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The next day, I said I was preparing for an interview for a young age.

Ye Susu did what he said, and he did it very grandly. Even Li Jun, who had always been calm, was surprised by her.

She seldom chose a light blue dress that was particularly ladylike and exquisite, and she also chose a light blue casual suit for Li Jun.

"Do you wear a tie? Bring it, to show respect for the teacher."

Ye Susu asked and answered himself, and made arrangements for himself.

Li Jun was a little bit ridiculous.

He also sent an email to the principal earlier, and even after confirming the school, he also contacted the principal

I interviewed once to confirm the school's teaching philosophy.

The number of places to enter the school has been fixed.

The reason why the child continues to participate in the interview is because he does not want the child to think that he is special and can do whatever he wants.

He didn't want his children to learn to take shortcuts.

But he didn't expect Ye Susu to be so nervous.

"The result is not important, the focus is on participation."

He had already told her several times before that there is no big problem with children entering school, as long as there are no major errors or omissions, the number of places will not be separated.

But Ye Susu chose him a dark blue tie that matches Ye Xuns clothes today. "The cub said yesterday that he wanted to go to this school, so we cant hold him back. Besides, will there be an interview next month? Many children? We also met other moms and dads in advance that day, so we should make a good impression on each other, and we will all be classmates in the future."

At this time, Li Jun realized that his little wife had great wisdom.

She was ready even to meet the parents of her classmates in advance.


His admiring eyes fell on her little face.

"But today I was just preparing at home, not going to school..."

Before he finished speaking, Ye Susu's little hand had reached out to the button of his shirt, and he would untie it to the end, and he picked the last button...

"Go and change."

Ye Susu bulged his cheeks.

"Today is a dress rehearsal, be serious."

"I also asked for an interview."

Li Jun raised his eyebrows.

But he got cold, and the next second he looked down at his chest, and the corners of his mouth twitched helplessly, "Then I'm just wearing a suit and a tie. What are you doing taking off my shirt?"

"Ah, it's so easy!"


Ye Susu, who was comfortable, was very serious this time.

Ye Xun soon changed into a little blue shirt and little white pants, and Ye Susu also cleaned the dull hair on his head.

Finally, the family of three went downstairs and walked to the spacious living room.

Li Jun and Ye Xuncai were surprised to find that the dining table downstairs had been modified.

The usual vase on it was taken away, and three standing cards were placed at this momentinterviewer 1, interviewer 2, and interviewer 3.

Both father and son were startled and looked at each other.

Interviewers 1-3 also appeared soon and took their seats directly.

"Four brother... Aunt Lemon... Brother Zhang..."

Ye Xun quickly called someone.

The three people sitting down hurriedly grinned at him.

But Ye Susu clenched his face and coughed, "Zizai, now they are our teacher interviewing us, not my brother and aunt."

Ye Xun let out a cry, and Grape Black Eyes were a little surprised.

Li Jun also touched his nose, "Su Su, none of them have coaching experience."

"It's okay, Second Uncle, I checked the exam questions on the Internet over the years."

"Well, President, I have Susufa my exam questions here."

"Yes, the second uncle of the Li family, I greeted the dean of education, took the teacher qualification certificate, and now I'm employed as a first-year Chinese teacher.

Li Jun's black eyes were drawn, looking at Ye Susu's delicate and serious face, and suddenly felt that there was a big "cute" printed on her head.

The little girl in my own family got serious, really charming and cute.

He pursed his lips, "Okay, let's start then."

He took Ye Susu and Ye Xun's hands, and was about to sit in the three chairs opposite.

But Ye Susu made a pause, "Wait, there are no off-site simulators."

Li Jun stunned, "Imitate other parents?"

Ye Susu smiled at him, "Dad, you are so smart."

Li Jun's temples jumped wildly.

"I guess there may be other people waiting during the interview. We also have to simulate it so that I don't get nervous with the cubs. We are not like you are the chief executives, so we don't panic at all on big occasions."

When Ye Xun heard this, a slight nervousness flashed across his obedient face.

He didn't panic at first, but he was a little panicked when Mommy said it.

"Mommy, is there anyone else listening to me answer questions?"

His face is a little red.

He has been in the live broadcast room, making questions for everyone to see, and while doing it, he will explain the process of doing the questions.

He is seldom shy anymore.

But when Mommy said that if there are other parents, then there will be her own classmates in the future... He listened and felt embarrassed.

"In this way, everyone knows my story."

Some are privacy.

Ye Xun was tangled in his heart.

His mummy is number one in the world, and he is reluctant to let everyone know the story of him with mummy and dad~

And some said it, blushing.

