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Chapter 5: Doctor Mo

After a brief moment, Han Li felt a tightening sensation on his waist as his body grew light. His body was suddenly lifted upwards.

Turning his head, Han Li saw the lanky senior helping him ascend the cliff. With one hand around Han Lis waist, the senior disciple climbed up the cliff with nimble legs. Han Li could not help but noticed that the sun had already reached the centre of the skies. It was noon.

"So I failed the test after all." Han Li felt depression set in in his heart. It seemed unfair. Even though he had desperately pushed forward, almost to the point of disregarding his life, why couldnt he compared the other children?

In an instant, the Bone Refining Cliff appeared before him. There were six other children resting on top of the cliff. Out of the six, only Wu Yan had the strength to have a conversation with a middle-aged old man wearing a dark blue garb. Division Head Yue as well as Protector Wang were also standing near him. They were waiting for the senior disciples to escort the rest of the children up the Bone Refining Cliff.

After all the children had been escorted up the cliff, Division Head Yue stepped forward with a solemn expression on his face as he began to address the kids:

"This time round, only seven of you passed. Out of this group, six will enter my Bai Duan Division and formally become our sects Inner Disciples." Division Head Yue spoke slowly at the crowd of children.

"As for Wu Yan, the first disciple to reach the top of the Bone Refining Cliff, he performed outstandingly and, as such, will be directly sent to the Seven Supreme Division to learn the sects secret skills and martial arts." After speaking, Division Head Yue glanced at the old man wearing the dark blue garb. The old man twirled his beard around one hand while nodding in satisfaction at Division Head Yue..

"As for the others ," Division Head Yue contemplated the outcome of the remaining children for a moment before rubbing his chin and saying softly:

"Zhang Tie and Han Li, although these two did not pass the test, they still performed admirably. Their determination will allow them to cope with the pain of practicing martial arts. The two of you will be Unofficial Disciples assigned to an instructor of our sect for the next half year. After half a year, you would be tested again. If you pass, youll be able to become Inner Disciples, but if you fail, you would be sent to join the Outer Disciples, helping the sect handle its external affairs."

Han Li stole a glance at the person named Zhang Tie. Like Han Li, Zhang Tie had begun climbing the rope but failed due to reach the summit of the Bone Refining Cliff before midday.

"Protector Wang, give the rest of the children some silver coins and send them back to their homes." said Division Head Yue as he gave a cold stare at the children who failed the exam.


Protector Wang complied with the order and he led the remainder of the children back down the cliff.

"Zhang Jun, Wu Ming Rui, the two of you will assist me in sending the rest of these children to the Vice Division Head and Instructor Li."

Two senior disciples stepped forward and separated Han Li and the rest into two groups before leading them down the cliff. One of the senior disciples was the lanky senior that had always been behind Han Li. As they were descending the cliff, Han Li could not help but steal a glance at Wu Yan and discovered that he was still chatting with the old man in a dark blue robe, seemingly without any intent of moving from the spot.

"Hes different from the rest of you. In the future, he will most likely be a core disciple. Only core disciples are sent to the Seven Supreme Division to train in the sects secret arts. Once he completes his training, at the very least, he will have the rank of a Protector." The voice belonged to the long and thin face, who could tell what Han Li was thinking. From his tone, Han Li could hear undisguised hints of envy mixing with jealousy.

"Hmmph, isnt Wu Yan just pulling strings and depending on his familys connections? If it wasnt for his older cousin being married to Sect Leader Ma, how could he be selected as a core disciple with such meager skill? He already surpassed the age limit but he was still sent to the Seven Supreme Division," the senior said in a freezing tone that was comparable to a cold wind on a winter day.

"Zhang Jun, have you gone mad? How dare you gossip about the Sect Leaders decisions? If this news was spread, both of us could suffer from cruel punishments and end up in dire straits!" The other senior with the long and thin face, after hearing Zhang Juns words, felt a shock in his heart and rapidly checking his surroundings to make sure no one heard Zhang Jun. Only after discovering that there were no other disciples did he heave a sigh of relief.

The senior with the cold countenance snorted, as if he were harbouring hatred in his heart, but after Wu Ming Ruis warning, he stopped talking. Only then did Han Li understand that the senior with the cold countenance was Zhang Jun. Listening to their conversation, Han Li could roughly understand what they were talking about. The fact that Wu Yan entered the Seven Supreme Division because of the backing of the Sect Leader rather than on his own skills!

As they walked along the mountain path, these two seniors both thought of the sects internal affairs, which filled them with sadness. Lacking the mood to converse, they silently led the children forward. The rest of the children also dared not speak out of turn; perhaps they were thinking of the differences between the Seven Mysteries Sect and their home towns.

Just as they were passing through a forested region, a sixty year old man emerged from the woods. He was tall and thin with a yellow tinge to his skin and a head full of white hair. As he approached them, he coughed with every step, causing many of them to worry that he was suffering a great deal and could collapse at any moment.

The senior disciples, upon seeing this old man, did not show a trace of worry on their faces. Instead, they respectfully greeted the old man with a bow.

"Doctor Mo, this disciple greets you. Is there anything that you need this disciple to handle?" Zhang Jun, unlike his previously cold demeanour, now had an expression full of respect. To Zhang Jun, this old man in front of him, was worthy of more respect than Division Head and even the Sect Leader.

"Oh, is this the latest batch of disciples?" The old man continued coughing and asked with a hoarse voice.

"Yes, among the eight of them, six are official Inner Disciples and two are Unofficial Disciples," responded Zhang Jun.

"Coincidentally, Im currently in need of some manpower, specifically an alchemy apprentice and an herb gatherer. Let these two follow me instead." Doctor Mo randomly raise his finger and pointed, just as luck would have it, towards Han Li and Zhang Tie, the two Unofficial Disciples.

"This disciple will obey your words. These two Unofficial Disciples actually caught eyes of the esteemed Doctor Mo, their karma must be exceptionalThe two of you, why are you still standing there? Hurry and come to pay your respects to Doctor Mo. If you are able to learn a thing or two about the arts of healing from this esteem elder, you will be extremely fortunate." The two seniors had no traces of hesitation or objection on their face. The senior with the long and thin face, Wu Ming Rui, flattered Doctor Mo in order to curry favor with him..

Han Li and Zhang Tie, upon seeing the two senior disciples sudden change of heart, had no objections. They could only accept in silence and follow the old man into the forest.

