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In their opinion, Van Lei was guilty of madness.

You are a mere Daoist, why did you say that you are not afraid of a battle in front of Dao Sage?

What are you kidding?

There must be a limit if you don't know what you can do, right?

The magic repairs in the back also all burst into laughter.

"What is this guy doing?"

"Even to challenge Xu Yuan Daosheng?"

"Who gave him the confidence?"

However, Xuyuan Daosheng did not laugh, nor did he make a move to put Fan Lei Dao Zun to death under his palm.

His eyes fell on the cigarette in Van Lei's hand.

No one else in the fairy world has seen this stuff, but he knows it.

After all, when he was in the realm of Aquarius Fake Immortal, Jiang Cheng smoked in front of him.

Xu Yuan knew very well that this thing was ordinary, and it didn't have much effect or meaning. It was just Jiang Zhangmen's unique hobby.

Except for him, he hasn't seen a second person take out this stuff.

Now that Fan Lei Dao Zun suddenly took it out, Xu Yuan had to think about it.

Although this thing didn't have any effect on cultivation and battle, and it was of little value, it should be meaningful to Jiang Sect.

He remembers that Jiang Zhangmen also took this thing out and distributed it to the people around him.

But only eight people including Mo Chen, Luo Yuan, Shan Tai, Three-eyed Tiger and Yan Chang, Golden Dragon King, Gui Zang, and himself were assigned.

No one else got it.

Although Brother Cheng was just a casual act of distributing cigarettes, Xu Yuan had carefully analyzed the hidden meaning afterwards.

He soon discovered that the eight people who were assigned to smoke were all special.

Mo Chen, the strategist who came down from the fairy world to assist Jiang Master.

Luo Yuan is the head of foreign affairs of Feixianmen, Jiang Zhangmen's right-hand man.

Shantai flattery, the person who pleases the head of Jiang the most.

Three-eyed tiger, a crumb in the world, but it is undeniable that he is always the closest to Jiang Zhangmen.

And Yaochang, Golden Dragon King, Guizang, and himself are the heads of the Wasteland, Heavenly Demon Realm, Sword Realm, and Demon Realm, respectively.

He was also the four strongest leaders in the Lower Realm at the time.

Xu Yuan finally came to the conclusion that being able to take the initiative to separate the cigarettes by the head of Jiang represents his extremely high recognition of that person!

He should be regarded as his own!

Because he thought he had seen the deep intentions, Xu Yuan had been secretly proud of it for a long time.

And now seeing that Fan Lei Dao Zun also took out such a cigarette, his first reaction turned out to be a bit sour.

This guy is also worthy of being Jiang's own person?

"This thing is Jiang... he gave you?"

He pointed to the cigarette and glanced at Jiang Cheng next to him.

Fan Lei Dao Zun was shocked. How did he know that Jiang Cheng had sold this Faith Fragrant Secret Treasure to himself?

Could it be that this kid was still sold in the land of Dao Jue?

Rub, you know that he is unreliable, and he is not only in the business of one family!

"So what?" He grinned his neck and said solemnly.

Anyway, holding this faith incense, I can hold it alive again!

It really doesnt work, I still have a second root, a third root...

Seeing him so pulling, Xu Yuan couldn't help snorting coldly.

Lao Tzu was assigned to one team many years ago. What is superior to me in front of you, a later generation?

"Just stand here, don't go anywhere for now."

Venerable Fan Lei's heart also sinks.

It seems that the other party is really killing himself, how else would he stay here?

I really can only count on this Faithful Secret Treasure.

When he shot, he ignited immediately, and then fled.

Qiwu and Qianyan, who were not far away, couldn't help but ridicule through voice transmission.

"Fan Lei, you are really confused to get home."

"Are you tired of being tired of challenging Daosheng?"

"Obviously there is a chance to survive, but our demonstration is not clear enough? You can just follow your studies..."

"It's really rotten wood that can't be carved..."

In their eyes, Fan Lei Dao Zun is a dying person, and there is no need to worry about his tone.

Fan Lei was so angry that he wanted to choke them to death.

On horseback, when you were in Tiangong, you two met long and short daoists, and now its too real.

