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Chapter 1926 Beloved Master: I really dont!

Luo Zixin's face is not very good, especially after everyone has eaten the things bought by Monan Chong.

After being spoiled by Monan, he saw that everyone had eaten what he bought and did not eat what Luo Zixin made, and asked unintentionally: "Why don't you eat what Zixin made?"

Luo Zixin's face became a little ugly on the spot.

Monan Chong: "???"

Xi Rui: "It's hard to swallow, I ate glass."

"Glass?" Menanchong sat down in shock, and then began to eat.

[Thank our patron, at least there will be no glass in the things our patron buys!

Fuck, I feel so sorry for our family Xirui, I actually ate the glass slag, but fortunately he felt it, otherwise, his throat may be cut!

[Yes, how can cooking be done like this!

Goddess is still not in the kitchen!

[And it seems to be really unpalatable, only Qian Lulu swallowed it, and she seemed to regret that she had eaten it, because no one else had eaten it, and even Luo Zixin did not expect that the things she made were so unpalatable. , She is also great, I don't know what it tastes like when I do it myself!

[I remembered a classic saying that Rong Ye once said, I made it, and the ghost knows how delicious it is!


After breakfast, a group of people followed Luo Zixin's arrangement and went out to play.

Because the weather is good, Luo Zixin took everyone to the racecourse, preparing to ride horses together.

"I have always liked riding horses, because I have filmed a lot of costume dramas, so I also need to ride horses, so I learned how to ride horses." Luo Zixin said in the car.

"I can do a little too." Xi Rui said, "The costume show does require a lot of horseback dramas. My original intention of learning horseback riding is also for the costume show! Do you all ride?"

"I'm not good at it." Qian Lulu said worriedly, "You are all very good, only I can do nothing but eat."

Qian Lulu successfully amused everyone.

"Don't worry, I'll accompany you. I'm not very good at it." Mo Nanchong said, "Although our family has a horse, that horse is very smart. I only ride it since I was a child, so I don't know how other horses can I do. control."

Qian Lulu: "...then you can also ride a horse, you make me more autistic."

Mo Nan Chong: "I am really not good at it!"

"I don't believe it!" Qian Lulu snorted, "I think you must be an almighty person!"

Pamper: "I'm really not omnipotent, I can do a little bit."


Monans favorite: "..."

After arriving at the racecourse, a group of people changed into riding outfits.

The riding outfit is very handsome, all the people are entertainers, and the natural body looks are very good. Everyone can arouse a little cheer when they come out.

Luo Zixin is feminine, Monan is handsome, Qian Lulu is cute, each has its own characteristics.

In the horse selection session, Luo Zixin suggested that everyone choose their own horses. Dont let the coaches at the racecourse help you choose them. You can run a race after a while to see who can win. If who loses, you can sing a song and jump. A dance.

"I don't know how to choose, I will pick a beautiful one!"

Luo Zixin randomly picked a cute horse.

"Not bad." Di Yan said after taking a look.

Luo Zixin instantly became happy.

"Let me choose this." Di Yan chose a horse with very bright hair and a very good body shape. It looked like a good horse.

"Then I want to choose this!" Luo Zixin chose a beautiful white horse.

Xirui and Weidong also chose a relatively sturdy horse, which looked quite cute.

Monan Chongs eyes fell on a group of horses that did not look very strong and were not the tallest, and the horse looked a little bit unreliable.

But there is a kind of domineering around him.

She remembers that her mother once chose a horse king, which was also a weak looking horse.

Monan Chong felt that this horse was a match for his mothers one-eyed horse.

"I want this." Menan said, pointing to the horse.

"Are you sure you want this horse? This horse has always been lazy, unwilling to move, and has never been ridden." The breeder said in surprise, "It doesn't look the best in shape, you If you want to change, I can recommend others to you."

"No, I like it." Menan petted enough to touch the horse's head, but the horse's head was immediately deflected.

She didn't care too much, so she said she wanted this one.

"If you choose this horse, you will perform singing and dancing for us later!" Luo Zixin laughed.

The others nodded in agreement.

At first glance, this horse has no fighting power, and Monan's favor is sure to lose.

Mo Nan Chong laughed: "It's not even better."

A group of people led the horses out to the field.

As soon as I arrived at the place, I ran into another group of people. That group was also six people, six men. When I saw the people of Menan Chong and Luo Zixin, they looked over with interest.

This group of men seemed to be foolish, and one of them, full of tattoos, approached.

"Sisters are beautiful!"

Monan Chong looked at the man.

"What are you doing?" Di Yan asked coldly.

"Don't do anything, you guys are also here to ride horses. Isn't it more fun to race with more people?" The tattooed man said with interest, "We are very good at equestrianism!"

"Who is going to play with you?" Qian Lulu said irritably, "Have you not seen our filming?"

"It doesn't matter if there is a filming." The man said with a smile, "Why, you are afraid of us before you start the comparison?"

"If you are afraid, then forget it. There are a few big stars, even ordinary people are afraid!"

"It's so boring!"

This man was very agitated, said a lot of things, and slandered everyone.

Di Yan couldn't bear it, and finally agreed to compete with them.

If these people lose, naturally they have to apologize to them.

If these people win, the jokes of these people will be a little bit terrible, saying that they are going to kiss a few girls.

This makes Di Yan and the others even more annoyed.

"Your request is too unreasonable!"

"We won't promise you this kind of thing!"

"Don't go too far!"

"Why, can't afford to lose? Or, you surrendered before you even started?" The tattooed man sneered at Di Yan and the others.

Mo Nan Chong glanced at the tattooed man, "I bet with you, dont use them. Im alone, Ill bet with you."

"Huh?" The tattooed man looked at Monan Chong with interest, "Are you gamble with us?"

"Yes, I will lose if I lose." Menan looked at the man provocatively.

The man looked at Monan Chong from start to finish, "You are the most beautiful, okay, you bet with us, we are happy!"

(End of this chapter)


