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And just when he was about to close his eyes and start upgrading his cultivation, he heard Gaya's shout.

"Human, I just remembered that I can't show my face to anyone, if someone saw im here, the whole Nagaland army would be here along with that bitch"

"Jeez, I have to take care of everything for you and you didn't even give me a kiss on the cheek"

Micheal rolled his eyes and said like he was really disappointed with her.

"Stop playing, human! this is serious, you want me to protect you or what"

"System, do you have something for this situation?"

Hearing her dilemma, she sighed and entered the system to see if he could find anything that could solve this problem. And after a few seconds, a marble face mask appeared before his eyes.

Name: Chameleon

Class: Rare

Function: Enable the wearer to change their face to look like someone else

(Cultivators above or at the Soul refining stage would see through the effects of the mask)

Cost: 800 badass points

[Does the host wish to buy the Chameleon?]

[Only the host and the subordinates can use the Chameleon!]

"Yes, I'll buy it"

Since now he had a lot of badass points to spend, he bought the mask without growling at the system.

"What is that?"

Gaya saw the marble mask in his eyes and frowned but without answering her question, he tossed the mask towards her.

"Wear it"


The marble mad didn't look very special but it did look ugly in her eyes, so she was reluctant to wear this ugly thing on her face thinking that he's asking her to hide her identity by wearing it on her face.

"Just wear the damn thing!"

But before she could make her case, he raised his voice slightly as she decided to put the mask on and curse him afterward.

However, the moment the mask touched her face, it came to life and stuck onto her face as she felt a sharp pain all over her face.


She screamed in pain and tried to peel the mask away from her face but she couldn't. After a few seconds, the pain disappeared and opened her eyes to see the human was holding a mirror in front of her.

"Now better"

The mask had completely changed her face and lowered her beauty by many notches but even then, she looked pretty and hot as she even slightly looked like Margot Robbie with black hair.

"How?! Where?! Forget it"

Looking at a new face staring back at her in the mirror, she ran her fingers through her face. In her mind, she felt like she could transform back into her old self and wondered where he got such a precious item.

And when she finished looking at her face, he placed his knife on her hands and said

"Use this only if you absolutely have to"


He didn't want to take any chances and after consuming the pill, she would regain some of her powers and with the Knife, she could hold the fort until he woke up. And settling everything with her, he jumped on the bed and sat crossed legs to start the upgrading process.

"Let's start"


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