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"Breaking heavy rain to hold the umbrella for my little brother for two hours, my God, you are too hard."

At the milk tea shop in front of the school, roommate He Shilan listened to Jiang Yan's account of her glorious deed of holding Lu Lin with an umbrella on the playground when Jiang Yan told her about the glorious deed of holding an umbrella for Lu Lin on the playground.

"Aren't you not interested in boys before, you just love to mess with your baby bump."

At the round table, Jiang Yan was replacing the lens of the SLR camera with a sweet smile on the corner of her mouth: "He is also my baby bump."

He Shilan tutted twice: "You really let the school next door hook your soul."

Jiang Yan turned over the photos he had taken with the police academy classmates before and showed them to He Shilan: "Can you find the school grass brother among the younger brothers in this row?"

He Shilan probed over and looked at the photo carefully, and pointed to Xiao Wang next to Lu Lin: "The eyebrows are straight, the features are festive, the eyes are piercing, and the lucky star is him!"

Jiang Yan patted her head: "Is it blind?"

At this time, Lu Lin's text message appeared on the phone on the desk.

Lovely Jiang Yan school girl:

Hello, I want to formally invite you to have dinner with me at 8 o'clock tomorrow evening. The meeting place is at the entrance of the Media University. The place to eat is up to you. How about?

Boyfriend Lu Lu brother.

"I go..."

He Shilan said in disbelief: "Dating text messages are written like this, and the policeman's younger brother is like this?"

Jiang Yan looked at the text message and said happily, "We are not familiar with it now. It should be formal. He is not that kind of frivolous boy."

"Yes, yes." He Shilan dragged his tone: "He is good at everything."

So Jiang Yan wrote back:

Dear senior Lu Lin:

Hello, I promised your dinner invitation, I will be there on time, and we will discuss the dinner place after meeting, okay?

Girlfriend Yana

After Jiang Yan edited the text message, He Shilan came over and suggested, "Why not replace these two words with dear?"

"Will this be too intimate."

"Dear ghost, you are all boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Okay." Jiang Yan deleted the word respect and love, replaced it with dear, and sent-----

The little heart thumped and thumped. After the transmission was successful, I quickly covered the phone, not daring to look at it, and covering my face for a long time, I was so hilarious.

He Shilan looked at her, smiled and asked, "You really like it so much?"

"What do you mean."

He Shilan smiled and said, "Don't be too hilarious. You are separated from each other by a layer now. You are not familiar with each other. Everyone is beautiful in the fog. If you can get along, you have to wait until you get along."

She really made sense.

"Believe that I look at people, even if I get along, he must be the one I like!" Jiang Yan was very sure.

In order to date the next day, she suffered from insomnia that night.

The next morning, the cold dew in the deep winter was very heavy and the temperature was very low. When Jiang Yan's alarm clock rang, she sneezed three times.

Sitting up, my mind felt dizzy, and my nose was not ventilating. It was extremely uncomfortable.

Seeing that she had been lying on the bed and could not get up, roommate He Shilan climbed up to the side of her window railing, reached out and probed her forehead, and touched her own.

"Don't catch a cold."

"That's just right, there is a reason, please help me and the teacher ask for leave." Jiang Yanweng snorted and fell straight on the bed.

At noon, He Shilan came back and fed her cold medicine. She continued to sleep in the afternoon. She said that she would be better at night. For her first date with Lu Lin, she must go to the appointment with full energy.

She slept peacefully. Because of taking cold medicine, she slept very deep and deeply, confused, even the sound of the roommates walking back and forth, as if they came from another world.

She slept very deeply and deeply, sank to the bottom of the abyss, and then floated, wafting, not knowing where to go.

When she woke up, it was already eleven o'clock in the evening.

Sitting up suddenly from the bed, Jiang Yan instinctively grabbed the phone. Several text messages and missed calls crossed the screen of the phone.

It's over, it's over!

Her trembling hand poked through the text message.

19:40: I'm already here, come out slowly, don't worry.

20:15: Huh? I should have made no mistake about the time.

21:00: I'm busy with business, can't answer the phone?

21:40: There is a curfew in the dormitory, I will go back first, bye.

The last two words scared Jiang Yan soul out of possession.

This was really over. She asked Lu Lin to wait for two hours at the school gate for nothing. It was the cold winter season and the temperature outside was as low as minus...

While distressed, she was also afraid.

He is angry.

She should be angry. In other words, she would be angry too. She would let others dove on the first date, and the text messages would not answer the phone calls. This caused them to wait so long for nothing. How could they not be angry!

She hurriedly called Lu Lin, but the voice prompt indicated that the other party had turned off.

