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The Great Dream God King seemed to see what Jiang Ci was thinking, she shook her head and said: "After the opening of the Mengyuan Realm, many remnants of spirits reincarnated here.

Among them, the remnants of the eternal supreme and Hunyuan generals in life,

During these long years, he has re-trained to become the eternal supreme or the **** of Hunyuan,

However, since Mengyuanjie is not a chaotic world, it cannot carry the eternal universe and the Hunyuan universe.

Therefore, the eternal supreme and Hunyuan **** generals of the Mengyuan realm are much worse than the normal realm strength, and they are not the opponents of the star realm gods. "

Jiang Ci nodded, sharing the same truth with the powerhouse of the Chaos Sea Holy Land Universe,

At the same realm, the Heavenly Lord of the Holy Land Universe does not have a small universe, and its strength is not as good as the powerful Heavenly Lord of the Four Primitive Universes.

"Look at it." The King of Dreams waved his hand.

A light curtain appeared in the courtyard, and only saw a gray world,

The endless gray fog of chaos, like a chain, is binding a figure,

The figure was struggling constantly, but couldn't get rid of it.

"I used the world origin of Mengyuanjie to suppress him." Damengshen said kingly.

"This person is called the Qianhuan God General." The Blue Stone God General next to him also opened his mouth: "At the heyday of the Meta Realm, he had crossed two great realms from the Star Realm to the Meta Realm to apprentice cultivation.

At that time, he was still very weak, but he did not expect that his strength is now close to that of the God King Hunyuan, and I am not even his opponent. "

Jiang Ci's heart sank, in the Chaos Sea, a **** general is enough to be abnormal, and he is still a existence close to the **** king of Hunyuan!

Although the Chaos Seas rules of heaven and earth are restricted, the highest power can only be displayed at the limit of the heavenly sovereign,

But as long as the levels are different, even if the strength of both sides is the limit of the Celestial Lord, in the end, it will definitely be that the one with a higher level has a greater chance of winning.

"Mountains and seas." Damengshen said kingly.

"You can call me Jiang Ci."

"Jiang Ci." The King of Dreams nodded, "We need you to get rid of him. The world of Meng Yuanjie cannot suppress him for long."

"Me?" Jiang Ci was surprised. He hasn't even reached the realm of Heavenly Sovereign now!

The Great Dream God King solemnly said: "Don't be surprised, you have obtained the emperor's heart element sutra, plus the things in your mind, you will soon be able to grasp the emperor's heart element power."

Jiang Ci's face changed. This was the first time anyone knew the experience value panel in his mind.

"Don't worry, we won't hurt you." The King of Dreams said again, "In fact, the things in your mind may have been obtained by the emperor from the final path, and this will appear on you."

Jiang Ci does not worry that the King of Dreams will harm him, because he is a familiar face, and it is difficult for him to be wary of the King of Dreams.

"You're so sure, after I cultivate the strength of my heart, can I be able to beat a thousand phantom generals?" Jiang Ci asked actively.

"The power of the heart is the closest existence to the power of detachment in the heavens and all realms, and even the rules of the chaos sea cannot be restricted. This alone is enough!" The Great Dream God King laughed.

"This is also the reason why the emperor chose to conquer the final path in the Chaos Sea of the Metaverse.

In the Chaos Sea, unless the Chaos Lord can not be restricted by the Chaos Sea,

Any other strong players can only exert the ultimate strength of Tianzun.

And the emperors mental power can build a special field, so that we can also exert our original strength,"

Jiang Ci nodded earnestly while listening,

He understands the truth of this. In the final journey of the Chaos Sea conquest, if the enemy really encounters a sneak attack, then as long as the opponent is not the Hunyuan master, they don't need to worry too much.

Unfortunately, the person who attacked them that time was the existence of the Hunyuan Domination level, Lord of the Star Realm.

"If your heart energy can be cultivated to the eternal realm, then I will return the thousand phantom gods back to the Chaos Sea, and then you can use the heart energy to destroy him." The Great Dream King said again.

Hearing this, Jiang Ci has understood the plan of the King of Dreams.

The Sea of Chaos only allows Tianzuns maximum combat power, while the heart power is not subject to this limitation.

Thousands of fantasy gods who can only play the ultimate strength of Tianzun by then are not his opponents at all.

Of course, the premise is that he wants to cultivate his heart power to the eternal realm!

"I need a lot of eternal fragments." Jiang's words are very simple.

He knows that Mengyuanjie does not lack these.

The King of Dreams laughed, "Is this enough?"

I saw her wave another hand, and the courtyard space on the ninth floor of Qingyun Building changed for a while and turned into a void.

There are countless eternal fragments, piles and piles, each pile is like a star, lighting up the entire void.

Although he had been mentally prepared for a long time, Jiang Ci was still choked.

How much does this have?

"The emperor collected hundreds of millions of eternal fragments from the heavens and worlds, and they are all here." The King of Dreams smiled.

At this moment, Jiang Ci wanted to ask, what is the relationship between the King of Dreams and the Emperor, so that the Emperor can give all his wealth to the King of Dreams.

