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The next day, Ji You rode the profound beast that was captured from the beard leader, and came to the duel without stopping.

Two people stood beside Golden Sword, and he walked up: "I look forward to the day when I fight you."

The two people who had been following him after he left came forward and looked at Ji You with a smile on their lips.

"Let the two of us be your opponents today"

Their eyes looked at Ji You in front of him like a poisonous snake, and Ji You walked out without looking back.

When the two saw Ji You's defiant appearance, they immediately stopped beating.

"Boy, how dare you dare to ignore us like this."

"We are also the apprentices of Golden Sword."

The two of them gnashed their teeth and shouted.

However, Ji You didn't care about this. To Ji You's surprise, according to the rules of the duel field, he really wanted to teach this golden sword apprentice.

Accompanied by a shout from the narrator.

The atmosphere of the audience was ignited.

Known as the king of the duel field, one of the two masters, the apprentice of the Golden Sword is going to fight Ji You, which is big news.

Several of them rushed to tell each other.

I was expecting that this duel was indeed the apprentice of the Golden Sword. The way he entered the arena was abandoning and strolling on the stage, instead choosing Feijian to enter.

It also caused a round of applause at the scene.

The two are very proud of themselves, just see what Ji You compares with the two of us.

Many people in the audience have to fight each other for their points. Although no newcomers have entered in the past thousand years, there are still many people in Hell Valley.

It is still unknown who can escape. Where there is time to watch people fight every day, there are only three games this season. Most of the people who have watched the game are dead, so this group of people are again. New audience.

Ji You appeared on the ring, and everyone locked their vigilant eyes on him. Where did this kid come from?

They couldn't help thinking in their hearts.

However, it is indeed a master who can defeat the Giant Orc Tu, not much to say, everyone is waiting for the game to start.

However, this season's quiet debut mode is really unsupportable. Just stepping up, without any master's style, it must not be much better.

Wherever there are people, there will be places to bet.

Almost no one is willing to put the points on Ji You. When Ji You heard about this, he seemed to be happy like a child. What is this, when he is about to doze off, others just put the pillows obediently. Submit it.

This is simply a great event, so he squeezed down eighty treasures. The black stone is not good in the duel, but the treasures of the wine treasure pill and the black grass, even if they lose to It's okay for you to come to exchange, of course you can't be killed by others.

"The duel has officially begun."

The narrator shouted.

The two apprentices of Golden Sword changed their names to Dajian and Xiaojian.

The two of them are certainly masters. After hearing the commentator's words, the two waved their hands at the same time. The sword that was originally inserted on the ground suddenly flew up and flew in the direction of Ji You.

This contained the power to destroy everything in the world, and the treasure fell heavily on Ji You, but the qi on his body immediately resisted it.

"Well, at the beginning of the game, the two swords of the big and small used the earth-level mysterious skills, it seems that they do not intend to leave any way for Ji You to survive!"

The narrator said excitedly

"The apprentice as the king of duels is really scary."

Ji You smiled at this level of attack and didn't know how Golden Sword trained the apprentice, he waved his hand.

The huge profound energy was thrown into Ji Yous Qi Gang and directly flew out, like a violent wind blowing away the two swords that had been poured into the huge profound energy. The two did not expect that Ji You could break open with one move. The tricks of the two.

Originally, the two of them thought that only their masters could do this.

"I don't know how to deal with the two swords?"

The two looked at each other as if, and they immediately made sword fingers with their hands, and put them together, and the profound energy became entangled between the two collisions and began to penetrate each other.

Pounced like a tsunami.

The two of them immediately avoided, but there was already a murderous sword aura in the air.

Ji You was not in a hurry, just swung Kunpeng's great sword.

Only saw the huge Kunpeng break away from the giant sword. Kunpeng is the overlord in the air, opening its fangs, and the sword aura came to its body and only swallowed it with a big mouth.

Still very dissatisfied, he looked at the two of them, as if they were very disdainful, the two swords of the small and small seemed to be flying forward and came to them.

After the huge sword fell heavily.

Then came a loud boom.

The Kunpeng Great Sword had already eaten a sword aura, but its expression still seemed very uncomfortable.

I hope that Erjian and Xiaojian will obediently hand over the remaining sword qi.

