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The next day, Ding Xiaoran got up early and went to the vegetable market to buy fresh chicken to make soup, and then sent the carefully prepared chicken soup to the hospital.

Yu Ziqiang came to the hospital to accompany Zhong Minlian early in the morning, and the two waited together for Ding Xiaoran to bring Tang, especially Yu Ziqiang, waiting a little anxiously.

In contrast, Zhong Minlian was very calm, sitting on the bed and reading todays newspaper, with a leisurely look, seeing Yu Ziqiang walking around anxiously, so he said, "What are you in a hurry? Can you get people out by walking around?"

"It's almost noon now, Xiao Ran hasn't come yet, of course I'm anxious. Mom, I'll call her and ask what's the situation?" Yu Ziqiang was really anxious, wishing to know Ding Xiaoran's situation right away, so He took out his cell phone and wanted to call her.

But Zhong Minlian refused and stopped, "No fights. If you call Ding Xiaoran before she comes to the hospital, I will never accept her in my entire life."

"Mom, in case something happens to her on the road, I have to call and ask."

"I gave her a day, and now I haven't even half of it. Why are you so anxious? Put your phone away and wait slowly. If she sends chicken soup to the hospital for me all day, then don't blame me."


"There is no discussion about this matter. Keep your cell phone away. Today's newspapers have published a lot of yesterdays wedding events. You can take a look, but Huo Qingju has been arrested by the police. It must be Feng Qize. Right." Zhong Minlian threw a newspaper to Yu Ziqiang and let him read the newspaper.

Yu Ziqiang didn't want to read any newspapers at all, and didn't want to go to Huo Qingju. All he wanted to know was Ding Xiaoran's situation, so he didn't even look at it, so he threw the newspaper aside and continued to wait anxiously.

This is the last chance he and Ding Xiaoran can be together. He doesn't want to let it go. What should he do to know Ding Xiaoran's situation?

By the way, Xie Qianning.

Yu Ziqiang thought of Xie Qianning, so he wanted to call her, but Zhong Minlian didn't allow it, and stopped him: "You are also not allowed to call Xie Qianning. You are not allowed to contact any person related to Ding Xiaoran."

"Mom, this is too much for you, right?"

"It's not an excessive problem, but a matter of principle. I want to know what Ding Xiaoran is like and can he be a qualified daughter-in-law. Hurry up and put the phone away. You are not allowed to make a phone call before Ding Xiaoran comes. , You cant send a text message. If you make a phone call or send a text message, Ding Xiaoran loses and she fails the test, then you cant be with her. To be fair, give me your mobile phone. I will temporarily Keep it for you and return it to you when Ding Xiaoran arrives."


"Bring it."

Yu Ziqiang had no choice but to give Zhong Minlian his mobile phone.

Zhong Minlian put the phone under the pillow to prevent Yu Ziqiang from taking it away. She waited patiently and continued to read her own newspaper, especially looking for the news of Huo Qingju. She saw her nose and face swollen in the newspaper. I was very happy and couldn't help but applaud, "It's great, this stinky woman will have today, and deserve it."

"Mom, only Huo Qingju was arrested. As for He Xuefei, what do you think?" Yu Ziqiang suddenly mentioned He Xuefei.

Hearing He Xuefei, Zhong Minlian's expression was shocked and a little stiff, but still tried to stay calm, pretending to be nonchalant, "What can I think about her, and I will live my life in the future. As long as she doesn't come to provoke me, I won't do anything to her?"

She once hoped that He Xuefei would be the daughter-in-law of the Yu family, but now, all her hopes have turned into disappointment, and she no longer thinks about asking a celebrity daughter to be a daughter-in-law. She only hopes that there is someone who is honest and caring so that she will not be cheated. .

Yu Ziqiang understood the meaning of Zhong Minlians words. In order not to make her feel too sad, he stopped this topic and said other things, "Mom, the doctor said you can be discharged today. Anyway, Xiaoran didnt come. Ill help. You go through the discharge procedures."

"Well, remember, you can't call Ding Xiaoran, you know?" Zhong Minlian reminded again.

"My phone is with you, how do I call?"

"It's hard to tell. Maybe you have memorized Ding Xiaoran's mobile phone number, and you can just go out and find a phone booth to call."

