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"If possible, I hope everyone can forget me forever."

When you said this, Hines' expression was suddenly stunned.

"Do you know what you are talking about?"

He couldn't control his lips, even with a slight anger, "You should hate me, you should curse me as the culprit, even if you ask me to bury you, why make such a stupid decision?"

You raise your eyes, quietly look at some men who are out of control, and purs your lips, "Sorry, I can't do it."

"You rescued the abandoned me from the sea of flames."

"It was you who brought me into this world, gave me a new family, and stayed with me for so many years."

"Without you, I would have died alone in the fire."

"I really can't hate you."

Every time you say a word, Hines expression becomes more painful and struggling. The previous unhurriedness has long since disappeared. He barely curled the corners of his lips, as if he wanted to say something sharper, but he worked hard for a while, except Her trembling lips couldn't say anything.

He started hoarsely: "It's still as stupid as before, stupid and stupid, and I don't know how to retaliate after being used.

"It's not like that, I'm not stupid, but..."

Before you finished speaking, you were stunned.

The man slowly walked towards you, just like he did when he was a child, gently hugging you with his arms open.

This is a hug without any ambiguous nature, more like comfort and final struggle.

"Leave here before I make up my mind."

Hines whispered.

"Go back to reunite with your family and forget me as a bad person."

You were silent for a while before sighing lightly.

"Master Hines, thank you for giving me the opportunity to choose, but I refuse."

"If I leave like this, many people will die, and everything you did before will have no meaning."

"To have these beautiful and happy memories, I already feel very satisfied."

"If you really feel guilty, please tell Shalena, thank her for being my sister, even if there is no blood relationship between us."

Hines was silent for a long time before he responded in a dumb voice.

"it is good."

"If this is your last wish..."


You suddenly wake up from your dream.

Looking at the ceiling blankly for a long while, you realize that you have that strange dream again.

In your dream, you have another identity, and you also have a sister who is not related by blood. You have also socialized with many weird non-human men. What makes you even more shocked is that you dare to run away from that kind of irritation. Part-time job at the Cowherd Store.

This kind of bold behavior is really exciting for you who have always been a standard good girl.

But in addition to being shy and shocked, you actually have a little bit of thought in your heart.

Although its a shame to work part-time in the Cowherd Store, its pretty eye-catching to see so many handsome guys with good looks every day, and the salary is still very high, you will be a little excited when you change to a realistic one.

Ah, speaking of part-time jobs, summer vacation is coming soon, and you have to find a summer job as soon as possible to make some money to relieve the pressure of grandparents.

After all, they are already old, and you will have to take the college entrance examination next semester. It is estimated that the cost of going to college in the next few years will cost a lot. You don't want to burden your grandparents any more.

Its just that you have looked at some part-time job recruitment nearby and found that there are not low requirements for age and work experience. According to your conditions, it may be a little up to the standard. If it does not work, you plan to try private tutoring.

As the college entrance examination is approaching, many parents are worrying about their children's studies. The only person who can get results should be a good part-time tutor.

Soon you will find a part-time job as a tutor online.

You and your employer have arranged to meet in a cafe this Sunday.

It's just that when you see this employer, you can't help being stunned.

Sitting behind the coffee table, she looks like she is in her early thirties. The beautifully dressed woman gently calms her child with a smile on the front. After she notices your gaze, she raises her head and looks at you. After a moment, her eyes are involuntary. 'S widened a bit.

You look very similar to the female employer, especially the beautiful eyebrows as if they were carved out of a mold.

At this moment, for no reason, you feel a certain blood connection with her.

But soon, you returned to normal, and sat down opposite her politely and politely.

The look of the beautiful woman was flustered for a moment, but seeing that you didn't mean to recognize your relatives, but the attitude of treating strangers, she gradually relaxed.

During your conversation, you have been leaning on the side of the woman. He looks about eleven or twelve years old, and the handsome black-haired little boy keeps looking at you secretly.

