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Huo Jia enters the diary.


My name is Huo Jia.

Six years old this year.

My father's name is Gu Tingyun, my mother's name is Tang Jiao, no one's surname is Huo.

But I'm so smart, I knew from a young age that I didn't pick it up. Because my father's surname was Huo, he was lost when he was a child, so he changed his name to Gu Tingyun.

But oh, my father refused to change back to his original name, so he kept calling Gu Tingyun.

Very capricious, right?

Because if I dared to have a surname with Lao Wang next door, my parents would interrupt my dog legs.

But my father is so self-willed, so my self-willedness has its roots, and it is definitely genetic.

My father's surname is Huo, from China, there is a place called Beiping, which is said to be the famous Huo family in Peking.

In the Huo family's genealogy, boys of my generation should use "Jia", although this is what boys should inherit. But my dad said, our family doesn't pay attention to this, this is the second word in my name.

I was not originally from Switzerland, oh yes, as I said before, I am from China. The place where I was born is Shanghai. It is a beautiful city. It is the place where my mother was born and grew up, and it is also the place where they met.

It is said that this is very memorable, so the third word in my name is there.

Enter Huo Jia.

This is my full name.

I have a younger brother who is six months old this year. His name is Huo Jiazheng.

I was a little angry that he didn't tell Huo Jia to act.

Because I am Huo Jia up, he must be Huo Jia down!

But my uncle said, it doesn't matter. The name is just a code name, even think about it! My name is Gege, is it Gege in the ancient palace?

It must not be!

So it doesnt matter what the name is. My younger brothers nickname is Mumu, because he was very good at being born without crying or making trouble. I numbly said that he was not smart and unwieldy, so the nickname was Mumu.

It's Amitabha, I was lively and naughty when I was a child, and that's why I got the nickname Gege.

I guess, maybe I love giggling too much.

Fortunately, it is Grid, if it is not, I think I will cry a lot.

My father Ma Ma has three watch shops, and the conditions at home are very good.

Oh, this is what the kid I played with told me.

They also told me that my uncle is not my real uncle, and that the stupid little Ping An is the dear, and Uncle Yang Xiuyan is not.

I don't like to hear this a bit, so I decided to grow up and marry him so that he can be a family with me, so that he won't be too miserable and will be thrown out.

After all, it's not a family to live together.

But my dad didn't allow it and gave me a criticism. This dad is so eloquent.

Of course, my mother will still resist, but what is terrible is that although my father didn't say anything, he would secretly beat her at night.

Swear to God, I heard my mother crying.

In order to be a warrior to protect Mommy, I kicked the door frantically, but my father hit my ass.

It's so irritating, how can you spank a lady's ass.

Oh yes, this is my three-year-old thing, but my memory is still fresh.

Don't dare to repeat it!

If your father is angry, it is 10,000 times more terrifying than Ma Ma.

Ma Ma is a paper tiger, angry every day, clamoring every day, dad let us all let Ma Ma.

God is pitiful, this bad guy, can he only bully Ma Ma?

Very bad, very bad!


It's me, Huo Jia.

I am twelve years old this year.

Time flies quickly, right?

A guest came to the house the other day. It's a guest, not all. He is my uncle named Huo Xiao.

Oh, and he is also my godfather.

Every year on his birthday, he would send me many gifts across the ocean. Especially beautiful!

This godfather is very good to me. Of course, I still have two godmothers, but my godfather and godmother are not a family.

No one wants my godfather, my godfather is a bachelor.

According to my brother Mu Mu, godfather was once too difficult to be a man.

Do not know do not know!

Outsiders dont understand at all!

Fortunately, I am not very stupid, and I understand easily.

I swear, huh? Why did I swear again?

Regardless, I can see that Uncle Huo Xiao likes my mother very much.

So my dad got jealous again.

Others don't know, but I know, my dad is a vinegar well. Well, the kind of vinegar well that can produce countless vinegar. The vinegar barrel can no longer describe this person. I guess he must be "teaching" my mother at night.

But this is just a guess. After all, if I dare to do something like Wall Root, then I bet my dad will not care about the fact that I am twelve years old and a lady, he will definitely do it.

No way, there is such a terrible parent with a word of words.

Uncle Huo Xiao only stayed for three days and then left. He is very busy. I don't know why he is busy, but I heard that he is a very awesome person. He is very good in Beiping, everyone should call him "Holy filial piety". He says one, but no one dares to say two.

It is said that he killed many bad guys and was called a true hero.

I don't quite understand, but when he is gone, I am still a little sad.

But soon something else dilutes my sadness, and I have more important things.

My uncle cheated!

Look at me, nonsense again!

But it's true to be a little angry!

Sally next door is so annoying. I saw her writing a love letter to my uncle.

Although it was nonsense to say that I would marry my uncle when I was young, this is my family! How could she write him a love letter! Besides, Sally still has five boyfriends. Where does my uncle want to be? I decided to negotiate with Sally tomorrow,

God bless me to get rid of her and let her see Chinese Kung Fu.

But why is my brother crying again?