"This sword energy was actually swallowed by the other party, and the other party seems to be dissatisfied. This may be the biggest humiliation of a swordsman. I don't know how the two of them should deal with themselves next?"

Ji You looked at the Kunpeng in front of him, with a hint of disdain from the corners of his mouth, let's see how you deal with it.

The size two swords seemed to be mad and constantly output their sword auras, but it was a pity that things were counterproductive, and those sword auras were absorbed cleanly by Kunpeng without hesitation.

Ji You looked at the two people in front of him, and said lightly: "Surrender, you are his first son, I can let you two go."

But when these words came out, both of them felt that they had been greatly insulted, wouldn't you swallow sword qi?

Then you can't swallow the real sword.

They rushed to Ji You with this thought, raised their hands, and slapped Ji You heavily. Ji You also raised his hands at the same time, and took the two treasures. The device resisted in front of him.

"If there is only this kind of strength, you can retreat."

Humiliation is another huge humiliation.

The two moved their hands again, Ji You's eyes showed a trace of killing intent, and a heavy sword swung down. The two knew that they would not be able to avoid it anyway.

A ray of light fell on the ground.

I isolated a few people in front of him.

A treasure made of gold and profound iron was inserted into the ground, but Ji You went directly to them without any loss.

The Golden Sword had to summon his treasure back, and at a later date, I was afraid that both of his disciples would go to see the King of Hades.

Ji You didn't panic, just drew his sword back, collided with his sword, and then pulled back. He stood in front of Ji You, and the two eyes met each other.

Ji You said lightly: "How about today's battle?"

The narrator smiled and said with a smile: "Naturally, the two of them lost."

Ji You fixed his gaze on the other person: "What do you think?"

Golden Sword said faintly: "You have won."

After Ji You left, the two wanted to support their master, but they never expected that their master's hands were shaking constantly at this moment, as if they were about to break in the next moment.

"This person is really scary, don't mess with him again."

Ji You returned to his village. Suddenly someone ran over and said that the fairy grass could not feed him. Ji You stepped forward to check and burst into laughter. It turned out that this is a rare fertile place in Hell Valley. , Ji You said that he had not yet crossed the knowledge of farmers before.

Everyone buried the dead beast's corpse on the ground in twos and threes. As expected, the land became fertile again, and smiles of joy appeared in the corners of everyone's eyebrows.

Ji You smiled faintly, these are people who are unwilling to do evil with the Wanxian League, and they are worth cherishing.

They returned home and were about to go to bed. Suddenly, a group of people appeared in the village gate.

"I don't know where your leader is, we Liang Xuanzuo would like to please."

Ji You asked faintly: "Who are you waiting for?"

"We are also people who love the land, and we also love the cultivation of profound practitioners, so our leader is looking forward to being able to join the alliance with his seat."

Ji You said, Gu Ge said that he would protect Ji You from being deceived by these bad-minded people. Ji You laughed. He just taught his granddaughter to say a witty word or two. He didn't expect that he would be so fast. Learned the past.

The horse was headed towards him.

Ji You galloped in the middle of the avenue, and the people beside him hurriedly caught up. Finally, he caught up and brought Ji You to everyone.

A huge hole in the ground appeared in front of Ji You's eyes, and when he went in, she was surrounded by girls.

Ji You was a little surprised: "Why is this?"

The two people next to me replied with embarrassment: "We are all women who automatically become pregnant, so all of us are women, and it is precisely ours that makes others fall in love with them."

Ji You suddenly understood that in a thousand years, it is impossible to break through the profound strength here, so the test of birth, old age, sickness and death appeared in front of these people.

They do not have offspring. In Hell Valley, offspring also represents the fate of being killed or murdered madly. Even if they are people, they still can't bear to see this scene after all, but this does not mean that desire will disappear.

Therefore, these women have become venting objects in their eyes. Every once in a while, girls are always taken. Tomorrow will be the day when the Slayer Alliance will come to collect rent. It is said that it is rent collection, but it is clearly stealing people.

The leader of Liang Da came to Ji You in a brazen manner, and said openly: "This gentleman, please sit down, and see Liang Jing at the bottom."

Although she is called Jing, she is not a personality that can calm down according to her temperament. Ji Youbao took his name and took the seat.

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