Doctor Mo led the two of them, and down a small path that meandered through the forest. The path turned east and west before suddenly stopping in front of an entrance leading to a luscious green valley.

On the left side of the valley was a courtyard used for farming medicinal herbs that emitted a fragrant smell into the air. After they entered the courtyard, Han Li spotted many herbs that were unknown to him. On the right side of the valley were lines of houses in various sizes. Looking in all four directions, Han Li saw no exit besides the gateway from which they entered.

"This valley is called the God Hand Valley. Other disciples will not dare enter this valley unless they are suffering from injuries." The old man stood in the middle of the line of houses and pointed to a smaller house. "For now, this will be your home. Rest and replenish your energy. When night falls, look for me in my house so I can inform you about several things."

" The two of you can call me Old Mo." The old man huffed and considered for a moment before saying:

"Doctor Mo is also acceptable."

After speaking, Doctor Mo ignored the two of them and slowly walked towards an impressive looking house, coughing with each step.

Completely exhausted, Han Li did not bother to check with Zhang Tie before entering the house and selecting a bed to fall asleep on. He was satisfied, because at this moment, he was halfway to becoming an Inner Disciple of the Seven Mysteries Sect.

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Suppression Formation Chapter 1042: Appearance Of The Devil Chapter 1043: The Black Wind Flag Chapter 1044: Protection Chapter 1045: Ambush Chapter 1046: Devil Slaying Chapter 1047: Sword Recovery Chapter 1048: Falling Out Chapter 1049: Devouring Nascent Souls Chapter 1050: Reappearance Of The Blood Blade Chapter 1051: Broken Seal Chapter 1052: Raising Conditions Chapter 1053: Nascent Soul Convergence Chapter 1054: The Holy Beasts Marking Chapter 1055: Soulburn Mine Chapter 1056: Spatial Destruction Chapter 1057: The Ninth Floor Chapter 1058: Devil Restriction Chapter 1059: The Scarlet Cry Drum Chapter 1060: Perfect Devil Qi Chapter 1061: Three Treasures United Chapter 1062: Devil Giant Chapter 1063: Devils Might Chapter 1064: Ancestor Ao Xiao Chapter 1065: The Battle Continued Chapter 1066: Jialun War Devil Chapter 1067: Vortex Chapter 1068: Black Hole Chapter 1069: Escape Chapter 1070: Reverse Spirit Stream Chapter 1071: Greater Spirit Sealing Formation Chapter 1072: Seal Chapter 1073: Soul Devouring Chapter 1074: Escape Chapter 1075: Icy Region Chapter 1076: Pill Refinement Chapter 1077: The Treasures Gained Chapter 1078: Taking The Devils Chapter 1079: North Night Island Chapter 1080: City Of Ice Chapter 1081: The Black Dragon Border Chapter 1082: Ice Spirit Fruit Chapter 1083: Goldwind Racoon Chapter 1084: Master Arctic Dragon Chapter 1085: The Three Great Ice Flames Chapter 1086: Ice Sea Demon Beasts Chapter 1087: Ice Rage Beasts Chapter 1088: Two Demons Chapter 1089: Ice Sea Demons Chapter 1090: Cultivators Of Ice Flames Chapter 1091: Spirit Void Hall Chapter 1092: Frigid Soulfreeze Formation Chapter 1093: The Profound Jade Cave Chapter 1094: Yin Spirit Ice And Great Yang Essence Stone Chapter 1095: Demon Flocking Chapter 1096: The Three Grand Demon Cultivators Chapter 1097: The Sea Calming Bell Chapter 1098: Cleansing Essence With Glacial Flames Chapter 1099: Suspicions Chapter 1100: Demon Soul Chapter 1101: The Powerful Demon Beasts Chapter 1102: Breakthrough To Deity Transformation Stage Chapter 1103: Turning On One Another Chapter 1104: Commencement Of The Battle Chapter 1105: Intense Battle In The Cave Chapter 1106: Twin Tailed Human Face Scorpion Chapter 1107: Facing Multiple Enemies Chapter 1108: Using The Puppet To Vanquish The Enemy Chapter 1109: Capturing The Nascent Soul Chapter 1110: Obtaining The Flame Chapter 1111: Reappearance Of The Sword Formation Chapter 1112: Seizing The Treasure Chapter 1113: Dark Water And Profound Jade Chapter 1114: Encountering The Demon Beasts Again Chapter 1115: Demon Beast Invasion Chapter 1116: The Three Eyed Demon Beast Chapter 1117: Astonishing Demonic Qi Chapter 1118: The Myriad Demon Flag And Old Devil Che Chapter 1119: Displays Of Power Chapter 1120: Evenly Matched Chapter 1121: Might Of The Ice Phoenix Chapter 1122: Spatial Powers Chapter 1123: The Infernal Ghost Mother Chapter 1124: Battle For The Teleportation Formation Chapter 1125: Revisiting A Familiar Place Chapter 1126: 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Chapter 1182: Returning To The Devilfall Valley Chapter 1183: Blood Moon Spirit Seeking Technique Chapter 1184: Rescue Chapter 1185: Returning To The Seven Spirit Islands Chapter 1186: Entering The Abyss Chapter 1187: Devilfication Chapter 1188: Capturing The Nascent Soul Chapter 1189: Within The Cave Abode Chapter 1190: Assimilation Chapter 1191: Tribulation Transcendence Chapter 1192: Consecutive Heavenly Lightning Chapter 1193: The Strange Golden Horn Chapter 1194: Obtaining The Liquid Chapter 1195: The Realm Transcending Bead And The Nine Gale Transformations Chapter 1196: Vajra Arts And Imperial Elixir Chapter 1196.5: Grand Marriage Chapter 1197: Spirit Gathering Bead Chapter 1198: Sinister Ploy Chapter 