyun City Chapter 1079: Mysterious Formation Chapter 1080: Walk With The Demon Chapter 1081: Main Store Of Wanbao Court Chapter 1082: Quantity Can Cause Qualitative Change Chapter 1083: Sudden Change Heaven Comes Chapter 1084: Chaos Will Start Carry Bombs Chapter 1085: Go To War Gods Fight Chapter 1086: 10 Halls Are Stationed Sentiment Comes Chapter 1087: Great Changes In The World Rules Of Evolution Chapter 1088: The Supreme Devil Who Is So Idle Chapter 1089: A Tragic Battle Please Please