For example, he used to roll around on his father and mother, and immediately he was a primary school student, so he couldn't mess with that.

Ye Susu didnt know what the little guy was struggling with, but just nodded, "Mommy just said the worst possible. If there are other families listening, then we should protect ourselves as much as possible when we talk. For example, we cant live where our family lives. speak out"

Ye Xun nodded, remembering with a small face.

Li Jun wanted to say that the interview room must be separate, but he hadn't said it yet, he had already met the off-site personnel invited by Ye Susu.

All of them were characters he couldn't refuse.

Grandpa Li, sitting in rows from big to small.

Xu Yuan also opened a video and shouted into the phone, "Big brother, second brother... are you all here? Can you hear me?"

Song Yiran also sat upright beside her, holding a mug of wolfberry, looking over expectantly.

She also had a pen and paper in her hand, "Come on!"

Obviously, she is going to take notes on some answers and suggest improvements.

Li Jun's thin lips twitched.

Ye Susu returned a cheering fist towards Ms. Song.

"Then let's start."

Ye Xun's small face suddenly became serious, and his smile disappeared.

Ye Susu lowered his head, stopped again, and took out an odorless hand cream from his pocket.

"Come on, cub, stretch out your little hand."

She squeezed the little guy, and then rubbed both of his little hands.

"Well, Mommy has already put courage and confidence cream on you."


Ye Xun couldn't help laughing with two dimples.

Li Jun's black eyes were also dyed with a smile, and the next second he stretched out his broad palm.

"I am also a little nervous."

Ye Susu glanced at him, her little pink lips pursed, but she lowered her head and rubbed him a little. After kneading it evenly, he patted the dense warm palms of his palms.

"Well, I also put lucky frost on my father."

The corner of Li Jun's mouth curled up, and he smiled exactly like his son.

She shook her little hand back.

"Part of you."

Ye Xun heard that, the little hands rolled on Ye Susu's hands, "I also divide Mommy a little courage and confidence."

Ye Susu hugged him and kissed him, "Thank you baby."

Do not forget Li Jun, "Thank you Dad."

The family of three is full of understanding.

Before playing, the old people off the court had already bared their gums.

The three interviewers on the court were also surprised.

"It's really weird," Li Yinchen flashed peachy eyes, "Obviously I can sleep at home, why should I drive over and be stuffed with dog food?"

Xia Lemongrass chin rested on her hands, "I suspect that they will fail the interview. The single teacher angered the dog food tycoon for failing because of jealousy."

Zhang Leyue has picked up the phone and typed quickly, "There are materials everywhere, I love the boss."

The three unanimously expressed that the sweetness was excessive and they were very unfriendly to the interviewer.

Ye Susu finally arranged the shirt collars of the two fathers and sons, and then the family of three took a seat.

The intense interview rehearsal officially begins.

Ye Xun straightened his small back and sat in the middle, raising his head and chest.

"Hello three teachers."

He enters the scene very quickly.

The three interviewers hurriedly nodded at him and started asking questions.

The problem starts with self-introduction, combined with simple problems of mathematics, English, reading pictures and talking, and even halfway through Xia Mengming's exercises, letting Ye Xun follow the test.

Throughout the whole process, Ye Xun showed clear speech and coordination.

And he has a great memory.

When encountering questions about looking at pictures and talking, remembering, or finding the difference between two pictures, he did it quickly and well. Often Xia Mengming was still looking through the answers, and he had already answered them.

In the face of some parent-child questions, his answer is very bright.

for example--

"Do you think making mistakes scary? Did your parents make mistakes? How do they do it, and how do you do it?"

"Apologize," Ye Xun replied after thinking about it for a second, "Whoever made a mistake should apologize and try to correct it. Mommy taught me that once she accidentally lost my storybook..."

Hearing this, Ye Susu lowered her face slightly.

It's not missing.

She couldn't help it, tore it to pieces, then hid it and threw it away.

Her face is a little red.

"Oh, did mom apologize to you?"

"Well, Mommy told me I'm sorry, and then bought me a new copy. She also punished herself, not to eat vegetables and rice at night, only fish."

Li Jun couldn't help turning his head, and his black eyes swept Ye Susu deeply.

Picky eater again.

Ye Susu smiled at him embarrassedly.

Another example-

"How many playmates do you have in the community?"

Ye Xun thought about it for a long time this time, but he answered, "Many, grandparents...and the little brothers and sisters from the grandparents' house next door..."

"What are you guys playing?"

"Well, grandpa took me to fish for koi in the yard..."

Xu Yuan turned her head off the court.

"Li Zhiguo, are you letting the kids fish in the yard again? Didn't you say yes, are those koi just for appreciation?"