"You really praised me. I haven't remembered your number after ten years. What's more, it's another number? I'm going to go through the discharge procedures for you. You can continue reading your newspaper." Yu Ziqiang replied angrily , And then went out. Although he said he was going outside to go through the discharge procedures, he still deliberately went to the hospital to see if Ding Xiaoran had come.

Unexpectedly, Ding Xiaoran didn't see it, but saw Tian Wei who was thin again.

Because he didn't want to be entangled with Tian Wei, he ignored him and walked quickly to the hospital.

Tian Wei immediately followed, chasing Yu Ziqiang into the garden of the hospital, and then stepped forward, blocking his way, and said with a wicked smile: "Yu Ziqiang, why run when you see me? Is it possible that you want to fall back?"

Yu Ziqiang was at a loss when he heard this.

"Sure enough, the nobles have forgotten things, no matter what, I will remind you that I said at the beginning, as long as I help you hold the beautiful girl, you will give me 50 million. You shouldn't forget about this, right?"

"I haven't forgotten, but I haven't embraced the beautiful woman now. Why do you ask me for money? Besides, you never showed up from the beginning to the end, let alone do anything. Even if I embrace the beautiful woman, then It's not your credit either. I don't need to give you a penny, and I didn't agree to your request at the beginning. I just said to look at your ability. Did I say to give you money?"

"Yu Ziqiang, are you kidding me?" Tian Wei got angry, grabbing Yu Ziqiang's chest with both hands, as if he wanted to hit someone.

Yu Ziqiang pushed him away with just a little use, and said sarcastically: "Do you want to fight me even with your skinny appearance?"

"Don't deceive people too much."

"I'm deceiving people too much. You are too shameless and crazy about money. Tian Wei, I can tell at a glance that you are a drug addict. The reason why you are so eager for money is that you don't have the money to buy goods. Let me tell you, you dont want to get a penny from me. If you come to pester me and Xiao Ran again, I will call the police immediately and ask the police to send you to the drug rehabilitation center, hum." Yu Ziqiang warned severely Tian Wei tidyed up his clothes a bit, then walked forward, planning to go through the discharge formalities.

Tian Wei didn't dare to pester Yu Ziqiang again, fearing that he would really call the police, but he was very unwilling. Anyway, there is nowhere to go. Since you can't get the money from Yu Ziqiang, take it from Zhong Minlian.

Zhong Minlian has been reading the newspaper in the ward, after reading the newspaper, reading the magazine, and looking specifically at the report about yesterdays wedding. After reading it over and over again, although he was very angry, he was also very fortunate. Fortunately, he did not make a big mistake. Almost led the wolf into the room.

At this time, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in."

Ding Xiaoran came to the hospital with the carefully boiled soup, knocked politely at the door of the ward, and waited for permission from the people inside to push the door in, "Madam, here I am."

Zhong Minlian put down the magazine in her hand and looked up at Ding Xiaoran. She found that she was really holding the soup in her hand. She was moved, but she didn't show it. She asked coldly, "It's almost noon, why are you here now?" "

"I went to the vegetable market early this morning to buy the freshest and best local chicken, and then boiled it for almost three hours, so it was a bit late. While the chicken soup is still hot, I will give you a bowl first." Ding Xiaoran Just do what you say, quickly take out the chicken soup, pour a bowl, and bring it to Zhong Minlian with both hands.

"En." Zhong Minlian nodded in satisfaction, and then ended up taking a sip of the soup bowl, feeling that it tastes good, and taking another sip, expressionlessly exclaimed: "The soup tastes good, who are you with? Learned?"

"I learned it from my mother."

"Does your mother know that you made this chicken soup for me?"

"I know, I told them. Although we have some misunderstandings, I believe that these misunderstandings are not major misunderstandings. As long as a little communication can solve them, I just hope you can communicate with us, Madam." Ding Xiaoran spoke very politely, but he was neither humble nor humble, he had his own principles and pride.

Zhong Minlian was watching her carefully, nodded in satisfaction again, and continued to drink the soup, "This soup is really delicious. Would you still like to boil it for me in the future?"

"As long as Madam wants to drink, I will definitely boil it for you."

