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The Alliance of Traversers uses the least effort to cause the greatest trouble to the universe.

At this time, Lu Ming was still a guest in a barren land on the edge of the universe, a table, two chairs, a game of chess, a pot of tea and two plates of fried fish.

An antique courtyard, located in a deserted planet, gives people a sense of vicissitudes.

And it was in such a very ancient atmosphere that Lu Ming took out a mobile phone.

Just listening to the prompt sound in the chat group, Lu Ming ignored the prompt and saw an upgrade prompt.

"The system function upgrade is complete, do you push the upgrade program to this group of users?"


Lu Ming gently clicked, put the phone aside, and said to his friend who looked at him in surprise: "It's still convenient with technology, which saves a lot of things."

"..." Qin Guyang was speechless. The two had known each other for many years. He came from a planet of cultivation and civilization. Although he knew that there were countless colorful civilizations in the universe, he could not be as skilled as Lu Ming. Accept and use civilizations that are completely different from their home planet, or even completely opposite.

"Over the years, you have always kept a low profile, why did you suddenly make this Transmitter Alliance?"

"Huh!" Qin Guyang chuckled lightly, and then said: "A group of fools who originally lived at the bottom, you gave them the hope of changing their destiny and taught them to go against the sky. As everyone knows, there is no such thing as being against the sky. , That's just a bond they can't break."

"It will only let the cosmic consciousness focus on them and treat them as a virus from the entire universe. This is a dead end. What are you trying to do?" Qin Guyang asked puzzled.

He knew that the old man in front of him was a person of great ability, and Qin Guyang could not guess the extreme of his strength, but he could also guess one or two.

If this primordial universe has developed to the present, there can be a few creatures who can change the structure of the universe, and even become enemies of the entire universe, I am afraid that there must be his position as Lu Ming.

Lu Ming just smiled and dried a small fish into his mouth. He knew that Qin Guyang was not accusing him or accusing him, it was pure doubt.

What is the fate of hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of creatures in a mere alliance of transversalists?

Qin Guyang, who was sitting in front of him, was the real demon.

The barren planet in front of him was originally a top-level planet with a prosperous cultivation and a large number of gods and men. As a star field core, although this planet is not large in size, it is the entire star field core.

This is Qin Guyang's hometown, but back then, it was only because of a moment of anger and a difference in thought.

The top of the star field, the most prosperous planet, was turned into a purgatory by Qin Guyang himself.

And this is just one of the millions of planets he slaughtered in the first place.

Later, Qin Guyang was frustrated and took the lone star away from the original star track. After countless years of wandering, he finally stopped at the edge of the universe.

Losing the original environment, the entire planet has also changed from the original hot to cold. The environment is extremely harsh, and fragile creatures cannot survive on this planet.

Even if it weren't for Qin Guyang's mana support, this planet had already reached its limit.

Lu Ming was surprised at how such a planet that should have been destroyed still exists. He came to explore one or two, and only then met Qin Guyang.

"Don't say that! "Heaven" is not irreversible. In this vast universe, it can be said that I have seen the benevolent. Everything has a ray of life." Lu Ming said with a smile.

And the important point of this "reverse" is not the "reverse" that the world thinks, but the "heaven".

They were all clamoring to go against the sky, but not many cultivators really understood what this "heaven" was.

The heaven and the earth first opened, and in the chaos, the clear air rose to the sky, and the turbid air fell to the earth.

This is the world, and this world does not have its own will.

Why does the so-called "anti-the sky" come from? Have nothing to do when you are full?

In addition to this heavy "heaven", there is also the cosmic will, the way of heaven in the practitioner's mouth, this is also "heaven".

But the essence of cosmic consciousness is to maintain the operation of the universe and eliminate "bugs" that threaten the security of the universe.

At this point, to be honest, most of the cultivators simply can't reach this level of need to guard against the sky.

And the cultivators often yell about "against the sky", I'm afraid it's not the sky, it's just "fate".

The first step to countering the sky is to figure out which sky you want to counter and what is the sky.

Just this point, all the bigwigs in the Crossover Alliance did not have a clear understanding at all.

Lu Ming helped them cross, one by one in their own world, the low-level civilians who had no sense of existence, and even lost hope in their lives, after reaching another world, with the help of "golden fingers", they soared into the sky.

It also made them feel high-spirited, and I couldn't help but know what it meant to be.

But just like this, how can it be possible to fully satisfy their desires? This is far from enough.

The diverse information from the outside world and the traverser alliance group made their ultimate goal point to the same goal-against the sky!

This is also the reason for the headaches of the universe consciousness. The traversal is a bug, and these traversers are still clamoring to go against the sky, which is really outrageous.

What's more, these traversers are separated from the original world and do not have the destiny checks and balances that were originally imposed on the body. They can be said to be "barbaric growth", restricted by the rules of the universe, and it is not easy for the universe consciousness to deal with them.

Qin Guyang glanced at Lu Ming and drank tea in silence without daring to speak.

I still remember when we first met, this shameless little old man was about to recycle his planet as garbage.

"You don't want to go against the sky, you want to disrupt this universe." Qin Guyang said for a long time.

Those so-called traversers, sons of destiny, are just chess pieces in his hand, they are still not important pieces.

"It's not the right time. I missed the good times." Lu Ming smiled lightly and said with emotion.

At the beginning, this primordial universe was mentioned several times in the Hongmeng Temple, and it has even appeared on the next three-tier nomination list.

Unfortunately, a new star still fell.

The prehistoric universe, Xiaohan Starfield, was really a new star in the Hongmeng Temple at the beginning, and many of them were placed high hopes, thinking they would become the backbone members of the Hongmeng Temple in the future.

Although their strength at the time was not very strong in the eyes of the Hongmeng Temple, but at their level, their qualifications or strength were not the most important, but whether they were strong in will and heart.

The aptitude can be changed, the strength can be enhanced, and the endless time from the birth of the universe to the destruction of a century, millennium, ten thousand years, and Hongmeng Temple is just a flick of a finger.

A member of the new universe who is about to join the Temple of Harmony, and the emerging universe that is about to break through is also a good opportunity for the bosses of the Temple of Harmony to sharpen the younger generation.

It's a pity that I'm late, I missed the good time!

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