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Chapter 792 Entering the Aboriginal Tribe

Li Yunfei is a refreshing person. He saw Qin Yuan's worries, "Captain Qin, don't worry, this person will never hold you back. I'm just worried that those people are holding biochemical weapons, and many of us have more strength! "

Qin Yuan knew that if he said it too bluntly, it would hurt his self-esteem, so he changed his way of speaking.

"Captain Li, I know your kindness, but the most important thing now is that these militants dont know if they will run out of other entrances. Then you have to be the last guarantee here. If we all go in and get back from the enemy, then compare It's dangerous!"

Li Yunfei thought for a while. This is indeed the truth, and once again asked Qin Yuan and the others to pay attention to safety. He didn't want these brothers to have an accident.

Qin Yuan is not afraid of biological and chemical weapons. He was immune to bacterial and biological weapons before, mainly because he was worried about other members of the red blood cell team.

And when he was dealing with Basad before, he absorbed his bacterial weapons. Now he has a protective film on his body. This kind of biological and chemical weapons should not be able to hurt him.

The rest of the red blood cell team put on night vision goggles, and they rushed through the jungle quickly. Those militants took hostages. Although they would disguise, the hostages could not.

So their course of action is very obvious. This kind of jungle is a primitive jungle, with almost no roads, only trails stepped by some animals.

Looking at the trajectory of these people, Qin Yuan felt that the biggest threat to this group of people was only biochemical weapons. Their abilities were really too poor, and there was no basic direction to distinguish them. They all belonged to random chaos.

This primitive jungle is indeed very large, and the group of militants set off in the morning, and Qin Yuan and the others only came in at night, and they would have a certain distance. In this way, everyone continued to track for another half an hour.

Qin Yuan saw that there seemed to be someone in front of him and made a gesture to remind everyone to be vigilant. He moved quickly and found that it was a corpse.

This dress should belong to that group of militants, with an assault rifle hanging on his shoulders, but why did this militant die here?

Qin Yuan asked everyone to check the surroundings first. In this case, everyone could only turn on the flashlight. Under the illumination of the flashlight, they discovered that there were very messy footsteps around. There should have been fierce fighting and the surrounding bushes were overwhelmed.

There were bullet shells everywhere, and Qin Yuan turned the militant over, only to find that the militant had an arrow in his chest, and corrosion had occurred around the wound.

It seemed that this was a poisonous arrow. After he pulled it out, the arrow was not made of iron, but made of sharp bamboo. This primitive weapon seemed to be a local indigenous tribe.

Before, Li Yunfei told him that the indigenous tribes here are all cannibals, so why did they leave this militant here alone, because for them, this is food.

These militants were attacked by the indigenous tribes here, but these militants had guns in their hands. They should have successfully confronted and escaped.

He Chenguang squatted down and looked at the militant in front of him carefully. The militant had tattoos on his chest and face, and he looked densely packed.

Qin Yuan suddenly thought that he seemed to have read in a book that these natives believed in gods very much because of backwardness, and this person had tattoos on his body. Could this be the reason? Those natives did not drag him away.

The earth arrows made of this kind of bamboo pieces do not have much damage power. The most damage power is the venom on the arrow. These indigenous people on the Internet will not go out. After all, there are more beasts outside, and they still follow the rules of the jungle.

So at present, Qin Yuan and the others are safe. I hope they will follow the trail for a while, and when they reach the open area ahead, they find that the footprints here are more chaotic. From this look, it seems that everyone has run away.

What is the situation? Seeing the footsteps lead in all directions, should they also pursue them separately?

Li Erniu put forward his own opinions. He felt that the two were pursued separately as a team, anyway, their individual combat capabilities were good.

Qin Yuan immediately rejected this idea. The biggest threat to the hottest militants is biochemical weapons. After all, biochemical weapons are prohibited in the world, and they have not been trained in this area.

The most important thing is that they are not wearing chemical protective clothing. If they are attacked by biological and chemical weapons, they will have to wait for death just like the local civilians.

Qin Yuan thought for a while, it was time to let the Erniu mouse come out to move, he let everyone rest in place first, taking advantage of this gap, he let the mouse out.

"You are in this kind of jungle, can you summon others of the same kind?"

Er Niu Mouse nodded desperately.

"Yes! Then you call out the same kind, search for these footprints separately, you will be my vision in front."

After getting the order, Er Niu Mouse quickly set off. After a while, the sound of brushing came to mind.

Everyone got up vigilantly, only Qin Yuan knew that this was the Erniu rat summoning other similar species, and those rats act together.

With these mice, it saves a lot of effort. The temperature in this jungle is very low and humid. At this temperature, there are even mosquitoes.

The rest was almost the same, the Erniu Mouse ran very far, it was tracking towards the place with the most footprints, and Qin Yuan also led the team to keep up.

After a while, through the mouse's vision, he saw seven or eight people living in front of a pile of fire sitting around the fire and sleeping, and it seemed that the militants were not civilians.

The Er Niu Mouse ran very fast. Qin Yuan estimated that it was about four to five kilometers long, and he took a closer look. There were no biochemical weapons around these people.

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It seems that at the intersection just now, they should have had another war with the local natives, because there are several tribes here, and everyone has escaped. This is one of them.

Since there is no biological weapon, then take the opportunity to destroy them all.

"Brother Qin, are you running too fast? We can't see the trace!"

Qin Yuan took out a reflective strip and stuck it on his back, "Don't worry, you just follow me, don't let it go, I have traced the smell of the group!"

In this way, everyone worked hard to keep up with Qin Yuan's footsteps. When they were about to get closer, Qin Yuan signaled everyone to lower their voices and pointed to the flames ahead.