"What's your name, ma'am, just call me aunt."


"Why, don't you want to call me aunt?"

"No, it was just too sudden, kind of"

Zhong Minlian has never smiled at Ding Xiaoran, but now he finally smiled at her, holding her hand, pulling her to the bed and sitting down, talking to her, "Xiao Ran, my aunt was You are a bit too much. You are indeed a good boy. I hope you don't care about the old foolish auntie."

"I've never thought about worrying about my wife-auntie, really. Seeing your smile, I suddenly feel like I have another mother." Ding Xiaoran was ecstatic, really wanted to laugh, but still a little reserved. , Dare not mess up the image.

"In the future, I will become my daughter-in-law. I will naturally be your mother. In this way, you will have an extra mother. This is true."

"Auntie, you, did you really promise me and Ziqiang to be together?"

"It's rare that Ziqiang is serious about a woman. These days, I have been constantly. Forcing him and threatening him, it actually suffered him, but I didn't expect it to be a big scam in the end. I figured it out, any celebrity is better than a lady Its important not to smile on your sons face, and you also have this heart. Even without todays test, I can feel your intentions. No matter what I did to you before, you didnt complain. Up."

"Thank you auntie."

"Don't thank me, I should apologize to you. Xiaoran, I will hand over Ziqiang to you in the future. You have to help me take care of him and take care of him for the rest of my life, okay?" Zhong Minlian held Ding Xiaoran in both hands Hands, sincerely request her.

"Auntie, don't worry, I will take care of him for the rest of my life." Ding Xiaoran agreed to her request without hesitation, and the smile on his face became happier.

"That's good. After I leave the hospital, I will find a lucky day and hold a wedding so that you and Ziqiang can get married, okay?"


"You kid, you are sincere, and you will say whatever you think. I still want to drink your soup. You can serve me another bowl."

"Okay." Ding Xiaoran stood up and went to the side to make soup.

But at this moment, a sudden bang shocked her, and quickly turned around to see what was going on.

Tian Wei kicked in, still holding the knife in his hand, rushed directly in, put the knife on Zhong Minlian's neck, and pulled her off the bed, "You come down."

"Ah-you, what are you doing?" Zhong Minlian was frightened, worried that the knife would scratch his neck, so he had to obediently cooperate with Tian Wei and get out of bed.

"Tian Wei, what are you doing? Hurry up and let people go." Ding Xiaoran stepped up and ordered Tian Wei angrily.

"Don't come here, or I will kill her." Tian Wei held Zhong Minlian and warned Ding Xiaoran. He was a little crazy and emotionally unstable. He kept yelling money, "Money, give me money, hurry up Go get the money ready."

"You just want money. You let Auntie go first, and we will discuss the rest, okay?"

"Ding Xiaoran, do you treat me as a three-year-old child? If you let her go, you will definitely not let me go. Don't talk nonsense. Hurry up and ask Yu Ziqiang to get the money ready and I want it."

"Okay, I'll let Ziqiang prepare the money, don't hurt Auntie." Ding Xiaoran saw that Tian Wei's mood was too unstable, and worried that Zhong Minlian might have something wrong, so he took out his mobile phone to call Yu Ziqiang, but Yu Zi Qiangs cell phone is under the pillow, and there is nothing wrong with it. "Ziqiang didnt bring a cell phone, so I can only wait for him to come back. Its better to let your auntie first. Her heart is not good. This will scare her."

"Are you still treating me as a fool? If I let her go, what would I take as a hostage?"

"I'll be your hostage, you let her go."

"Xiaoran, you--" Zhong Minlian was very moved, and he didn't expect Ding Xiaoran to risk his life for her.

Tian Wei was also very surprised and angry at the same time. He said angrily: "Ding Xiaoran, I didn't think that you would even take your own life for Yu Ziqiang. This old woman was so bad to you at the beginning, why do you want to take risks for her? "

"I will marry Ziqiang. She will be my mother-in-law in the future. The previous things are over. I won't let myself live in the past, so I won't care about the previous things. Tian Wei, don't make mistakes again and again. , Even if you get the money, what if you break the law, you will be chased by the police and then go to jail, is it worth it?" Ding Xiaoran slowly approached Tian Wei and persuaded him.