1199: Wood Birth Bead Chapter 1200: The Two Women Chapter 1201: Seclusion Chapter 1202: News From The Star Palace Chapter 1203: Trouble In The Scattered Star Seas Chapter 1204: Battle At The Star Palace 1 Chapter 1205: Battle At The Star Palace 2 Chapter 1206: Battle At The Star Palace 2 Chapter 1207: Battle At The Star Palace 3 Chapter 1208: Battle At The Star Palace 4 Chapter 1209: Battle At The Star Palace 5 Chapter 1210: Battle At The Star Palace 6 Chapter 1211: Battle At The Star Palace 7 Chapter 1212: Battle At The Star Palace 8 Chapter 1213: Battle At The Star Palace 9 Chapter 1214: Battle At The Star Palace10 Chapter 1215: Battle At The Star Palace 11 Chapter 1216: Star Palace Battle 12 Chapter 1217: Star Palace Battle 13 Chapter 1218: Battle At The Star Palace 14 Chapter 1219: Five Elements As One Chapter 1220: Breaking The Formation Chapter 1221: The Divine Essencefused Mountain Chapter 1222: Five Elemental Power Chapter 1223: Crimson Soul Flag Chapter 1224: Attempting A Breakthrough To The Deity Transformation Stage Chapter 1225: Another Long Journey Chapter 1226: The Hidden Fortune Palace Chapter 1227: An Unexpected Guest Chapter 1228: The Powerful Buddhist Cultivator Chapter 1229: Clash Chapter 1230: Angry Eye Vajra Chapter 1231: Untitled Chapter 1232: Halfway Interception Chapter 1233: Slaying A Great Cultivator Chapter 1234: Plotting Against The Yin Sifting Sect Chapter 1235: Thunder Bombs And The Immortal Vanquishing Beads Chapter 1236: Accident Chapter 1237: Encountering Xiang Zhili Again Chapter 1238: Collaboration Chapter 1239: Devil Cliff Mountain Chapter 1240: Guests Of The Devil Palace Chapter 1241: Concubine Chapter 1242: A Helping Hand Chapter 1243: Han Li's Exchange Chapter 1244: One Attack Chapter 1245: Jade Peaks Chapter 1246: The Eight Spirit Ruler And The Weeping Soul Beast Chapter 1247: Fiery Hell Chapter 1248: Formation Spell Sacrificial Altar Giant Cauldron Chapter 1249: Emergence Of The Flame Essence Chapter 1250: Capturing The Flame Essence Chapter 1251: Revival Of The Immortal Palm Chapter 1252: Profound Heavenly Tree Chapter 1253: Island Ambush Chapter 1254: Dragon Scale Fruit Chapter 1255: Suppressing Two Demons Chapter 1256: Tempered Bone Arts Chapter 1257: Entering Deity Transformation Chapter 1258: The Five Dragon Seas Chapter 1259: Ocean Mist Chapter 1260: Spatial Node Chapter 1261: Joining Forces Chapter 1262: Plundering The Entire World Chapter 1263: Returning To The Island Chapter 1264: Six Divine Talisman Chapter 1265: Entering The Spatial Node Chapter 1266: An Unfamiliar Place Chapter 1267: Blood Curse Contract And Spirit Tools Chapter 1268: Heavenly East Enterprise Chapter 1269: Nan Qizi And Old Man Fu Chapter 1270: Sandbug Beasts Chapter 1271: Attack Of The Insects Chapter 1272: Demon Serpent Chapter 1273: An Yuan City Chapter 1274: Temporary Departure Chapter 1275: Earth Wyrm Tendon Chapter 1276: Beast Wave Chapter 1277: Danger Of Tribulation Chapter 1278: The Gold Jade School Chapter 1279: Azure Wolf Crimson Python Leocon Beast Chapter 1280: Savage Beast Torrent 1 Chapter 1281: Wild Beast Torrent 2 Chapter 1282: Wild Beast Torrent 3 Chapter 1283: Wild Beast Torrent 4 Chapter 1284: Wild Beast Torrent 5 Chapter 1285: Wild Beast Torrent 6 Chapter 1286: The Little Girl Chapter 1287: The Hunt Chapter 1288: The Black Phoenix Race Chapter 1289: Nine Profound Brightjade Pond Chapter 1290: Slaying The Three Beasts Chapter 1291: Legacy Pearl Chapter 1292: Yu Yang City Chapter 1293: Winged Scorpions Chapter 1294: Taking Back Treasure Chapter 1295: Heavenly Origin Martial Equipment Chapter 1296: Spirit Lord Huang Liang Chapter 1297: The Silver Wick Stone And The Skyheart Pill Chapter 1298: Appearance Of The Spirit Clan Chapter 1299: Moths Chapter 1300: Ice Arrows Silver Hand Chapter 1301: Spirit Tribe Reinforcements Chapter 1302: Encountering The Little Beast Again Chapter 1303: Shi Yan Chapter 1304: Gathering Of All Three Races Chapter 1305: Display Of Abilities Chapter 1306: High Zenith Invisibility Talisman Chapter 1307: The Scorching Light Pond Chapter 1308: Primordial Giants Chapter 1309: Battling The Giant Chapter 1310: Battle For The Divine Blood Chapter 1311: Initial Battle With Spatial Tempering Chapter 1312: The Power Of Spirit Devouring Chapter 1313: Heavenly Tribulation Chapter 1314: Two Colored Lightning Tribulation Chapter 1315: The Golden Court Boat Chapter 1316: Dark Azure Guard Chapter 1317: Ascended Cultivators And Deep Heaven City Chapter 1318: Zhao Wugui Chapter 1319: Jade Fault Pavilion Chapter 1320: Fight For The Spirit Land Chapter 1321: Unexpected Trouble Chapter 1322: Leopard Kirin Beast Chapter 1323: Thousand Soul Bell Chapter 1324: The Might Of A Body Refinement Warrior Chapter 1325: Obtaining The Spirit Land Chapter 1326: Cave Abode Chapter 1327: Profound Heavenly Fruit Chapter 1328: Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll Chapter 1329: Minion Chapter 1330: Floating Dawn Swamp Chapter 1331: Giant Beast And An Eccentric Chapter 1332: Savage Beastman Chapter 1333: Deep Heaven Market Chapter 1334: Clear Jade Pills Chapter 1335: Lightning Turned Wood Chapter 1336: Mysterious Lightning Marks Chapter 1337: Hateful Visitor Chapter 1338: Soul Freezing Into The Body Chapter 1339: Surprise At The Auction Chapter 