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General Fang, the man leading the invading army from the Chi Empire finally noticed an abnormality in his troops.

As his soldiers started to slow down their marching and kept scratching all over their body, he lifted his hands and abruptly halted.

"Why are you scratching your body like a dog?!" He scolded the soldiers on his right side.

"Boss Fang, it is really itchy! " some of the soldiers replied in agony.


The distinct sound of something falling to the ground made their head snapped at the directions.

This time, they now witnessed that another comrade had fallen on the spot for no reason! When some of the soldiers examine closely, they have seen that an arrow hit at the same spot - on the forehead.

"An ambush!" General Fang's face turned sour and shouted. Every invading soldier immediately gripped their weapons tightly.

"I didn't expect that this Hong Empire can also be sneaky and cunning! They actually lured us in and set a trap!" General Fang announces as his soldiers looked around trying to search the location of their attacker.




A groan then followed by the sound of somebody falling on the ground sounded again. Three of the invaders die at the same cause of death. They are hit by an arrow on their forehead and it was an instant death that they have even failed to close their eyes.

'Could it be that the Hong Empire is connected to a sect that masters archery? How can those attacks be so identical?' General Fang asked himself.

While General Fang is wondering about the attackers, the Soul Practitioners finally finished searching the area and noticed that they are surrounded by more than ten people. The number made them cringe. How can a small group of people effectively held them back?

Few meters in front of them are six men. Those were the Sword Masters. There are also four people on each side but the distance is farther than the six in front. They are the archers. As for the rest of the allies of Princess Hong Mei, the Soul practitioners haven't found out their location yet.

This is the ambush strategy made by Princess Hong Mei from the gaming experience in her first life. At that moment, she imagined that the archers are her in-game marksmen. The Sword Masters are her fighters. While the person who is adept in poison is her mage! As for the tank, she had even considered putting Jia Liuha in the role!

Along the outskirts of the capital, she placed poison powders that slowly integrate with the rainy atmosphere. Whoever passes by the area had now felt the extreme itchiness in their skin. So extreme that they had unknowingly made their skin bleed by just scratching!

"You cowards! Show yourselves and give us a fair fight!" General Fang's thunderous voice was drowned by the rain. Some of his soldiers have curled down on the ground because of the sudden and strange skin condition while the others are dead by the arrow.

The Soul Practitioners have used too much of their mental concentration at the border of the empire. They could not also possess people yet.


An arrow came rushing towards General Fang's face and he quickly blocked it with his weapon.

"Hong Empire! You are good! I have underestimated your shamelessness! I thought your ruler is only shameless in making money but now I have witnessed that there is no comparison of how thick your face is!" General Fang annoyed expression is evident.

At the corner, Princess Hong Mei, who had heard this automatically put her palms on her face and gently caress it... 'My face is not thick! How dare this man call me thick-faced?'

Now that the momentum of these invaders was lost, the six Sword Masters take it as an opportunity to launch an attack.

The disoriented soldiers, even though they have outnumbered these they were not able to defend themselves!

Just as Princess Hong Mei's alliance gained dominance, the Soul Practitioners had also recovered their mental strength and immediately took over. The archers were the first people they have possessed and then not long after, the six Sword Masters.

Seeing the situation, Princess Hong Mei quietly asked Jia Liuha about her skills.

"How good is your skill in martial arts?"

"Sister, I am trained by the elders. I can take all these soldiers down! But with the other bad people, it would be hard." Jia Liuha admitted while looking at the soul practitioners standing not far away from them.

'In the past, I know a few Taekwondo lessons during my teen years..., I think I can knock them down. But this body is so delicate...' Princess Hong Mei thought and tries to remember the weakest point of the human body where she could possible strike at once.

"Ok... I will go and deal with the bad guys. You deal with the soldiers! But if it's too much, just run... Otherwise, Emperor He Mo will scold you if you don't save yourself." Princess Hong Mei stated and together, the two of them revealed their location.

Jia Liuha did not waste any second and quickly strikes at the remaining soldiers. She executed amazing speed and precise blow then immediately went on a rampage!

When the Soul Practitioners noticed Princess Hong Mei, they have also tried to possess her. But they failed!

A sly smile appeared on her lips while seeing the confusion on the Soul Practitioners' faces.

"What's happening?" one of the practitioners voiced out as they try again but still failed to possess the girl.

"How can an outdated cultivation conquer my modern soul?" Princess Hong Mei said and looked at them meaningfully.

"Outdated cultivation? Modern soul? Is that another legacy that we are not aware of?" they asked themselves as the girl walked a few meters away from them.

While these men are busy thinking about what Princess Hong Mei told them, the girl exerted her strength and gives them strong kicks and punches. Her force was not that great but hitting on the right vital points, it was enough to put the Soul Practitioners to sleep.

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