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Finally, the extremely mysterious first man came out after a thousand calls. At the end of the cemetery of the gods slowly emerged his own figure.

It's just that Xu Yang really didn't expect the outline of this guy to be so familiar to him. It turned out that the first emperor was no one else, but the little mushroom that was attached to Xu Yang before.

The shape of the small mushroom is also the ninth incarnation conceived by the first emperor in the last thousand years. As long as he unlocks ten talents and completes his cultivation, the first emperor can descend upon the catastrophe of the world in advance. Now that he reunited with his old friend in such a form, Xu Yang was only full of helplessness.

"I really can't think of my last opponent being you. Looking back on everything we experienced before, I really can't bear to penetrate your body with the most powerful blade in my hand. If you can give up being tied to the will of the Supreme God Together, there may be opportunities for everything."

However, this time the little mushroom, which had been transformed into a human form, shook her head decisively, and she could see that her expression was also filled with a hint of resentment.

"I have merged all the fetuses of Rank Nine into one. Besides your soul origin, the entire world has only the most complete supreme will, with the strength of the soul that can control my fetus of Rank Nine.

So I had no choice at all for all of this. When I first created such a technique, the fate between you and me was already doomed.

I thank you for the wonderful memories you left with me in my ninth life, and for helping me quickly open up ten talents along the way.

But today, you and I can only have one person alive and leaving the victory. He will control the fate of the entire main continent and become the eternal ruler of this continent. The person who failed can be regarded as the ultimate relief. "

Xu Yang could feel that Little Mushroom was reluctant to give up, but now that she had made such a decision, there was nothing left to say. The two sides could only speak with their strongest strength.

"Then let you see the supreme artifact and the strongest technique that belongs to me."

After talking, the little mushroom gave a violent shock. Behind his body, a huge humanoid totem shining with golden light appeared directly.

The most special thing about this guy is that he possesses the supreme phantom and the talent that belongs exclusively to the supreme human emperor. Seeing the terrifying aura released by this huge totem, Xu Yang immediately understood that the strongest profundity of the other party should be the extremely powerful vitality. And the strongest talent that Human Emperor Supreme possesses is true immortality.

The little mushroom now looks like a mountain and the world lasts forever, looking through the vicissitudes of ancient and modern times. Every golden light radiated from his body, full of traces of the years.

Xu Yang can see at a glance that the powerful talent of this Emperor Supreme has also surpassed the limit of ten thousand ways. Although he seems to be just the ultimate totem of a person.

But Xu Yang knew very well that he wanted to defeat the opponent's smashing of this supreme totem, and the difficulty was equal to the level of destroying the entire main continent. The smile on Little Mushroom's face became rich, he didn't believe that there was some kind of power in the world that could crush the totem behind him.

"Let's give up resistance, I can even share the ten thousand miles of the main continent with you. After all, you have helped me before, and you are the only person in this world who is qualified to be my friend.

You don't need to surrender to me, our relationship is equal. You hold the strongest sword in the world, but I am also the strongest shield in the world. It is impossible to tell the winner between us. "

Xu Yang laughed loudly when he heard what the other party said.

"I appreciate your kindness, but you probably haven't seen my strongest sword. Whether it is success or failure, I must be worthy of my own three hundred years. Be worthy of those who follow me. Millions of cultivators. Also worthy of my promise to the Great Avenue of the World in front of the ancient clock."

After Xu Yang finished talking about his back, one after another bright sword lights appeared, until the ninth and strongest sword appeared. Under Xu Yang's incomparable powerful soul, all nine heavenly master artifacts In the next moment, it merges into one in an instant.

"What! Nine swords combined into one, it is also a supreme artifact!"

Little Mushroom was completely stunned, even Xu Yang himself completed this unprecedented pioneering work for the first time. Because under the system of the main continent, there has never been any living body that can create a supreme artifact with its own power. But Xu Yang did this with his own ability, completing this unprecedented epic achievement.

When this incomparable supreme divine sword appeared above Xu Yang's head, it exuded extremely powerful, as if it could shatter the aura of the entire continent, and directly shocked the ancient clock above the void to release ninety-nine-ninety-eighty times. There was a loud bang, expressing his respect to Xu Yang in this way.

The position of the sole fusion of the sword heart of the supreme divine sword is surprisingly the totem of the Tao of Tai Chi created by Xu Yang. When Xu Yang held this supreme divine sword with both hands, all the power in his body was poured into this supreme divine sword.

When the sharp edge of this sword was completely released, all the colors between heaven and earth disappeared. Only Xu Yang's earth-shaking roar came out.


Rumble! The terrifying sound completely destroyed everything. The perfect supreme totem that Xiao Mushroom is most proud of also fell in Xu Yang's sword of exterminating the world. His soul world was completely shattered. All the extraterritorial forces belonging to the will of the Supreme God have also turned into nothingness in Xu Yang's horrible sword.

It is worth mentioning that when Xiao Mushroom's body was broken, Xu Yang suddenly opened his palm and used Kunlun Dao techniques to forcibly ingest his soul and soul. And under the attention and protection of Xu Yang's powerful vitality, this soul has become a mushroom again.

And he was given a brand new soul power by Xu Yang, as if it was his ninth fetus who had lived again. After finishing these, Xu Yang showed a satisfied smile, and put this little thing on his shoulder again, all the haze was completely dissipated, and the sky regained its shining light again. The **** sky has completely become history.

Every monk who followed Xu Yang in the main battlefield uttered hysterical cheers, shouting out the most excited voices of their lives.

Until a certain moment, the incomparable ancient bell rang in the sky, and the first light of the new era fell on Xu Yang.

At the same time, Xu Yang's reincarnation mirror's exclusive supreme artifact turned into a rainbow that pierced the sky, like a bridge to another world, fusing the breath of Xu Yang and the ancient clock together.

Immediately afterwards, Xu Yang's perfect body hovered on top of the dome, standing proudly on top of the endless clouds. And that huge ancient bell supreme artifact turned into an extremely noble emperor's crown and slowly fell on Xu Yang's head.

At this moment, Xu Yang finally achieved the greatest achievement of his life. With his own power, he saved the last century Yuan of the main continent and became the unparalleled supreme lord on this continent...

End of the book.

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Chapter 1688: Please See Haze God Chapter 1689: Get Out Of Trouble Chapter 1690: Dream Trial Chapter 1691: Inheritance Chapter 1692: Second Temple Chapter 1693: Haze On God's Plot.. Chapter 1694: Face Off The Three Major Military Formations Chapter 1695: One's Coercion Chapter 1696: Water Dragon Swallows Arrows Chapter 1697: Cooperative Wild Empire Chapter 1698: So Called Hole Cards Chapter 1699: Obliterate The Black Warlord Chapter 1700: Light Power Blessing Chapter 1701: Huo Ling Ji Chapter 1702: Coalition Invasion Chapter 1703: Nightmare Valley Chapter 1704: Messenger Of God Chapter 1705: Soul Swap Chapter 1706: Light Of Faith Chapter 1707: Eternal Dream Chapter 1708: The Second Temple World.. Chapter 1709: Where Is The Angelic Bloodline Chapter 1710: Genting Fight Chapter 1711: Crush The Creation Lord Chapter 1712: New Letter From The Second Temple.. Chapter 1713: Tongtian Road First Battle Chapter 1714: One Person One Sword.. 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