1340: Auction Chapter 1341: True Spirit Scale Chapter 1342: Securing The Scales Chapter 1343: The True Spirit Family Chapter 1344: Master Thousand Treasure And The Myriad Dragon Bead Chapter 1345: Emergence Of The Lightning Robe Chapter 1346: Probe Chapter 1347: Strange Space Chapter 1348: Jadebone Humanoid Devil Chapter 1349: Spatial Storm Chapter 1350: Bone Hand Chapter 1351: Hundred Meridian Refinement Mantra Chapter 1352: Green Shadow Chapter 1353: Foreign Tribe Suspicions Chapter 1354: Deep Heaven Hall Chapter 1355: Gathering Chapter 1356: Ascended Cultivators Chapter 1357: Spirit Insects Completion Chapter 1358: Mission Chapter 1359: Undercurrents Chapter 1360: Purple Shadow Chapter 1361: Lute Of Wisdom Chapter 1362: Lightning Turtle Chapter 1363: Emergence Of The Two Sovereigns Chapter 1364: Zoysia Dragon Fruit Chapter 1365: Instigation Chapter 1366: Stealing The Fruits Chapter 1367: Splitting The Fruits Chapter 1368: Small Town Chapter 1369: Reappearance Of The Devilish Shadow Chapter 1370: The Shen Beast Chapter 1371: Fierce Desert Battle Chapter 1372: Beetles' Might Chapter 1373: Grouping Up Chapter 1374: Dream Sifting Spirit Trees Chapter 1375: Black Leaves Forest Chapter 1376: The Wood Tribe Chapter 1377: Appearance Of Six Arms Chapter 1378: Escaping Pursuit Chapter 1379: Wood Phoenix Chapter 1380: Mission Complete Chapter 1381: True Spirit Body Chapter 1382: Blood Crystal Mohe Sword Chapter 1383: Crimson Ghost Chapter 1384: Crushing The Black Phoenix Chapter 1385: Transformation Of The Weeping Soul Beast Chapter 1386: The Sword Formation And The Blood Sword Chapter 1387: Heavenly Phoenix Feather Chapter 1388: Dark Hand Chapter 1389: Battle Against The Wood Spirit Chapter 1390: Spirit And Tree As One Chapter 1391: Escaping Chapter 1392: Third Refinement Of The Thunderstorm Wings Chapter 1393: Assembling Together Chapter 1394: Scheming For True Toads Chapter 1395: Sandalwood Crane Incense And Black Blood Ants Chapter 1396: Profound Whirlpool Beast Chapter 1397: An Alarming Change Chapter 1398: Power To Cleave The Mountain Chapter 1399: The Yaksha King Chapter 1400: Demented Minions Chapter 1401: Setting Up An Ambush Chapter 1402: Light Formation Chapter 1403: The Pig Demon And The Calf Chapter 1404: Seaside Chapter 1405: Black Mist Sea Chapter 1406: Arduous Cultivation Chapter 1407: The Tian Peng Race And Worship Chapter 1408: Golden Marrow Crystal Insects And Golden Coral Sand Chapter 1409: Stone Block Chapter 1410: Mutation Chapter 1411: Gold Marrow Body Refinement Chapter 1412: Tian Peng Beings Chapter 1413: The Chi Rong Race Chapter 1414: Exposure Chapter 1415: Forcing Back The Chi Rong Chapter 1416: Tian Peng Holy City Chapter 1417: Spiritseal Tower Chapter 1418: The Tian Peng Holy Disciple And Kun Peng True Blood Chapter 1419: The Grand Elder Chapter 1420: The Trade Hall Chapter 1421: Azure Shifting Fruit Chapter 1422: Three Choices Chapter 1423: The Kung Peng Relic And The Tian Peng Vow Chapter 1424: Fusing The True Blood Chapter 1425: 12 Awakening Transformations Chapter 1426: Xumi Paradise Chapter 1427: Lightning Beast Chapter 1428: Five Colored Heavenly Lightning Chapter 1429: Taming The Beast Chapter 1430: Lightning Drawing Bead Chapter 1431: Fear Of Consequences Chapter 1432: Tian Peng Holy Disciple Chapter 1433: Branches Of The Flying Spirit Tribe Chapter 1434: Jade Emperor Peak Chapter 1435: Zhu Yinzi Chapter 1436: The Sparring Arena Chapter 1437: Test Chapter 1438: Earth Abyss Guard Chapter 1439: The Four Fiend Armor Technique Chapter 1440: Untitled Chapter 1441: First Level Of The Earth Abyss Chapter 1442: Yin Spider Wasps Chapter 1443: Untitled Chapter 1444: Demonic Ape Chapter 1445: Mysterious Mountain Ranges Chapter 1446: Green Shadow Chapter 1447: Crisis Chapter 1448: Deeper Levels Of The Earth Abyss Chapter 1449: Blitzkrieg Tactics Chapter 1450: Baleful Glacial Lands And The Myriad Vine Path Chapter 1451: Small Beast And Ice Fiend Chapter 1452: Demon King Ice Fiend Chapter 1453: Advancement Chapter 1454: Green Wood Demon Chapter 1455: Blood Puppet Chapter 1456: Mu Qing And The Blood Wyrm Chapter 1457: Heavenly Blood Lightning Golden Crow Spirit Fire Chapter 1458: Infernal Flame Fruits And The Rotten Leaf Forest Chapter 1459: Blood River Infernal Spike Chapter 1460: Heavenly Blood Lightning Chapter 1461: Escape Chapter 1462: Plot Chapter 1463: The Mystery Of The Divine Lightning Chapter 1464: Encountering Yuan Yao Again Chapter 1465: The Four Demon Monarchs Chapter 1466: Evil Dragon Race Chapter 1467: Wood Essence Cave Chapter 1468: Capturing Lightning Chapter 1469: Bloodflame Mountain Chapter 1470: Spirit Servants Chapter 1471: Purpleblood Puppet Chapter 1472: Two Talismans Chapter 1473: Lightningwield Technique Chapter 1474: The Infernal River Region Chapter 1475: Black Tree Chapter 1476: Unfathomable Thoughts Chapter 1477: Paying A Visit Chapter 1478: Blood Feed Chapter 1479: Voidfright Devil Chapter 1480: The Infernal River Restriction Chapter 1481: Joining Forces To Break The Restriction Chapter 1482: Infernal Spirit Crystal Chapter 1483: Fierce Battle Chapter 1484: A Chance For Escape Chapter 1485: White Shadow Chapter 1486: Female Ghost Chapter 1487: The Mayfly Race Chapter 1488: Reunion Chapter 1489: Insect Projection Chapter 1490: The