After discovering his peeking, you also smiled gently at him.

The little boy blushed immediately, and quickly hid behind his mother.

Only after a while, I couldn't help but poke my head out again to see you.

After you finish talking, you are ready to get up and leave.

But the female employer suddenly stopped you, her voice trembling.

"In these years, have they treated you well? Have they abused/treated you harshly? Have they..."

"Grandparents are the best people in the world to me."

You interrupted the woman a little unhappy, "You are not qualified to say such things."

The woman was silent for a long time before she said hoarsely: "I'm sorry, I was too much."

You are a little embarrassed and said to the woman: "It's okay, I didn't have a good tone just now."

"I have an appointment with someone in the afternoon, so goodbye."

"and many more--"

The woman stared at your back in a daze, until she disappeared, she suddenly recovered, and her eyes slowly turned red.

"Mom, do you know that beautiful sister?" the little boy asked her curiously.

Before the woman answered, the little boy said with a shy expression: "I don't know why, I see that sister feels so kind, I really want to get close to her, as if we were in a very close relationship."

The woman was speechless, and then muttered after a long time:

"You can treat her as your sister in the future."

"Really? Great!"


After leaving the cafe, you can't help but come back to the aquarium where your friend brought you to.

But you are a little afraid to go in, because you saw an incredible and beautiful creature in this aquarium before, but others only saw an ordinary dolphin.

This makes you feel a little hairy, whether you have been caught in some evil, or that this aquarium is not right.

Just when you were about to leave, you found a part-time job offer with superb benefits posted at the door of the aquarium.

Not only is the remuneration settled on a daily basis, but the time is free, and the salary is so generous that it makes your eyes red.

"Miss, are you looking for a part-time job?"

A gentle and nice male voice came suddenly from the top of your head.

When you look up, you find that it is the very handsome and handsome shop manager before. He is wearing a waiter's costume, standing on the steps, tilting his head slightly, and looking at you with a smile.

After hesitating, you still couldn't resist the temptation of salary, biting your lip and asked embarrassedly: "Are you still hiring?"

"Of course, you are especially welcome to such a lovely lady..."

The man's tone contains a faint smile, and the ending has a sultry uplifting tone, but it makes you a little uncomfortable.

You can't help but look up again at the number of this aquarium.

It is indeed a serious aquarium shop, not a sulky Cowboy shop.

But don't know why, you always think this handsome store manager is familiar.

But you are pretty sure that you have never seen him before.

If this person has red eyes, a pair of devil horns on his head, and a pair of wide and dark bat wings on the back...

Wouldn't it be exactly the same as the demon brother of the Cowboy store in your dream?

You suddenly startled.

"what happened?"

The man turned his eyes, looking at you with concern.

"Excuse me, your name is..." You asked embarrassedly.

The man was taken aback for a moment, and then he opened a bright smile to you that was fascinating and worthless.

"My name is Aleucus."

The author has something to say:

After changing it several times, I felt dissatisfied. I originally wanted to connect it with the first chapter to form an end-to-end echo.

As for the protagonist, I actually planned to write the ending, but I asked the editor and said no, so I could only cry silently.

Its weird to bind a male protagonist directly at the end, so I still leave some room for imagination. The ending of the text is a family line. In fact, I really dont like the female protagonist being bound. It seems that only love is a womans The end is the same, why can't love just be an experience in the heroine's life?

If you feel that the cute ending is not satisfied, you can beat me to your heart's content (top the pot and cover to prevent the hit). After all, I also feel that the following plot is a bit collapsed, and the ending is a bit hurried and difficult to end. I wrote this article for fun. Playing, I didnt expect to write so long. I personally feel that my writing skills are also terrible. I am very sorry for the cutie who caught up with the ending of this book and gave you such an unsatisfactory ending QAQ.

Anyone who leaves a comment in this chapter will send a big red envelope. Thank you for supporting me, this bad author till now!

This book has learned a lesson, the next one will definitely improve!

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