At this time, Xuyuan Daosheng had already arrived in front of Xiaoya.

"How about you, are you familiar with them?"

Unlike the Fan Lei Dao Zun, Yan Yi is not afraid of holding a cigarette, and feels that he can stop and kill the gods.

She knew very well that any Dao Venerable here could easily kill herself.

If you want to survive, it depends on whether this holy wish is willing to let yourself go.

The key is how to move the other party.

But before she could speak, the three-eyed tiger jumped out.

"Well, let her take care of my face, what else can I ask?"

He also met with stitches.

If you catch an opportunity, you have to brush up on your goodwill.

Unfortunately, Xu Yuan didn't seem to be able to cooperate with his plan.

"Your face?"

He asked with a smile, "How much is your face worth?"

Xu Yuan showed great respect and love to the head of Jiang, but for the three-eyed tiger, he couldn't look down on a hundred.

As soon as this remark came out, the demons in the rear burst into laughter again.

"Is this tiger demon stupid? It's because of his face?"

"What kind of face can he be the culprit?"

"Hahahaha, what a weird thing..."

The three-eyed tiger was so angry that it was forced to roll over.

Okay, you Xu Yuan, here to pinch me.

You just forgot the "friendship" back then, didn't you?

He passed a note in angrily.

"What's the matter with you making me pretend to be forced? What's the matter?"

"Will you be a human being? Huh? Hurry up, give me face!"

Xu Yuan smiled and said: "Why do I want to give you face? We didn't have much friendship back then?"

The three-eyed tiger was almost blown up by him.

"If you don't cooperate with me today, I will definitely speak ill of you in front of Brother Cheng in the future.

Hearing what he said, Xu Yuan really realized the seriousness of the situation.

Although this tiger demon can't do anything and brag about the first place, he is indeed the closest to Jiang Zhangmen.

And he is really despicable and shameless, and treacherous ministers enter the business of slander, he can definitely do it.

Maybe Jiang Zhangmen really believed in his evil.

Thinking of this, he also had a headache.

"It's alright, I just made a joke with you, I didn't expect you to be in a hurry."

The three-eyed tiger snorted coldly, UU read www.uuknshu.com and trembled again after cutting off the transmission.

"Falling is my woman, you know."

He looked at the wolf girl beside him affectionately, his eyes full of affection.

"I don't want her to be hurt or frightened at all, because it will cut my heart..."

This kind of nasty love story hadn't been finished, and it was interrupted by Xiao Yan himself angrily.

"When did I become your woman?"

She stared at San-Eyed Tiger as if she wanted to breathe fire, wishing to strip him alive.

"Do you have any deep hatred with me?"

"Before dying, do you have to pull me back together?"

She actually didn't intend to pretend to be ignorant of the three-eyed tiger, but this tiger demon's move still made her angry.