Mayfly Race And The Insect Seas Chapter 1491: Yin Water Essence And The Five Dragon Chopper Chapter 1492: Control Chapter 1493: All Encompassing Flag And Infernal Lightning Beast Chapter 1494: Bait Chapter 1495: Five Dragon Chopper Chapter 1496: Escape Plan Chapter 1497: Battling The Infernal Lightning Beast Chapter 1498: Nine Palaces Heavenly Talismans Chapter 1499: Armor Origin Talismans Chapter 1500: Divine Infernal River Elixir Chapter 1501: Opportunity Chapter 1502: The Last One To Strike Chapter 1503: Time To Strike Chapter 1504: Chaotic Battle Chapter 1505: Unforeseen Circumstances Chapter 1506: Escape Chapter 1507: Reincarnation Yin Gathering Formation Chapter 1508: Eradicating The Tracking Marks Chapter 1509: Tempered Crystal Brick Chapter 1510: Han Li's Power Chapter 1511: Meridian Stone Chapter 1512: Beginning Of More Troubles Chapter 1513: Wood Domain Chapter 1514: Reappearance Of The Ghostly Mist Chapter 1515: The Mystery Of The Rahu Chapter 1516: Jade Platform Chapter 1517: Qing Yuanzi Chapter 1518: Heavenly Yin Physique Chapter 1519: Clash In Opinions Chapter 1520: The New Azure Essence Sword Art Chapter 1521: Bamboo Leaves Chapter 1522: Departure Chapter 1523: Within The Mist Chapter 1524: Spring Dawn Azure Coil Chapter 1525: Returning To The Cave Abode Chapter 1526: Refining The Divine Mountain Again Chapter 1527: Planting Swords Chapter 1528: Progressing To The Spatial Tempering Stage Chapter 1529: Refinement Chapter 1530: Blood Apricot And Slave Marks Chapter 1531: Rising Dragon Pill Chapter 1532: The Jiao Chi Race And The Sea Monarch Race Chapter 1533: Infernal Nethercorpse Chapter 1534: Intent To Retreat Chapter 1535: New Flying Swords Chapter 1536: Blood Cloud Chapter 1537: Battle For The Profound Heavenly Fruit Chapter 1538: Emergence Of The Spirit Sword Chapter 1539: Escaping From The Ordeal Chapter 1540: Humanoid Snake Beings Chapter 1541: Fire Yang Race Chapter 1542: High Priestess Chapter 1543: Scorching Sun Divine Pill Chapter 1544: Zhu'er And The Black Rakshasa Race Chapter 1545: Enclosing The Profound Sword Within The Arm Chapter 1546: Refining The Pill With Flames Chapter 1547: Black Armor Beasts Chapter 1548: Emergence Of The Enemies Chapter 1549: Revolving Evil Spirit Light Chapter 1550: Slain Chapter 1551: Black Veil Chapter 1552: Spatial Cloud Crystal Chapter 1553: Blue Lake Island Chapter 1554: Monstrous Moth Chapter 1555: Intense Battle Chapter 1556: Enormous Power Chapter 1557: Lethal Poison Chapter 1558: Ancient Deep Sea Lamp Chapter 1559: Glacial Essence Race Chapter 1560: The Two Beasts Chapter 1561: Repairing The Formation Chapter 1562: Trapped Chapter 1563: Battle Ark Chapter 1564: Pursuit Chapter 1565: The Boxes Chapter 1566: Might Of The Illusionary Technique Chapter 1567: Powerful Foe Chapter 1568: Profound Heavenshifting Disk Chapter 1569: Blood Melting Technique Chapter 1570: Chased Down Chapter 1571: Battling A Body Integration Cultivator Chapter 1572: Fire Beats Wood Chapter 1573: Chaotic Heavenly Pouch And The Gourd Chapter 1574: Origin Qi Sword Chapter 1575: Retreat Chapter 1576: Encounter Chapter 1577: Embroiling Bystanders Chapter 1578: Emergence Of More Enemies Chapter 1579: Kun Peng Transformation Chapter 1580: Consecutive Kills Chapter 1581: Sense Enhancement Bead Chapter 1582: Invitation Chapter 1583: Cloud City Chapter 1584: The Heavenly Cloud Races Chapter 1585: Encountering An Acquaintance Chapter 1586: Crystal Race Chapter 1587: Heavenly Devilish Armor Chapter 1588: Golden Devil Mountain Ranges Chapter 1589: Sentient Puppet Chapter 1590: New Puppet Chapter 1591: Doll Chapter 1592: Vast Glacial Badge Chapter 1593: Qian Jizi Chapter 1594: Vast Glacial Realm Chapter 1595: Invitation Chapter 1596: 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Chapter 1782: Returning The Cauldron Chapter 1783: Young Master Hai And Spirit Artifact Disciple Chapter 1784: Nine Immortal Mountain Chapter 1785: Bai Guo'er Chapter 1786: Three On Three Chapter 1787: Frost Poison Chapter 1788: Heavenly Yuan Holy Sovereign Chapter 1789: Wine Sovereign? 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And Devils 3 Chapter 1890: Battle Between Humans And Devils 4 Chapter 1891: Battle Between Humans And Devils 5 Chapter 1892: Battle Between Humans And Devils 6 Chapter 1893: Battle Between Humans And Devils 7 Chapter 1894: First Encounter With A Devilish Lord Chapter 1895: Battling The Three Devils 1 Chapter 1896: Battling The Three Devils 2 Chapter 1897: Battling The Three Devils 3 Chapter 1898: Hierarchical True Devils And The Asura Ghost Monarch Chapter 1899: Displays Of Devilish Power Chapter 1900: Devilish Formation Chapter 1901: The Primary Devil Chapter 1902: Slaying The Devils Chapter 1903: Thunderous Rage Chapter 1904: All Encompassing Devilish Cavaliers Chapter 1905: Stalemate Chapter 1906: Formidable Foes Chapter 1907: Arrival Of Allies Chapter 1908: Nine Sun Astral Formation Chapter 1909: Descendant Of The Sacred Ancestor Chapter 1910: Mysterious Wooden Box Chapter 1911: The World Within The Box Chapter 1912: The Devil Sealing Lock And Che Qigong Chapter 1913: Chaotic Yin 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The City Chapter 1969: Infiltrating The Wood Tribe Again Chapter 1970: Infiltration Chapter 1971: Underground