But it was useless. Tian Wei was already thinking about money and crazy, especially when he thought of the pain of drug addicts, he couldn't bear it, so he put the knife on Zhong Minlians neck and continued to shout for money. Stop talking nonsense, give me money, I only need money."

"Okay, when Ziqiang comes back, he will prepare the money, but before that, I will exchange it with auntie, okay? I will be your hostage. You let her go. Auntie has a bad heart. I cant afford to toss you like this. In case she has something wrong, you wont be able to get the money. Come, let me exchange it with her." Ding Xiaoran walked slowly towards Tian Wei, really taking himself and Zhong Minlian. exchange.

Tian Wei worried that Zhong Minlian really had a heart attack, so he seized the opportunity to push Zhong Minlian away and instead held Ding Xiaoran hostage.

"Ah" Zhong Minlian was pushed onto the bed, screamed, stood up immediately, looked at Ding Xiaoran worriedly, fearing that Tian Wei would hurt her, so he tried his best to persuade: "Do you want money? Your money, you don't hurt others."

"Prepare me a truckload of cash, hurry up." Tian Wei held Ding Xiaoran under his control and ordered Zhong Minlian to prepare money.

Zhong Minlian picked up the phone and called the bank immediately, asking someone to get the money ready.

It happened that Yu Ziqiang came back, but he opened the door and saw this scene, especially when he saw the knife on Ding Xiaoran's neck, he was frightened and yelled: "Tian Wei, you scumbag, If you dare to hurt her, I will cut you a thousand times."

"Hmph, if you promised to give me money just now, I wouldn't do it. You came just right, so hurry up and prepare the money. I want a cart of cash. You can handle it for me within two hours."

"How can a car of cash be prepared in two hours?"

"That's your business, I just want the result, hurry up and prepare cash."

"Ziqiang, hurry up and ask someone to prepare cash, otherwise he will hurt Xiaoran, hurry up." Zhong Minlian was really worried about Ding Xiaoran's safety and had to urge Yu Ziqiang to prepare cash.

"Mom" Yu Ziqiang was moved by Zhong Minlian's reaction, but now is not the time to be moved, so he can only call someone to prepare money.

It didn't take long for other people in the hospital to discover the situation here, and someone immediately called the police. In less than ten minutes, the police had felt the scene and surrounded Tian Wei.

Because of the presence of the police, Tian Wei was a little panicked. He grabbed Ding Xiaoran tighter and warned: "Don't come here, otherwise I will die with her."

"Well, well, we are not going, you guys don't go, be careful he hurts the hostage." Zhong Minlian reminded in a hurry, not to let the police get too close, lest Tian Wei hurt Ding Xiaoran.

"Tian Wei, you can't run away like this. If you let me go, I won't sue you." Ding Xiaoran tried to persuade Tian Wei.

But Tian Wei didn't believe it, "I don't believe a word of yours. This is the end of the matter. I can only take you as a hostage and run away after getting the money."

"Can you escape here, can you escape the world?"

"You don't need to worry about this, go." Tian Wei held Ding Xiaoran away and warned as he stepped back, "Don't come over, or I will kill her."

The police slowly followed Tian Wei, not daring to get too close, everyone was looking for opportunities to save people.

Yu Ziqiang and Zhong Minlian naturally followed suit, and they were very flustered looking at the knife in Tian Wei's hand.

Tian Wei hijacked people outside in this way and attracted more people to watch. Doctors and security guards in the hospital came.

Father Ding and Mother Ding originally wanted to come to the hospital to see how Zhong Minlian treats their daughter, but when they arrived at the entrance of the hospital, they saw that their daughter was being coerced. They hurried forward and said anxiously, "Tian Wei, you What are you doing, let go of my daughter quickly."

"You beast, hurry up and let go."

"Uncle, aunt, don't worry, as long as Yu Ziqiang is willing to give me the money to prepare, I will definitely let her go." Tian Wei promised, still wanting money.

Before Ding's father and Ding's mother begged Yu Ziqiang, Zhong Minlian spoke first, "Well, as long as you don't hurt her, I will give you as much money as you want. Don't hurt her."