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Chapter 640: Waiting For The Door On The 19th Floor Chapter 641: Can't It Be Pure Friendship? Chapter 642: Helicopter Debut To Watch The Concert? Chapter 643: Miss Rongrong The Old Lady Invites You Home Chapter 644: Rong Ye On Stage Chapter 645: The Stage Was Blown Up By Handsome Chapter 646: How Many Vests Does Mrs. Young Have? Chapter 647: What Kind Of Tacit Understanding Is This? Chapter 648: Hurry Up Daddy Is Calling Chapter 649: Don't Abandon Yuer Chapter 650: I Will Be Responsible For You Chapter 651: Ye Rong Finally Opened Weibo Chapter 652: Is That A Little Bit Of Money? Chapter 653: Ye Rong: Who Will Wake Me Up? Chapter 654: Scandal Chapter 655: Xuanyuan's Family Is Watching Her? Chapter 656: I Was Underestimated Before I Met Chapter 657: Lord Rong Why Don't You Think About It Chapter 658: Don't Lose The Xuanyuan Family's Face Chapter 659: Lord Rong You Are Heartbroken Again Chapter 660: This Is Her Shop? She Does Not Know? Chapter 661: She Bought A Fake? Chapter 662: People Without Weight Dont Need To Be Ashamed Chapter 663: Is It A Trap For Ye Rong To Return To Xuanyuan's House? Chapter 664: No One Would Doubt That Her Paintings Are Fake Chapter 665: Who Is The Fake And Who Is Embarrassed Chapter 666: Lord Rongs Is The Real One Chapter 667: This Is Eccentric Chapter 668: Slap: Did I Perform Well? Chapter 669: Use Her Head As A Cutting Board? Chapter 670: She Knows How To Pretend Chapter 671: I Dont Like People Grabbing Food From My Mouth Chapter 672: Ye Rong: To Tell The Truth I Am A Face Control Chapter 673: The Fourth Young Master Of Beijing: Wait For A Face Chapter 674: Ye Rong: Why Is This Guy The Same As My Husband? Chapter 675: Turns Out To Ask For Painting? Chapter 676: Rong Ye: How Many Millions In Exchange For Hundreds Of Millions? Do You Think Chapter 677: Did She Fall In Love With Her Little Black Dragon Ring? Chapter 678: Mommy I Want To Bring The Whole Family To Help You Chapter 679: Chapter 680: Young Lady Are You The Richest Man In The World? Chapter 681: This Is Too Despising People Chapter 682: What Waste Did The Xuanyuan Family Send? Chapter 683: Go To Heaven Go To Heaven Chapter 684: Is There A Killer? Chapter 685: The Trump Card Was Defeated? Chapter 686: Xiaoyezhong Was Abused Right? Chapter 687: Let Her Be The Curator? Chapter 688: They Know Nothing About The Wealth Of The Young Lady Chapter 689: Do You Want A Face? Chapter 690: Newly Opened Vegetable Field Chapter 691: Huahua: Do You Want To Know? Steward Quan: No Chapter 692: Does This Dog Really Know Tai Chi? Chapter 693: Who Is This Handsome Man? Chapter 694: Fourth Master Came Back With Injuries Chapter 695: How Angry Is My Husband? Chapter 696: I'm Not Good Enough So You Are Looking For Small Fresh Meat? Chapter 697: Ye Rong: I Dug A Hole For Myself Chapter 698: Ye Rong Is Jealous Too Chapter 699: Rejected Chapter 700: Rong Ye Was Insulted Chapter 701: Tianques Managers All Respect Her So Much Chapter 702: They Were Kicked Out Of Tianque? Chapter 703: Sound From The Room Chapter 704: More Terrifying Than Catching Rape Chapter 705: His Injury Is For You Chapter 706: Xiao Nanyu: Will I Be Cut By Daddy? Chapter 707: Fourth Master Mo: Feeling Dull Chapter 708: Fourth Master Mo: I Feel More And More Like My Master Chapter 709: Devil Chapter 710: Overwhelming Advertising Chapter 711: Frustrated Chapter 712: Someone Always Knows Nothing About Her Financial Resources Chapter 713: Your Curator She Is A Rich Woman Chapter 714: Are You Hiding Your Privates? Chapter 715: The Head Leaning On Rong's Lap Chapter 716: Si Ye: Wife Called Me Jealous? Chapter 717: Want To Do Things That Dare Not Do Chapter 718: Take You To The Beidi Club For A Long Time Chapter 719: Storm Will Order Food? Chapter 720: The Mysterious Boss Is Finally Here? Chapter 721: It Seems That The Boss Of Beidi Club Has No Relationship With You Chapter 722: Ye Rong Is The Little Boss Behind The Scenes Chapter 723: The Vinegar Jar Is Jealous Again Chapter 724: I Like You No Matter How Bad You Are Chapter 725: Storm: This Dog Will Eat You Old Witch Chapter 726: The Old Witch Is Going To Fall Back Chapter 727: The Forced Intervention Of The Old Witch Chapter 728: By My Side For Generations Chapter 729: Don't You Believe That I Am The Boss Of Beidi Club? Chapter 730: Ye Shao Wanted To Enter The Rong Ye Support Club And Was Treated As A Waste Chapter 731: Negative Rumors Chapter 732: Really Frustrated Chapter 733: Rong Ye Prepares To Acquire The Martial Arts Hall Chapter 734: One? There Is Another? Chapter 735: Fourth Master Mo: Ha Ha. Chapter 736: The Special Habit Of The Right Steward Chapter 737: Storm: Fourth Lord Half Of Your Dog's Rice Bowl Chapter 738: It's An Egg Chapter 739: Xuanyuan Qiongyu Hooked Up With The Old Man In The Beidi Club Chapter 740: So She Was Cheated? Chapter 741: Tell Him Who The Boss Is Chapter 742: Does Your Face Hurt? Chapter 743: Jealous Chapter 744: Rongrong Something Happened Chapter 745: Opportunity To Stand Up? Chapter 746: Live Chapter 747: Beyond Everyone's Expectations Chapter 748: She Should Not Be Underestimated Chapter 749: Make A Big Profit Chapter 750: Little Meng Baoqi Wolf Domineering Debut Chapter 751: Shit They Opened A Zoo? Chapter 752: Fell In His Arms Chapter 753: The Martial Arts Hall Is No Longer Yours Chapter 754: Rogue To This Level? Chapter 755: How Much Did You Make? Chapter 756: Looking For His Wife's Autograph But Still Signing It In My Heart? Chapter 757: What Is This Scribbled Word? Chapter 758: Crit..drunk? Chapter 759: Are They Abandoned? Chapter 760: The Storm Is Missing? Chapter 761: The Door Of Xuanyuan's House Was Broken Chapter 762: Stupid Dog Believed Her Chapter 763: Rong Ye Guilt Chapter 764: Your Death Date Is Up Chapter 765: My Wife Is A Weak Woman Have A Little Strength Chapter 766: Let It Go Crazy Chapter 767: Would She Be So Kind? Chapter 768: Next Post Chapter 769: Mr. Ye There Is A Jar Of Vinegar In My House Chapter 770: Monopolized Her Chapter 771: Yuanjia Road Is Narrow Chapter 772: The Daughter In Law Was Shot? Chapter 773: Si Ye Slapped Himself In The Face Again Chapter 774: Damn This Is Too Cute Chapter 775: She Is Afraid That She Still Wants To Grab The Credit Chapter 776: Shocked Chapter 777: She Is A Winner In Life Chapter 778: Then Write Me An Iou Chapter 779: Reveal Her True Colors Chapter 780: Dont Understand? Chapter 781: Imposter Chapter 782: Lord Rong Show Off Chapter 783: N Isn't It? Chapter 784: Could It Be Him Or Them? Chapter 785: The Person Who Scared Xiao Yuer Chapter 786: Close The Door And Hit The Dog Chapter 787: The Old Witch Is Crazy Chapter 788: The More Beautiful Things Are More Dangerous Chapter 789: Do You Want Her To Shut Up? Chapter 790: What Are You Feeding Me Chapter 791: It's Too Fierce Chapter 792: Ugly Rejection Chapter 793: Fourth Master The Young Lady Cheated Chapter 794: Si Ye Huo Baby Chapter 795: They Were Caught Chapter 796: Mrs. Young Is About To Have An Accident So I Can't Contact The Fourth Master Chapter 797: Enemy Chapter 798: Rongrong Was Conspired Chapter 799: You Are Too Weak Chapter 800: He Can't Wait For A Second Chapter 801: This Body Chapter 802: My Wife Is Back Chapter 803: She Knows It All? Chapter 804: Group Blind Date? Chapter 805: Ugly Every Day Chapter 806: Night Like Hell Chapter 807: Those Who Are Near Zhu Are Red And Those Who Are Near Mo Are Black Chapter 808: The Storm Is Pierced Chapter 809: Ate All The Bad Things Chapter 810: She Had Already Taken Action Against Xuanyuan's Family Chapter 811: Oh It's A Storm Chapter 812: Lord Rong Run Away Chapter 813: Dabai Is