Glacier Chapter 1972: The Return Trip And The Mystery Of The Elder Devil Race Chapter 1973: Arrival Of Ao Xiao Chapter 1974: Discussion Chapter 1975: Silvermoon And The Seven Star Moon Physique Chapter 1976: Liao Ying Chapter 1977: Huo Li Sect Chapter 1978: Intervention Chapter 1979: Entering the City Chapter 1980: Unexpected Trouble Chapter 1981: Extortion Chapter 1982: Fury Chapter 1983: Three Attacks Chapter 1984: Heavenly Bipolar Formation Chapter 1985: Crushing Azure Dragon Chapter 1986: Forced Departure Chapter 1987: Pull the Weed Out by the Roots Chapter 1988: Fall of Azure Dragon Chapter 1989: Repercussions Chapter 1990: Late-Body Integration Stage (1) Chapter 1991: Late-Body Integration Stage (2) Chapter 1992: Late-Body Integration Stage (3) Chapter 1993: Late-Body Integration Stage (4) Chapter 1994: Number One Devilish Lord Chapter 1995: Invitation Chapter 1996: 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Chapter 2024: Eight-Footed Devilish Lizard and Immortal Soul Pill Chapter 2025: Blooddrop Poria Flower and Celestial Crystal Pagoda Chapter 2026: Profound Spirit Sealing Talisman Chapter 2027: Grassland Beast Tide Chapter 2028: Rescuing the Devils Chapter 2029: Butterfly Tail Beasts Chapter 2030: Soul Seal Chapter 2031: Blood Crow City Chapter 2032: Foreign Devilish Metal Chapter 2033: Ball Of Light And Green Qi Chapter 2034: Devilish Auction Chapter 2035: Dark Blood Five Colored Bells Chapter 2036: The Holy Brick And The Blood Crow City Lord Chapter 2037: True Spirit Bone Chapter 2038: Profound Medicine Spirit Chapter 2039: Midnight Devilish Shadow Chapter 2040: Qi Ling's Hidden Treasure Chapter 2041: Seven Kill Blood Baleful Qi And Blackbone Devilish Insects Chapter 2042: Taking The Brick Chapter 2043: Beast Tide And Insect Tide Chapter 2044: Devouring Devilish Ants Chapter 2045: Might Of The Devouring Devilish Ants Chapter 2046: Devilish Plains Chapter 2047: The Four Holy Bricks Chapter 2048: The Bai Family Of Illusion Night City Chapter 2049: Bai Yunxin Chapter 2050: Golden Dawn Mouse Chapter 2051: Illusion Night City Chapter 2052: Myriad Slave Tower Chapter 2053: Female Slave Chapter 2054: Encountering The Maiden Cultivation Art Again Chapter 2055: Small Spirit Sky Chapter 2056: Layman Futian Chapter 2057: Trouble Chapter 2058: Vast Yin Treasured Mirror Chapter 2059: Entering The Illusion Howl Desert Chapter 2060: Chapter 2061: Bloodtooth Rice Chapter 2062: Blood Essence Pendant Chapter 2063: Remains And Lava Lake Chapter 2064: Devilish Beast Chapter 2065: Fierce Mine Battle 1 Chapter 2066: Fierce Mine Battle 2 Chapter 2067: Fierce Mine Battle 3 Chapter 2068: Victory Chapter 2069: Encountering Foreign Devilish Metal Again Chapter 2070: Golden Whale Bead Chapter 2071: Arrival Of Allies Chapter 2072: Plan Chapter 2073: Countermeasures Chapter 2074: Interception Chapter 2075: Entering The Illusion Howl Desert Again Chapter 2076: Beast Lord Palace Chapter 2077: Azure Luan True Blood Chapter 2078: Unexpected Assailant Chapter 2079: Interception Chapter 2080: Battle Chapter 2081: Iron Sand Ridge Chapter 2082: Incense Village Chapter 2083: Entering By Force Chapter 2084: Battle Chapter 2085: Success Chapter 2086: Devilish Origin Sea Chapter 2087: Lightning Sea Chapter 2088: Golden Crab Chapter 2089: The Three Patriarchs Chapter 2090: Bitter Spirit Island Chapter 2091: Spiritual Qi Crystallization Chapter 2092: Patriarchapter Yuan Yan Chapter 2093: Faux Immortal Puppet Chapter 2094: Profound Heavenly Black Dagger Chapter 2095: Dire Straits Chapter 2096: The Spirit Monarchapter And The Realmfall Stone Chapter 2097: Nirvana Bead Chapter 2098: Heavenly Fortune Elixir Chapter 2099: Close Shave Chapter 2100: Bao Hua's Arrival Chapter 2101: Holy Nirvana Physique And Profound Heavenly Sword Chapter 2102: Heavenvoice Lightning Core Chapter 2103: Re Emergence Of The Silver Seed Pod Chapter 2104: Spiritvoid Pill Chapter 2105: The Tribulation Of The Elder Devil Realm Chapter 2106: Entering The Pond Chapter 2107: Clean Spirit Lotus Chapter 2108: Complete Transformation Chapter 2109: Devour Chapter 2110: Two Vials Chapter 2111: Escape Chapter 2112: Encountering The Faux Immortal Elixir Again Chapter 2113: Might Of The Sacred Crab Chapter 2114: Reversal Chapter 2115: Daoist Xie Chapter 2116: Change Of Plans Chapter 2117: Death Of Xue Guang Chapter 2118: Profound Heavenly Sacred Tree Chapter 2119: Blue Waterfall Lake Chapter 2120: Entering The Lake Chapter 2121: The Woman In Black Chapter 2122: Purchases Chapter 2123: Wu You Chapter 2124: Vast Origin House Chapter 2125: Mysterious Young Woman Chapter 2126: Reuniting With A Soulmate Chapter 2127: Disciple To Liu Ji Chapter 2128: Violet Spirit's Crisis Chapter 2129: Five Elemental Yin Yang True Light Chapter 2130: Stemborer Queen Chapter 2131: Private Mine Chapter 2132: News Chapter 2133: Mine Slaves Chapter 2134: Magnetic Light Beast Chapter 2135: Battling The Beast Chapter 2136: Obtaining The Crystal Chapter 2137: Secret Plan Chapter 2138: Unrest Brewing Beneath The Surface Chapter 2139: Six Extremes Azure Lightning Formation Chapter 2140: Battle Within The Formation 1 Chapter 2141: Battle In The Formation 2 Chapter 2142: Re Emergence Of The Spirit Domain Chapter 2143: Forced Into Retreat Chapter 2144: Unexpected Situation Chapter 