Let me take a look!

Oh, I'm back, I saw why my brother was beaten.

He put a double-shot cannon under my Uncle Qi's bed, and when Uncle Qi took the woman home to sleep, he was "soft".

But what does "soft" mean?

It's a bit strange!

I'd better ask my uncle when I have time. After all, there is only one big uncle in this world who can talk to me.

Although my younger uncle is more than half a year older than me, but to be honest, I really despise him.

Too stupid, not like his father at all.

Alas, he actually said that being a man is going to be easy and contented.

Who is this like?

Our family has no ideals and goals.

Okay, I'm going to take a good rest, and I have to negotiate tomorrow!

I should be able to beat Lisa, right?


It's me, it's me, I'm Huo Jia.

I am eighteen years old this year.

Today is my eighteen-year-old coming-of-age gift. I have invited many guests at home.

But I am not very happy, because at the coming-of-age ceremony, the **** Yang Xiuyan brought his girlfriend.

I laughed very happy. Then, hehe, did an opening dance with a handsome boy Keane who pursued me.

I don't stop spinning and jumping, it's perfect!

Lisa secretly asked me who I wanted. It was a bar mitzvah anyway, so it's better to find a handsome guy to sleep. The rest is for her to sleep, how come it is not sleep!

This beast!

Oh yes, I forgot to say, I became good friends with Lisa who was three years older than me six years ago.

If you don't fight, you won't know each other!

I have to say that Lisa is really a good partner.

But I hadn't waited to think about it, and this went wrong because my father threw Keane out.

This is so...death!

I rushed to relax the atmosphere, after all, this is my guest, isn't it? And... isn't the **** Yang Xiuyan who should be jealous? What is my father doing?

But I quickly learned what happened.

It turned out that Keane went to dance with me recklessly.

Seeing the charm of my mommy, Keane said that I was too jerky and naive, and he thought my mommy was more suitable for him.

Damn it!

Isn't this looking for death?

Don't say my dad beats people.

I want to hit people too.

So on my eighteenth birthday, I directly beat Keane.

It's really hard to show your hand, you don't know the three eyes of Lord Ma.

Still Mu Mu stopped me, he said, teaching people to use force is the most boring. Although I don't want to admit it, there is one in our family. This one is the most cunning. There is nothing wrong with what he said.

For so many years, I have seen the depth of this little guy's scheming.

Although we are all smart people in our family, there is no such cunning generation!

Although only twelve years old, I have to say that this guy is really full of calculations.

I was kneeling.

Mumu didn't allow others to take Mommy away, so Keane's future was difficult.

But I don't sympathize with him, and I cannot live by committing evil.

Why is Yang Xiuyan embarrassed to take a girlfriend?

I was so angry that I went straight upstairs to write a diary, not wanting to cut the cake or eat.


Wait a minute, what is the girlfriend of Yang Xiuyan doing in the yard? Secretly kissing Keane under a tree in the backyard?

This green hat is interesting.

Yang Xiuyan! You have today too!

But I think Keane might die faster.

Because Uncle Xiuyan is not a good one either.

Huh? Huh? Why is Uncle Xiuyan here? The girlfriend who was not afraid of death pushed Keane away.

Okay, now it's a confrontation between two people.

Huh huh? Uncle Xiuyan pays more?

Wait, not only did he not beat anyone but also gave the woman money?

This is a willing green hat party!

Isn't it right? What's the matter?

Could it be that this woman is not the girlfriend of Uncle Xiuyan at all, but he hired it with money?

Haha, I found the truth, this cunning thing.

How come there are such cunning stinks around me!

What a bad man.

He lit a cigarette and leaned on the tree just now and smoked quietly. Even if he smoked, this man was handsome and scumbag. There are many tall and handsome boys around me, they are all enthusiastic. But my sight can't do without him.

Why are you so handsome?

I obviously hate the smell of a man's smoke, but he is handsome no matter what he does!

Uh... Uncle Xiuyan saw me.

Wave, shake, is it too late to sell cute?

Uh uh uh, he came over to me...


I, Huo Jia, today is my 24th birthday, and it is also my... wedding anniversary.

Yes, I am married, and that **** Yang Xiuyan.

Now he is taking a bath, and I secretly come to write a diary.

Just now I went to the bathroom and peeped, the size is still very good... Ah, ah!

My man told me to change it to: the size is amazing.

Okay, that's it!


Ha ha!

The author has something to say: The full text is over. I would like to thank the little fairies for their support along the way. I cherish these five and a half months of time together. I love you, and see you in the next book.

There is a girl who wants to see Huo Xiao's extravaganza, I thought about it, and finally decided not to write. Although Huo Xiao is the second male, his life is more than love. He still has his family and the world! In this regard, it is easy to touch the line if it is written, so I finally gave up. Please also forgive me, babies.

Oh, yes, micro-microbes advertised their own column, and the little hand moved to collect my author's column, I would have known it! you deserve to have!

Finally, thank you all the little fairies who thundered. It cost you money. I really want to thank you all! Send a sweet kiss!

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