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Chapter 632: 2 Conditions Chapter 633: Mysticism Extractor Chapter 634: Is This Wiping Off Brother's Oil? Chapter 635: Is This Missing A Few Steps Chapter 636: The Treatment Can't Stand The Comparison Chapter 637: Open The Harem Openly Chapter 638: Became Li Hanyu's Man Chapter 639: Alliance Proposal Chapter 640: Start Of Assessment Chapter 641: How Did This Make Me Successful Chapter 642: Accidentally Shocked Again Chapter 643: Just To Breathe Chapter 644: This Can Prove It Chapter 645: The Face Is Well Practiced Chapter 646: Out Of Control Chapter 647: I Will Protect You Chapter 648: 3 Great Illusions In Life Chapter 649: I Admire Sage Jiang Chapter 650: Aftermath Chapter 651: This Is Your Hole Card Chapter 652: Tools For Each Other Chapter 653: My Speed Dominates? Chapter 654: Brother Is Going To Upgrade Chapter 655: Earth Profound Realm Chapter 656: Negligible Chapter 657: Miserable Fairy World Chapter 658: Kind To Sword Repair Chapter 659: The Status Of The Upper Layers Chapter 660: Their Eyes Are A Bit Unscrupulous Chapter 661: The Otherworldly Evil Demon Is Here Chapter 662: Really Coming Chapter 663: Scared Silly Chapter 664: My Clan Emperor Chapter 665: So Can He Come Chapter 666: The Spirit Of Bai Xuan Chapter 667: There Is Such A God? Chapter 668: 3 More Profound Seeds Chapter 670: It Was Him Chapter 670: Rectify The Name Of Otherworldly Demons Chapter 671: Pig Teammate Chapter 672: The Chosen By God Chapter 673: 1 Hit The Net Chapter 674: Bai Xuan Tribe Colluded With Demons? Chapter 675: The Power Of The 5 Line Sword Heart Chapter 676: This Thigh Is Too Thick Chapter 677: High Profile Publicity Chapter 678: Who Is Li Junlang Chapter 679: New Exercises Chapter 680: A Wonderful Divorce Chapter 681: 5 Rows Gather Chapter 682: The Fighting Power Of Emperor Xuan 9 Chapter 683: This Is Disrespect To Sage Jiang Chapter 684: Unworthy To Befriend Li Daoyou Chapter 685: Just A Summoned Beast Chapter 686: Must Die Within 3 Days Chapter 687: Are You Sure I Can't Summon Chapter 688: Missing Watchdog Chapter 689: Really Called Chapter 690: New Watchdog Chapter 691: Angry Emperor Chapter 692: Kagen Pond Chapter 693: Why Are You Holding My Eldest Brother Here? Chapter 694: We Hate Him Most Chapter 695: The Location Of Hua Xuan Chi Chapter 696: Attack The Imperial Palace Chapter 697: 1 There Must Be Fraud Chapter 698: The Cowhide Is Blown Chapter 699: Jin Entered The Emperor Profound Realm Chapter 700: I Broke With Him Chapter 701: Great Accomplishment? Chapter 702: Omnipotent Chapter 703: This Is Kidnapping Chapter 704: Your Opponent Is Me Chapter 705: Is Jiang Xian So Strong? Chapter 706: Fight With God Chapter 707: Cool You Down Chapter 708: Disappointed World Chapter 709: Add A Buff For You Chapter 710: Stronger Possibility Chapter 711: 4 Great Sages Chapter 712: Origin Confession Chapter 713: It's Too Easy Chapter 714: The Whereabouts Of Lonely Moon Princess Chapter 715: Shu Baiwei Chapter 716: Gu Yue Xin Ji's Deity Chapter 717: He Has Been Wiped Out By Me Chapter 718: I Will Cover You Chapter 719: Enemies Should Be Resolved But Not Settled Chapter 720: For You Chapter 721: I Don't Want To Cover You Chapter 722: Rushing For The Crown 1 Anger For The Beauty Chapter 723: It's Not That High End Chapter 724: Can't It Be Done? Chapter 725: I Regret It Chapter 726: Lord Of The Blue Mist Chapter 727: Enemy Full Of Vitality Chapter 728: The Master Of The Low End World Chapter 729: This Plan Is A Bit Unreliable Chapter 730: The Artifact Of Water? Chapter 731: The Birthplace Of The Shadow Clan Chapter 732: 0 Million Years Later Chapter 733: Unexpected Disaster Chapter 734: Move Back Chapter 735: I Am A Mountain God Chapter 736: Give