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This anger was undoubtedly passed from the Fang Patriarch.

He has been waiting here all the time, just to wait for Lin Fan to appear.

Because there is no other exit from this cultivation cave, you can only come out through this gate.

He knew that he would wait until Lin Fan here.

After the rest of the people came out, a small number of people secretly left, worried that they would be robbed, but most of them stayed.

When they stayed here, they also heard what happened between Patriarch Fang and Lin Fan, and they stayed here to watch this scene appear.

They all knew that in this situation, Patriarch Fang couldn't help Lin Fan.

It would be a shame if they had missed this wonderful picture.

"Lin Fan has finally come out! To be honest, when Lin Fan dealt with Fang's family, I was there to watch, and I really admire Lin Fan!"

"Yeah, not only are you present, but I am also present. I really didn't expect that he could have such a strong strength. It really surprised me."

"Heaven-level Lingbao, middle-level martial arts, the methods are endless!"

"Such a powerful young man, if there are no accidents, there is no doubt that he will grow up quickly in the future."

"At that time, maybe the young top figures of our Dafeng dynasty will have his place."

"Yes, yes, I am still looking forward to where he can grow!"

"It is indeed not what we can expect to grow up to, but what is certain is that he will face the danger of Patriarch Fang."

"This is true. After all, he eliminated the Fang family's first elder, Fang's second elder, Fang's third elder, Fang's fourth elder, Fang Qianjun and others. This is equivalent to destroying most of the Fang family. How could the Patriarch let him go?"

"I don't know if he can survive this difficulty. If he can't listen, then his talent and growth potential are useless."

"You can't speak too absolute, you know, Lin Fan is a student of Nanluo College, and now there are Tang Xiaoxiao and Yue Shan beside him."

"With Tang Xiaoxiao, Yue Shan and others here, they wouldn't be watching Lin Fan die, right?"

"Although there are them here, you should know that Patriarch Fang has the cultivation realm of the initial stage of Formation Realm. Can they stop Patriarch Fang?"

"Yeah! Patriarch Fang has the strength of the cultivation realm in the initial stage of the Formation Realm. Tang Xiaoxiao and Yue Shan are not the opponents of Patriarch Fang!"

Everyone started discussing at this moment, and they all knew the strength of Patriarch Fang.

For Tang Xiaoxiao, Yue Shan and others, they naturally admire their talents. They also know that they are all talented students of Nanluo College. Give them enough time to believe that they can grow up to surpass Patriarch Fang.

But that is always enough time to grow. As for now, they are definitely not opponents.


Here is the Saint Tianzong.

After Duan Yuanzheng and others came out of the cultivation cave, they also heard that there was Patriarch Fang waiting for Lin Fan. They did not leave in a hurry, but found a place outside waiting for Lin Fan and others. appear.

"Senior Brother Duan, do you think Patriarch Fang really dares to take action against Lin Fan?" a man asked.

Duan Yuanzheng said with a faint smile: "If he doesn't dare to make a move, then he may still have a chance to survive. If he dares to make a move, then he will undoubtedly die."

"He has the cultivation level of the initial stage of the Formation Realm. If the strength that bursts out is stronger than that of the middle puppet, wouldn't he have a chance to kill Lin Fan?" the man asked suspiciously.

"Do you think a person from the Fang family, even if it is the head of the Fang family, how strong can his methods be?"

Duan Yuanzheng's eyes condensed, and he said lightly: "He doesn't have the strength to leapfrog the challenge at all, let alone the stage of forming the realm."

"What's more, even if he really has the ability to leapfrog challenges, you must know that the medium puppet does not have any pain. Since there is no pain, if you want to destroy the medium puppet, at least it must be the mid-stage cultivation The strength of the pinnacle of the realm can even be achieved by the strength of the cultivation realm in the later stage of the formation realm.

"So, looking at it this way, the Patriarch Fang cannot be the opponent of the middle puppet."

"If he doesn't do anything, Lin Fan may not kill him yet, but if he does, then Lin Fan will definitely kill him. Anyway, he has already got rid of so many people in the Fang family, and I don't mind getting rid of more people. One, do you think this is true?"

"Yes, Brother Duan is right!"

Several people looked at each other and nodded, thinking that Duan Yuanzheng made a lot of sense.

Duan Yuanzheng's eyes flashed and looked at Lin Fan, without saying anything more.


Here at Tianwumen.

After Shu Hongtu and others came out of the Cultivation Cave, they also heard what happened here. They did not leave in a hurry, and chose to stand by and wait.

This will see Lin Fan and the others come out, and their eyes will converge on Lin Fan.

"This Patriarch Fang wants to deal with you, he is really seeking his own way!" said a man beside Shu Hongtu.