Li Zhiguo touched his forehead, "You can also enjoy it when you catch it."

Xu Yuan: "...!"

Xia Lemon felt that she had suffered 10,000 points of harm.

She sympathizes with those interviewing teachers.

Take a hit every day.

Teach these noble children that they are always fishing in the yard... or koi...


Xia Mengming thought, and went to the last exam question along the way.

"Finally, little guy, the teacher invites you to have an afternoon snack-cookies, okay?"

She immediately took out a small fruit plate from the corner of the table, with several cookies on it.

A hint of curiosity flashed through Ye Xun's black grape eyes.

Then, nodded.

"Thank you, teacher."

He directly stretched out his hand and divided the group of people on the table, but in the end he happened to not.

Xia Lemon stared.

Ye Susu was also curious, "Is this also a test question? What is this test for?"

The grandparents outside the field also came to their spirits, guessing the questions.

"Does it test the child's sharing spirit? Ye Xun did a good job!"

"This is to see if children can resist the temptation of snacks?" Song Yiran guessed, "Children cannot eat snacks during class. Respect the teacher, and should not eat them during the interview."

"This..." Li Zhiguo frowned, "The teacher who asked the question is very problematic and sets unnecessary traps for the children. It is human instinct to eat. It is not a correct answer for the elderly to give it to the children and the children refuse.

Xu Yuan was also reluctant to give up, "It just happens to be hungry, and I didn't let the child eat, and put it in front of the child. Isn't this a crime?"

Everyone guesses.

In the end, Li Yinchen cleared his throat, "I made this question."

In response to everyone's gaze, his peachy eyes flashed a smile, "This question is to test the child's dining etiquette."

Ye Susu: "???"

"Gentleman, since I was young, I don't eat crumbs. You have to keep the table clean when you eat biscuits and cookies."

Li Yinchen was particularly proud of his question.

But the next second, he was beaten by a group.

"You take a bite to show me?!"

"Why don't you let the children eat Napoleon?"

"You are young, do you test table manners for your children? Come here and let Grandpa San smoke you!"

"It seems that when I was young, I ate too many biscuits for you!"

At the end of the interview rehearsal, Li Yinchen died.


And a month later, the formal interview day for elementary school arrived.

The day was cloudless and the sun was great.

But before thirty minutes, Ye Susu walked out of the interview room in a daze, both legs fluttering.

"I have done so much preparation,...I didn't get it."

Ye Susu couldn't believe it.

Li Jun's thin lips curled slightly, "Ye Xun behaved very well, you are a good mother, and you educated him well."

Ye Susu's hand was held by Ye Xun and squeezed heavily.

"Well, Mommy taught me."

His small face is full of spirit, unprecedented confidence and radiance.

Ye Susu also heard the system sound in the comfort of the two father and son.

[The childs small task is completed!

[Congratulations, the child has entered the stage of never blackening.

[Host, please enjoy your 100th life.

Ye Susu pink lips slightly open.

Lowering her head, she saw the ground.

The shadows of the three people are all nestled together, stretched very long and very long, almost blending together.

The leaves swayed with the wind.

The author has something to say: the text is over! See you tomorrow~

I haven't decided what to write in the next book, and now my mind is full of cubs and Susu, (poisoned).

There may be a lot of extras, please don't dislike it, hahahaha!

Recommend a small seedling "Dress into a cute pet to save the black male match (fast wear by Tingju

Gu Xiaohua didn't expect that after she died, she would actually bind the animal cub votive system.

She can only reincarnate if she helps the little boys fulfill their wishes.

This means that Gu, a strong woman, and Xiaohua can survive by selling cuteness.

But she didn't!

First life-

Little milk cat hopes that Gu Xiaohua can help a actor whose heroine is blackened because he has fed his wandering self.

Gu Xiaohua: No problem!

The cat-control actor who was accidentally caught with scars on his face: fall in love? No, no, our cat will be jealous, my face is proof.

Second life

Xiaofei hopes that Gu Xiaohua can help a cold-faced president who ended up miserably, because he once helped himself to bandage his wounds.

Gu Xiaohua: No problem!

The president of Plush Control who was accidentally pecked: Huh? Do you like my face so much?

The nth generation-

Coyote hopes...

A certain school grass who will become the biggest villain in the future: As long as you let me touch my belly, I will promise you everything!

Gu Xiaohua: Can't you afford it? Even if I die, I won't be cute!

after that--

After completing the task, Gu Xiaohua finally reincarnated as a human cub.

A mysterious man appeared suddenly and blocked her in the corner: much cuter than when she was a small animal.

[The male lead is always one person, 1v1]

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