You A Chance Chapter 737: He Will Die Soon Chapter 738: This Voice Is Worth Shouting Chapter 739: How Did It Die? Chapter 740: Invasion Of The Sea Race Chapter 741: Kill Them With An Apology Chapter 742: 1 Hit Group Kill Chapter 743: Pantheon Chapter 744: The Emperors Scrambling Chapter 745: Xue Lingzong's Trump Card Chapter 746: The Emperors Were So Scared? Chapter 747: Helper Is Coming Chapter 748: Have You Touched Enough Chapter 749: I Didn't Kill It Chapter 750: Tianshu Pavilion Is Not Neutral Anymore Chapter 751: Break Out Of The Mountain Chapter 752: Law Space Is Also Useless Chapter 753: Even More Terrifying Record Chapter 754: The Pantheon Of Self Reliance Chapter 755: Returning Fairy Chapter 756: What War Is Going On? Chapter 757: We Are Covering The Xue Lingzong Chapter 758: The Status Quo Of The Demon World Chapter 759: Canglong Valley's Magic Repair Chapter 760: The Surviving Azure Dragon Valley Chapter 761: You Have To Keep A Low Profile Chapter 762: What Do You Want Emperor Ziming? Chapter 763: Emperor Qinglong Bowed His Head Chapter 764: Only 1 Died? Chapter 765: Inexplicable Promotion Chapter 766: You Have To Keep A Low Profile Chapter 767: This Is An Insult To Me Chapter 768: Our Bird Tribe Has Also Been Brilliant Chapter 769: Take You To Great Things Chapter 770: Eagle Clan Chapter 771: Seconds Chapter 772: This Thigh Is Too Thick Chapter 773: Stepping On The Ten Thousand Demons Palace Chapter 774: Anti Magic Hero Lao Qinglong Chapter 775: It Turned Out To Be You Chapter 776: Yes I Did It Chapter 777: Come On My Teammate Chapter 778: Can't Interfere With Teammates Pretending Chapter 779: The Qinglong Emperor Who Changed His Mind Chapter 780: You 2 Make Trouble Individually Chapter 781: Is There Anything You Need To Do Brother? Chapter 782: All Mine Chapter 783: Lord Of All Demons Chapter 784: Demon Hero Chapter 785: Brother Is Going To Deal With Big Things Chapter 786: You Have To Bind Me Chapter 787: Your Xuanwen Is Destined To Me Chapter 788: Full Of Confidence Chapter 789: Help Head Jiang Chapter 790: The Demon Master Has A Lot Of Face Chapter 791: Strong Old Green Dragon Chapter 792: Shine Chapter 793: Xuanwen Is Dead Chapter 794: Up And Down Chapter 795: Reappearance Of The Inner World Chapter 796: Broke Chapter 797: The Catastrophe Is Not Over Chapter 798: Scared Away Chapter 799: The Advent Of The Fairy Mother Chapter 800: Taboo Power Chapter 801: 1 Line Chapter 802: Enhance The Mood Chapter 803: Your Taoist Partner Was Killed Chapter 804: Which Green Onion Is Ziming Chapter 805: Must Be Compensated Chapter 806: Ripped Off Chapter 807: Is This Coming Alive? Chapter 808: Persuade People With Reason Chapter 809: Let You Know Chapter 810: Do You Have Friendship With The Xuan Clan Chapter 811: Brother Cheng's Face Chapter 812: Competitor Chapter 813: I Know Jiang Cheng Very Well Chapter 814: The Meaning Of Water Gun Chapter 815: You Really Have Vip Treatment Chapter 816: Fully Cooperate With Them Chapter 817: The Power Of Jiang Cheng's Name Chapter 818: This Is My Own Chapter 819: Obliterate Chapter 820: Nothing To Be Surprised Chapter 821: Send A Warrior Over Chapter 822: This Is The Warrior You Chose? Chapter 823: Be A Portable Grandfather Once Chapter 824: Unfavorable Chapter 825: Attack Her Chapter 826: Can You Escape? Chapter 827: You Let The Demon Lord Escape? Chapter 828: Evangelistic Conference Chapter 829: I Want To Participate Chapter 830: This Is A Role Model Chapter 831: Keep Your Eyes Cold And Contemptuous Chapter 832: Who Dares To Move Her Chapter 833: Sign Up For Chaos Group Chapter 834: You See How Happy He Is Chapter 835: Registration Test Chapter 836: It's Better Than 1 Chapter 837: What Speed Is This Chapter 838: You Did It Chapter 839: