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Are there too many exclamation points? Lin Jiayin smiled and sent a long string of exclamation marks.

She thought that Shen Zhan would directly use an exclamation mark to swipe her screen, and Shen Zhan had done a lot of this kind of wit.

But Shen Zhan did not refresh the screen, nor did he express any love packages.

But to say,-Really, I am serious, Little Sun, get married after graduation.

After sending this sentence, Shen Zhan leaned back and raised his head.

He didn't know why he suddenly mentioned marriage at this point.

According to his idea, he had to prepare a perfect marriage proposal first, like in the movie, holding a rose in his hand, kneeling in front of Lin Jiayin on one knee, and opening a velvet box with a big diamond ring.

Looked into her eyes and said to her: Marry me, Little Sun.

Shen Zhan was thinking about it and suddenly became happy.

It's not because it's a little stupid, but because it's so beautiful. Just imagine that picture, and Shen Zhan feels very happy in his heart.

Lin Jiayin might cry.

Lin Jiayin might cry.

She rubbed her eyes with shallow tears and she could shed tears.

Shen Zhan didn't like watching her cry, he liked watching her laugh.

He began to think about how to propose so that Little Sun would not cry.

After thinking for a while, Shen Zhan started to laugh again, this time a self-deprecating laugh, he seemed to be thinking too far ahead.

Looking down at the phone, Lin Jiayin returned to him.

It took several minutes to return, and Shen Zhan thought she was thinking deeply and would say something else.

As a result, Lin Jiayin said, "Why don't we go to prove it before I come back?"

Shen Zhan smiled and typed, before finishing typing, Lin Jiayin sent him again.

-Will uncles and aunts agree?

-Hey, it doesn't seem to work. I just Baidu. The legal age of marriage in China is not less than 20 for girls and 22 for boys.

-I can, but you are under your age

-You will only be 22 years old next semester. You are not born so early! Sad.jpg

Lin Jiayin continued to babble, and kept sending him messages.

Shen Zhan returned to her.

-I'm going to be born earlier, won't I be an old man

-The old man...does it hurt? Tao Mo said before! Confused.jpg

-Don't I hurt people now?

-It hurts, it hurts!

Shen Zhan glanced at the time, it was almost ten o'clock, it was early morning in Sydney, so Lin Jiayin was urged to go to bed.

Lin Jiayin said.

-I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight.

Shen Zhan suddenly became nervous, and hurriedly spoke.

Lin Jiayin didn't answer.

-My roommate is asleep and can't call.

Shen Zhan asked her.

-what happened? Did you forget to take the medicine and become emotionally unstable?

-No, I seem to forgot to tell you, I will be on stage tomorrow night and perform a dance drama. Many people will watch it, all students and teachers in dance


-Well, the brain keeps rushing, Id better chat with you just now

-Ive never performed in the Opera House, or a dance drama. For the first time in my life, at the Sydney Opera House!

It's not all nervousness, but excitement.

Shen Zhan walked to the bedroom, typing while walking.

-Turn on the voice, I wont speak

-You close your eyes, put your phone next to your pillow, and I'm right by your side

After Shen Zhan sent the message, Lin Jiayin quickly connected, pulled the thin quilt over his head, and put the phone in his ear as Shen Zhan said.

It was quiet over there, and there was no breathing.

After Lin Jiayin said goodnight to him, she closed her eyes obediently.

I don't know if it was because of the voice connection between the mobile phone and Shen Zhan, Lin Jiayin felt very comfortable and at ease when she closed her eyes.

Since I went abroad, I haven't felt that at ease.

She also made a special trip to buy a plush doll to hug her to sleep, it is a little better to sleep, but it is not as good as Shen Zhan holding her.

Putting the phone to his ear, as Shen Zhan said, he was right beside him, listening to her breathing and watching her fall asleep.

Lin Jiayin quickly entered the state, her breathing became even longer.

On the other side, Shen Zhan, leaning on the head of the bed, turned the phone volume to its maximum.

It wasn't until Lin Jiayin's breathing became longer and worse to make sure that she was asleep, then she hung up the voice and exited the WeChat interface.

