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The tree and the witch are very curious about this kind of big mouse. Of course they have seen it. They live near the bamboo forest. How could they have not seen it.

It's just that when the bamboo rat hasn't mastered the method, it is really not that easy to grasp. The people of the tree tribe must have tried to catch some, but they felt tired to catch them. Compared with other prey, they didn't have much meat, so they gave up after trying a few times.

But what they didn't expect was that in the hands of the envoy, they only needed to take local materials, find a few bamboo tubes, light them, and then put them in the hole to make these bamboo rats come out obediently.

It's amazing, you deserve to be a divine envoy!

With these bamboo rats, the adults of the tribe can at least recover to two meals a day!

The leader and the witch in the tribe dont need to be too hungry to sleep, they can only rely on fruit to satisfy their hunger! And it seems that there is no danger at all to catch this thing!

In the secret thinking of the young leader, Chen Chao led the two back to the tree tribe. He first asked the tree to fetch some fire seeds and rice, and the bamboo tube used by the tree tribe to make bamboo rice.

Then and Wu began to pick up the wood, and after setting up the firewood pile, the tree returned with the materials that Chen Chao wanted.

Without Chen Chao's guidance, Shu and Wu had handled the bamboo rats well. Chen Chao took out the stone axe and chopped two of the bamboo rats into small pieces, and peeled off the outer hard shells of winter bamboo shoots and chopped them into small pieces.

As for cutting into thin slices, even Liao...

Holding a stone axe and sliced winter bamboo shoots... It's really embarrassing...

System boss...not so good...

Some rice and water have been put in the bamboo tube. Chen Chao also put the chopped winter bamboo shoots and bamboo rats in them, and finally sealed them with mud.

Then he started to deal with the remaining two bamboo rats. Chen Chao planned to refer to the practice of calling the chicken, and come to call the bamboo rat~

There is no container to boil hot water for hair removal, so I still have to peel off the skin, then cut the viscera from the middle, and stuff the inside with winter bamboo shoots.

Chen Chao took a look. There should be lotus in the swamp. But since it is winter now, the leaves and flowers of the lotus have withered, only the roots are hidden in the depths, so don't think about it.

Bamboo rat wrapped in bamboo leaves?

With a flash of inspiration, he can wrap the bamboo rat with a dozen bamboo leaves like a zongzi, then find a vine to tie it, and finally wrap it in mud. It is estimated that this will happen.

The leaves of this old bamboo are very large, about the size of an adults arm, and its a good idea to pack a bamboo rat in ten pieces.

As for why not just find a larger leaf and just wrap the whole bamboo rat, what a joke, you can't just find this stuff.

Every kind of plant that can be eaten nowadays is basically traded for the price of life, so it is better not to eat it indiscriminately or not.

The ghost knows whether this unknown plant is poisonous, and then the whole tree tribe will also learn to find a bamboo rat with big leaves, and then send it to the mouth after heating it~

From diarrhea to the worst, the whole tribe will be wailing...

At least bamboo leaves are completely non-toxic. Maybe the made bamboo rat is not as delicious as the lotus leaf wrapped bamboo rat, at least it will not eat dead people, will it~~

After Chen Chao used mud to wrap the bamboo rat which was wrapped in bamboo leaves, he put the two bamboo rice bowls into the fire created by the tree and Wu Sheng.

It didn't take long for the three of them to smell the scent of meat through the mud shell, mixed with the scent of burning wood, which went straight to the tip of their noses.

The exception is Shu and Wu. The two of them are really hungry, let alone the fragrant meat. Even if they only ate white rice, the two of them could see their saliva flow down three thousand feet.

Only eat one meal a day, and it is limited. The rest of the time I can only rely on some fruits to satisfy my hunger. Although the fruits are not limited, it is true that eating too much stomach acid.

Especially the tree seemed to be a teenager. If it were in the Tianyuan tribe, it would be a half-size kid at most, and the prey would have to be protected by adults as much as possible.