Not A Waste Of Money Chapter 814: You Have To Help If You Don't Chapter 815: Godfathers Are Here Chapter 816: Rongrong Was Bitten Chapter 817: Will You Be Tricked? Chapter 818: All Godfathers Are Single Chapter 819: I Can Sew With My Eyes Closed Chapter 820: Next Door Is A Quack Chapter 821: Countdown Started Chapter 822: Be Crushed Throughout Chapter 823: You Change Chapter 824: The Voice Of Money Do You Want To Hear It? Chapter 825: Wow You Set Fire To Your Home? Chapter 826: Third Dad Is Absolutely Amazing Chapter 827: There Is Nothing More Important Than A Wife Chapter 828: Let's Divide The Property Chapter 829: The Buyer Is You Chapter 830: She Will Come Back For Revenge Chapter 831: Daddy Is So Domineering Chapter 832: Rong Ye's Scandal Chapter 833: Find The Source Chapter 834: Someone Did It First Chapter 835: Husband This Is All Fake Chapter 836: Press Conference Chapter 837: I'm Afraid My Husband Will Be Jealous Chapter 838: Don't Be Too Exaggerated Chapter 839: Rong Ye High Profile Show Love Chapter 840: Does Mr. Mo Love Mrs. Mo? Chapter 841: Would Anyone Believe You? Chapter 842: Rongyuan And His Wife Were Talked Chapter 843: Give Me The Ring Chapter 844: Quan Steward's Circle Of Friends Chapter 845: Fly A Shoe Chapter 846: Daddy You May Be In Big Trouble Chapter 847: Innocent Chapter 848: Meet N Chapter 849: Si Ye Women's Clothing Boss? Chapter 850: Are You Afraid That I Will Reveal Your Secret? Chapter 851: Daddy You Promise Not To Move Me And I Will Say Chapter 852: You Don't Even Listen To My Last Words? Chapter 853: The Play Was Interrupted Chapter 854: Who Is Bai Ruzao? Chapter 855: Who Doesn't Have A Vest Yet Chapter 856: The Storm Ran Away From Home Chapter 857: Quan Yu You Traitor Chapter 858: The Fourth Master Was Overjoyed And His Wife Sued Chapter 859: Ye Rong Was Questioned Chapter 860: She Will Definitely Be Ng Chapter 861: His Wife Is Amazing Chapter 862: Minor's Brain Circuit Chapter 863: Fight For My Wife Chapter 864: Villa One Chapter 865: Husband You Are So Handsome Chapter 866: Guidance From Husband Chapter 867: Ye Rong's Father Is Watching Her Chapter 868: Zhai Kuo Help Chapter 869: The Storm Doesn't Listen To Her Flowers Chapter 870: Ye Rong Was Criticized Chapter 871: Daddy Is Angry Chapter 872: Storm: I Am A Spy Chapter 873: This Candy.. Has Expired For Two Years Chapter 874: Wait Till Chapter 875: Face Slap Chapter 876: Da Baihu: As Long As I Can Scream I Am One Chapter 877: Fourth Master: Who Dares To Bully My Wife Chapter 878: The Animals Have Escaped From Prison Chapter 879: Videos About The Truth Chapter 880: Global Animal Riots Chapter 881: Get It Done Before Dawn Chapter 882: Rong Ye: I'm Talking Nonsense With My Eyes Open Chapter 883: Si Ye Is So Naive Chapter 884: Bad Temper Today Chapter 885: She Turned Black And White Upside Down Chapter 886: Only Ng At This Time Chapter 887: Rong Ye's Bad Warning Chapter 888: Intercept Chapter 889: She Is Strong Chapter 890: Mom Are You Here To Save Me Chapter 891: Mom Took Her Away Chapter 892: The Same Cooking Technique Chapter 893: Mom Is A Big Brother Chapter 894: They Are Trapped.. Chapter 895: Mom Doesn't Know Dad Chapter 896: A Word Chapter 897: Master Yang Is Here Chapter 898: Does Your Bald Babysitter Sell? Chapter 899: Torrential Rain Was Beaten Chapter 900: Fear Chapter 901: Dare To Beat My Daughter? Chapter 902: Are You Poisoned? Chapter 903: Qi Shao's Invitation Chapter 904: Vip Chapter 905: Is One Billion Enough? Chapter 906: Qi Shao Is In Power Chapter 907: I Am Willing To Wait For You For A Lifetime Chapter 908: He Was So Affectionate Chapter 909: Do You Have Integrity? Chapter 910: Young Master Do You Want To Be Blasted Out Of The House? Chapter 911: Mother Has Daughter Chapter 912: Playing Games Abroad Chapter 913: Shame In Front Of The Lady Chapter 914: Big Brother: Yes We Are Thieves Chapter 915: A Certain Super Boss Is So Miserable Chapter 916: So Flamboyant? Chapter 917: Not A Scumbag But A Boss Chapter 918: Wife Do You Miss Me? Chapter 919: The Marriage Is Fake Chapter 920: Return My Wife To Me Let Me Tell You Linger Chapter 921: I Have A Wife I Cherish My Life Chapter 922: Compensate You For Me Chapter 923: Rong Ye Was Forced To Play Chapter 924: 19 Big Bosses Are Here Too Chapter 925: Fourth Master: Cheer For My Wife Chapter 926: Women Really Love Beauty Chapter 927: Your Family Is Not A Tigress But A Mother Overlord Chapter 928: Si Ye's Pocket Money Chapter 929: Just Rely On Eyes For Fighting? Chapter 930: The World's Richest Man Learns To Hide Private Money Chapter 931: Is The Young Lady's Vest Going To Fall? Chapter 932: Turn Defeat Into Victory Chapter 933: Do You Want To Propose To My Wife Again? Chapter 934: Big Brother Father Wants To Give 100 Million? Chapter 935: Beat Him Chapter 936: Young Lady Is So Versatile Chapter 937: Drive Them All Away Chapter 938: Little Heart Can't Stand It Chapter 939: Si Ye: Why Is It Difficult? Chapter 940: Fourth Master: I Beat Myself In Front Of My Wife Chapter 941: I Love You Chapter 942: Fourth Lord Your Wife Is Miserable Chapter 943: Ye Rong Was Pressed Chapter 944: Worthy Of A Woman Chapter 945: The Richest Man In The World 300 Monthly Pocket Money Chapter 946: See Shen Yun Chapter 947: Shen Kongkong You As A Dog Look Outside Chapter 948: Ye Rong Was Taken Away Chapter 949: Your Wife Flew Away Chapter 950: Will You Die If You Touch It? Chapter 951: Si Ye Is Here Chapter 952: Jump Yourself Chapter 953: Command First Chapter 954: Just To Confirm Chapter 955: Will Die Here? Chapter 956: It Seems Very Ambiguous Chapter 957: My Fans Are Big Brothers Chapter 958: Young Master Is So Cute? Chapter 959: Little Mengbao Cooks Chapter 960: Si Yes Three Hundred And Little Babys Thirty Million Chapter 961: What Kind Of Life Do You Want What Can I Give You Chapter 962: Which Male Artist Do You Want To Join The Most? Chapter 963: Face Angel Inner Demon? Chapter 964: She Is More Fierce Than Ghosts Chapter 965: Baby Boy Mommy Went To Tear Him Down Chapter 966: It's Not This Routine Chapter 967: Little Mengbao: Girls Can't Hug Them Chapter 968: Is She In Charge Of The Money Again? Chapter 969: Do You Dare To Let Them Work? Chapter 970: Ye Rong Is A Koi Chapter 971: The Mysterious Two? Chapter 972: So Bad Temper? Chapter 973: Fallen Bricks Chapter 974: Ye Rong Was Smashed Chapter 975: You Are Not Here I Will Miss You Chapter 976: Si Ye's Self Confidence Chapter 977: He Has A Husband Do You Have One? Chapter 978: Dog Abuse Scene Chapter 979: Brothers Have An Accident Chapter 980: Deal With The Big One First Deal With The Small Chapter 981: The Mysterious Guest Rejected By Lord Rong Chapter 982: What The Is It? Chapter 983: Her Husband Is Not Afraid Of Her? Chapter 984: It's Useless To Cry Chapter 985: Too Much Beating Chapter 986: I Can't Play With Her Chapter 987: Tent Collapsed Chapter 988: Stepmother Is Not Easy To Be Chapter 989: Xiao Yuer Was Deceived Chapter 990: Little Mengbao Chapter 991: He Pushed Us Off The Cliff Chapter 992: You Ungrateful Animal Chapter 993: Rongyuan Couple Educating Son Chapter 994: Little Mengbao: Mommy Must Never Be Snatched Away Chapter 995: Upside Down? Chapter 996: Ye Rong Has Won The Jackpot Again Chapter 997: Difficult Group Photo Chapter 998: Do You Have Any Misunderstandings About Humanization? Chapter 999: Xiao Nanyu Was Kidnapped Chapter 1000: Show Me People First Chapter 1001: Please Bring The Little Ancestor Back Chapter 1002: Meet The Ancestor And Go Around Chapter 1003: Something Happened To Xiaoyanyan Chapter 1004: Are All Acquaintances? Chapter 1005: How Do You Check In? Chapter 1006: Please Don't Take The Love Chapter 