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Gu Qingyi clapped her hands and said loudly:

"Feasible, wait for the marshal to finish, tell him, it is probably no problem! Tian Tian, this time, the idea is not bad!"

She rarely praised her sister, with a smile on the corners of her eyes.

It is much more meaningful than dragging a car away, entering the city and so on.

Fang Qingqing raised her hands and said loudly:

"Yes, I agree. Since you can fly, don't waste time and go back as soon as possible! Even if you need a rest, it's faster than we are on the ground!"

She naturally agreed very much and didn't think there was anything.

Yin Chun, who followed and waited for the farewell, was shocked after hearing the introduction.

In this way, they are definitely the most mobile group of humans.

Although I don't know if there are other strong people, the city they built should be one of the safest.

Maybe I can't get along in the future, so I have to look for them.

Just when everyone felt excited, Xiao Yahan, who flew out yesterday and was injured, sounded a sweet voice:

"Flight may be fast, but you can definitely meet the evolutionary beast like yesterday. Maybe there are some powerful zombies, and you must be ready to fight!"

She did not raise objections, just to remind them.

Mentioning this, everyone thought of the scene when she came back yesterday, and it was clear that the injury was serious.

"Yes, this situation must be considered. If you are strong, you may not care, but you must be careful of the weak! Need to develop a response strategy!"

Li Longtao thought of tactics in an instant, ready to talk to everyone.

He has a wolf roar and a wolf totem. He is the best battlefield commander. He is naturally authoritative when he speaks at the moment.

Everyone is studying the possible situations along the way, arranging tactics, how to avoid and so on.

The people in the city of steel in the distance climbed up the city wall and saw that the young marshal had not been smashed to death at all, but instead floated in the air, practicing safely and steadily. They were all relieved.

"Thank God, the marshal is fine!"

"Good people get good rewards, there will never be anything wrong! You still don't believe me!"

"Tian Lei is so scary, he can sit cross-legged in the air? What a skill!"

"The young marshal is leaving. If there is a crisis in the future, who will protect us? Can we rely on the leader?"

The worries about the marshal disappeared, new worries came to mind, but no one could give them the answer.

Time is slowly passing away, and the thunder tribulation in the sky is getting bigger and bigger. From the beginning, the two waves and the nine waves are bombarded together, to eighteen, twenty-seven, and ninety-nine waves.

To the last 108, it was still intact.

On the contrary, because of the strengthening of the sky thunder, Yang Hao absorbed more and more energy, opening up 72 Dao Palaces.

Each Taoist palace is like a colorful electric light refining, containing the boundless light of thunder.

The foundation is solid and unimaginable.

The infuriating movement speed, once again increased three times, contains the power of thunder.

As the roaring thunder stopped, Yang Hao successfully practiced the second layer of the Primordial Devouring Sutra.

If Xingjun Ziwei knew that Yang Hao had successfully cultivated the 72 Dao Palace in two days, he would have jumped out of the soil again.

No one can achieve this level at all, and no one dares to practice with Thunder Jie.

This is equivalent to that life is joking, and doesn't care about life and death at all!

But Yang Hao succeeded!

Of course, it has to do with the techniques he cultivated, with his background, and with the system's thousands of exercises.

Without one, today may be the end of death.

Three hours later, the smoke disappeared in the sky, and the terrifying thunder tribulation was completely over.

Yang Hao stretched his waist to soothe his bones.

But when he was soothing, seeing the woman he looked like, all blushed.

The clothes on his body were all destroyed by the sky thunder and drifted away with the wind along with his movements.

Naturally, the strong body inside was exposed, especially when sitting cross-legged in the air, it was even more visible.

Under such a scene, girls naturally cannot bear it.

Even if it wasn't the first time I saw it, it was inevitable.

The girlfriends of Yin Chun, Li Longtao and others, for the first time, felt embarrassed and turned around.

His face was flushed.

It is undeniable that Yang Hao's skin definitely exceeds that of many women.

People have all kinds of envy and jealousy, both.

Gu Qingyi shook his head slightly, too careless. As soon as he was about to transmit his voice, Yang Hao was already missing.

The speed was so fast that even she almost didn't react.

When he reappeared, he was already behind the distant mountain.

Yang Hao was so embarrassed at the moment, who knew that the clothes were so irresistible that they were all gone.

In front of many people, Chiguo couldn't bear it even if he had a thick skin.

"Fuck, Tianlei, your grandma is a bear!"

Cursing Tianjie, quickly getting dressed, and when he appeared in front of everyone again, he had become very serious.

"You are so careless, young commander, your brilliant image!"

Gu Qingyi shook his head and said to him.

Fang Qingqing and Cai Jing have leaned in to help tidy up their collars and cuffs.

Regarding this, everyone on the scene focused on Yang Hao.

"Master, we just discussed that we can fly in the sky. Chen An was sitting in the car with four people, and we took the flight."

"He Yaona nine people, just let her boyfriend hold her, absolutely fast."

Fang Qingqing whispered to Yang Hao while finishing.

Anyway, some people have to say this kind of thing, and let others say it, she might as well do it herself.

On the one hand, it is Yang Hao's woman, on the other hand, it is recommended by everyone.

As for Cai Jing, she is also one of the lobbyists.

The others are also looking at him, hoping to win.

In response, Yang Hao said with a faint smile on his face:

"You have all studied, then let's go! I'm still thinking, do you want to go home first, your feelings can fly, so let's be together!"

He was naturally happy to be able to go home quickly, how could he not agree?

Excitement was revealed in the voice, and he agreed directly.

Yin Chun knew that they were about to set off, and immediately stepped forward and said:

"I've ordered people to prepare food. Would you like to eat something before you leave?"

She is looking forward to staying a while and taking a look.

But for the young marshals, since they can fly forward, wherever they go to eat is almost the same.

Yang Hao directly refused:

"Thank you for the hospitality, the leader, we are leaving now, there is no need to delay! Maybe we can reach Zhanzhou in one day!"

After speaking, he turned to take off.

"Xiaochun, don't worry, you are settled, I will come back to accompany you for a few days. Anyway, I will fly, and I will see you more often!"

Fang Qingqing stepped forward, gave her a big hug, and said goodbye to her girlfriend.

The Marshal Army set off, Fang Qingqing was the last one, Yin Chun slipped in tears and waved goodbye.

"See you again, I don't know how long!"

She didn't believe that we could meet again so easily.

The young marshals practiced all night, just when the dragons were fierce and the tigers were fierce, they flew forward quickly.

The earth passed by underfoot, over mountains and rivers, rushing forward.

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