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Turning his hand to put the Thunder Thunder away, Lu Chuan leaned forward to the Bone Emperor with the Slave Slashing Sword in his hand.

Chi Chi Chi Chi!

The blade of the sword slashed across Bone Emperor's chest, and in an instant there was a deep visible bone wound, and the blood spurting Jian was covered with sword light.

Without the huge energy to support, Bone Sovereign would have been broken a leg, or the one in the middle.

However, the Bone Sovereign didn't escape, or he knew that it was impossible to escape, so he roared and went crazy.

"You want me to die! Don't think about it!"

The Bone Sovereign ignored the wound on his body and attacked frantically like a lunatic.

The violent power has been accumulated to the extreme before this, and it is extremely terrifying to burst at this time. The same cultivation base is required, close to the combat power, but the power is more than five times in Lu Chuan.

Every fist and every kick, every time a giant scythe was swung, brought the strong wind and the dense cracks in the surrounding space.

The Bone Sovereign seemed to be possessed by the Demon God, and he was completely cut to Lu Chuan regardless.


The huge bone sickle over two meters long collided with the Slave Slashing Sword. The next moment it collapsed into countless fragments, leaving only one hilt in Lu Chuan's hands.

"You got rotten weapons, see what else you can use to fight me! Go to hell!"

Seeing the Slave Slashing Sword shattered, the Bone Sovereign became excited. He is now approaching the end of the crossbow, relying on the amount of violence accumulated in his body to fight Lu Chuan fiercely, hoping to kill Lu Chuan before being hurt by Jianguang.

And now that the weapon in Lu Chuan's hand is shattered, his chances of success are a bit higher.

"Wait, he won't have any other weapons!"

The Bone Sovereign was so excited that his heart burst for no reason, but the situation obviously hadn't reached the desperate point. Lu Chuan didn't take out his weapon any more, but dodged from left to right and began to avoid it.

"so far so good!"

Seeing that Lu Chuan didn't take out his weapon again, the Bone Sovereign couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, and then he attacked frantically.

From the beginning of the fierce battle to the present, the situation has undergone several dramatic changes in just a few minutes.

From being equal to being suppressed, and now completely reversed, Bone Sovereign feels like a roller coaster.

Fortunately, the opponent's weapon is destroyed, and he still has a chance.

Thinking of this, the bone emperor felt more excited, and the attack became more and more violent.

In his opinion, Lu Chuan without weapons is like a beast without minions, but a large piece of meat that can move. And he had a huge bone sickle in his hand, like a butcher with a razor, killing Lu Chuan was just a matter of time. And now the situation is as expected, one is violently attacking and the other is dodge everywhere.

The Bone Emperor's eyes showed fierce light, and the giant bone sickle drew arcs in the air, spreading cracks in the space like a spider web, extremely terrifying. Lu Chuan is still indifferent, without panic or fear.

"I see when you can pretend to be!"

The Bone Emperor snorted coldly, and the offensive became more fierce. If it was like a vicious dog before, then it is now a mad cow disease!

"about there!"

Lu Chuan made a faint voice, making Bone Sovereign uncontrollable. It's just that Lu Chuan didn't see any movement, but a sudden pain and powerlessness came to my heart.

"not good!"

During the frenzied attack, the Bone Sovereign suddenly woke up, and the sword light scattered around by Lu Chuan had unknowingly harmed him. If he didn't dissolve his body, it would be troublesome.

Seeing that Lu Chuan was surrounded by danger under his attack, the Bone Emperor still had to give up temporarily.

He gave Lu Chuan helplessly, and the Bone Sovereign dissolved his body into countless small parts in an instant, and then quickly gathered together. This series of actions took less than one breath, but the strength in the bone emperor's body dropped by 30% after that.

Without a huge amount of energy supplement, the bone emperor's consumption has become so huge that he can't afford to disintegrate several times.

I know what your plan is! "

Seeing Lu Chuan with a smile not far in front of him, Bone Sovereign was full of anger but he was so weak. Knowing that the other party had to plan, but there was no way to deal with it.

"Even if you die, I will kill you!"

The killing intent in the bones of the emperor's chest was overwhelming, and he attacked Luchuan again with a roar. However, Lu Chuan was still indifferent and calm, and after feeling that his aura had dropped a lot, he refused to face him head-on. The whole person was slippery like a loach, so angry that the Bone Sovereign wanted to blast him with a punch.

"If you are a man, you will fight with a real sword! What a good guy to dodging!"

"I'm sick and fight hard with you? Why didn't you use your fists to harden me with a sword?"

Hearing the words of the Bone King, Lu Chuan sneered in disdain, and with a wave of his hand, a Slave Slashing Sword appeared in his hand.


The time did not last long, and another faint sound came. Without a huge amount of energy, the Bone Emperor could not withstand the damage of the sword light, and he had no choice but to disintegrate again.