The Burnt Out Zhunyu Lieyu Chapter 840: 3 Scum Seniors Chapter 841: Round 1 Chapter 842: Mingchi Yuzhi Chapter 843: Looking For Jade Symbols Chapter 844: Hand Over Chapter 845: The Whereabouts Of The Treasure Chapter 846: You Guys Are Playing Quite Lively Chapter 847: Roll Or Die Chapter 848: Don't You Want To Kill Me? Chapter 849: The Collapsed Quasi Emperor Chapter 850: Self Investment Chapter 851: Are You Still Black? Chapter 852: This Change Is Too Big Chapter 853: The Famous Fairy Chapter 854: Seeded Player Chapter 855: Competition Of The Refining Group Chapter 856: 1 Group Of Insects Chapter 857: Faster Speed Chapter 858: Incredible Results Chapter 859: How Can I Get Off The Stage? Chapter 860: Cheated Chapter 861: Where Did You Hide The Demon Lord Chapter 862: Such A Good Opportunity Chapter 863: Match 2 Chapter 864: Super Skill Chapter 865: Unworthy Chapter 866: Withdraw 1 Hand Chapter 867: Master Of The Heavenly Immortal Realm Chapter 868: Temple Bowed Chapter 869: For You Guys Chapter 870: Very Fierce And Fierce 0 Sha Zhun Emperor Chapter 871: This Is Too Fake Chapter 872: What Do You Want To Do Chapter 873: Fortunately Chapter 874: Turned Out To Be True Chapter 875: Yewu Zhundi Chapter 876: What Is The Face Chapter 877: Who Dares To Move Us? Chapter 878: The demon master is brilliant Chapter 879: Hurry down Chapter 880: This is too blatant Chapter 881: You have to add money Chapter 882: Bold Chapter 883: Turned out to be just a sparrow monster? Chapter 884: Jiang Chengzhiwei Chapter 885: Jade Soul Chapter 886: Improve skills Chapter 887: Break through the limits of the plane Chapter 888: 1 barbarian Chapter 889: The 6th battle Chapter 890: 2 people in the show bag Chapter 891: The strength of the wild Chapter 892: It should be none of our business Chapter 893: Is this your conspiracy? Chapter 894: 3000 world Chapter 895: Can you rank in the top 10 Chapter 896: The 9th level of Xuan Wen Chapter 897: Ice Realm Chapter 898: Well-intentioned system Chapter 899: Mighty ice clan Chapter 900: Almost came to annihilate the world once Chapter 901: Enthusiastic ice people Chapter 902: Justice Chapter 903: Persuade people with reason Chapter 904: Dare to be disadvantageous to the landlord Chapter 905: That's all trophies Chapter 906: This is more than arrogance Chapter 907: This teammate can't move Chapter 908: Can't call someone? Chapter 909: 1 Landlord Chapter 910: We didn't come to hibernate Chapter 911: To be my rare landlord? Chapter 912: Wait for the rabbit Chapter 913: Territory cannot be left without an owner Chapter 914: Not hurry up to report Chapter 915: It was him Chapter 916: Still want to test me? Chapter 917: Lord Jiang, don't go Chapter 918: You are too polite Chapter 919: Anti-grab Chapter 920: 1 Unusual Gong Qing Chapter 921: Retreat Chapter 922: Brother Cheng's changes Chapter 923: I even dared to come to the Hongmen Banquet Chapter 924: Send 1 die Chapter 925: perish together Chapter 926: Brother Cheng without a teacher Chapter 927: Enterprise-level discovery Chapter 928: The Demeanor of Lord Jiang Chapter 929: Advance by leaps and bounds Chapter 930: Bingji Tianzun Chapter 931: Strange selection Chapter 932: remarkably brave Chapter 933: Give him 1 ruin Chapter 934: Jiang Cheng's Rules Chapter 935: What is your strength? Chapter 936: Ice shock Chapter 937: Tiandao Ice Ladder Chapter 938: It turned out to be the test Chapter 939: Is he so low? Chapter 940: Are there other broilers? Chapter 941: Fair battlefield Chapter 942: Ice Palace declares war Chapter 943: Is it rebuilt? Chapter 944: No pressure Chapter 945: Bingyuan Valley opens Chapter 946: This is a bright cheating Chapter 947: You can't come back anyway Chapter 948: Super cave Chapter 949: How did