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After avoiding his kiss and thinking about his setting of the Flower Picking Robber, Song Jinxi became more angry and even a little sad (?), feeling like she was scumbed, but still thinking about the other poor girl.

It's all the fault of never falling in love!

If she had been in a relationship before, she would definitely not be so easily deceived and become the pitiful one now... Even if she knew that the other party was a flower picker, she still couldn't help being captured by his gentle offensive.

For Shen Liuchen, with Song Jinxi for so long, he is naturally familiar with her emotional changes. Shen Liuchen frowned when she realized that she was evading herself not only because of shyness or something else, but also because of a trace of disgust in it.

She must have misunderstood something.

This guy is okay, he is crazy about it, this time he doesn't know what to make up.

He turned his head to look at him.

"Your Majesty really hates me so?" he asked in a low voice.

Song Jinxi didn't get angry, and stared at him fiercely, "I don't hate you, don't you still like you? You are a lover of love and affection, a good-looking hypocrite, and I don't know how many flower-picking thieves of good girls have been picked. Gao Zhan came to me, you know that this is the crime of deceiving the emperor to punish the Nine Clan!"

When she spoke, her gaze locked his eyes tightly, and she refused to let go of the slightest change in his eyes. She felt that as long as she told the "truth of the matter", he would definitely be shocked, and maybe he would run away.

However, she miscalculated.

Not only did the man not run away, but he looked a little angry.

He raised his sword eyebrows slightly, and slowly uttered four words in his mouth: "Big Flower Picking Thief?"

Song Jinxi: "Humph!"

Shen Liuchen lowered his head to cover up the fleeting smile in his eyes. When he raised his head again, he looked at her seriously.

"Why does your Majesty think that I am that kind of person?"

"Why? Don't you have any points in your heart?" Song Jinxi forced herself to look at him with the fiercest gaze, so that she would not be confused by his beauty, "If you were not a flower picker, how could you... how could you be so experience?!"

Speaking of the latter, she seems to be a little shy, and she is not terrible. She is fierce, like a kitten who is arguing with him.

Seeing Shen Liuchen's heart softened.

He grabbed her slender waist with a big hand, wrapped her into his arms with irresistible force, put his chin on her shoulder, and involuntarily kissed the delicate skin of her neck.

The other hand was playing around her hair.

It's just that he is too tall, and the height gap between them is a bit big. He will get tired if he keeps this kind of hugging position for a long time. He thought for a while, hugged Song Jinxi, held her to sit on the table, and looked at her.

"Your Majesty blamed me." The man's voice was low, with a hint of coaxing.

Song Jinxi almost couldn't help covering her ears, because the voice was really foul, it was just seduce people.

He added: "That day was also my first time."

Song Jinxi shouted: "Don't lie to others!"

"Then how do you believe it?" Shen Liuchen looked helpless and indulged, "Men are self-taught in that respect. What's more, that is your majesty. I want you to experience the bliss of the world. I have seen many seniors before. His experience can do so well. I didnt expect it to be misunderstood by your Majesty."

Song Jinxi: "......???" There is such a thing?

"Your Majesty doesn't know. I have admired your Majesty for a long time. I wanted to recommend myself for a long time, but I was afraid that his Majesty would not look down on me. That day, your Majesty was drunk and pestered me not to let me go.

Song Jinxi: "But you are an eunuch." I said this to remind the man of his identity, but after saying it, she also reminded her of herself. She suddenly reached out and touched his face.

It seems like a normal person's face?

So how did they see those disguise skills? She touched it for a while, she couldn't find any flaws at all, and she couldn't help but feel a little upset.

"Where did you go to the real Gao Gonggong? Has he been killed by you?"

Shen Liuchen was silent.

Song Jinxi: "You innocent assault, torturing others, and pretending to be someone else to lie to me, committing the crime of deceiving the king!"

Shen Liuchen was thoughtful and deliberately showed a look of trepidation, and then listened to Song Jinxi to continue to say: "So, hurry up and report your true identity. I can consider forgiving you."

Fortunately, her current situation is absolutely safe, no one can covet her throne, otherwise, with her character and IQ, in this cannibal harem, it is estimated that she would have been eaten without bones.

Actually thinking of threatening him like this and letting him report his family.

Is this guy silly for three years?

But... Although it's a bit silly, it's also so cute...

Shen Liuchen cleared his throat, let go of her and took a step back.

"Your Majesty wants to know who I am?"

Song Jinxi looked at the vase on one side and nodded.

"In that case, why doesn't Your Majesty investigate it himself?"

Song Jinxi was angry.

