Home Rising From The Technology SystemChapter 518

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"Suck it, **** it up?"

The corners of Ashura's mouth twitched wildly, and the muscles on his face trembled, almost falling by thunder.

At this time, Wallis had a pair of bright eyes, looking at the Andromeda gradually disappearing into the universe, and he felt a sense of loss.

After all, she has also spent hundreds of years of life on this planet.

Now that it has disappeared like this, it is impossible without any feeling.

"Brother, our hatred has finally been avenged, and the radiation gene that father imprinted for you finally showed his power. What are you planning now?"

Asura retracted his gaze from Wallis, smiled at Guo Zhenyu, and said.

"How did you plan?"

Guo Zhenyu looked at Shen Mei'er and Xia Xiyue with nostalgia, smirking: "On the earth star, there is a saying that tells me to go to my clothes and hide my name.

I think what I am after is the most ordinary life.

There are one or two women who love themselves and I love, and one acre of land is enough! "

"Oh? Is your pursuit so simple?"

Asura was surprised, and said: "You know, you used to be the son of Clone Star King!"

"What about Wang's son? Don't you have the right to pursue a simple life?"

Guo Zhenyu patted Asura on the shoulder, and said, "Brother, the disappearance of Andromeda now represents the end of a cosmic federation.

Does the universe need to be unified in the future? Whether it needs to be governed, I want to hear your opinion! "

Asura did not expect that Guo Zhenyu would suddenly ask this question. In fact, he also considered this point.

Therefore, he stated his own point of view: "In fact, the planets in the universe originally operate independently, and they follow their own rules under the framework of the general rules of the solar system.

As for using the standards of life forms on a certain planet to require many other life forms to comply with their standards, I think this is depriving life forms of their full strength in diversity!

Therefore, from my personal point of view, the universe does not need to be unified, let alone be governed!

Let them follow the original rules and let them go with the situation! "

"Good point!" Docks applauded. He is a person who pursues Taoxing's independence and freedom. Just now he was worried that the collapse of the Universe Federation would be replaced by another force.

But now, the two brothers Guo Zhenyu, who have the strongest combat power in the universe, have expressed such a statement, who would dare to covet the jurisdiction of the universe? Still thinking of a unified universe?

"I add a few words!"

Crazy Peach interjected: "Actually, don't you think I am dedicated to scientific research, but I have thought about why the universe will be unified by the Federation!"

Everyone cast a curious look at him, looking forward to his next words.

"Ahem, what? Don't look at me like this!"

Crazy Peach coughed twice, and then said: "In fact, the reason why the Universe Federation has a unified heart for the universe is because there are not enough justice forces to restrict them.

It causes them to do whatever they want and do their own way, no one can cure them.

This is not only manifested in force, but also in science.

In a sense, the strength of science will create the strength of force.

Especially in this era of cold weapons, science is particularly important! "

Everyone nodded in agreement, and Xia Xiyue said, "Since science is so important, why don't we build a strong scientific system?

Let our science be at the forefront of the universe? "

"Well, so, I want to propose, can you find a planet and establish the top science and technology bureau in the universe like the Federation?

When will the best scientists in the universe gather here to benefit the entire universe? "

Peach Madman suggested.

"Haha, your proposal is good, let me say, you guys can be the first helm of the Science and Technology Bureau!"

Guo Zhenyu smiled and said, "That's it, the responsibility of finding this planet is left to you.

I only have one proposal. Can this science and technology bureau be called "Yunteng Science and Technology Bureau" then? "

"Yun Teng?"

Xia Xiyue's pretty face immediately blushed. This name was exactly the name of her previous group.

Naturally, she knew Guo Zhenyu's hard work.

Others understood it even more quickly and all agreed.

At this time, Guo Zhenyu said again: "The other thing I want to suggest is that Crazy Peach was right.

The universe does need such a force to be able to check and balance those life forms that want to be unified. "

"So? Let's suggest another strong association?" Docks said first.

"No, this name is too ugly, it's better to call the Universe Dragon Group!" Guo Zhenyu glanced at Shen Meier, and said with a smile.

Suddenly, everyone understood again in seconds.

Guo Zhenyu can't just consider Xia Xiyue and ignore Shen Mei'er. This kind of care for one and the other can easily cause an imbalance between the two women.

Shen Meier gave Guo Zhenyu a smile, her eyes filled with tenderness!

Guo Zhenyu's heart moved, he embraced one in his hand, and said to the others: "I'm going to live my fairy life, and you can take care of the rest!"


When everyone saw Guo Zhenyu hugged from left to right, they were jealous and hated!


A year later, Crazy Peach found a small object called Alpha in the solar system's orbit close to Jupiter.

A top scientific research organization called "Yunteng Science and Technology Bureau" was formed there.

Wallis is the director, and Peach Crazy is the deputy director!

In the same year, Ashura was on the other side of Jupiter.

On a planet named Beta, a top-level military organization named "Dragon Team God of War" was formed.

Specially deal with the armed forces that want to unify the universe.

Asura is the deputy team leader and Guo Zhenyu is the team leader.

However, this team leader has not been here since the establishment of this organization.

I heard that on a planet named Earth, I spent the whole day traveling with two beautiful women, enjoying a happy life.

Of course, Dookes returned to Taoxing, he realized the promise to the people of Taoxing and gave them freedom.

Two years later.

Asura, Peach Madman, Watts, and Pokesi received an invitation from Earth Star.

It said: "This year's Qixi Festival, please come and drink the wedding wine between my two ladies and me. Don't forget to bring special products when you come!"

"This kid, what a happy day!" Asura put the invitation in his pocket, shook his head and smiled, and hurried to the earth star.

The other people also packed up. After the arrangements were made, they boarded the battleship and flew towards the earth star.

On the seventh day of July, when everyone arrived to present their gifts, they were planning to see a few people go to the hall and get married, but they were shocked to find that Guo Zhenyu was actually drunk before going to the hall.

And he kept muttering: "No, I don't want to get married, I want the third wife, the fourth wife, the fifth wife, and the sixth wife..."

(End of the book!)

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