2145: Forced Entry Chapter 2146: Giant Ark In The Passageway Chapter 2147: Returning To The Wood Tribe Chapter 2148: Crisis Of The Wood Tribe Chapter 2149: Battling Yuan Cha Again Chapter 2150: Unexpected Guest Chapter 2151: Silvermoon And Ao Xiao Chapter 2152: Art Of Indifference Chapter 2153: Conversation Chapter 2154: Cottonwood City Chapter 2155: Mo Jianli Chapter 2156: Re Emergence Of The Devilish Shadow Chapter 2157: Wood Realm 36 Extremes Formation Chapter 2158: Mission Chapter 2159: The Second Formation Core Chapter 2160: Completion Of The Formation Chapter 2161: The Eight Wood Spirit Disciples Chapter 2162: Battle Of The Wood Tribe 1 Chapter 2163: Battle Of The Wood Tribe 2 Chapter 2164: Battle Of The Wood Tribe 3 Chapter 2165: Battle Of The Wood Tribe 4 Chapter 2166: Battle Of The Wood Tribe 5 Chapter 2167: Battle Of The Wood Tribe 6 Chapter 2168: Battle Of The Wood Tribe 7 Chapter 2169: Battle Of The Wood Tribe 8 Chapter 2170: Battle Of The Wood Tribe 9 Chapter 2171: Battle Of The Wood Tribe 10 Chapter 2172: Battle Of The Wood Tribe 11 Chater 2173: Battle Of The Wood Tribe 12 Chapter 2174: Battle Of The Wood Tribe 13 Chapter 2175: Abrupt Change Chapter 2176: Seclusion Chapter 2177: Mastering The Hundred Meridian Refinement Mantra Chapter 2178: The Third Extreme Mountain Chapter 2179: Preparations Chapter 2180: Spirit Tide Chapter 2181: Five Elemental Tribulation Chapter 2182: Might Of The Heavenly Tribulation Chapter 2183: True Lightning Tribulation Chapter 2184: Encountering An Acquaintance Chapter 2185: Black And White Lightning Ball Chapter 2186: Beetle Revolt Chapter 2187: Combating The Devil With Divine Lightning Chapter 2188: Inner Demon Tribulation Chapter 2189: Arrival Of The Monarchs Chapter 2190: Slaying The Inner Demon Chapter 2191: Progressing To The Grand Ascension Stage Chapter 2192: Mysterious Acquaintance Chapter 2193: News About The Centipede Chapter 2194: Boundless Spiritual Journey Chapter 2195: Fan Paozi And The Dao Fruit Convention Chapter 2196: Return Chapter 2197: Holy Island Envoys Chapter 2198: Du Yu Chapter 2199: Turning On The Envoys Chapter 2200: Bullying The Weak Chapter 2201: Crushed By A Single Attack Chapter 2202: Reunion Chapter 2203: Stunning The Two Races Chapter 2204: Commencement Of The Ceremony Chapter 2205: Revered By Countless Cultivators Chapter 2206: Envoys And Presents Chapter 2207: Black Owl Monarch Chapter 2208: First Grand Ascension Stage Battle Chapter 2209: Crushing A Grand Ascension Stage Being Chapter 2210: News About The Blood Soul Chapter 2211: Blood Curse Insect Chapter 2212: The Secret Of The Cauldron Chapter 2213: Heavenly Tome Library Chapter 2214: Entering The Elder Devil Realm Again Chapter 2215: Stemborers Chapter 2216: Black Gourd City Chapter 2217: Stunning Display Of Power Chapter 2218: Sacred Ancestor Xie Lian Chapter 2219: White Light Realm Chapter 2220: The Truth Chapter 2221: Meeting Chapter 2222: Old Man Copper Crow Chapter 2223: Starfall Flag And Faux Illusion Sky Mirror Chapter 2224: Ancient Seal Chapter 2225: Setting Off Chapter 2226: Fierce Battle Against The Insect Swarms 1 Chapter 2227: Fierce Battle Against The Insect Swarms 2 Chapter 2228: Underground Palace Chapter 2229: Human Faced Insect Chapter 2230: Re Emergence Of The Lightningwield Technique Chapter 2231: Slaying The Human Faced Stemborers Chapter 2232: Underground Stone Forest Chapter 2233: Treasured Phoenix Spirit Plate Chapter 2234: Earth Emperor Nail Chapter 2235: Combined Attack Chapter 2236: The Little Girl Chapter 2237: Battle Against The Stemborer Queen 1 Chapter 2238: Battle Against The Stemborer Queen 2 Chapter 2239: Battle Against The Stemborer Queen 3 Chapter 2240: The Fearsome Carcass Chapter 2241: Mystery Chapter 2242: Battle In The Spirit Domain Chapter 2243: Grueling Battle Chapter 2244: True Extreme Body Chapter 2245: Profound Immortal Chapter 2246: Fierce Battle Chapter 2247: Spiritual Sense Chains And Punishment Lightning Chapter 2248: Restricted Technique Of The True Immortal Realm Chapter 2249: Information From A True Immortal Chapter 2250: Assistance Chapter 2251: Returning To The Vast Origin House Chapter 2252: Violet Spirit's Intentions Chapter 2253: Final Evolution Chapter 2254: Old Enemy Chapter 2255: Discovering The Treasures Chapter 2256: Giant Puppet Chapter 2257: Puppet Army Chapter 2258: Return To The Spirit Realm Chapter 2259: Sanqing Lightning Talisman Chapter 2260: Trip To The Spirit Race Chapter 2261: Acquaintance In The Primordial World Chapter 2262: Vast Yin Stone Chapter 2263: Emergence Of The Beetle Monarch Chapter 2264: Demonic Cultivator Hua Shi Chapter 2265: Ancient Altar Chapter 2266: Trip To The Spirit Race Chapter 2267: Spirit Sky Stronghold Chapter 2268: Concealed Spirit Mountain Chapter 2269: Coincidence Chapter 2270: The Spirit Monarch Chapter 2271: Xue Ran And Hei Lin Chapter 2272: Small Asura Realm Chapter 2273: Icy Peak Chapter 2274: Golden Han Immortal Palace Chapter 2275: Nine Origin Daoist Temple Chapter 2276: Ma Liang Chapter 2277: Bat Swarm Chapter 2278: Fish Monsters Chapter 2279: Tracking Chapter 2280: Battle Of Spiritual Sense Chapter 2281: Secret Chapter 2282: Xuan Wu True Blood Chapter 2283: Che Qizi Chapter 2284: Joining Forces Chapter 2285: News Chapter 2286: Prior To The