1007: She Has A Group Of Husbands? Chapter 1008: Someone Who Can Scare Shen Abnormal Chapter 1009: What Happened Chapter 1010: How To Explain To Rong Ye Chapter 1011: They Still Celebrate? Chapter 1012: Ning Kuang Asked Chapter 1013: I Searched It All But I Didn't Find It Chapter 1014: Three Hands Ready Chapter 1015: Boarding Chapter 1016: No Action Yet Be Discovered First Chapter 1017: Support Her Chapter 1018: She Really Died Chapter 1019: Powerful Chapter 1020: Lord Rong Came By Whale Chapter 1021: The Big Guys Are Here Chapter 1022: Si Ye: I'm Good Chapter 1023: Was Attacked Inside The Dark Web? Chapter 1024: How Are They Like Bandits? Chapter 1025: Second Dad Is Going To Teach Xiao Yu'er Bad? Chapter 1026: Ning Kuang's Parents Appear Chapter 1027: Who Is Crying? Chapter 1028: Too Late Chapter 1029: My Wife Poor? Chapter 1030: Now She Is Richer Than You Chapter 1031: Xiao Yanyan Is Also A Big Money Maker Chapter 1032: I Owe Her Chapter 1033: Can You Control Your Godfathers? Chapter 1034: Is It Miss Linger? Chapter 1035: Too Cruel Chapter 1036: Isn't She Linger? Chapter 1037: Do You Call This Creepy? Chapter 1038: The Drama Is Like This Chapter 1039: Flamboyant Acting Chapter 1040: Husband So Strong? Chapter 1041: Someone Was Abused Chapter 1042: Asked Her To Meet Chapter 1043: Who Dares To Touch My Wife This Is The End Chapter 1044: Too Spicy Eyes Chapter 1045: Flowers Burst Red Chapter 1046: Debut For The Whole Family? Chapter 1047: A Little Storm To The Door Chapter 1048: Who Sent It? Chapter 1049: One Is Taller Than The Other Chapter 1050: Let Me See How Good You Are Chapter 1051: The Hairs Stand Up Together Chapter 1052: Good Foodie? Chapter 1053: Mysterious Man Three Chapter 1054: Love Cannot Be Escaped Chapter 1055: His Identity Is More Complicated Than She Knew Chapter 1056: Si Ye Panic Again Chapter 1057: Ye Rong Was Bombarded Chapter 1058: Gold Card Chapter 1059: Only Si Ye Chapter 1060: The Man Who Got Pierced Chapter 1061: Shen Abnormal Was Lost Chapter 1062: Likable Chapter 1063: New Actor Chapter 1064: Get A Diamond Ring When You Meet Chapter 1065: They Are Going To Have An Accident Chapter 1066: Where's The Teacher? Chapter 1067: Begging The Truth Chapter 1068: Someone Gives Me Gold Chapter 1069: Arrogant Chapter 1070: Apologize In Public Chapter 1071: Noble Body Chapter 1072: This Woman Is Different Chapter 1073: Divorced Her Husband? Chapter 1074: Tricky Chapter 1075: Slap Quickly Chapter 1076: Special Plan Chapter 1077: Nie Sha Is Gone Chapter 1078: You Ascended? Chapter 1079: Ye Rong's Student? Chapter 1080: Husband Arrived Chapter 1081: Rong Ye Fell Off The Cliff Chapter 1082: Si Ye Is Scared Chapter 1083: Watched By Godfathers Chapter 1084: Ji Chengyu: Why Scold Me? Chapter 1085: Anonymous Mail Chapter 1086: Hardcore Voice Chapter 1087: Ye Rong Has No Resources? Haha Chapter 1088: Snatched By A Dog Chapter 1089: Are These Big Guys Her Fans? Chapter 1090: Being Teased Chapter 1091: Godfathers Are So Happy Chapter 1092: Opportunistic Chapter 1093: First Day Of Live Broadcast Chapter 1094: Famous Celebrities Chapter 1095: Dad Rong Was Furious: Who Said My Daughter Has No Background Chapter 1096: She Was Dried Chapter 1097: Go Pick Up Lord Rong Chapter 1098: We Are Really Here To Invite People Chapter 1099: If You Can't Invite Someone To The Party Chapter 1100: Fourth Master: Let Me Cook You A Meal Chapter 1101: She Seems To Lose Chapter 1102: The Big Guys Call Ye Rong Boss? Chapter 1103: Worthy Of Being Si Ye Chapter 1104: This Weird Smell Chapter 1105: The Atmosphere Was Once Awkward Chapter 1106: Black Material Is Coming Chapter 1107: Fans Of Rongrong Chapter 1108: The Big Guys Have Started Farming? Chapter 1109: The Big Guys Have Become Kindergarten Kids Chapter 1110: Really Unkind Chapter 1111: Rong Ye's Local Heroic Feat Chapter 1112: Big Reversal Chapter 1113: Do You Want To Recognize Each Other? Chapter 1114: Do You Still Practice Morning Exercises? Chapter 1115: Bet All The Money Earned In The Past Ten Years Will Be Given To You Chapter 1116: Something Big Chapter 1117: Master I Kowtow To You Chapter 1118: Daddys Want To Fight For Favor? Chapter 1119: The Fake Father Was Scared Away Chapter 1120: Daddy Is Here Chapter 1121: Don't Persuade You To Recognize A Girl Chapter 1122: Exaggerated Gift Chapter 1123: Envy Is Crazy Chapter 1124: Successfully Recognize Chapter 1125: Do You Still Need A Godfather? Chapter 1126: All Identities Revealed Chapter 1127: Pink Pink Skirt? Chapter 1128: Millionth Chapter 1129: Rong Ye Promoted To The World's Richest Man Chapter 1130: A Thief Is Coming From Yunfu Mountain? Chapter 1131: She Is Really Miss Linger Chapter 1132: You Are Really My Teacher Chapter 1133: What Kind Of People Are Forced Chapter 1134: Sister In Law Crazy Demon Ling'er Chapter 1135: Was The Deposit Refunded To Her? Chapter 1136: Twenty Ninety Million? Chapter 1137: Want To Apologize To That Little Girl? Chapter 1138: Chu Wei Was Tied Up Chapter 1139: Lord Rong Is Here Chapter 1140: You Won't Be Able To Laugh After A While. Chapter 1141: Game Over Chapter 1142: When Will The Ancestor Leave? Chapter 1143: Is It Too Late To Be Friends Now? Chapter 1144: Just Hype Chapter 1145: The Disappeared Boss Appeared Chapter 1146: Dark Web Collapsed Chapter 1147: Examination Conference Of The Underworld Empire Chapter 1148: Also A Little Bit Chapter 1149: Ye Rong Also Has To Participate In The Assessment Chapter 1150: How Could Si Ye Be On Tv Chapter 1151: Inquire About News Chapter 1152: Sour Sour Chapter 1153: Convince Them Chapter 1154: Rong Ye: I Have Privileges I Just Dont Need It Chapter 1155: Fourth Master: Just Play With Her.. Chapter 1156: Does Lord Rong Need Someone To Teach? Chapter 1157: She Can't Even Hit The Target Chapter 1158: The Country Girl Who Can't Handle It Chapter 1159: That Young Lady Must Have No Status Chapter 1160: Got Ahead Of Them Chapter 1161: Has Something To Do With You? Chapter 1162: Two Hundred Points Is Too Little Chapter 1163: Is She All Untied? Chapter 1164: Want To Grab His Wife To Be The Second Place? Chapter 1165: Slap In The Face Chapter 1166: You Have An Unusual Position In Si Ye's Heart Chapter 1167: Miss Linger We Only Serve You Chapter 1168: Old Weak Sick And Disabled Chapter 1169: Hand Over The Supplies And Let You Go Chapter 1170: Come Here I Can't Beat You Again Chapter 1171: Beg To Touch Chapter 1172: Rong Ye: Dont Call Grandpa At Every Turn Chapter 1173: Lord Rong Is Scarier Than Them Chapter 1174: Someone Really Got Points Chapter 1175: The Test Ran By Itself Chapter 1176: Publication Of The Results Chapter 1177: How Could She Be Number One Chapter 1178: Madam Young Is Going To Be Bombed Out Chapter 1179: It Turns Out That Young Husbands Are Big Brothers Chapter 1180: He Is Under You Chapter 1181: What If He Approved It? Chapter 1182: Who Is On Stage First Chapter 1183: Bet Mommy To Win Chapter 1184: Find Out Everything About Her Chapter 1185: Sister Do You Want To Kill Me? Chapter 1186: Because You Can't Believe It So I Won't Explain Chapter 1187: She's Not The Same She Used To Be Chapter 1188: The Seniors Grow Vegetables Collectively Chapter 1189: Become Top Stream Chapter 1190: My Father Is So Exaggerated Chapter 1191: Very Exaggerated Chapter 1192: Global Coverage Chapter 1193: Say Chapter 1194: So Many Bodyguards? Chapter 1195: Trained By The Director Chapter 1196: Ye Rong Knows The Truth Chapter 1197: Brother Have You Been Abused? Chapter 1198: Si Ye Was Detained Chapter 1199: What Can I Do For You Chapter 1200: To Deal With You No Need Chapter 1201: Just Go To The Bathroom Chapter 1202: Comparing Calligraphy To Your