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Feng Kai Ze and Da Tian Ting are childhood rivals.Feng Kai Ze is the love child of a ruthless tycoon. He resents his father for his mothers death. When his father forces him to leave his mothers hometown, he steals Da Tian Tings diary.Da Tian Ting resents her mother for abandoning her and her father to marry her mothers first love.Unbeknownst to Da Tian Ting, her fathers friend betrays him by stealing her fathers invention. She believes her inheritance is from her fathers life savings.Da Tian Ting loves her father. She agrees to marry her fathers friends son.On the eve of Da Tian Tings wedding day, her fiance cheats on her. She cancels the wedding and breaks off the engagement.When Da Tian Ting hits rock bottom she reunites with Feng Kai Ze. She doesnt recognise the adult Feng Kai Ze. She thinks he is a handsome pauper and plans to recruit him as her wedding date to her ex-fiances wedding.Feng Kai Ze recognises his childhood rival Da Tian Ting. Initially Feng Kai Ze wants to use Da Tian Ting to defy his fathers order for him to marry the daughter of a businessman who is blackmailing his father.Feng Kai Ze and Da Tian Ting join forces to take revenge on the people who hurt their mother and father respectively. Blind by revenge, Feng Kai Ze and Da Tian Ting cant see cupids arrow targeting their hearts.- Description from Novelupdates

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