When these words came out, Dad Ding and Mum Ding were even moved. They didn't expect Zhong Minlian to do this to save their daughter. Is this the Zhong Minlian they saw before?

"Then you guys don't hurry up and prepare the money, hurry up."

"You want a car of cash. It takes time to prepare!"

"Stop talking nonsense, hurry up and prepare the money." Because there were too many people, police, security, doctors, reporters, and almost everyone, Tian Wei became more nervous and scared, and his knife hand was shaking.

Ding Xiaoran was the closest to him. He obviously saw his shaking hands and felt that this was an opportunity, so he hinted Yu Ziqiang with his eyes and asked him to find a chance to do it.

Yu Ziqiang shook his head at her, not daring to take the risk of doing so, for fear that she would be harmed and even more afraid of losing her.

Tian Wei was in a panic, not even noticing Yu Ziqiang and Ding Xiaoran's secret gestures. They only paid attention to the police around him and kept telling them to back away. Sometimes he took away the knife on Ding Xiaoran's neck and used it to point to the police. "Go back to me, don't come over, go back."

The police saw the opportunity, and even if they didn't say anything, everyone knew what to do. They kept paying attention to the knife in Tian Wei's hand, intending to subdue Ding Xiaoran while his knife was not on Ding Xiaoran's neck.

A plainclothes policeman mingled in the crowd, waiting for an opportunity.

Yu Ziqiang also noticed Tian Wei's knife, and knew that he would take it when his knife was not on Ding Xiaoran's neck, but he still had the courage to take the risk.

"Hurry up and prepare the money. I want a cart of cash. Hurry up." Tian Wei drove the knife to Ding Xiaoran's neck again, forcing everyone to prepare the money.

However, at this moment, a van drove up, and inside was a man in formal clothes, calmly saying to Tian Wei: "We have all the money you want."

Hearing about the money, Tian Wei was excited. Regardless of whether there was real or fake money inside, he asked the man to get out of the car first, "Get down, raise your hands, and step back."

The man got out of the driver's seat, raised his hands, and slowly retreated to the side.

"All back, back." Tian Wei once again forced everyone to back. When they saw that the distance was about the same, he pushed Ding Xiaoran down, and then got on the car at the fastest speed. He closed the door and wanted to escape. Who knew the car? Suddenly a person appeared behind him, tightly strangling his neck with his arm, and pinching him, "You lie to me, you bastards, dare to lie to me."

The police outside also came up to help and subdued Tian Wei.

Ding Xiaoran was pushed down hard and fell to the ground with an unstable center of gravity. Her palms and knees were bruised, but what made her more painful was her abdomen, which was very painful.

Although Yu Ziqiang caught Ding Xiaoran as quickly as possible, he still failed to catch her, causing her to fall to the ground and hurried over to help her, "Xiaoran, are you okay?"

"My stomach hurts!" Ding Xiaoran covered his stomach with his hands, already sweating from the pain.

Zhong Minlian also rushed over, looking at Ding Xiaoran's situation, and asked in a hurry, "How is it, did it fall somewhere?"

Mother Ding also rushed over and saw Ding Xiaoran bleeding from her lower body. Although there was some spectrum in her heart, she didn't say any nonsense. She quickly reminded: "The hospital is behind, hurry to the hospital!"

"Yes, go to the hospital and get out of me." Yu Ziqiang hugged Ding Xiaoran, shouting to make way for the crowd of onlookers, and hurried to the hospital.

Ding's mother, Ding's father, and Zhong Minlian followed. At this time, they only cared about Ding Xiaoran's situation, and had already temporarily left Tian Wei behind.

In the hospital, the doctors had already made preparations, and immediately entered the emergency room as soon as they arrived.

Everyone waited anxiously outside the hospital, especially Yu Ziqiang, walking around, unable to stop for a moment.

Zhong Minlian was also waiting anxiously, looking randomly, and suddenly saw blood on Yu Ziqiang's body, and asked anxiously: "Ziqiang, why is there so much blood on your clothes? Where is it hurt?"

"Blood?" Yu Ziqiang didn't react. He looked down and really saw that his white shirt was dyed red. He was confused, "How come I have blood on my body? Is it Xiaoran?"