Thinking about it, he still asked this question.

The King of Dreams laughed and said nothing.

The bluestone **** next to her replied: "The emperor is my lord's husband!"

Jiang Ci smiled and nodded. No wonder, it's like he used to give the deposit to Jiang Doudou.

"It seems that the same is true for you and her." The King of Dreams also laughed.

"We have been dependent on each other since childhood, and our lives are connected to each other." Jiang Ci looked serious.

The King of Big Dreams has a look of memory on his face.

A moment later, she sighed: "Protect her well, she is the key to reopening the final road."

"Finally on Doudou?" Jiang Ci was surprised now.

"No." The King of Dreams shook his head, "The mountains and sea stars of the fourth universe are the final way."

Jiang Ci suddenly realized, many doubts in his mind, all of them were answered at once.

Its no wonder that when I first saw Qingshi, I heard Qingshi mentioned that there was a former name Shanhaixing on the earth.

"Every time the Chaos Sea of Chaos will destroy everything, but the mountain and sea stars will not destroy it." The King of Dreams said.

Jiang Ci nodded, it's only strange if it can be destroyed!

"After we were defeated in the final road, that road turned into a primitive planetary form. I placed it in my God King universe, which is the fourth universe of the Chaos Sea." Dameng said kingly.

"Wait one day in the future, if you feel that you have the strength to embark on the final road, you can open it, and the key to open is on her."

Jiang Ci keeps these words in mind.

At this time, the King of Dreams said again: "Okay, all that should be confessed has been confessed. You can put away these eternal fragments and you can leave."

"In addition, I will give you the power to control the origin of the world of Mengyuanjie." The King of Dreams said again: "On the surface, your status is equivalent to the general of the four armies.

But in fact, your status is higher, and you can easily suppress them with the origin of the world,

The four generals also know this, and they will respect you. "

Hearing this sentence, Jiang Ci immediately laughed.

Unexpectedly, doing an elite sequence mission, turned out to become the highest authority in the Mengyuan realm.

Although the Great Dream King is still sitting in front of him, there is also a bluestone **** general standing.

Both of these are illusory consciousnesses, and they don't have much strength, and they may not even be able to get out of Qingyun Tower.