If she can investigate by herself, she still needs to ask him? The key is that the harem seems to be under his control now, and those who can reach into her palace must not be able to go there.

According to the routines of Gong Dou novels she had read before, to be more serious, the ministers of the previous dynasty might have been controlled a lot by various despicable means.

She suddenly felt that the dragon chair under her **** seemed a bit unstable.

"Your Majesty has forgotten that there is a Dragon Shadow Guard in your hand. That is your sharp weapon. Your Majesty must make good use of it."

The man left when he finished speaking, and Song Jinxi thought about it for a while alone in the room...

She seems to be a bit of a failure.

This kind of dark game actually requires someone to remind her, otherwise she almost forgot that she still has such a power in her hand.

At the beginning, there were four great powers on this continent, Jin, Chu, Song, and Qi. The emperor of each country seemed to have an appointment. They each trained a shadow guard that belonged only to the emperor himself. Very CP sense.

They are: Dragon Shadow Guard, Phoenix Shadow Guard, Tiger Shadow Guard, and Black Shadow Guard.

In the original novel, the functions of these four shadow guards are described as mysterious. As long as the heroine wants to know, there is nothing they can't investigate. In addition, each of them is strong in martial arts, even strong enough to hold an entire army alone, and give the protagonists a chance to escape...

It seems to be described in the novel that Long Yingwei came to the original heroine, who divided them into two teams, one bright and one dark. The team in the Ming is responsible for protecting her, and the team in the dark is responsible for secretly helping her do all kinds of things.

Among them, the team of Ming team is very handsome, and he is also a handsome guy. Later, it seems that the original heroine was also admitted to the harem?

Now Long Yingwei is in her hands, there is no team yet, and the captain doesn't know where.

Thoughtful, Song Jinxi summoned the Dragon Shadow Guard based on the little memory left by the original heroine.

In the next few days, while asking Long Yingwei to investigate the origin of this fake Gao Zhan, she wanted to rectify the harem and replace all the court ladies and eunuchs who listened to the fake Gao Zhan, but was stopped by the fake Gao Zhan. People are loyal and will not harm her. If you change people rashly, don't talk about the risks, and spend a lot of time to adjust/teach, otherwise it may not be easy to use.

When Long Yingwei finally found out the results, it was already a month later.

Fortunately, the fake Gao Zhan seems to be very busy in the past month. Although he still comes to her to say hello every day, he will not pull her to do that kind of thing anymore, but occasionally steal an incense while she is not paying attention...

Song Jinxi was annoyed, but also a little like it. Although she never showed it, she has it. She can deceive others but not herself.

When she noticed her thoughts, she became even more angry. Moreover, she also knew that after the identity of this fake Gao Zhan was investigated, she would definitely be reluctant to actually kill him, and probably could only send him to a remote place.

She made this plan, and Long Yingwei came to tell her that this fake Gao Zhan was actually a proton sent by Chu.

In the beginning, the mainland was divided into four countries. After that, except for the Jin Kingdom, the other three countries fell into decline, and even signed documents to respect Jin as the sovereign state. In addition to paying a "protection fee" to Jin every five years, he also sent his country's prince to Jin as a proton.


Generally, the princes who are sent are those who are not favored, this fake Gao Zhan is.

Fake Gao Zhan's name, if the investigation result is correct, it seems to be called "Shen Liuchen"?

For some reason, Song Jinxi always felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity when he first heard the name. But it was indeed the first time she heard this name, and this inexplicable familiarity made her a little uncomfortable.

I always feel as if I have forgotten something very important.

She pushed this uncomfortable feeling on Shen Liuchen again.

In order to prevent herself from sinking deeper, after receiving the news, she immediately asked someone to send the "Chu State Proton" back.

What is even more surprising is that the fake Gao Zhan actually appeared in the envoy, said goodbye to her, and left...?

Song Jinxi: "..." Oh, man.

Oh, woman.

I was eager to send him away when he was still alive, so that he could get out of his love mind in time. But as soon as she left, she...

She couldn't bear to whine...beat the ground.

She was completely helpless, and even sang the lyrics: "Fall in love with someone you shouldn't love..." Being alone was decadent for a long time.

In the past few days, envoys from various countries have arrived, just to wish her a happy birthday.

Song Jinxi was not happy at all, and even regretted it a bit. He wanted to send someone to detain Shen Liuchen, cut off his wings, and imprison him in the harem as her imprisonment (?).

Thinking like this, it's still a little exciting?

When she didn't dare to face her own heart, she just wanted to escape, feeling that she could "awaken" by sending people away. Now once she accepted this setting, she felt comfortable all over.