"Ziqiang, to what extent have you and Xiao Ran developed?" Mother Ding asked seriously, as if she knew what was going on.


"Tell me the truth, have you already had a relationship?"

Yu Ziqiang was about to answer, but Zhong Minlian helped him answer, "Yes, they have been in a relationship for a long time, and that happened more than a month ago."

When he heard the news, Dad Ding was very angry, rushed up, grabbed Yu Ziqiang's clothes with one hand, and severely accused: "You have touched her, why do you want to marry another woman?"

"Uncle, I'm sorry."

"What's the use of telling me I'm sorry."

"I don't know how things will develop, so"

"Can you shirk all responsibilities without knowing it?"

Seeing his son being insulted in this way, Zhong Minlian felt distressed, but he understood Dad Ding, so he stood up and admitted his mistake, "Dont you guys be strong. I blame this thing, its all my fault, its me. Too confused, now I just hope Xiao Ran is fine."

Dings mother stopped Dings father and persuaded him, "Its all good fortune and tricks. Anyway, its a thing of the past. Xiao Ran doesnt want us to make trouble like this. Dont be too angry. Fortunately, the accident happened today. Outside the hospital, if you can get treatment in time, Xiao Ran should be fine, and the child will be fine."

Ding's words shocked everyone, especially Yu Ziqiang, who asked in surprise: "Auntie, you said the child, is Xiaoran pregnant?"

"It depends on the situation. Xiao Ran has always been in good health. Even if she was pushed like this by Tian Wei just now, she wouldn't be hurt like this. Moreover, her menstrual affairs have not come this month, and 80% of them are pregnant."

"Great, I'm going to be a father."

"Then am I going to be grandma?"

The good news made Yu Ziqiang and Zhong Minlian both happy, but Ding's father was not very happy, and said angrily: "Huh, it's made my daughter's belly bigger, you can still laugh."

"My father-in-law, don't be angry. The thousands of mistakes are all my fault, my fault, I will pay you now, okay?" Zhong Minlian doesn't care about face at all now, and sincerely asks Dad Ding I apologized, but also used the name "in-law".

Ding's father is not a hard-hearted person, because Zhong Minlian's performance in the later period is very good, so he forgave her, "If you dare to bully my daughter in the future, I will ask you to settle the account."

"You can rest assured that after Xiao Ran marries in our house, I will treat her, and my future grandson or granddaughter."

"Zhong Minlian, what I'm talking about is to treat my daughter well, don't just look at your grandson and granddaughter."

"I know, I will treat Xiao Ran well. The person who was kidnapped by Tian Wei just now was me. Xiao Ran took the risk and exchanged the hostages. I will treat a good wife like this well."

With Zhong Minlian's promise, Ding's father was relieved.

Yu Ziqiang did not have a leisurely chat with a few of them. He kept looking at the lights in the emergency room and was so anxious to death. As soon as the doctor came out, he hurried forward and asked, "Doctor, how is it?"

"Fortunately, it can be delivered in time. Both the adult and the fetus are fine, so I can take care of them in the future."

After getting the doctor's answer, Yu Ziqiang was finally relieved, and hurriedly went inside to see Ding Xiaoran.

Zhong Minlian did not go in, but stopped Ding's father and Ding's mother to discuss the marriage, "In-laws, in-laws, since Xiaoran is fine, should we prepare for their wedding next?"

"That's right, I have the kids. This marriage has to be done as soon as possible. If it's later, I will enter the auditorium with my stomach upright. That's not good!" Mother Ding also agreed.

Although Dad Ding didn't say anything, he acquiesced in it, and obviously agreed to the marriage.

Yu Ziqiang entered the ward, sat on the side of the bed and looked at Ding Xiaoran who was sleeping on the bed, holding her hand, and said affectionately: "You fool, why don't you tell me when you are pregnant?".

Ding Xiaoran just fell asleep in a daze. He heard someone talking to her, so he opened his eyes, saw Yu Ziqiang and laughed, "Ziqiang, I'm fine, don't worry."

Seeing her opening his eyes, he immediately asked gently, "Does the stomach hurt? Does the injury on the body still hurt?"

