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Chapter Epilogue



"Hahaha, so that's how it went . Godou punished the old gramps .
Congratulations, this is really something to celebrate, very good . "
—Tuscany, Italy .
In the countryside of the little town Siena, known for its beautiful gothic
architecture, the king was [having an audience] .
Looking into the distance, the rolling hills stretching across the landscape
were covered by the lush green of early summer .
One could probably call this a beautiful green wonderland . However, this
scenery of scattered wilderness was unique to southern Tuscany .
On the hillside bank of a small stream, a certain [King] was idly holding a
fishing rod .
"Could it be that you thought he could not win? How sad, I should have
made a bet from the start . . . As expected of my rival . . . My good eternal
rival . "
Muttering to himself with excitement, he pulled in the dangling fishing line .
A tall, slim, handsome man with blonde hair .
His body, flexible as a whip, was dressed casually in a short-sleeved shirt
and pants .
Sitting on the bank, he had a long rod by his side that was heavily wrapped
under many layers of cloth .
—Liliana Kranjcar knew . Wrapped in that package was the [Sword] that
was like forged steel . Italy's proud [King] Salvatore Doni never went
anywhere without a sword by his side .
It was his pride, ego, and privilege .
"It does counts as a victory, but to have proceeded in that manner, you
really cannot call it a beautiful victory at all . . . "
"Whether flawless or scraped off the ground like rubbish, a victory is a
victory . "
Doni answered Liliana's accusation with one closed eye .
The one who made such an expression was the good humored youth who
was extremely friendly and loved to joke around .
"Yes, yes . I have contacted the Bronze Black Cross and the grandfather
who caused you such grief . Offering my beloved knight to that unsavory
old man, I will never allow it . "
"Be-beloved!? I am Sir's . . . !?"
Liliana asked greatly surprised, when did it turn into something like this!?
—Erica Blandelli had advised her before the return trip back to Italy . To
have a meeting with Doni prior to returning to Milan .
The course of action taken by Liliana in this incident, needed approval by
the [King] of this country .
This was due to the grandfather who was an important figure in the Bronze
Black Cross . It was necessary to explain the incident properly .
It was three days after the duel of the two [Kings] in Tokyo .
Liliana was visiting Siena, Doni's base of operations, in order to call on and
report to him .
"Let's spin it that way . It should be easier for them to accept, right?
—Anyway, it would be quite troublesome if I actually fell in love with girls,
but it makes a good cover story . "
Softly spoken words which one cannot pretend to have never heard, were
disclosed from the [King]'s mouth .
I will pretend I never heard it . Liliana bowed her head with such
determination .
"What I am most interested in, is still Kusanagi Godou . How that child will
rapidly mature, I am really looking forward to it . Will it take two years or
one? Half a year would be pushing it? When he really masters
Verethragna's authority, that will be our next rematch . I have been eagerly
anticipating ever since that day, really . . . "
The Campione of the Sword was muttering as if looking forward to a day of
blessing .
Liliana's body shook .
Perhaps, it was mistaken to think of Salvatore Doni as Kusanagi Godou's
ally . His eagerness to fight was so overwhelming, even greatly surpassing
Dejanstahl Voban, and would be a frighteningly formidable opponent .
This unsettling thought entered her mind .
It was lunch time on the roof at Jounan Academy's high school section .
The duel with Voban was three days ago, and all the wounds from the
battle had been healed . Godou and his group were just about to have
lunch .

Familiar faces—Godou, Erica, Yuri and Shizuka, the four of them .
"Hey Shizuka, it's not good for you to be coming in and out of the high
school building all the time, right? What would people think?"
Godou tried to advise his younger sister .
During lunch, Shizuka had come to Godou's classroom with an unhappy
expression .
Occasionally after school, she would also come over and went home
together .
Thanks to her, strange rumors of 'Kusanagi's sister is a bro-con' have
surfaced recently . Amongst the boys in the class, the most
incomprehensible one was classmate Soramachi who spoke things like 'I
have 108 younger sisters in 2D' and kept asking 'Must be a stepsister,
right? It has to be a stepsister!?'
These problems were all caused by Shizuka's suspicious actions .
"About that, Onii-chan, I don't actually want to do this, but in order to
supervise my unruly older brother and prevent him from doing suspicious
things, I have no other choice . Do not misunderstand . "
Shizuka's words were full of barbs .