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Chapter 549: Strength Improvement And Great Excitement Chapter 550: Coincidence And Entry Chapter 551: Self Contained World And Jiexian Invincible Chapter 552: Great Movement Terrifying Record Seeking Subscription Chapter 553: People's Minds Change Seeking Subscription Chapter 554: The Law Of The Taoist King And The Problems Of The Earth Chapter 555: Great Cleaning And Trouble Chapter 556: Reversal Of Life And Death Chapter 557: Ancient Fairy World Golden Body Fruit Chapter 558: This Person Is Too Arrogant Chapter 559: Zhenjun Wude Entered The Ancient Fairyland Chapter 560: Great Opportunity Attraction Between The Treasures Chapter 561: Storm Will Rise Chapter 562: Huntian Xianfu Chapter 563: True Monarch True Monarch Or True Monarch Chapter 564: Summit Showdown And Daojun Meeting Chapter 565: Jiang Ci's Ambition Chapter 566: The Name Of Wu De Zhenjun Chapter 567: True Monarch Wu De Is A Sword Fairy Of Mountains And Seas? Chapter 568: Unavoidable Crisis Chapter 569: True Lord Jiujian And True Lord Wudi Chapter 570: Really Invincible? Chapter 571: Defects And Big Movements Chapter 572: Under The Catastrophe My Home Court Chapter 573: Make A Sensation In The Universe Chapter 574: Change In Strength And Leave No Way To Survive Chapter 575: Nine Tribulations Push The Immortal Gate Chapter 576: The Prologue Of The Strongest Battle In The Original Universe Chapter 577: Tianzun Betting Another Universe Chapter 578: Panel Update Apocalyptic Soul Armor Chapter 579: Reverse Life And Death And Garbage Dump Chapter 580: Garbage Delivered To Your Door? Chapter 581: The World Roars The Blood Rains All Over The Sky Chapter 582: Tianzun's Capital And Jiang Ci Must Die? Chapter 583: The Strongest Of The Era Ended The Purple Heaven Chapter 584: The Secret Of Eternity The Dispute Between Taoism Chapter 585: Yesterday's Cause Today's Result Chapter 586: The Road On The Earth And The World Of Jiang Ci Chapter 587: Transformation Of Strength Head To Chaos Sea Chapter 588: The Fourth Universe At The Bottom Of The Crisis And The Bottom Chapter 589: The Flow Of The Jedi Golden River Chapter 590: The First Battle Chaos Sea First Became Famous Chapter 591: The Fallen Dao Monarch Chapter 592: The Clue To The Legendary Treasure Chapter 593: Chaos Sea Chapter 594: Monitor The Entire Chaos Sea? Chapter 595: The Supreme Comes The Mighty Tomorrow Chapter 596: Head Down Discovery In A Mysterious Space Chapter 597: An Indelible Ethnic Group Selfless Dedication Chapter 598: The Opportunity For The Rise Of The Human Race Xuanhuangshan Chapter 599: Xuanhuangshan First Safety Zone Chapter 600: Kill The Enemy Escape Seeking Subscription Chapter 601: Arcana Spirit Subscription Required Chapter 602: There Is A Problem The Old Spirit Appears For Subscription Chapter 603: Strengthen Again Ten Thousand Realms Ruins Seeking Subscription Chapter 604: The Ruins Are Born The Storm Will Rise Subscription Required Chapter 605: Intrigue Supreme Ruins Seeking Subscription Chapter 606: Yakumo God General Choose Seeking Subscription Chapter 607: Non My Race Jiujieqiao Seeking Subscription Chapter 608: Fallen One After Another The Puppet Of The Nine Realms Seeking Subscription Chapter 609: The Wind Is Surging The Map Of The King Of Heaven Chapter 610: Advantages Blocking The Door Seeking Subscription Chapter 611: Shameless And Punishment Seeking Subscription Chapter 612: The Power Of Tongtianlou Subscription Required Chapter 613: Jiang Ci And Zixiao Tianzun Chapter 614: Come On Go On Chapter 615: Is The Situation Bad? Chapter 616: Catch Up And Hope Chapter 617: Breakthrough And Despair Chapter 618: Final Result Chapter 619: From Yuanjie Eight Clouds Pavilion Chapter 620: The Secret Is Made And Passed Down For Subscription Chapter 621: Passing Down The Fire Three Roads For Subscription Chapter 622: Dissipation And Heritage Seeking Subscription Chapter 623: Preaching Confusion And The Future Of Human Race Seeking Subscription Chapter 624: The Storm Is Not Over And The Sword On The Treasure Mountain Seeking Subscription Chapter 625: Last Hope Subscription Required Chapter 626: Unstoppable Seeking Subscription Chapter 627: Big Gain For Subscription Chapter 628: The Coming Of The Undercurrent Seeking Subscription Chapter 629: War Will Begin Good For The New Year Chapter 630: Human Response First Contact For Subscription Chapter 631: Test Their Own Cards Subscription Required Chapter 632: The Real Limit Chapter 633: Win And Take Refuge Chapter 634: Secret Matter Chapter 635: Success And Disappearance Chapter 636: Breakthroughs And Big Changes Chapter 637: Control The War Situation Chapter 638: Terran Uncompromising And Turning Point Chapter 639: Sudden Final Battle Chapter 640: There Is A Turnaround? Chapter 641: Picture Poor See Chapter 642: Yuanshen Shock Chapter 643: Regret? Late Chapter 644: Juntian Holy Land Does Not Give Up Chapter 645: Unexpected Discovery Chapter 646: Wait For The Fish To Come Chapter 647: Three Steps Tianzun? Chapter 648: The Discovery Of Juntian Supreme Seeking Subscription Chapter 649: Don't Talk Nonsense Kill Directly Seeking Subscription Chapter 650: Treasures And Wind And Fire For Subscription Chapter 651: The Meeting Of Wind And Fire Chapter 652: Powerful Dream World Seeking Subscription Chapter 653: Cruel World Subscription Required Chapter 654: Eternal Supreme Seeking Subscription Chapter 655: First Battle Seeking Subscription Chapter 656: Munitions Eternal Fragment For Subscription Chapter 657: Heart Disorder Seeking Subscription Chapter 658: Departure And Loss Seeking Subscription Chapter 659: Found A Problem Subscription Required Chapter 660: Suddenly The Big Battle Seeking Subscription Chapter 661: Their Own Way Subscription Required Chapter 662: Elite Sequence And Greed Seeking Subscription Chapter 663: Overestimate Seeking Subscription Chapter 664: The Murder Of Juntian Holy Land Seeking Subscription Chapter 665: Elite Sequence For Subscription Chapter 666: Ten Thousand Years For Subscription Chapter 667: Murder Is Looming Seeking Subscription Chapter 668: I'm A Recruit Seeking Subscription Chapter 669: Fear And Vigilance Seeking Subscription Chapter 670: Isn't It Cruel Enough? For Subscription Chapter 671: A Hunyuan Road For Subscription Chapter 672: The Last Crisis Of Life And Death Seeking Subscription Chapter 673: Mind Shock Seeking Subscription Chapter 674: Four Channels For Subscription Chapter 675: Taoism Fragments Great Opportunity For Subscription Chapter 676: The Strongest Way Of Jiang Ci For Subscription Chapter 677: Peaceful Progress Spiritual Power Seeking Subscription Chapter 678: Thousand Heart Swordsmanship Seeking Subscription Chapter 679: The Ultimate Law Will Appear Subscription Required Chapter 680: Difficult Practice For Subscription Chapter 681: Is It Him? It Should Be Him Right? For Subscription Chapter 682: You Are Not Him Subscribe Chapter 683: The Mystery Of Reincarnation For Subscription Chapter 684: Confession And Gift Subscription Required Chapter 685: Kill The Game For Subscription Chapter 686: Kill All Seeking Subscription : Season Finale