"I'm in a good mood now, I don't hurt anything anymore. I don't want to tell you about this child, but I don't even know about it. Fortunately, God is not so cruel and saved this child." It hurts, but she can hold it back. The pain that day cannot match her joy at this moment.

"You, you just don't pay attention to your body, you don't even know you are pregnant."

"There have been so many things recently, I didn't notice it for a while!"

"You are not allowed to be sloppy about your body in the future, do you know?"

After the town pot. "Alright, alright, I know! By the way, where are my parents and aunts?"

"Mom knows about your pregnancy, so happy to turn it over. At this time, I should be pulling the aunt and uncle to discuss our marriage. Xiaoran, thank you so much." Yu Ziqiang switched to holding Ding Xiaoran's hand with both hands, filled with heart. Hurry up and love deeply.

Ding Xiaoran deliberately smiled innocently and cutely, and said humorously: "It's not enough to just say thank you to me."

"Then what else do you want?"

"If you want your whole life, will you give it?"

"Yes." He answered without hesitation, and then left a deep kiss on her lips.

A month later, the Yu family held a wedding again and invited guests, as long as they were relatives and friends, regardless of their status.

Ding Xiaoran put on a wedding dress and put on makeup early in the morning, and this wedding dress was actually the one she tried on in the bridal shop, but Xie Qianning did not expect to buy it.

"Xiaoran, now it's your turn to be a bride, how do you feel?" Xie Qianning stood by and looked at Ding Xiaoran's dressing, asking her how she felt.

"You have also been a bride, how do I feel, you should be very clear, why do you want to ask me?" Ding Xiaoran replied with a little shame, very excited.

After waiting for so long, it is finally her turn to be the bride. Can you be upset? It's just that this kind of happiness really can't be described in words, it just feels so sweet.

"Anyway, I still congratulate you, you got married well. It seems that my vision was right at the beginning. I saw that you and Yu Ziqiang had a play early in the morning."

"Okay, don't hurt me, it makes me nauseous."

"Ah, you feel sick and want to vomit, but don't vomit on your wedding dress, otherwise, when you walk across the red carpet for a while, you will not only make a big fuss, but also smelly."

"Xie, Qian, Ning." Ding Xiaoran stared at her angrily, blushing.

At this time, Zhong Minlian walked in with a bowl of soup, and called to give way as he walked, "Give me a let, let me! Xiaoran, drink some chicken soup first, I just had a good meal, don't be hungry. "


Ding Xiaoran was speechless, and Xie Qianning looked at each other and smiled helplessly.

At the wedding scene, Yu Ziqiang was welcoming guests with a smile, and every guest greeted them warmly, which was nothing compared to the lifelessness of the last time.

Xiao Yuxuan and Lin Changsheng naturally came to the wedding, and their expressions were a little awkward, as if they were embarrassed, embarrassed, or surprised.

Yu Ziqiang knew why Xiao Yuxuans expression was like this. He didn't give her the slightest face, so he pointed out the words clearly on the spot, "Miss Xiao, today is the day I am married to Xiaoran. You are welcome to participate, but I hope you dont look like it again. She used to be so arrogant and defiant because she is now my wife, otherwise you know what the result will be like."

"No, I won't." Xiao Yuxuan replied quickly. In fact, she didn't dare to say what she wanted to say, but she was embarrassed to say it.

Who would have thought that Ding Xiaoran would really marry Yu Ziqiang in the end, and Zhong Minlian would also accept her.

"That's the best, please come in, please."

Lin Changsheng hurriedly brought Xiao Yuxuan inside so that her mouth would not cause trouble again, but his worries were unnecessary, because Xiao Yuxuan did not dare to say anything at all.

Under the lead of Ding's father, Ding Xiaoran walked across the red carpet with beautiful music, step by step towards the people who would spend the second half of her life with her, thinking of the bit by bit of their encounters, acquaintances and love. .

In fact, she is very happy, just find the right person, and everyone can have happiness.


Dear dears, the story of Yu Ziqiang and Ding Xiaoran is over here. If you still have more ideas, please go to Mengmengs new article "Priceless Wives, Challenge Mysterious Flowers", there, you will see The wonderful story of Jufeng (Mu Feiyu), (*^__^*)Hehe...


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