Master? Are You Looking For Death? Chapter 1203: Who Is Strong And Weak Knows Well Chapter 1204: She Disdains To Compete With You Chapter 1205: The Elders Are Here Chapter 1206: None Of Them Are Ordinary People Chapter 1207: Full Marks Can You Do It? Chapter 1208: Left Hand Hit Right Hand Chapter 1209: Change Roles Temporarily? Chapter 1210: Add Drama To Her? Chapter 1211: What Are You Plotting? Chapter 1212: You Are So Beautiful I Want To Pursue You Chapter 1213: Feel Good Chapter 1214: Madam Young Is Excited.. Chapter 1215: You Dare To Offend The Gods Chapter 1216: Rong Ye's Peach Blossom Chapter 1217: He Will Leave If He Loses The Information Chapter 1218: Sticky People? Chapter 1219: Is It Necessary For A Woman? Chapter 1220: Someone Is Riding A Big Tiger Chapter 1221: Dont Raise A Chicken As A Pet? Chapter 1222: She Said This Thing Is Cute? Chapter 1223: A Gift To My Heart Chapter 1224: Little Miss Was Bitten By Rhubarb Chapter 1225: Kill It Chapter 1226: It's Not Crazy Chapter 1227: You Apologize To My Goddess Chapter 1228: Want To Fly? Chapter 1229: Sister Come Back Soon Don't Die Chapter 1230: They Want Face Too Chapter 1231: Damn Maid Chapter 1232: You Should Also Thank It Chapter 1233: It Really Protected The Little Lady Chapter 1234: Why Are You So Fierce Chapter 1235: Treat Us As Guns? Chapter 1236: Your Sweat Has Betrayed You Chapter 1237: Be Quiet Ye Rong Is Sleeping Chapter 1238: The Shelf Is Quite Big Chapter 1239: I Believe You Chapter 1240: Don't You Give Me This Love? Chapter 1241: You Don't Understand Me Chapter 1242: Mommy Is My Real Mother Chapter 1243: Hurriedly Chapter 1244: All The Big Stars Gave Her A Thumbs Up Chapter 1245: Step Aside Chapter 1246: She Is Too Smart Chapter 1247: Get Out Of The Nineteenth Floor Chapter 1248: Trouble To Call Chapter 1249: Lord Rong I Want To Pretend To Believe In Xiao Yuer Chapter 1250: Master Something Happened To The Fourth Master Chapter 1251: I Almost Lost My Legs Chapter 1252: Make Good Use Of Chapter 1253: You Quarreled My Husband Chapter 1254: Rong Ye's Death Gaze Chapter 1255: Madam Young Is Investigating Master Si Ye Chapter 1256: Jun Jun Is Used Chapter 1257: She Is Not Worthy To Be A Eldest Lady Chapter 1258: Did You Feed The Dog? Chapter 1259: The Fourth Master In A Wheelchair Is Still So Handsome Chapter 1260: Missy Is Really Here Chapter 1261: Ten Years Without Failure Chapter 1262: I'm Afraid You Can't Beat Me Chapter 1263: His Sickle Was Robbed? Chapter 1264: Forced To Inherit The Family Business Every Day Chapter 1265: Si Ye Blew Up Again Chapter 1266: The Courage Of A Lifetime Chapter 1267: Red Break The Sky Chapter 1268: The Disabled Stand Up Chapter 1269: Teacher Rong Ye Chapter 1270: I Can Give My Life To My Wife Chapter 1271: She Blocked Their Way Chapter 1272: Ye Rong's Brother Was Tied Up Chapter 1273: Is The Fun Guy Coming? Chapter 1274: It's Grandma You Are Too Good Chapter 1275: Are You Blood Raksha? Chapter 1276: Brown Bears: Can't Afford To Offend We Can't Hide Chapter 1277: Sister You Seem To Have Made A Mistake Chapter 1278: The Brain Was Eaten By A Dog? Chapter 1279: The Man Can Bend And Stretch Plant Flowers Chapter 1280: Want To Tie Her Back To Plant Flowers Chapter 1281: Make An Alliance Chapter 1282: Superstar He Is Drunk Chapter 1283: Mixed With You Chapter 1284: Warning From Your Father In Law Chapter 1285: Do You Want To Open Up Barren Mountains? Chapter 1286: I Will Protect You Chapter 1287: Dangerous Person Chapter 1288: You Have Been Courageous Recently Chapter 1289: Rong Ye's Brain Tonic Chapter 1290: Si Ye Confessed Chapter 1291: Rongyuan Couple Acting Chapter 1292: Are You Really Going To Get A Divorce? Chapter 1293: She Leaves The Resources Are All Yours Chapter 1294: Antique Shop Chapter 1295: So Frantic? Chapter 1296: Daddy And Mommy In The Study Chapter 1297: Blind Date Show Chapter 1298: You Have Nothing To Say Chapter 1299: Won't It Be Chapter 1300: No One Will Light Her Up Chapter 1301: Full Of Confidence Chapter 1302: I Can Start Raising You Now Chapter 1303: I Can Afford You Chapter 1304: This Is Probably A Funny Show Chapter 1305: Changed Taste Chapter 1306: Aggrieved Chapter 1307: Daddy Do I Look Stupid? Chapter 1308: A Monk And A Dog Chapter 1309: Neatly Chapter 1310: Fragmented Chapter 1311: Master Is This Not So Good? Chapter 1312: Husband Be Careful Chapter 1313: Big Stars Come To Do Farm Work? Chapter 1314: Come All Old Acquaintances Chapter 1315: In Front Of Lord Rong The Queen Screamed Chapter 1316: Scared Scared Chapter 1317: Lunch Was Robbed Chapter 1318: Uninvited Guest Chapter 1319: What The Is The Master? Chapter 1320: Sure Enough Mental Illness Chapter 1321: Rong Ye's Guilt Chapter 1322: Cute Crit Chapter 1323: Are The Gems Packed In Sacks? Chapter 1324: Is It Lonely To Stay Alone? Chapter 1325: Nishizu Was Provoked By A Horse Chapter 1326: They Are Coming Chapter 1327: Husband Is Relieved Chapter 1328: He Is The One Who Cleans The House Chapter 1329: One Thing Drops One Thing Chapter 1330: The Richest Man Is Nothing More Chapter 1331: Really Rascal Chapter 1332: Walk The Big Cat Chapter 1333: Are You A Big Boss? Chapter 1334: It's Overturned Chapter 1335: Ning Jun Stripped Chapter 1336: Storm They Will Also Seduce Chapter 1337: Ask For Acceptance Chapter 1338: Miserable Television Chapter 1339: Remaining Man Chapter 1340: Real Name Envy Chapter 1341: Ye Rong Is Indeed The Life Of The Group Pet Chapter 1342: The Most Elegant Quarrel Chapter 1343: Grandpa Said To Meet Chapter 1344: We All Support Your Divorce Chapter 1345: Fourth Master Is Dangerous Chapter 1346: All Here Chapter 1347: The Origin Of Xiao Nanyu Chapter 1348: Dive Into The Villa Chapter 1349: Si Ye Has Amnesia? Chapter 1350: This Is A Cage Designed For You Chapter 1351: I Have A Dangerous Way Chapter 1352: Can Make You Die For The First Time Also Can Make You Die Chapter 1353: Penniless Chapter 1354: This Enthusiasm Is Fake Chapter 1355: Storm Is Sold Chapter 1356: Underground Auction Chapter 1357: The Red Clothes Were Also Auctioned Chapter 1358: This Master Is Not Easy To Deal With Chapter 1359: Bidding Chapter 1360: I Look Short Of Money? Chapter 1361: Crit You Probably Want To Be Grilled? Chapter 1362: Rong Ye: I Can Also Slaughter A City By Myself Chapter 1363: You Lose Chapter 1364: Is This Money Transferred Wrong? Chapter 1365: I Received The Best Gift Chapter 1366: Godfathers Are Angry Again Chapter 1367: Ripped Up Chapter 1368: Fans Of Reality Chapter 1369: Men Can't Say No Chapter 1370: The Second Dad Is Angry The World Is Disconnected Chapter 1371: Almost Took Over Here Chapter 1372: You Won't Really Lose All Your Effort Chapter 1373: The Worshipped Lord Rong Chapter 1374: Good Dog Is Not In The Way Chapter 1375: Ye Rong Was Detained In Cell Number One Chapter 1376: These Guys Who Eat People Without Spitting Out Bones Actually Chapter 1377: Public Revenge? Chapter 1378: News From Si Ye Chapter 1379: Its Not So Easy To Swallow Everything About Her Chapter 1380: Xiao Rongrong I Found You A New Husband Chapter 1381: Why Do You Look Down On My Little Rongrong? Chapter 1382: Awards Ceremony Chapter 1383: Rong Ye Lost Kung Fu Chapter 1384: Everything About Her Is Hype? Chapter 1385: Her Face Is Fake Chapter 1386: Daddy You Cant Forget Your Favorite Person Chapter 1387: Daddy Your Wife Is Going To Be Abducted Chapter 1388: Godfathers Will Cry Make Trouble And Hang Themselves Chapter 1389: Fourth Master Is Coming Back Chapter 1390: Annoying Reporter Chapter 1391: Have You Lost Your Mind? Chapter 1392: Fourth Master: No One Will Forget His Wife Chapter 1393: Borrow Dog Chapter 1394: The Storm In A