Dear sister, when have my actions been indecent? But Shizuka only
snorted and ignored Godou's protest .
"No indecency? No suspicious acts? Where did you find the confidence to
declare such rubbish! The current situation—compared to four days ago,
what happened!?"
Shizuka pointed with her finger at the other three .
In the center, Godou was sitting cross-legged on the picnic cloth on the
ground . To his left was Erica sitting sideways on her legs while Yuri sat
very straight and proper on his right—the three of them in a neat row .
"I don't find anything strange?"
"Yes, what is it, Shizuka-san, what do you find amiss?"
"I think I know what you are getting at, but there is nothing that needs to be
changed, isn't this great?"
Godou and Yuri were puzzled with their heads tilted, while Erica simply
shrugged .
To the little sister, their responses only added fuel to the fire, and her cute
face tensed further as she roared loudly .
"Then let me ask you, why is Mariya-senpai sitting so naturally right next to
Onii-chan? To have two girls waiting on you on each side, are you some
kind of king? And look, why is Mariya-senpai pouring tea into Onii-chan's
cup? You should do these things yourself!"
Ice cold green tea was being poured into the water bottle cap used by
Godou as a cup .
As Godou listened to his sister while he finished the tea in his cup, Yuri
sitting beside him naturally picked up the water bottle on the side, and
poured for him again in one flowing motion .
Witnessing this scene, Shizuka's glare became even more dangerous .
—As a side note, this water bottle was brought by Yuri herself, and cold
tea brewed by someone like her with knowledge of the tea ceremony, was
much tastier than canned tea .
"Mariya-senpai! Even if you were a newly wedded wife, you don't have to
go so far! For this kind of idiotic brother, that tasteless tea from the
self-serve area is good enough!"
"I am Godou-san's—n-newly wedded wife? Please do not say something
so embarrassing . . . "
Described so by her junior from the same club, Yuri replied with her face all
red .
"Damn it, to be responding to the word 'wife' and even suddenly changing
her way of addressing him . "
This kind of scene happened on a daily basis during the recent lunch
breaks .
Today after school, Godou was invited by Erica to the Blandelli home .
No, not really invited .
"Godou, please come over to my house, we must finalize our plans for the
summer today . . . Of course, you cannot refuse . "
After the last lesson ended, Erica who sat next to him made such an
announcement .
. . . That night after the battle with Voban, Godou and Yuri finally fled from
the pursuit of the [Diavolo Rosso], but were caught the next day at school,
and subject to serious interrogation .
There were none of Shizuka's angry snarls or scary threats .

However, Erica was a capable and experienced inquisitor, and kept raising
circumstantial evidence to accuse them of suspicious activities, skillfully
using all sorts of methods to make them come clean with the truth .
By the time they noticed, everything the two of them did that night was fully
disclosed .
"Yes, so it was like that . . . Yuri is unexpectedly daring, and Godou turned
out to be surprisingly unfaithful . . . "
"Come on, to describe that situation as infidelity, isn't that a bit
inappropriate . . . "
"Th-That is correct, we only did that because we had no other choice . "
"Aya, it's fine . I already mentioned before, that even with one more, an
extra lover would be fine . If it's Yuri whom I can trust, it's not a bad choice
at all . "
Towards Godou and Yuri who desperately tried to explain, Erica
responded with a smile .
The backlash when love was seriously betrayed . . . Words related to that
theme kept floating into Godou's mind, in the face of that glamorous yet
frightening smile .
A few days after that .
Godou and Yuri were passing each day with a feeling that they cannot
oppose Erica .
Guilt and uneasiness . Both of them carried such feelings, or rather, the
interrogation which was acted out like a deliberate performance, perhaps
that was Erica's true conspiracy .
And then, today after school .
Godou and Arianna were sitting in the living room, and Erica spoke .
"Then let's decide immediately? Mountains or the sea, which is better?
Somewhere to stay for about two weeks . Staying in Japan is fine too . Or to
the place where our feelings first developed—the island of Sardinia would
be nice for a vacation . Arianna, where should we go?"
The mistress was asking her assistant and maid who was about to serve
coffee .
Arianna replied in a very good mood .