Yes, it is eleven o'clock in the evening. The students of the police academy have always had a regular routine. They should have fallen asleep long ago. They have to turn off their phones when sleeping.

Jiang Yan quickly edited an apology text message, but the text message was not sent, but she deleted it again.

A text message can explain clearly what, why don't you go to him tomorrow, explain to him face to face and then apologize, he should understand.

Thinking of what He Shilan said, now they are not familiar with each other, and the real character will not be understood until after contact. If he refuses to listen to her explanation, he refuses to understand, maybe they are not really suitable.

Jiang Yan is not the type to cover her head and rush forward when she likes to be alone. She is calm and sensible most of the time.

It's better to meet him tomorrow.

Jiang Yan lay back on the bed, brewing sleepiness.

Early the next morning, she hurried to the police academy, Xiao Wang sent her Lu Lin's class schedule, and get out of class ended at 9:40 in the morning.

When Jiang Yan found her classroom number by Xiao Wang, the bell rang after class.

Lu Lin walked out of the classroom slowly, his black casual sweater showing a particularly youthful atmosphere.

Seeing him, her previous indomitable enthusiasm vanished in an instant. He was always stern and stern. Jiang Yan was a little frightened, and he didn't dare to step forward.

Lu Lin and his friend walked towards the end of the corridor holding a basketball. When passing by her, the friend poked him with an elbow to remind them.

Lu Lin glanced at her sideways, calmly.

Jiang Yan stepped forward and whispered in a low voice, "Brother Lu Lu."

Lu Lin stopped and threw the basketball in his hand to his friends. A group of big boys whistled, and left after five and six, leaving him and her two people not far away.

Jiang Yan hesitated for a moment, and mustered the courage to walk towards him, but Lu Lin took the lead and walked over.

The deep gaze looked at her, then took off her coat and hung it on her body, and neatly fastened her buttons, wrapping her whole person.

"Isn't it cold in a skirt?" His voice was as low as ever.

Jiang Yan shook her head, and under his burning eyes, she nodded slightly.

"Come to see me in the future, wear more and don't behave."

Jiang Yan looked down at her skirt and small leather boots: "I see."

"I called you yesterday, and I was very worried, worried that I could not sleep."

Jiang Yan looked up at him with a hint of surprise on her face: "Brother Lu Lu, you...are you not angry? I will let you dove on the first date."

"In the beginning you didn't answer the phone and didn't reply to the text message. I was very angry. After returning, my friend said, "You **** play with me, I'm even more angry."

Jiang Yan shook her head quickly, and couldn't help pulling his sleeves: "No, how could I..."

"Lying in bed with insomnia for a long time, thinking a lot, it feels like you are not like that girl."

Jiang Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

"I believe in my own eyes." Lu Lin looked at Jiang Yan: "What problem did you encounter yesterday?"

Jiang Yan approached him boldly: "Take cold medicine and slept for a whole day without hearing the phone ring."

Hearing that, Lu Lin twisted her clothes a lot.

"I wear so little when I have a cold."

Jiang Yan lowered her head and smirked: "To see you beautifully."

"It's not necessary." Lu Lin said, "I like you if you are healthy."

The words were so simple, Jiang Yan felt stunned, her face flushed.

It seemed too explicit, Lu Lin gave a light cough and asked, "Do you have a fever?"

Jiang Yan blushed and said, "Do you know if you touch it?"

Lu Lin wanted to touch her forehead, but she held her hand.

She grabbed his sleeves and leaned close to him on tiptoes.

Lu Lin only reacted for a few seconds before he understood what she meant. His face was slightly moved, and he lowered his head and touched her lightly with his eyebrows.

The moment the warm skin touched, both of them shivered uncontrollably.

"It's a bit hot." He lowered his eyes, and his voice had an unnatural tone.

Jiang Yan's heart was like an egg tumbling in boiling water, and she whispered "um".

"I'll accompany you to the hospital."

Jiang Yan waved her hands again and again: "No, don't you fight with your friends? I can go to the hospital by myself."

Lu Lin stubbornly insisted: "You are my girlfriend, and your business is the biggest."

"Hmm." Jiang Yan lowered her head, an uncontrollable smile bloomed at the corner of her mouth, and she tried to restrain her.

Your business is the biggest.

How to listen, how to listen.

"Then... let's go."


The two walked down the teaching building, towards the school gate.

From time to time, I met Lu Lin's classmates and gave out meaningful laughs. Jiang Yan had never tasted shy in her life, and this short road was completely blushing.

"Lu Lin, girlfriend?"


Lu Lin admitted frankly without hesitation.

A section of frost-leaved, snow-covered forest path, the two of them got closer and closer. At the end of the snowy road, their hands were already clenched with their fingers, and it was difficult to separate.

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