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How do I comprehend the Dao of Oblivion? Min Hong asked.To comprehend the Dao of Oblivion, you have to know how it came to be... The Ancient Heavenly Monkey replied.What does Oblivion mean to you? The monkey asked.Oblivion is emptiness... a state of nothingness... it is an endless entity that was never there but always present... it existed before any other entity came to be... even the Chaos itself was birthed by Oblivion... it is the progenitor of all Universal Daos and lords over all things...Oblivion created the Chaos out of boredom... created the Dao of Will to control the Chaos when the Chaos began to rebel...----------------------------------Hailing from the Min Family that was created by a banished Min Clan member, who seeks to one day be recognized and rejoin the same Clan who casted him away in the first place... Our MC (Min Hong) who was born with an extremely feeble body with no hope of cultivation, began his adventurous journey in a world where respect could only be earned by possessing absolute strength...A world where rules don't apply to the strong and the weak are trampled upon by the strong. A world where experts battle Qilins, Dragons and Phoenixes with impunity...Min Hong with nothing other than a desperate grandfather, a heartbroken mother and a sick family, was driven by a deep desire to obtain enough strength to protect his family...But, as life has a separate plan for man, asides from the menial ones he makes, what was meant to be Min Hong's day of weeping became his first step to obtaining unrivaled power... the kind of power that instills deference into all life.... Dragons bow, Phoenixes cry in fear, praise and servitude...Armed with nothing but willpower and desperation, even Lady Luck had to feel for this youth. She blessed him extraordinarily, pushing him to the point where he stumbled upon an extremely Ancient Primordial Treasure; 'The Eye of the Myriad Universe'.----------------------------I release chapters with astonishing frequency... two chapters a day and four chapters on Fridays...I am open to critics... This is my first novel and it is an original... So please, when you notice the slightest error, be sure to pinpoint it...I promise to consider my readers first before any other thing... I am here to serve you, so kindly do your best to support my efforts...Thanks... Our Journey to over 2000 chapters begins now...DRUMROLL.....

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