"If that's the case, I have never spent a summer in Japan . It must be very
fun, with shaved ice, summer festivals, fireworks, bravery challenges and
all that . I am sure Erica-sama will enjoy it . "
"Is that so? Aya, but Hong Kong where I haven't been to for quite a while
would also be nice . "
The female faction seemed to be happily discussing summer vacation
plans .
If that was the case, it was pointless to speak out . Godou simply listened
without registering their words .
"Godou you need to express an opinion . Otherwise the two of us will be
making the decision?"
"Sure, that's fine . You two wish to travel, so even if I didn't interrupt—"
However, the response was surprising .
"What are you talking about, this is the plan for the trip before our wedding,
it has to have input from both of us . . . Through this trip, our love will deepen
and become stronger . "
"Having a child during travels sounds nice too . As long as it is Godou and
my child, whether a boy or girl, either will be very strong . Doesn't such a
future sound wonderful?"
" . . . What?"
Godou sounded like a parrot, repeating the same word again .
Erica with her familiar devilish smile, faced Godou whose mind had been
halted . It was an extraordinarily seductive and devilish smile that could
melt a man .
"Like I said, have a baby, going together on a tour, aren't those kinds of
things natural?"
"E-Erica-sama is truly bold, but it's true, since it is just two people together,
and with such a close relationship, it could very well happen . "
Arianna was nodding vigorously beside her mistress .
Godou felt dizzy and wracked his wits trying to retort . Following such a
plan would be the death of him . His continued struggle up to now would
have been for nothing!
"I-Impossible, that kind of vacation! My family won't agree anyway . If
Shizuka knew she will oppose vehemently, that's right, children must have

the blessing of the family, right?"
"No problem, we already have grandfather's approval . "
Godou's bluff was swiftly called by Erica .
"Yesterday when I went to discuss, he agreed instantly saying 'perhaps it is
time for that fellow to have such experiences, please have a good time as
long as it doesn't cause trouble . ' Isn't such an understanding grandfather a
"Not at all! Damn, why would grandfather say such a thing!?"
In the three days after Voban departed .
The ones most busy were the members of the History Compilation
Committee .
Organizing the whole operation to extinguish the Tokyo Tower fire,
tabulating and cleaning up damage caused by the storm, and treating the
residents near Shiba Park who had their life force taken and entered a
state of unconsciousness .
Furthermore, they even used wizardry and other methods to manipulate
information .
Thorough investigations on all eye witnesses of the incident, and restricting
their subsequent communications . Many of those witnesses were shocked
while others were extremely excited, or even had nervous breakdowns .
These people were given warnings, letting them know that unnecessary
speech would be inadvisable .
These people will continue to be monitored after returning to their normal
lives, and no matter the number of dissident minorities, the controversial
practice of hypnosis wizardry will be used to perform memory manipulation
etc . —
It was for all these tasks that the members of the History Compilation
Committee have been busy rushing about .
"Aya, this is why we are labeled as villains . Look at these operatives
wearing all black and running about, hahaha . "
Amakasu spoke proudly while wearing a black suit with the letters 'MIB'
emblazoned on it .
Despite his workload, he had gone to Nanao Shrine to report to Yuri about
the progress of things .
" . . . Have I not warned you so many times, not to be so frivolous?"
"Please give me a break, I'm already so overworked that I need to have a
little fun . . . Ever since that day, I haven't even gone home yet, only taking
short naps in the car . "
"S-sorry . I am really sorry that we have brought you so much trouble . "
Yuri bowed deeply in response to Amakasu's complaints .
"However, this is our work so please don't let it weigh on your mind .
Anyway, it looks like Yuri-san and Kusanagi Godou's personal relationship
has progressed very well . To selflessly devote assistance to each other,
perhaps the red string of fate has already bound the two of you!"
"Red string!? What do you mean?"
"So, I think Kusanagi Godou also likes Yuri-san . Luckily it is almost
summer vacation . To further your relationship, you definitely need to have
four or five dates at least . I look forward to it . "
"D-date!? Please do not say something stupid like that! That kind of
behavior is too early for us!"
Just as Yuri tried to loudly protest against Amakasu's hinted suggestions .
The cellphone beside her rang . Looking at the screen, it turned out to be
the topic of discussion—Kusanagi Godou who had called .