you come in? Chapter 950: Letter now Chapter 951: A world without heaven Chapter 952: You want to be my master too Chapter 953: Rotten wood cannot be carved Chapter 954: Origin return Chapter 955: Reunion Chapter 956: Strange request Chapter 957: Anyhow cover up 1 Chapter 958: I really wanted to die by myself Chapter 959: Old man is outdated Chapter 960: 1 strand of origin Chapter 961: It's actually a crystal soul Chapter 962: Can you give me some respect Chapter 963: Time loop Chapter 964: Help you realize your dream Chapter 965: Poor masters Chapter 966: The origin of the ice world Chapter 967: The position of the fairy world Chapter 968: You are the most dangerous one Chapter 969: Conditions for becoming an ice god Chapter 970: Lord of the Ice World Chapter 971: Face is green Chapter 972: Fulfill the betting contract Chapter 973: Control the Ice Palace Chapter 974: The Returning Homecoming Dark Ji Chapter 975: Just play Chapter 976: Your real world is not good Chapter 977: Professional Chiyin Palace Chapter 978: Reckless thought Chapter 979: White outfit Chapter 980: My realm is more useful than you Chapter 981: Magic weapon? Chapter 982: Ecstatic recklessness Chapter 983: I knew I had brought Bingji here Chapter 984: Kept deliberately Chapter 985: Overall improvement Chapter 986: Ji Yao's choice Chapter 987: Of course it is for you Chapter 988: Attack on Chiyin Palace Chapter 989: To catch alive Chapter 990: 0 million don't kill Chapter 991: Yin evil formation Chapter 992: Inspired by Uncle Jiang Cheng Chapter 993: The venerable abandoned the dark Chapter 994: End your sinful life Chapter 995: Will give 1 inverse 3 Chapter 996: Famous 4 circles Chapter 997: Heaven can't kill people Chapter 998: Disciple of the 8th Emperor Realm Chapter 999: Your chance hasn't arrived Chapter 1000: Fight for the fairy world Chapter 1001: Help you implement the door rules Chapter 1002: Specifications of the Lord of the Ice World Chapter 1003: The origin of fairy mother Chapter 1004: Buy a ticket and get on the bus Chapter 1005: Tianzun is clever Chapter 1006: The first kind of Tao Chapter 1007: Sword of No Way Chapter 1008: Helping others is the foundation of happiness Chapter 1009: Take turns Chapter 1010: If these people are all wiped out Chapter 1011: The supreme delivered to your door Chapter 1013: The unhappy head Jiang Chapter 1013: Protagonist halo Chapter 1014: This is the treatment the protagonist should have Chapter 1015: 1 set for immediate breakthrough Chapter 1016: The disappeared fairyland Chapter 1017: You are the most suitable person Chapter 1018: Please unite Chapter 1019: Control the normal reaction of heaven Chapter 1020: Are you still able to escape? Chapter 1021: Yuanxianjie forming Chapter 1022: 3000 Trial Chapter 1023: Great opportunity Chapter 1024: A ray of light in troubled times Chapter 1025: Mingyuan Pen Chapter 1026: Why are you still alive Chapter 1027: Do you need to fight like this Chapter 1028: Return to Yuanxian Realm Chapter 1029: 10 Heavenly Emperor Chapter 1030: Fairy mother reincarnated? Chapter 1031: Eat flying vinegar Chapter 1032: Why don't you use Wudao Sword Chapter 1033: Doesn't it bring memory? Chapter 1034: I'm sorry if you're not Chapter 1035: Are the last words finished? Chapter 1036: Don't you just go out? Chapter 1037: King Ga Dojo Chapter 1038: Lord please Chapter 1039: I'm a bully, what's wrong Chapter 1040: 0 million don't favor me Chapter 1041: Qiu Yuxuan's talent Chapter 1042: Dare to bet Chapter 1043: Find a way for me quickly Chapter 1044: Act well for me Chapter 1045: Peerless genius Chapter 1046: Enter the dojo Chapter 1047: I don't like this gift Chapter 1048: This woman has a big appetite Chapter 1049: The collapsed season Chapter 