Little Pink Dress Chapter 1395: Your Name Is More Special Than Huahua's Name Chapter 1396: Are They Crooked? Chapter 1397: Xiao Nanyu Became A Traitor? Chapter 1398: Choose A Few To Stay Chapter 1399: La Feng Men's Team Chapter 1400: He Is Afraid Of Furry Animals Chapter 1401: What Are You Waiting For Run Chapter 1402: I Am Not A Fairy I Am A Demon Chapter 1403: Daddy Xiao Yuer Will Always Leave. Chapter 1404: Rong Ye's Powerful Fan Group Appeared Chapter 1405: Men's Desire To Win Chapter 1406: Press Conference Chapter 1407: Global Top Stream Chapter 1408: Shocked Chapter 1409: None Of Them Are Reliable Chapter 1410: Godfathers Let Go Chapter 1411: Robber Chapter 1412: Want Money Or Death? Chapter 1413: I Carry You Chapter 1414: He Is Here Chapter 1415: The Wicked Master Chapter 1416: Nie Sha Is Back Chapter 1417: Arrogance Ranked First? Chapter 1418: Have You Surrendered? Chapter 1419: Obey If You Lose Chapter 1420: Fourth Master Is Wrong Chapter 1421: Mo Linger Again Chapter 1422: Xiaoyanyan There Is Someone Who Should Be Hit Can't You Hit Chapter 1423: Ye Rong Is Pregnant Chapter 1424: How Do You Know It Must Be The Little Ladies? Chapter 1425: The Local Tyrant Master Wants To Send A Suite Every Day? Chapter 1426: No Shortage Of Godfather Chapter 1427: A Hundred Months Old Please? Chapter 1428: Various Special Gifts Chapter 1429: Stay Edible Chapter 1430: Terrible Birth Check Chapter 1431: What If.. Chapter 1432: Painstakingly Chapter 1433: Door Is About To Open Chapter 1434: They Are Coming Chapter 1435: Yu'er Are You Going Back? Chapter 1436: Si Ye Appeared Chapter 1437: Ye Rong Was Taken Away Chapter 1438: Suijiang Chapter 1439: Line Up To See Lord Rong Chapter 1440: Ye Rong Is About To Give Birth Chapter 1441: Did You Forget Something? Chapter 1442: Letter From Xiao Yuer Chapter 1443: Big Bosses Will Give Her Billions Of Assets To Inherit Chapter 1444: Whose Seats Chapter 1445: There Are So Many Beasts Chapter 1446: So..their Gifts Are For Cubs? Chapter 1447: You Finally Wake Up Chapter 1448: The Little Darling Will Be Called Brother Chapter 1449: I Take My Little Darling To The Haunted House Chapter 1450: You Will Lose All Chapter 1451: Won Every Round Chapter 1452: Little Darling Is Gone Chapter 1453: She Was Tired From Playing And Fell Asleep Chapter 1454: Father In Law? Chapter 1455: Inherited The Strength Of Lord Rong Chapter 1456: Little Darling: Dont Believe Me I Can Cross Chapter 1457: Wait For Her Forever Chapter 1458: Chasing Stars? Chapter 1459: The Little Darling Is Questioned Chapter 1460: Show Off Their Wealth Chapter 1461: Si Ye Is Still Afraid Of Lord Rong Chapter 1462: Are You Going To Be Poor? Chapter 1463: Afraid? Brother Holding You? Chapter 1464: If You Don't Come Down I Will Take You Off Chapter 1465: Little Lady I Am Afraid Chapter 1466: Is Your Hair Real? Chapter 1467: Hey Do You Want Your Head Anymore? Chapter 1468: It's Because Of Danger Chapter 1469: Too Many Enemies Chapter 1470: No One Begged Him To Perfect Who Chapter 1471: Heartbreaking Back Chapter 1472: Little Darling's Golden Idea Chapter 1473: Rong Ye: Little Darling Will Make Money Chapter 1474: Dabai Start Running Tomorrow Chapter 1475: Make Them More Difficult Chapter 1476: Horror Story Chapter 1477: All Scared Chapter 1478: Fire Chapter 1479: Xiao Nanyu: Master Give Me Your Last Name Chapter 1480: Fourth Master Rong Is Here Chapter 1481: Almost Hunted Down Chapter 1482: Move Chapter 1483: I'm Afraid She Is Not A Monster Chapter 1484: Is The Little Darling A Magic Stick? Chapter 1485: Little Miss Has A Lot Of Money To Lose In Her Life Chapter 1486: God Predicts Chapter 1487: Twenty Is Less Than 18 Thousand Chapter 1488: A Showdown Chapter 1489: You Are Too Bad Chapter 1490: Your Children Owe Education Chapter 1491: Come And Assassinate Me Vulnerable? Chapter 1492: Call Uncle Xu Chapter 1493: Feng Shui Conference Chapter 1494: Bloodlight Chapter 1495: It's Just Nonsense Chapter 1496: True Skill Chapter 1497: Old Man Have We Met? Chapter 1498: Exactly The Same Chapter 1499: She Is My Master Chapter 1500: Really Shameless Chapter 1501: Enjin Academy Chapter 1502: He Also Received The Admission Notice Chapter 1503: Arrived In The Hidden Town Chapter 1504: Handsome Senior Came To Pick Up Chapter 1505: Three Thousand Years Old Chapter 1506: The Worst Class? Class F? Chapter 1507: She.. Is The Most Terrible Right? Chapter 1508: Are They The Most Dangerous? Chapter 1509: Weird Classmates Chapter 1510: Become The Strongest Chapter 1511: Xiao Jiu Ye Is Very Strong Chapter 1512: Destroy The Platform Specifically? Chapter 1513: Wolf King Chapter 1514: Godfather Nie Sa Was Bullied Miserably Chapter 1515: The Formation Is Destroyed Chapter 1516: Hand In A Blank Paper Chapter 1517: First In All Subjects Chapter 1518: Make A Bet Chapter 1519: Suspected Of Plagiarism Chapter 1520: Reckless Chapter 1521: Shame Chapter 1522: Put The Finale Chapter 1523: She Can't Chapter 1524: Better Than Them Is Enough Chapter 1525: Waste Material Is Waste Material Chapter 1526: Just Because You Are A Group Pet? Chapter 1527: Dean: How About I Help Her? Chapter 1528: She Can't Tell Chapter 1529: Little Darling Won Chapter 1530: Into The Magic Tower Chapter 1531: A Great God Chapter 1532: Kob Your Head And Beg For Mercy And Let You Go Chapter 1533: You Will Regret This Chapter 1534: There Are People Injured Chapter 1535: They Are Already Dead Chapter 1536: They Have Been Used By Me Chapter 1537: Robbing? Shameless Chapter 1538: Godfathers Are Missing Chapter 1539: All The People Are Really Gone Chapter 1540: Will It Be A Round Chapter 1541: Rong Yes Hatred To Be Reported Chapter 1542: Li Chenle Is Here Chapter 1543: I Want To Eat You.. Chapter 1544: Verify Identity Chapter 1545: The Wrist Was Removed Chapter 1546: So Unconstructive Chapter 1547: You Scared The Crocodile Out Of Psychological Problems Chapter 1548: Hunting Game Chapter 1549: The Storm Is Coming Chapter 1550: Dare Not To Say? Chapter 1551: Things Are Going Beyond Expectations Chapter 1552: What Are You Sneaking In? Chapter 1553: Deducted Chapter 1554: Scapegoat Chapter 1555: Sorry Yama Is My Subordinate Chapter 1556: It Is The Daughter Of Si Ye And Rong Ye Chapter 1557: The Card Is Frozen? Chapter 1558: Super Powerful Computing Power Chapter 1559: They All Live Well Chapter 1560: I'm Polite To You You Better Treat Me Chapter 1561: You Have The Shadow Of Lord Rong Chapter 1562: I Moved My Hands And Feet In The Car Chapter 1563: The Gift Is Too Expensive Give It Back To You Chapter 1564: We Don't Want To Cooperate With You Chapter 1565: It's Xiao Jiu Ye Chapter 1566: Sassy And Beautiful Chapter 1567: Who Said I Don't Have Any Other Animals? Chapter 1568: Don't You Just Want To Use Us To Save People Chapter 1569: Heating Chapter 1570: Ready To Attack Chapter 1571: Mixed With Bloodthirsty Chapter 1572: Endless Chapter 1573: You Go First Chapter 1574: Found Them Chapter 1575: This Is A Set Chapter 1576: He Died Chapter 1577: Ye Rong And Si Ye Are Back Chapter 1578: She Has A Catastrophe Chapter 1579: Does She Have Any Background? Chapter 1580: It's Me Who Is Ashamed Chapter 1581: She Did It All Right Chapter 1582: Must Let Her Go Chapter 1583: Poor Student Class Chapter 1584: Human Touch Chapter 1585: Little Boss Came To Beidi Club Chapter 1586: Why Explain To You Chapter 1587: Who Dares To Say They Are Rubbish? Chapter 1588: Stay Away From Jiuye Chapter 1589: Recorded A Video Chapter 1590: Vote For Her Chapter 1591: Votes Were Exceeded Chapter 1592: Not As Popular As Them Chapter 1593: Accept Pk Chapter 1594: The Rongyuan Couple Set Off Fireworks In The Forbidden Area Of