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The power of the system played a role, and abruptly led these thunders to other places.

If these things fall on Wang Che's body, even the current Wang Che will also be directly chopped into ashes.

Wang Che just keeps going all the way. He has no way to manage the thunder in the sky. The only thing he can do now is to trust his system.

After all, his system has taken him all the way to the present, and it can be said that it has helped him a lot.

Of course, if the system can't do anything about it, then it really can't be done, at best it will let him die in this long river of time.

Wang Che had already prepared mentally for a long time. If he really couldn't get through this hurdle, then he would die if he died.

Finally, Wang Che found that he did not know how many hurdles he had crossed, or how many thunder tribulations he had avoided, and finally crossed the passage.

This is the beginning of all time and the beginning of all dimensions and planes!

Here, he saw a person sitting cross-legged, even evolving.

Here, there is nothing but chaos in itself, but in such a chaos, someone wants to create everything in the world, all space and time.

The weird man was also deeply surprised when he saw Wang Che suddenly break through the river of time.

Although he was at the beginning of all things, he could see all the space and time planes below the sum of time, but he didn't notice that Wang Che actually came here along the long river of time.

"It seems I succeeded, then you can wait to die!"

Wang Che breathed a sigh of relief. At this starting point, this person called Chu was actually not particularly strong himself.

It's just that, because he is in charge of all this, the creatures under his laws have no way to resist.

But now Wang Che has reached the beginning of time, has exceeded all the laws, and is no longer controlled by this person.

When I first looked at Wang Che, he said in a panic, "What do you want to do, I am the beginning of all things in the world, the starting point of all laws, the creator of all things. You want to kill me? Everything in the world ceases to exist, including you. Although you have jumped out of my law, you are created by me, and in the end you will die!"

"Really? You are really so confident." Wang Che looked at this person coldly, and didn't do anything directly, because he hadn't figured out the state of this person. If it really was what this person said, it might be possible. It's really a bit troublesome.

"Of course, I have already said that, walking along this river of time, all time, space and planes are created by me. I died at the beginning of this time, then it is equivalent to all Everything is vain, nothing exists anymore, I am dead, then the entire history will be buried for me!"

Chu still feels confident, but now he has a little bit of confidence when he says this.

Because of this madman who can surpass all his methods, the madman who crossed the river of time to the beginning of time on the ground may be able to perform miracles.

However, as soon as Chu's words fell, Wang Che suddenly made a move!

One of his big hands grabbed Chu's neck directly and pushed him into the chaos.

At first I felt like I was in desperation at that moment.

"You are indeed very powerful, able to create everything in the world, all time and space, but unfortunately, everything you create is not a **** you can play with. If you die, I can replace you."

Wang Che didn't mean to stop, he really wanted to kill this strange man this time.

Chu Chu's face was full of fear, he struggled desperately, but it was a pity that all his struggles were in vain in front of Wang Che.

In front of Wang Che, he had no power to fight.

Wang Che made his body extremely large, and at the same time his strength skyrocketed, so he didn't give him any chance.

At that moment, Chu Chu disintegrated directly, he came from nothing and returned to nothing.

Of course, after the first death, as he said, the entire river of time dimmed quickly, as if it was about to disappear completely.

As time goes by, the river disappears, and all space, time, and all planes seem to become empty forever.

"Hehe, I can do such a thing too!" Wang Che sat cross-legged in the place where he originally sat cross-legged, evolving the avenue in the same way.

It didn't take long for the long river of time that had been dim and lacklustre to slowly re-materialize.

"Sure enough, this thing does not have to be done by a certain person, anyone can do it, what else is there to pretend?"

After Wang Che mastered the trick, he suddenly felt extremely relaxed.

Of course, he did not let the long river of time follow its original trajectory, but through his own imagination, he created a broader and more expansive world.

Because now he can be said to be able to truly be born out of nothing, no matter what it is, what world, what law, as long as he can imagine it, he can create it with a single thought.

As for things like realm, it is a joke to him, no matter what kind of ability a creature possesses, he only needs a thought.

During the whole time, all natural disasters were corrected by him, and all living things developed under natural conditions.

Because space and time are infinite, and there are not too many disputes, they are all developing along their own tracks.

Of course, in all history, there is a powerful and omnipotent existence in people's minds, and that is the man named Wang Che.

From the Chaos Period, to the Mythical Period, to the Ancient Antiquity Period, in each period, all creatures worshipped that man together!

Of course, what no one knows is that Wang Che has built a vast world for himself in this heaven beyond.

In such a vast world, it can be said to be a real place of bliss, 10,000 times more beautiful than any place in the world.

In such a huge world, Qin Gelin admired Yuxi, Qin Xue, Qin Yu, and Li Yi, and even the little girl Fang joined in!

It's just that during those long years, everything they can play seems to have been played by them.

At this time, Qin Ge and others surrounded Wang Che again: "Wang Che, can't you have a new idea? Think about it, what fun things or delicious things can be done. We are all like this. Over the years, those tens of billions of food have been tired of eating, and those tens of billions of games have also been tired of playing. Can't you come up with a new idea!"

Beside him, the little husky is lying lazily. This little guy has also eaten tens of billions of delicacies. From the chaotic period to the end of the long river of time, all living things I dont know how many times I have tasted the foods I have invented, but I still get tired of eating them all.

Wang Che also feels some headaches now, and sure enough, no matter how omnipotent a person is, he will slowly become a little boring during these long unimaginable years.

"Or, let's go to the human world and see where there is fun!"

In the end, Wang Che had no choice but to prepare to take his own people to see the world.

However, he just thought so, and felt a little headache again, because in the vast world he created by himself, there are too many people he needs to carry. These are either his most important people, or he His favorite is either his child.

If you go to the world, you can directly burst a big world.

"Forget it, don't create a few worlds for fun..."

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