1050: Come forward Chapter 1051: 3 can't mess with Chapter 1052: Murder with a knife Chapter 1053: Qiu Yuxuan holding her thigh Chapter 1054: 1 sentence thing Chapter 1055: Can't afford to lose courtesy Chapter 1056: Kendo World Chapter 1057: Real sword repair Chapter 1058: Natou Benbah Chapter 1059: You didn't kill him? Chapter 1060: Get stolen Chapter 1061: I'm helping you out Chapter 1062: 1 sentence thing Chapter 1063: Forced to be helpless, Qiu Yuxuan Chapter 1064: You are too careless Chapter 1065: The way to become an official Chapter 1066: So beg Chapter 1067: Leave the dojo Chapter 1068: Tiandao point ranking Chapter 1069: Shangxian took me one Chapter 1070: Must be the captain Chapter 1071: Team 1 Chapter 1072: Cheng Ge's recruitment standards Chapter 1072: 1 sentence suggestion Chapter 1074: Yunzhao Theater Chapter 1075: Unworthy of command Chapter 1076: This team is a bit crazy Chapter 1077: Just win 3 games Chapter 1078: How do you want to die Chapter 1079: I'll pick this time Chapter 1080: Easy to kill Chapter 1081: I didn't plan to let you go Chapter 1082: What state are you Chapter 1083: Rise to fame Chapter 1084: Light of Yunzhao Battlefield Chapter 1085: Where is that team Chapter 1086: Must find them Chapter 1087: 1 more trust Chapter 1088: 1 large batch of broiler Chapter 1089: The Regret Venerable Jingding Chapter 1090: Lead the way Chapter 1091: Dao Zun's clone Chapter 1092: Different origins Chapter 1093: How many points did that team score? Chapter 1094: Evil fairy's reaction Chapter 1095: That nasty tiger demon Chapter 1096: No rabbits, no eagles Chapter 1097: 2 team encounters Chapter 1098: found it Chapter 1099: It's really you Chapter 1100: I'll leave it to you Chapter 1101: The strength of the source Chapter 1102: Only offensive but not defensive Chapter 1103: Let me have a good impression Chapter 1104: The ancestor of Fei Xianmen Chapter 1105: Dao Zun's Arrival Chapter 1106: Take them as a bet Chapter 1107: 2 ripped off Chapter 1108: It is not ashamed to lose to Dao Zun Chapter 1109: The focus of the audience Chapter 1110: We are the No. 1 team Chapter 1111: It's really them Chapter 1112: Shameless Chapter 1113: Celebratory dojo Chapter 1114: 1 rise to fame Qiu Yuxuan Chapter 1115: Think you can do it again? Chapter 1116: This is the unspoken secret Chapter 1117: You are amazing Chapter 1118: Do you count on her to support you? Chapter 1119: You really dare not kill him Chapter 1120: This is also your acquaintance? Chapter 1121: Dao Zun's net worth Chapter 1122: Access Division Chapter 1123: I can't bear it Chapter 1124: Kangcheng-like conditions Chapter 1125: Qiu Yuxuan's grade Chapter 1126: Stars Gongyue Chapter 1127: Coming for Jiangcheng Chapter 1128: Only 8 products? Chapter 1129: Must be the biggest Chapter 1130: Side by side with the emperor Chapter 1131: Really gave it Chapter 1132: You say which one of us is higher Chapter 1133: Simple conditions Chapter 1134: Worship 3 times a day Chapter 1135: Would you rather die than surrender? Chapter 1136: Stingy Tiangong Chapter 1137: 3 strategies of Tiangong Chapter 1138: Don't hate you Chapter 1139: Tiger Demon Senior Chapter 1140: Righteous Destruction of Pro-Jiang Head Chapter 1141: Yunlang Jisheng Chapter 1142: God Ries Chapter 1143: Are you enlightened? Chapter 1144: Really dare to kill Chapter 1145: Kill the 5th grade immortal official Chapter 1146: I did it all Chapter 1147: Do you have friendship with this tiger demon? Chapter 1148: Sha Fu Yin Chapter 1149: How dare you make a false accusation against Jiang Cheng Chapter 1150: We didn't see Chapter 1151: What is the captive air? Chapter 1152: Go to Tiandansi Chapter 1153: Just a janitor Chapter 1154: Glorious task Chapter 1155: This is