"Oh, that call came at just the right time . Then Yuri-san should take action
as soon as possible . Who knows, this call may very well be asking you out
with just the two of you . "
"Nothing like that! Please do not eavesdrop . . . Yes, hello~"
Hiding away from the curious Amakasu, Yuri pressed the button to take the
call .
'Ma-mariya, I am sorry for suddenly calling, I want to discuss something
with you . Can you help me?'
"What is it? Has Marquis Voban resurfaced?"
'No, it's Erica . She wants to pull me along on a pre-wedding trip, and even
got my grandfather as an accomplice, so things are going smoothly her
way . During the summer, if I don't find a place to hide I will be caught and
taken away . Who knows how bad things will get! Do you have any place to
"What? No way, Godou-san, you cannot be deceived by that kind of
'Yes, but if she does it by force I can't do anything about it . Finding a place
to hide is probably the only way . '
"Really, please show some determination . Preparations are necessary, but
Godou-san's attitude is key . You are still so unreliable . "
'S-sorry . . . '
"I will try to find some suitable location, but please try on your own first . "
After such a conversation, Yuri hung up .
Really, whether the Italian girl who simply had no manners or Godou who
cannot refuse resolutely, they are always bringing trouble . No way around
it, just do your best!
"What is it, Yuri-san, is it another conflict? Let's discuss it . "
Amakasu spoke softly to Yuri who was occupied with her internal ranting .
For example, his manner of speech would be like a con artist, who had
found a good and honest person and would use all methods to snare his
prey . It was that kind of deceptive speech, but Yuri did not notice .
"Ah, sure . Actually it is about Godou-san and Erica-san—"
"Hoho, it turns out to be something like that . But Yuri-san, this is an
opportunity, a great chance . . . To hide away with Godou-san together this
summer, let us arrange the location!"
"—!? Is this a joke? Godou-san and I, just the two of us?"
Beaming like a (fake) loving elder, Amakasu smiled slightly .
Shaken by that kind of smile, Yuri suppressed her words of protest .
"Then, let me explain in order, traveling as a pair on the run has an almost
magical effect on accelerating male female relationships—"
The plum rain season was about to end in late June .
It was the early summer dusk heralding the opening of the gates of
summer .
Featuring Yuri who had been hit by an intense culture shock and
manipulated by skillful deception, and the scheming Erica who was not
above using brute force, the season for their intense rivalry was about to
begin .


"The protagonist has ten special abilities, I think that's too much . It feels
like an initial whim created a very exaggerated setting, perhaps we should
reduce it by half? To be honest, this is very troublesome to write . Let's just
say it makes things difficult for me!!"
"Just continue with this setting, it will be fine right? Continue writing like
-- Prior to writing the first volume, that was the dialogue between the author
and the editor .
Greetings . We meet again, or perhaps for the first time .
Thanks to everyone's support of this work [Campione!], the second volume
is now for sale . Much thanks . Please do not overthink the reasons for the
long interval between the first and second volumes . There were absolutely
no careful deliberations over whether to continue the story or not .
Absolutely none . Never thought about it .
If one were to describe the battle between Kusanagi Godou and the
strange mysterious dragon of the Tonegawa (Doni in short), it would be an
intense death match with a strong characteristic feeling -- if such a short
story was proposed, would it be ignored with a response like "no, that won't
work!"? Was this for real? For this purpose I went and researched the
history of the Tonegawa, and became a bit of a Tonegawa expert!
To readers who picked up the book to browse, attracted by the beautiful
miko illustrations of Sikorsky-san, and were dismayed to find it was not the
first volume and wondered whether or not to buy it . That type of thought is
premature .
I believe this work belongs to the genre of hero fantasy, and pays tribute to
Cimmeria's Conan-san and Melinibone's Elric-san . "The first volume, is not
necessary the beginning of the story" is the idea .
Thus, there is no problem with starting with the first or the second volume .
Rest assured as you take this book to the cashier . No problem, when I was
looking for original editions of American comics, there were often times that
I couldn't find a previous issue . I got used to it .
. . . Though that is what I thought, but I am wondering if it is time to write a
"beginning story . "
And so, the next release, Volume 3 will have the themes of the "joyful(?)
summer" and "beginnings of the Campione . " The stage will be set on the
ocean, and I will look forward to Sikorsky-san's swimsuit illustrations .
Takedzuki Jou, October 2008

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