the World Chapter 1595: Is Being Discussed Every Day Around The World Chapter 1596: Are You Hades? Chapter 1597: There Is Chaos On F Zhou They Join In The Fun Chapter 1598: Class 9 Found The Baby Chapter 1599: Come On You Are The Best Chapter 1600: Oh I Will Chapter 1601: Fascinated Chapter 1602: Did You Make A Mistake? Chapter 1603: Take Them All I'm Tired Chapter 1604: Tea In The Tea Chapter 1605: Big Guy Is Big Guy Chapter 1606: The School I Created Has Raised A Bunch Of You Chapter 1607: You Did It? Chapter 1608: Put Her In Jail Chapter 1609: Your Parents Are As As You Chapter 1610: Everyone Is Robbing Her Chapter 1611: She Can't Learn Chapter 1612: Give You A Million Chapter 1613: Chapter 1614: It Must Not Be You Chapter 1615: Sister Is Beautiful Again Chapter 1616: Is She So Powerful? Chapter 1617: Top 100 Alliance Chapter 1618: Can Give You The Position Chapter 1619: Recruit Talent Chapter 1620: God Bless Invitation Chapter 1621: The Storm Is Coming Chapter 1622: Very Simple Chapter 1623: More Than A Dozen Languages Chapter 1624: The Results Are Out Chapter 1625: First Grade Chapter 1626: How Can This Be Explained? Chapter 1627: Just So So Chapter 1628: He Was Actually Blacked Out Chapter 1629: Sorry I Made A Mistake I'm Leaving Chapter 1630: Retest Chapter 1631: Are You Just Defending Her Like This? Chapter 1632: The Paper Has Been Corrected You Can Drop Out Chapter 1633: This Dark Horse Was Originally From Your Class Chapter 1634: Someone In The Black Market Wants That Egg Chapter 1635: She Has Been Removed Chapter 1636: She Sat The Chief Chapter 1637: The World's Most Patron Chapter 1638: Let's Talk About Winning My Chicken First Chapter 1639: Crit: This Chicken Was Laughed At? Chapter 1640: Jiuye Is Here Chapter 1641: Go To The Future Husband To Grab Talent Chapter 1642: She Was Blackmailed By Master And Brother? Chapter 1643: With This Requirement Chapter 1644: Create A Group For You Chapter 1645: If You Have No Money You Have To Be Rich Chapter 1646: The Crit Has An Apprentice Chapter 1647: Bring You Money Chapter 1648: Big Play Or Not Chapter 1649: The Same Routine As Rong Ye Chapter 1650: Lost Again Chapter 1651: The Boss Is Happy Chapter 1652: Don't Be So Persuaded Okay? Chapter 1653: You Have Money We Are Short Of Money Do You Want To Increase Chapter 1654: On The Blessed Land Grabbing The Blessed Person Chapter 1655: Jiuye Strong Desire To Win Chapter 1656: God Bless The Senior Management: Join The Blue Gang? ? Chapter 1657: Archery Contest Chapter 1658: Is Your Lady An Elephant Or A Dinosaur? Chapter 1659: You Are Disqualified Chapter 1660: Three Arrows Are Fired Together Chapter 1661: What Kind Of Shame? Chapter 1662: The Boss Is Chasing A Man? Chapter 1663: People Are Ancestral Chapter 1664: Horse Seizure Chapter 1665: Suggest To Cancel The First Place Chapter 1666: That's Her Fault Blast Her Away Chapter 1667: God Bless The First Hacker Being Hacked Chapter 1668: What Did You Say? Gangster Oh I Am Not Chapter 1669: Beloved: What Kind Of Messy Relationship? Chapter 1670: Offend Miss Jin? Somehow Chapter 1671: Boss Hold On Chapter 1672: Sister In Law Is Not Him? Chapter 1673: Was Hijacked By A Horse Chapter 1674: Ye Rong And Si Ye May Have Had An Accident In The Forbidden Area Chapter 1675: Off Limits Chapter 1676: Is It Too Troublesome To Bring A Girl? Chapter 1677: Beloved You Are Too Bad Chapter 1678: Their Tent Was Blown Away? Chapter 1679: Why Is It So Heavy Chapter 1680: Convinced With Patron Chapter 1681: I Found Lord Rong Chapter 1682: Really Dumb Chapter 1683: Gangster Giving Directions Chapter 1684: I Am Here To See Who Dares To Bully You Chapter 1685: Go Get Back All The Things You Sent Chapter 1686: Kicked Out Of Leng's House Chapter 1687: A Scarf Up To 500000 Chapter 1688: It's Not Easy Chapter 1689: How Did You Come In Without An Invitation? Chapter 1690: Leng's Home Chapter 1691: That's How He Protects His Shortcomings Chapter 1692: You Can Don't But They Can't Don't Chapter 1693: God Bless The Boss Here Chapter 1694: He Can't Move Chapter 1695: Beloved Pretend To Sleep Chapter 1696: Beloved: That Li Jiujue That's Nothing Chapter 1697: Finally Someone Can Give Jiu Ye A Smooth Hair Chapter 1698: Pursue Me You Send Chrysanthemums? ? ? ? Chapter 1699: Treat Them Like Your Ancestors Chapter 1700: Not Let Them Out But Let You Out Chapter 1701: Transferred Here Chapter 1702: She Is So Rich Chapter 1703: Your Hacking Skills Are Much Better Than Mine Chapter 1704: Return To The Entertainment Circle Chapter 1705: Xu Yinger's Autographed Photo Chapter 1706: Does He Have Someone He Likes? Chapter 1707: Old Lady Wants To See You Chapter 1708: All Beaten Up Chapter 1709: Suddenly Became A Favorite Chapter 1710: Why Is She Pestering The Divas Chapter 1711: Beloved: I Was On A Hot Search Chapter 1712: Parents Ask Their Patron To Drop Out Chapter 1713: Godfather Mozun Is Coming Chapter 1714: Godfather Nie Sa: I Look Poor? Chapter 1715: Not Bad Only A Few Thousand Chapter 1716: Who Can Brag? Chapter 1717: Give Pocket Money In 100 Million? Chapter 1718: Why Are They Doing This To Me? Chapter 1719: Not Favored Chapter 1720: This Thing Is A Bit Strange Chapter 1721: If She Is The Fourth Masters Daughter I Will Take Her Head Chapter 1722: If You Don't You Can Quit Chapter 1723: That Man Is So Handsome Chapter 1724: You Push Me To Someone Else? Chapter 1725: It's Just Luck Chapter 1726: Destroyed Costume Chapter 1727: My Pet Was Wronged And Stole The Clothes Chapter 1728: On The Stage The Roll Call Chapter 1729: How Can You Wear Other People's Clothes Casually Chapter 1730: Do You Draw A Picture Exactly The Same? Chapter 1731: Additional Investment Forces Monan Chong To Leave Chapter 1732: Godfather Nie Sa Brought A Maine Coon Cat To Help Chapter 1733: They Are Floating Chapter 1734: Demon Godfather: I Am Not I Don't Chapter 1735: This Plate Of Shrimp Is For Nian Chapter 1736: If You Dont Agree For So Long I Will Wait For You Chapter 1737: Launch The Sub Industry And Control It Chapter 1738: Beloved: Borrow A Helicopter Chapter 1739: They Are Not Jin Fuyaos People They Are The Patrons Chapter 1740: Termination Chapter 1741: Out Of The Shell Chapter 1742: Are You Worthy? Chapter 1743: A Group Of Ancestors Are Here Chapter 1744: Let's Talk About How To Seduce Our Little Darling Chapter 1745: I Like It Even If I Die Chapter 1746: There Are Iron Blocks In Your Suitcase? Chapter 1747: Who Cooks? Chapter 1748: Chicken Feather Soup? Chapter 1749: The Family Has Been Blown Up Chapter 1750: Beloved: I Look Fierce? Chapter 1751: These Two Fighters Are A Bit Like Huahua Chapter 1752: Anyone Can Do Something But She Can't Chapter 1753: Daddy Is It Over? Chapter 1754: Fate Is Wonderful Chapter 1755: Thank You For Sending It Chapter 1756: Competition Chapter 1757: What Can I Do In 15 Minutes Chapter 1758: You Have To Find An Expert To Compare High And Low Chapter 1759: Call From The Current President Chapter 1760: She Copied The Painting Of The Great God Chapter 1761: A Pipa Conquer You Chapter 1762: I Hear The Explosion Chapter 1763: Who Would Believe Your Prank Chapter 1764: Fire Escape Chapter 1765: Jin Fuyao Killed A Carbine Chapter 1766: Jiu Ye Can't Bear It Chapter 1767: Jiuye: This Is My Real Girlfriend Chapter 1768: She Caused This Chapter 1769: Will They Hate The Patron? Chapter 1770: Isn't That Jiuye? Chapter 1771: Mad Dying Chapter 1772: Let A Little Girl Enter The Operating Room For The Surgeon Chapter 1773: Cultivate Love? Chapter 1774: Charter Flight Go Back Chapter 1775: Lian Kuang: Sleeping With Jiuye Is Better Than Sleeping With A Dog Chapter 1776: Don't Carry This Pot Chapter 