And half a child, I eat poor, this sentence is not a joke. When the half-year-old was growing up again, Chen Chao felt that at this age, he would feel hungry within two hours after eating three bowls of meals.

To put it bluntly, the white rice and braised pork can kill a small rice cooker by himself.

If you play ball again, it won't be two hours before your belly growls. I was really hungry at that time and I was really able to eat.

After waiting for a while, Chen Chao felt that it was almost done, and there was no more firewood for Shu and Wu to add.

The fire slowly went out. Chen Chao picked out the two begging flowers and the wooden bucket rice with a wooden stick. After they had cooled down, he peeled the mud seal off the outside with his hands.

The bamboo rat meat was mixed with the fragrance of rice, and there was a hint of the smell of winter bamboo shoots, which instantly turned the tree tribes leader, the tree and the witch.

Their stomachs gurgled, and even though they tried to restrain themselves, they kept swallowing their saliva. They just felt that the whole world was gone. At this moment, the only thing in their eyes is the strong aroma of food in front of them, and the hunger in their stomach drives them crazily.

The brain can no longer control the body, and they don't have any other ideas, only the animal's instinct to eat.

At this moment, trees and witches can no longer be called humans. They gobbled up every bone and swallowed them into their bodies. Even the bamboo tube used to make bamboo rice was crushed by them, trying to do more. Found a grain of rice.

After filling their stomachs, they looked at the mess and looked at the divine envoy standing aside, they were ashamed of what they did just now.


Is the person just now really me...

I feel that the person just now is really not me! I feel like I have completely lost consciousness just now...

Only eat...eat...eat...

Chen Chao was not angry at the reaction of these two people, which is actually quite normal.

When a person is hungry to a certain level, the body cannot be controlled by the brain.

Seeing the two people ashamed and embarrassed trying to explain something in front of him, Chen Chao just smiled, raised his hand and waved, the surrounding scenery gradually faded...

Chen Chao's consciousness also returned to his body.

I only heard a burst of familiar electronic sounds, "Host binding progress? 10...

Host binding progress? 10...

Does the random function trigger? "

Chen Chao thought for a while, and now the top priority is population. With population, the progress of building new cities and reclaiming wasteland and transforming paddy fields can be accelerated.

But now it's a cold winter, so many people wake up all at once, I am afraid they will not survive this winter.

As for using the Tianyuan tribe's food to support, it is basically impossible. The Tianyuan tribe can save a bit. With only one meal a day, it can indeed pull a small tribe with less than 50 people. But what is the point?

How can two small tribes who can only eat one meal a day have the strength to build tall walls and transform paddy fields to grow rice?

Both of these are undoubtedly work that requires hard work, and with the existing resources, [Baidu novel www.tomtxt.com] can't tolerate any tricks.

What's more, it's good for small tribes to wake up. If a big tribe similar to the salty tribe is awakened directly, will the Yuan tribe still have room for resistance that day?

In fact, the Tianyuan tribe is relatively fragile. It is really necessary for other big tribes to take their lives and grab their things. Can the Tianyuan tribe really hold it?

Therefore, it is better to build a wall high and accumulate food! Chen Chaofa firmed up his ideas. Only the tall city walls and strong army can resist and deter the foreign population, plus the accumulation of food.

When the time comes, you will have a big stick and sweet jujube. Are you afraid that you won't be able to absorb the people nearby?

When the time comes to take care of your tribe of hundreds of thousands of people, all of them will surrender to my feet, Chen Chao.

I'm pointing east, you can't go west!

I said that I want to open the mountain, and I must dig through the mountain with the power of all people!

Oh, let them develop at will, then I dont know when and how long they will enter the Bronze Age...

At least for a few years, it is impossible to do.

Only after centralizing power and grasping all the resources in your hands, can the whole country conquer and light up one science and technology tree after another! Only then can we truly lead human civilization to a qualitative leap!

Thinking of this, Chen Chao whispered, "I won't trigger any random commands for now."

The electronic sound in the consciousness was silent for a while before saying, "Valid instructions."

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