Hearing this, another man nodded and said: "Yes, Lin Fan's medium puppet has burst out of strength comparable to the mid-stage cultivation realm of Formation Realm. This Patriarch only has the strength of the initial cultivation realm of Formation Realm. It is indeed impossible to be an opponent of a medium puppet. If you deal with a medium puppet, you will only have to die."

Having said this, their eyes all turned to Shu Hongtu.

Obviously, they all knew that Shu Hongtu had something to say.

Shu Hongtu's eyes narrowed slightly, and he said faintly: "I guess that Patriarch Fang didn't know that there was something like a medium puppet on Lin Fan. If he knew it, he would never dare to trouble Lin Fan, after all. It means to die in vain."

"Yeah, he definitely doesn't know. If he knows, he should have run away. How could he still be here waiting for Lin Fan to come and deal with him?"

Several others nodded, obviously agreeing with Shu Hongtu's statement.


Zhan Yuezong here.

After Yu Shuiyao and the others came out of the cultivation cave, they still did not leave here in a hurry.

Yu Shuiyao herself wanted to find a chance to get in touch with Lin Fan so as to become friends with Lin Fan.

After all, she already knew exactly how great Lin Fan's talent and growth potential were.

In this case, if you can become friends with Lin Fan in advance, that is obviously a very good choice.

"Sister Yu, the Patriarch Fang shouldn't know that Lin Fan has a medium puppet, right? If you know, his strength at the initial cultivation level of the Forming Realm will definitely not be able to beat the medium puppet. How could he stay here and wait for Lin? Where to come out?" a woman said.

"Yes, people like Patriarch Fang, at this stage of the modeling realm, I don't think they have the ability to leapfrog the challenge. He knows that the medium puppet on Lin Fan has a strength comparable to the mid-stage cultivation realm of the formation realm and he chose to stay. If you die, it would be a foolish act." Another woman said.

"Well, what you said is right, he is just a Fang family Patriarch, and the methods he owns can't be as powerful as possible. This is the limitation of his resources."

Hearing the words of the two of them, Yu Shuiyao nodded and said: "So, he wants to have the ability to leapfrog challenges at this stage of the Formation Realm. The difficulty is very, very huge."

"What's more, even if he really has the ability to challenge the mid-stage cultivation realm of the Forming Realm, that doesn't mean that he can deal with that medium puppet."

"Because, if you want to completely destroy the medium puppet, I guess it will be the strength of the cultivation realm in the later stage of the Forming Realm. Just a tie with the medium puppet will not cause any harm to Lin Fan."

After Yu Shuiyao finished speaking, a woman opened her mouth and said: "That Fang family is really miserable. Most of it has been destroyed. If even the head of the Fang family died here, it would be completely finished."

"This has nothing to do with us." Another woman said.

"We can just keep looking. In short, we don't need to care about other things." Yu Shuiyao said.


This is the Liege Academy.

When the five people from Tan Wenyao came out of the cultivation cave, they also heard about the Fang Family's main dealing with Lin Fan.

They still had a little interest, but when they heard that Patriarch Fang only had the cultivation realm in the early stage of the Formation Realm, this interest was completely lost.

After all, they knew very well that such strength would never be able to deal with the middle puppet next to Lin Fan.

Since they couldn't deal with the middle puppets around Lin Fan, it meant that if the Fang family took the initiative, they could only be killed by Lin Fan, and they would not be able to see the picture of Lin Fan being eliminated.

Therefore, they resolutely chose to leave instead of staying here and watching.

In any case, they were defeated by Lin Fan before, and all the storage bags on them were taken away.

This is the greatest shame they have experienced in their lives.

This kind of shame, in their opinion, they don't even want to raise their heads and behave until it reaches Lin Fan.

Therefore, it is better for them to leave early, lest Lin Fan will focus on them again after a while.


Xiao's side.

The elder of the Xiao family glanced at Patriarch Fang, and then at Lin Fan who had just walked out of the cultivation cave. He could not help but frown and said, "Patriarch, the old thing of the Fang family already has the cultivation realm of the initial stage of creation, if he is If you attack Young Master Lin, then Young Master Lin will be in danger!"

Xiao Changshan nodded and said, "Yes, the strength of that old thing's cultivation realm in the early stage of the Formation Realm burst out, and I am not his opponent."

"Then what should I do now?" Elder Xiao family asked again.

They were already completely on Lin Fan's side, and if something happened to Lin Fan, it would not be good news for them.

Therefore, they will naturally worry about such things.

Xiao Changshan thought for a while, and said, "Although I am not an opponent of that old thing alone, don't forget that there are Tang Xiaoxiao and Yue Shan and others on Master Lin's side. If we all join hands, it might be possible to be with that old man. In the first battle between East and West, as long as you can keep Young Master Lin safe."

They didn't know that Lin Fan had a medium puppet, so they could only think of this way.

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