1777: Jin Fuyao Was Arrested Chapter 1778: This Brother In Law Is Not Cute Chapter 1779: Godfather Nie Sa Is About To Become A Top Performer Chapter 1780: The Evil Sect The Dog Can Do Tai Chi Chapter 1781: Little Jiuye Can't Help It Chapter 1782: Something Happened To Liang Han Chapter 1783: Kneel Down With A Hundred Rattles Chapter 1784: Your Old Man Should Be An Acquaintance Right? Chapter 1785: Just Pick The Expensive Throw Chapter 1786: How Did You Bring Your Ancestors Back Chapter 1787: There Are More And More Ancestors Chapter 1788: Waiting For The Storm Chapter 1789: Beloved First Chapter 1790: The Idol Is Here Chapter 1791: Back To The Capital Chapter 1792: Give A Coffin For The New Year? Chapter 1793: Two Big Men Are Tired And Crooked Chapter 1794: Lin Se: Is She Worthy To Compare With Me? Chapter 1795: All Friends Chapter 1796: Lin Jue Was Tied Up Chapter 1797: Beloved: I Am A Good Person Chapter 1798: Withdrawal Of Investment Chapter 1799: Their Family Was Bombed Out Chapter 1800: My Friends Are Cut Off Chapter 1801: Please Chapter 1802: So Sincere The Company Will Divide Me Half Chapter 1803: It Turns Out That You Can Still Be Such A Prodigal Chapter 1804: Could Lord Cheng Rong Be Your Mother? Chapter 1805: She Is Her Daughter? Chapter 1806: With A Family Like You Eight Generations Fell Down Chapter 1807: Jiu Ye Competes With Si Ye In Cooking? Chapter 1808: This Dish Is Absolutely Perfect Chapter 1809: I Don't Want To Try Again In This Life Chapter 1810: Ruined Ye Rongs Vegetable Garden? Chapter 1811: The Photo Of Rong Ye Was Used Chapter 1812: She Was Paid Attention To By The Big Guys Chapter 1813: This Guy Is A Bit Familiar Chapter 1814: You Can Only Be Mine Chapter 1815: Who Is It That Delayed Everyone Eating? Chapter 1816: My Patron Was Photographed Secretly Chapter 1817: She Is A Big Seventy Chapter 1818: Help You Upgrade Chapter 1819: Don't Delay Other Female Artists Chapter 1820: How Dare She Chapter 1821: Lu Xingyue Was Stunned Chapter 1822: Create The Second Rong Ye Chapter 1823: Is It Possible To Have A Nest Of College Entrance Examination Champions Chapter 1824: The Patron Is Almighty Chapter 1825: She Really Is Her Chapter 1826: Playing Tricks? Who Can't? Chapter 1827: Are You Sure She Needs My Guidance? Chapter 1828: She Is Not The Same As Us Chapter 1829: Can You Understand Better Than Me? Chapter 1830: Underground Auction Chapter 1831: A Sack Of Invitations Chapter 1832: Gangster I'm In Trouble Chapter 1833: A Bunch Of Silly Big Guys? Chapter 1834: Just Send A Car Of Domineering Ceo Novels Chapter 1835: Don't Care She Is Like Us Chapter 1836: Is A Grass So Expensive? Chapter 1837: Spent 2 Billion And Lost Money Chapter 1838: There Is Actually A Mother Plant Chapter 1839: These Elders Rebelled? Chapter 1840: Like Grass? Satisfy You Chapter 1841: I Made More Than A Dozen Calls But They Were All Roosters Chapter 1842: Living Bodhisattva? I Think You Are A Hell Chapter 1843: Miss..you Smell So Bad Chapter 1844: You Look Like A Dead Son Chapter 1845: Dangerous Scenes Have To Be Played In Person Chapter 1846: They Have An Accident You Just Want To Grab The Heroine? Chapter 1847: Perfect Pet Cp It's Knocked Out Chapter 1848: This Should Not Be An Accident Chapter 1849: Jiuye The Vinegar Jar Is Turned Over Chapter 1850: Jiuye's Call Chapter 1851: Jiu Ye Appeared Chapter 1852: Therefore He Is As Famous As Xiao Jiuye Chapter 1853: Hundreds Of Thousands You Do Not Lose Chapter 1854: Sprinkle It All On The Dog Chapter 1855: If She Is Arrogant There Will Be No Chapter 1856: Visually The Natural Entertainment Is Over Chapter 1857: Don't Bother Mr. Lu Let's Resign Ourselves Chapter 1858: Are All World Class Hackers? Chapter 1859: Six Hot Searches In A Row Chapter 1860: Can Someone Help Them Chapter 1861: No I Accept You As Disciples Chapter 1862: You Are Our Master Chapter 1863: What Are You All Looking At? Chapter 1864: Beloved: What Do I Charge? Chapter 1865: The World Is Full Of Their Black Material Chapter 1866: One Dollar Bought Natural Entertainment Chapter 1867: Stop Being Passionate Chapter 1868: Jiu Ye Was Injured To Protect His Pet Chapter 1869: You Don't Care About Me That Much Chapter 1870: Master Take Revenge For Me Chapter 1871: His Master Kneel Down? Chapter 1872: Does The Principal List For Her? Chapter 1873: They Occupied All The First Fifty Right? Chapter 1874: What Is Your Attitude What Is My Attitude Chapter 1875: Is It Your Good Deeds? Chapter 1876: Do It Again Chapter 1877: She Must Have Passed The Exam Chapter 1878: It's A Perfect Score Chapter 1879: Rong Ye's Story Chapter 1880: What A Big Show Chapter 1881: Win A Car For You? Chapter 1882: Did She Go Through The Back Door? Chapter 1883: Is The Car Coming? Chapter 1884: She Won The Car God Chapter 1885: You're Worth It Chapter 1886: This Is Something He Can't Make In A Few Lifetimes Chapter 1887: Training Camp Chapter 1888: All Are Top Masters Chapter 1889: You Have Delayed Our Progress Chapter 1890: She Knows Everything Chapter 1891: She Is Really Almighty Chapter 1892: You Don't Know How To Program Right? Chapter 1893: She Actually Knows How To Do It Chapter 1894: You Deserve To Be Single Chapter 1895: I Won Tell You Everything Chapter 1896: They Lost Miserably Chapter 1897: Hit Them? Chapter 1898: No She Should Be With Me Chapter 1899: Darling She Bullied Me Chapter 1900: The Whole Network Opposes Chapter 1901: Lin Jue Is Dying Chapter 1902: I'm Here No One Can Bully You Chapter 1903: She Will Not Die Chapter 1904: I Told Her To Go She Will Go Chapter 1905: Her Backstage Is Me Chapter 1906: Fortunately She Has This Friend Chapter 1907: She Is Recovering Well Chapter 1908: Her Benefactor Is Here Chapter 1909: Has Her Gold Master Defied? Chapter 1910: Live Streaming Penalty Chapter 1911: Beloved: Give You Two Choices Chapter 1912: It's Knocked Out Chapter 1913: All The Artists Have Come To Break The News Chapter 1914: A Tragic Ending Full Of Frost Chapter 1915: The Actor Has An Opinion On Her? Chapter 1916: Grouping Chapter 1917: Love Us Baby Chapter 1918: The Actor Is Embarrassed Chapter 1919: They Actually Cook In A Competition Chapter 1920: I Met You Apart From My Parents Chapter 1921: This Is Called Playing A Little Bit As A Child? Chapter 1922: Does She Have No Emotional Intelligence? Chapter 1923: All Free Chapter 1924: Is The Dog Really Not Hers? Chapter 1925: She Didn't Sleep Late She Went Out Early Chapter 1926: Beloved: I Really Can't Chapter 1927: She's Crazy Chapter 1928: She Is Really Against The Sky Chapter 1929: Come Lord Give You A Smile Chapter 1930: I Hate Him And Eat Him Poorly Chapter 1931: Musical Instruments Without Her Chapter 1932: Global Big Shots Scramble Chapter 1933: Almost Killed Chapter 1934: In Addition To Cooking Is There Anything She Can't Do? Chapter 1935: Endless Floor Chapter 1936: Of Course They Are All Dead Chapter 1937: She Scared The Npc Chapter 1938: Scared Clue Chapter 1939: Sao Operation Keeps On Chapter 1939: Sao Operation Keeps On Chapter 1940: Violent Patron Is Online Chapter 1940: Violent Patron Is Online Chapter 1941: Xi Rui: I Am Afraid Of Heights Chapter 1942: Why Are You Different From Others Chapter 1943: Beloved Chapter 1944: Weidong: Labor And Management Believe In Your Evil Chapter 1945: Turns Out She Is The Champion Of The Century Chapter 1946: Beloved How Do You Follow Your Picnic Arrangements? Chapter 1947: Kick When My Pet Is Disobedient Chapter 1948: It Was By The Patron Chapter 1949: Isn't It A Boyfriend? Chapter 1950: She.. Is Really Extraordinary Chapter 1951: Did He Pick Up This Endorsement? Chapter 1952: How Can This Woman Be So Attractive