something to shake people Chapter 1156: You can move Yue Yao too? Chapter 1157: 3 major genres Chapter 1158: The official level 1 crushes people to death Chapter 1159: This is a war Chapter 1160: It turned out to be your grandson Chapter 1161: bargain Chapter 1162: The third condition Chapter 1163: Must be used Chapter 1164: Patriarch, is this evil? Chapter 1165: This is too cooperative Chapter 1166: Hand over the shadow fairy Chapter 1167: It's you again? Chapter 1168: 1 You must have killed it Chapter 1169: Where's my official seal Chapter 1170: Open the furnace Chapter 1171: Immortal furnace test Chapter 1172: Peculiar match Chapter 1173: Danzhiyuan certification Chapter 1174: Didn't make any effort yet Chapter 1175: Yin Yang Mirage Chapter 1176: Must be cheating Chapter 1177: The first fairy official Chapter 1178: 1 test Chapter 1179: Yi Yuan Daozun won the prize Chapter 1180: Let you start Chapter 1181: Origin certification of 8 products Chapter 1182: Tiandan Division First Block Chapter 1183: Yu Ding Yin Chapter 1184: Emperor Sword Order Chapter 1185: Don't even believe you? Chapter 1186: Pointing Dao Zun Chapter 1187: Origin Chapter 1188: Its like counting the classics Chapter 1189: Great harvest Chapter 1190: Breakthrough Tianzun Chapter 1191: Meaningless thunder robbery Chapter 1192: Supreme Thunder Tribulation Chapter 1193: Mood improvement Chapter 1194: A few more times Chapter 1195: Disappointed Brother Cheng Chapter 1196: I can't do it again in the future Chapter 1197: Look at this pattern of people Chapter 1198: Daoyou Jiang is interesting enough Chapter 1199: You are so generous Chapter 1200: This rule Chapter 1201: Raise the law of space Chapter 1202: 1 Ye Duhai Chapter 1203: It's too simple Chapter 1204: Is your boat so long? Chapter 1205: Also give you a way to survive Chapter 1206: No chance of losing a token Chapter 1207: Do you want to swim Chapter 1208: Then you have to sit still Chapter 1209: Has he never seen the world? Chapter 1210: Very well protected Chapter 1211: Generous and generous Jiang Zhangmen Chapter 1212: Owner of the Sword Heart of Birth and Death Chapter 1213: The script shouldn't be like this Chapter 1214: Put it to death and live after Chapter 1215: Emperor Sword Master Chapter 1216: Feels wonderful Chapter 1217: Actually jumped into the sea? Chapter 1218: The depths of the sword sea Chapter 1219: 5 heavy kendo artistic conception Chapter 1220: The scourge is finally gone Chapter 1221: Incredible improvement Chapter 1222: Perfect kendo Chapter 1223: 1 sword that is too strong Chapter 1224: Back to the outside world Chapter 1225: This massive prestige Chapter 1226: It's like a dragon and a phoenix among people Chapter 1227: What are you doing Chapter 1228: Just talk about it Chapter 1229: Kill the fairy official Chapter 1230: Kill and kill Chapter 1231: He is the first Tiandan Division Chapter 1232: He also deserves to be the first seat? Chapter 1233: Tiandan Silairen Chapter 1234: This face becomes too fast Chapter 1235: This prestige value is too fast Chapter 1236: Son of Heaven Chapter 1237: It turns out that your coffee rank is so low Chapter 1238: Gold and Silver Sword Fence Chapter 1239: Means of life-saving Chapter 1240: Focus on the spirit Chapter 1241: Can take you as a little brother Chapter 1242: Killed Chapter 1243: Emperor of War Chapter 1244: Is this all right? Chapter 1245: Spiritual Ascension Chapter 1246: Soaring strength Chapter 1247: The invitation of the land Chapter 1248: Blood evil Chapter 1249: Bound Xuanwen of Killing Chapter 1250: Confident 3 Eyes Tiger Chapter 1251: Sell teammates Chapter 1252: My own person who has been missing for a long time Chapter 1253: We are absolutely unfamiliar Chapter 1254: Do you know him