However, after passing through twice, Bone Emperor's breath dropped even more terribly. When he was strongest, his strength was more than five times that of Lu Chuan. Now he has fallen to the same level again, and looking at his gloomy expression, I am afraid the situation is more serious than it seems.

"You are too weak! You can only live by conspiracy and trickery!"

Seeing the bone emperor reunited, Lu Chuan sneered unceremoniously.

At this time, the strength of De Bone Emperor and Lu Chuan were almost equal, and his trump card was so powerful that he had no chance to stand up!


Hearing Lu Chuan's words, Bone Sovereign's face was uncertain. As Lu Chuan said, after all the invincible methods were broken, he suddenly realized that he was so vulnerable.

Because countless victories made him more dependent on this type of fierce battle, he thought that even if he couldn't fight, he would be unable to start the opponent. However, it was only when he was forced to go to a dead end to discover that the once so energetic bone emperor was so powerless.

If the surrounding space is not sealed off, the Bone Emperor can still save his life. However, in order to prevent Lu Chuan from tearing apart the space and escaping, the Bone Emperor used the extremely precious array to confine this space, but he did not expect that Lu Chuan was not killed, but became his Bone Emperor's grave.

"Okay! Time is almost up, you should go on the road first!"

Seeing Bone Sovereign's hideous face occupied by regret and resentment, Lu Chuan threw dozens of sword lights away.

The biting sword light straddled a distance of more than ten meters and fell in front of him instantly, and when he had been hit to the point where his mind was almost collapsed and the Bone Emperor reacted, it was too late!


Flesh and flesh splattered and bones shattered, the Bone Emperor did not even disintegrate, but was so startled that Jianguang could tear his body into countless fragments.

"I remember you! I will come to you again!"

"No, you should stay here!"

Lu Chuan snorted coldly, and a terrifying suction came from the Blood Sacrifice Sky Wheel behind him, directly sucking in all the three souls of the Bone Emperor.

"Huh? It turned out to be three!"

Reaching out to absorb the Bone Emperor's Soul, Lu Chuan suddenly realized that there were three.

"Yes, the race occupied by the Bone Sovereign is a Trinity, he only merged with one of them!"

Thinking of this, Lu Chuan suddenly understood.

"Yes! Your strength is very good, it is worth my own shot!"

A faint voice echoed in his ears with sarcasm, making Lu Chuan's mind condensed. Because just now, an inexplicable sense of crisis appeared out of thin air.

This sense of crisis came very suddenly, but it was extremely terrifying. It was even more frightening than when faced with the golden sacred dragon in the Taoist period.

But the sound came quickly and disappeared quickly. After frightening Lu Chuan, it disappeared.

"Senior! Did you take the shot?"

Lu Chuan looked in the direction of Tianmen, and the white light on it burst out suddenly, seeming to be responding to his question.

"It seems so!"

Lu Chuan nodded, looking at the endless alien races in the distance, he had already made a decision in his heart.

"I want to be promoted to incarnation!"

Lu Chuan roared, no longer suppressing his power.

His three souls and seven souls have long since been smelted and unique, and the strength of his physical body has surpassed that of the ordinary monks in the transformation stage.

The reason why he did not advance is because he has been suppressing.

At this moment, looking at the fierce battlefield, Lu Chuan decided to fight.

Even if he is excluded from the battlefield of luck, he will do the same.

Because if you don't make a choice, the human monks in the world of Xutian will die.


A terrifying force erupted in his body, and Lu Chuan's aura grew in a straight line, and soon passed the critical point of the ninth level of the Qi Refining Period.

His three souls and seven souls have successfully smelted the only one, and the most difficult hurdle has already passed.

At this time, the stage of advancement is just a matter of course.

Sure enough, there was no obstacle along the way, and Lu Chuan's cultivation base grew linearly, directly surpassing this terrible scourge that had plagued countless monks.

"This is the power of the **** transformation stage!"

Lu Chuan murmured, he felt better than ever, as if he could punch through the space with a single punch.

At the same time, he also felt a strong sense of rejection, as if to squeeze him out of here.

"I suppress the rules of the battlefield of luck, and can only delay you for half an hour at most."

A faint voice rang from his ears, and Lu Chuan knew that it was the senior inside Tianmen who had spoken.

"Thank you! Half an hour is enough!"

Lu Chuan grinned, his whole body exploded violently, and a desolate aura like an ancient prehistoric appeared quietly.

"That's... what's that..."

Feeling this breath, the countless aliens all shivered uncontrollably.

After that, a huge crack appeared out of thin air, and a huge golden claw stuck out from the crack into the battlefield of luck.


The thunder was deafening, but there was no electric light.

Many alien races looked at the golden dragon head protruding from the crack in the space, and their livers and guts suddenly burst.

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