Battle Chapter 2287: Battle Against The Asura Spiders 1 Chapter 2288: Battle Against The Asura Spiders 2 Chapter 2289: Battle Against The Asura Spiders 3 Chapter 2290: Battle Against The Asura Spiders 4 Chapter 2291: Battle Against The Asura Spiders 5 Chapter 2292: Battle Against The Asura Spiders 6 Chapter 2293: Battle Against The Asura Spiders 7 Chapter 2294: Battle Against The Asura Spiders 8 Chapter 2295: Battle Against The Asura Spiders 9 Chapter 2296: Space Time Power Chapter 2297: Sacred Treasure Of The Space Fish Race Chapter 2298: Glacial Pond Chapter 2299: Dredging For the Treasure Chapter 2300: Treasure in the Glacial Pond Chapter 2301: Return Chapter 2302: The Second Sacred Treasure Chapter 2303: Space Fish Chieftain Chapter 2304: Domain Bead Chapter 2305: Collective Vow Chapter 2306: Meeting the Spirit MonarChapter Again Chapter 2307: Origin Soul Lamp Chapter 2308: Law Insights Chapter 2309: Fall of Ao Xiao Chapter 2310: Boundless Sea and Origin Integration Island Chapter 2311: Huang Yuanzi Chapter 2312: Yue Long Chapter 2313: Extreme Origin Crystal and Regenerative Spirit Molding Chapter 2314: Meeting Jin Yue Again Chapter 2315: Golden Astral Devilish Formation Chapter 2316: Power of Heaven and Earth Chapter 2317: Qing Yuanzi's Tribulation Chapter 2318: The Formidable Foes Chapter 2319: Arrival of Both Enemies and An Ally Chapter 2320: Surveillance Chapter 2321: Battle Outside the Valley Chapter 2322: Battle Outside the Valley (2) Chapter 2323: Battle Outside the Valley (3) Chapter 2324: Slaying the Enemies Chapter 2325: Request Chapter 2326: Chi Rong Mountain Range Chapter 2327: Black Char Peaks Chapter 2328: Fragrant Maidens Chapter 2329: Unexpected News Chapter 2330: Bi Ying Chapter 2331: Hu Yushuang Chapter 2332: Golden Marrow Chapter 2333: The Four Elders of the Trade Guild Chapter 2334: Heaven Turning Flag Chapter 2335: Page of the Golden Jade Tome Chapter 2336: Ancestral Dragon Blood Chapter 2337: Treasure Heist Chapter 2338: Heavy Promise Chapter 2339: Organ Refinement Origin Arts Chapter 2340: The Nightmare Dragon and Tian Fei'er Chapter 2341: Arriving on the Blood Sky Continent Chapter 2342: Eight Buddha Devouring Ghosts Chapter 2343: 10 Monarchs of the Netherworld Chapter 2344: Blood Crane City Chapter 2345: Blood Bone Sect Chapter 2346: Masked Man Chapter 2347: Daoist Qing Ping and Mistress Wan Hua Chapter 2348: Nine-eyed Blood Toad Chapter 2349: Formation Chapter 2350: Heavenly Cauldron Palace Chapter 2351: The Key Chapter 2352: Emergence Chapter 2353: Giant Gate Chapter 2354: Two Cauldrons Chapter 2355: Entrance Chapter 2356: Ghostly Face, Giant Flower, Puppet Chapter 2357: Xue Yingxi and PatriarChapter Chi Lei Chapter 2358: Bloodlight Snake Chapter 2359: Might of the Spirit Engulfing Heavenly Flames Chapter 2360: Coincidental Encounter Chapter 2361: Blood Prison Chapter 2362: WitChapter Dao Abilities Chapter 2363: Huge Plaque Chapter 2364: Metal Cage Chapter 2365: Carcass Chapter 2366: Baleful Blood Corpse Chapter 2367: Fall of the Three Saints Chapter 2368: Meeting Fairy Ice Soul Chapter 2369: Securing the Treasures Chapter 2370: Joining Forces Chapter 2371: Battling the Five Grand Ascension Stage Beings Chapter 2372: Glacial Xuan Wu Turtle Chapter 2373: Fierce Battle Chapter 2374: Retreat Chapter 2375: Return Chapter 2376: Myriad Spirit Blood Seal Chapter 2377: Re-emergence of the Six-winged Frost Centipede Chapter 2378: Premonition Chapter 2379: Imminent Battle Chapter 2380: The Five Monarchs of the Netherworld Chapter 2381: Netherworld MonarChapter Menace Chapter 2382: The Five Devils Chapter 2383: Mighty Ghostly Qi Chapter 2384: Power of 1,000 Ghosts Chapter 2385: Buddha Bone Monarch Chapter 2386: Netherworld MonarChapter Reincarnation Chapter 2387: Outcome Chapter 2388: Plan to Trap the Devil Chapter 2389: Ambush Chapter 2390: Heaven and Earth Extreme Formations Chapter 2391: Peerless Might Chapter 2392: Chance Encounter Chapter 2393: Sea Guardian Palace Chapter 2394: Small Spirit Sky Chapter 2395: Green Spirit Race Chapter 2396: Ancient Ancestral Tree Spirits Chapter 2397: Shocking the Human Race Chapter 2398: Reunion (1) Chapter 2399: Reunion (2) Chapter 2400: Crushing All Races Chapter 2401: Crisis on the Blood Sky Continent Chapter 2402: Diverting the Enemy Chapter 2403: Disappearance Chapter 2404: Ming Zun's Proposal Chapter 2405: Chains of Laws Chapter 2406: Re-emergence of the Small Vial Chapter 2407: Reunion in the Human Race Chapter 2408: Deciding on a Plan Chapter 2409: Preparations Chapter 2410: Imminent Tribulation Chapter 2411: Grand Elder of the Armored Boar Race Chapter 2412: The Trade Guild's Peril Chapter 2413: Baleful Cry Point Chapter 2414: Sky's Beyond Chapter 2415: Gathering of Powerful Beings Chapter 2416: Xuan Jiuling Chapter 2417: The Core Formation Chapter 2418: Bet Chapter 2419: Mythical Black Beasts Chapter 2420: Commencement of the Battle Chapter 2421: Soul Marks Chapter 2422: Slaying Yang Deer (1) Chapter 2423: Slaying Yang Deer (2) Chapter 2424: True Immortal Body (1) Chapter 2425: True Immortal Body (2) Chapter 2426: Might of the Seal Chapter 2427: Nine Tribulation Spirit Vanquishing Arts Chapter 2428: Collective Demise Chapter 2429: Sacrifice Chapter 2430: Heaven Controlling Vial Chapter 2431: Slaying the Immortal (1)