Only when she was about to order Long Yingwei to arrest someone in Chu State, that person sent him to the door again.

I don't know what happened in the past two months after he returned to China. When he sent him back, he was still a father who didn't love his mother or his wife, and he didn't have any status or status. When he appeared in front of her again, did he change his body and become the king of Chu?

When other countries finished offering gifts, it was Chu's turn.

The man wore a black robe with gilt patterns embroidered on it, which made his figure longer and longer. Under the attention of the public, he personally held a tray and walked to the center of the stage.

The tray was covered by a piece of golden cloth, until when he lifted the piece of cloth, everyone discovered that there was a jade seal lying on it.

"A certain is willing to hire Chu State Jiangshan to enter the Jin Dynasty."

So everyone was shocked.

Who knows that there is only a single seedling of the female emperor in the Great Jin Dynasty. If you can enter the Zhuda Jin Dynasty at this time, wouldn't it be equivalent to uniting the Jin and Chu and taking the Great Jin Dynasty as your own without any effort?

What's more, the daughter of the empress also has half the blood of the Chu royal family...

So everyone looked at Shen Liuchen dumbfounded, only thinking that this person was extremely treacherous.

Song Jinxi was stunned. He didn't expect that before she had time to take the kidnapping, this person brought the entire Chu Kingdom to the door by herself. If she refused, even she herself would despise her hypocrisy.

So, when everyone expected her to decline, Song Jinxi said: "Yes."

Everyone: "???"

So you are just like this... Are you embarrassed?

That night, in the palace, Song Jinxi's Three Views were hit again.

Only because Shen Liuchen was with two dolls beside him.

A man and a woman, they are almost the same size, and Shen Liuchen said that they are twins.

"So you climbed up to me just to make me like a mother?"

"I didn't expect you to be such a scumbag, I really missed you."

"Since you have someone you like, why do you bother to provoke me?"

After the three souls were tortured, Shen Liuchen felt helpless. He glanced at the incident for some unknown reason, and the two little rascals who followed sneakingly over again had no choice but to bite the bullet.

"This is really our child, look at Nian'er, she looks like you seven points." He said, pointing to the little girl.

Song Jinxi suddenly made up a big drama again: "So your old lover should look a lot like me. Do you use me as a stand-in?"

"There is no stand-in, you are the only one." Shen Liuchen was overwhelmed.

Fortunately, the two little guys finally showed kindness and began to pester Song Jinxi.

Song Jinxi's most unbearable thing is the entanglement of the two of them. It was like Shen Liuchen couldn't stand her entanglement strategy.

Shen Nianxi: "Mother, my brother and I are really your children."

Shen Muxi: "Mother, if we don't believe me, we can shed blood to recognize our relatives."

These two bear children, looking at the appearance of only four or five years old, even knew about "recognizing relatives by dripping blood". If no one taught them, they wanted to say so, Song Jinxi would not believe it.

But the two of them are really cute, and Green Hat West somehow looked at it and felt relieved (?) Accepting the two children, she herself felt incredible.

#If this is not love#

Song Jinxi accepted this fact with tears and became the emperor of the Green Hat for more than ten years. When the two little boys have grown up, they can restore their memories.


Standing behind the curtain and watching Shen Nianxi, who was sitting on the dragon chair, Song Jinxi shook his head.

"It's too real." She said, looking up at Shen Liuchen, "Now you believe me? Even if you don't have a memory, even if you give me a cuckold, I can help you raise a baby. If this is not love... "

The man smiled and leaned in and kissed the corner of her mouth.

"Thank you, Sisi."

Compared with his frankness, Song Jinxi was a little uncomfortable.

She pretended to be okay and looked at the new emperor not far away, muttering: "It's all about the old husband and wife, why do you want to say thank you... and what's so good about..."

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# Adoptive mother sent her four president sons to give me homework every day#

Shen Liuyu, the youngest person in power of the top family of the Shen family, and the newly appointed president of Huasheng Group, is young and promising, cold and abstinent, and has never been rumored about lace.

Some people say that he is a new human who reproduces asexually.

Lin Xiaoxiao pointed to the red mark on her neck: "This is what he bit out when he was giving me tutoring."

Everyone shook their heads and looked at her, thinking that another one was crazy.

Until later, someone at the corner of the safety passage stairs saw Shen Liuyu pressing Lin Xiaoxiao against the wall to kiss him.

The man who has always been cold and self-sufficient has a hint of gritted teeth in his voice: "You are not allowed to smile at other men."

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