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Introduction I Lived With The Villain In The 70s

Lin Xiaoyue transmigrated into the book and became a vicious wife who was a wicked villain!Before the villain married the vicious wife, he was a simple and kind fool, a decent character in the original book.After the wicked woman married the villain, she despised him for being a fool, so she bullied and killed him for a long time.After he was bitterly disappointed with her, the fool turned into a big villain, and the wicked woman also received her retribution!Lin Xiaoyue, who had become the “wicked woman,” looked at her silly husband, who was simple and kind and who would rather bear hardships and treat her well.She felt that it didn’t matter whether he was s*upid or not. She mainly wanted to live with him! Treat his schizophrenia, by the way, let the three personalities live in harmony!Later, all of his personalities became s*aves to his wife, and each regarded her as his fate.Is it okay to change a husband every day and not repeat the same personalities for three days?- Description from Novelupdates

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