I go! Qin Yuan really found such a large virgin forest, and Li Erniu quietly gave a thumbs up. As expected, it is Brother Qin, who has always been so powerful.

"Remember, one will be left alive later, and all others will be killed! All cold weapons are used and no shooting is allowed!"

Qin Yuan was still more cautious. He didn't want to disturb the natives at night. After all, he must be very familiar with the natives of the terrain, and he didn't want to confront the natives.

Qin Yuan just finished talking, everyone started to take action. He took the lead in using the Throwing Knife skill to kill the two outermost people. It was easy to escape there. He didn't want everyone to track down in the virgin forest at night, it would be easy to walk. Disperse, so first cut off their escape route.

He Chenguang and the others rushed forward and killed them with a saber. A few militants just woke up and were thrown out by Qin Yuan to solve them.

At this time, only one person was left. The militant pulled off his clothes, took out a grenade, and tremblingly said: "Don't come here, or I will sound the grenade, and everyone will die together!"

After Qin Yuan took a look, he thought of a strategy. This militant looked very young. According to his gun gesture, he should be a novice.

Qin Yuan didn't have it at all, fearing that he would approach step by step, he was cruel, gritted his teeth and pulled the string of the thunder away, holding it tightly in his hand, his hands trembling.

He closed his eyes and waited for the explosion of the grenade, but after three seconds passed, the grenade still did not explode, and Qin Yuan had already walked to him.

He was very puzzled, could this be a dud? No, he was so unlucky that he got a dud as soon as he got it.

Qin Yuan took off the grenade in his hand and placed it gently on the ground, "Shhh, don't make any movements!"

Then a standard grappling hand over the shoulder was to directly press the militant to the ground.

The explosive power of this kind of grenade is very strong, so the designer made a special device for safety reasons, that is, this kind of grenade needs to be knocked once after the string is pulled, and then thrown out to explode.

Seeing that his cards were gone, the militant was so scared that he hugged his head and begged for mercy. After Qin Yuan's persecution, he said that they were indeed separated after being attacked by the indigenous people.

The other group of people fled with biological and chemical weapons, which they used to save their lives. He originally wanted to follow that group, but did not catch up.

And in his description, those indigenous people are very scary.

"I said, why are you kidding me like that? Anyway, you are militants. Can you look a little armed? Is the gun in your hand a fire stick?"

"No! You don't understand! The aboriginal people are very fast, we can't aim at all, I even suspect that they are not human! We already have six or seven brothers who died in their hands!"

"Then all of your people died in the hands of these natives. Are those hostages taken away by those with biological and chemical weapons?"

When asked about this, the militant's eyes were a little dodge, and he didn't speak any more. Qin Yuan kicked him on the back before he slowly said that they were so busy running away that they couldn't take care of the hostages and characters. It was taken as prey and taken back by the local natives.

At this time, Er Niu Mouse sent new information, but still did not find the few people with biological weapons, but found an aboriginal tribe with some civilians **** in a small house.

After Qin Yuan heard the militants finished speaking, he was dealt with in one stroke. For these people, there was no need to be merciful.

Previously, his primary goal was to deal with those with biological and chemical weapons, but now it seems that it is more important to save the civilians first. After saving these civilians, he can let Li Erniu and the others take the civilians out first, and he will go alone. Deal with the few people with biological and chemical weapons.

This way everyone is not in danger. He can act better alone. The most important thing is that he feels that this biochemical weapon is definitely not simple. After all, in this remote small city, according to the material situation of these people, they simply dont have the financial resources to develop the weapon. .

You have to investigate the background carefully. These militants are probably just being used as guns.

Taking advantage of the dark night to rescue those civilians, this was the best opportunity. Everyone believed in Qin Yuan very much and followed him along the way. The most important thing now was speed, and it was difficult to handle it at dawn.

When they rushed to the tribe, they squatted around and looked around. The civilians were locked in a wooden fence like cattle. There were two guards outside. These people were wearing animal clothing but were already asleep.

This tribe is surrounded by a circle of thorns, there are some simple wooden fences, and a raging fire burning in the middle. These things should be used to prevent large beasts.

Qin Yuan led everyone to move quietly and opened a wooden fence. After they entered, they saw some clothes and bones left on the south side of the road. From this look, they were all militants during the day.

These militants were really eaten by them. Passing by the fire, there were some clay pots beside them when they were talking. Li Erniu glanced curiously and almost threw up.

They are all leftover meat, UU reading www.uukanshu. Cannibals like com are really terrifying, and Li Erniu thinks he might not want to eat meat for the next week.

Unexpectedly, when Qin Yuan and the others were about to approach the civilians, torches were lit up in an instant, and the indigenous people rushed out of the tent, holding the torches and banging on the drum next to them and shouting.

I go! There was no movement at all from these natives, which surprised Qin Yuan very much. His hearing and agility, but world-class, didn't even notice these special circumstances.

Li Erniu quickly picked up the gun and aimed at the indigenous people, he didn't want to be the food in these people's jars.

Qin Yuan tried to listen for a while, and he could understand it. These 6,000 languages are really not covered, and this skill has really grown.

Next, a man with an animal skin cap and various decorations came out and said a lot. The natives took up poison arrows and prepared to launch them.

At this time Qin Yuan suddenly raised his hand and said loudly, "Don't do it, we are our own!"

And this sentence was also babbled in Li Erniu's ears, and it was exactly the same as these indigenous words.

Li Erniu looked at Qin Yuan in shock. He said before that he knew the local language, just because he checked the local dictionary, but how did these natives explain?

And what Qin Yuan said seemed to be really useful, because the leader had already made a pause gesture towards the person next to him.

"Who are you? How can we speak the language of our tribe!"

Qin Yuan thought for a while, but he had to fudge these people. He looked at the totems around the tribe. The animal looked very like an elephant.

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