Shen Zhan folded his hands behind his head and looked at the ceiling for a while.

My heart was suddenly empty, as if there was something missing, I always felt that there was something I didn't do, I had to do it quickly, and it would be too late if I couldn't remember it.

Shen Zhan closed his eyes, opened them again after a while, got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

The moment I got up, Lin Jiayin's voice suddenly appeared in my mind.

I have never performed in the Opera House, or a dance drama. For the first time in my life, at the Sydney Opera House!

Then, his own voice came out again.

A long time ago, but it seems to have said yesterday.

I am waiting to see your first performance.

The empty mood was suddenly filled, and Shen Zhan patted his head.

Isn't it that I have a good memory, and I will never forget it.

I almost forgot.

Shen Zhan hooked his lips, sat back on the bed, grabbed the phone and started to read the ticket.

The performance at night, a twelve-hour voyage, is too late.

Lin Jiayin was particularly nervous when waiting behind the scenes to take the stage, so nervous that she couldn't breathe.

Dancing is the most talented point in her life. She even thinks that her IQ is lowered because of dancing too much.

In fact, she has the confidence to play her best level.

But I was nervous and wanted to go to the toilet.

However, the curtain was about to be pulled up in a few minutes, and I could only hold back.

Before taking the stage, she sent a message to Shen Zhan.

-I'm going to be on stage! ! ! !

It seemed that after a few more sighs could show her nervousness, Lin Jiayin directly sent three strings in a row.

Shen Zhan returned to her.

-Take it easy, I watch you jump.

Lin Jiayin immediately laughed.

Others are in the country, watching yourself jump?

It's not that there are live broadcasts of major dance events.

Lin Jiayin typed and sent it.

-Do you watch me dance with your mind?

-I watch you jump with my eyes.

Lin Jiayin smiled again.

Shen Zhan's comfort seemed to have worked. She didn't want to go to the bathroom anymore, and even felt that she hadn't held her urine just now, just because she was too nervous.

Before the stage began to announce the curtain, the instructor came over to clap his hands to prepare, Lin Jiayin quickly put the mobile phone and stood on stage.

When the prelude sounded, Lin Jiayin took a deep breath and assumed a fan posture, her face changed abruptly.

Feelings are fully integrated into it.

There was no direct flight ticket. The connecting flight bought by Shen Zhan, boarding at 1 am, plus the length of the transfer, took a total of 16 hours and entered the opera house at the last minute.

Without the teacher to lead the team, the person in charge refused to let him in. Shen Zhan broke his mouth and said the boss for a long time before reluctantly agreeing to let him sit in the last row with no people.

Shen Zhan nodded and thanked.

In any case, it is enough to enter the field, he is not similar, and the last row is also to be seen.

The most important thing is to sit in the audience and participate in important moments in Little Sun's life.

From the beginning of the performance, Shen Zhan took it seriously. He has never been so serious in his life.

Looking far away from the last row, the twenty-odd people on the stage can't see clearly their eyes and noses, and can only see a rough outline and clothes of different colors.

But Shen Zhan's eyes can always catch Lin Jiayin, knowing which one is her.

Based on the feeling, he glanced over, and his eyes absolutely fell on her.

Even if a certain part of her dance is a group dance and is submerged in the crowd, Shen Zhan can still find her in the next second.

In the middle of the performance, a man suddenly sat next to Shen Zhan.

Perhaps seeing Shen Zhan's eyelids, the blond woman greeted in a low voice in English.

Shen Zhan tilted her head and put her index finger in front of her lips, beckoning her not to speak.

The moment he turned his head, the blond woman covered her mouth reflexively, and almost shouted oh.

So handsome, how can Asian men look so handsome.

I'm sorry for not onenightstand.

She secretly took a few photos and sent them to a friend. She lifted off her blond hair on her shoulders, revealing a 34D woman, turned her side to his side, and said in English: "Hello, are you Chinese?" "

Shen Zhan lightly tapped his chin.

"Oh, it's really Chinese," the blonde girl said bluntly, "I think you are very handsome, can you make friends with me? WeChat is also possible, I know you Chinese all use WeChat."

Shen Zhan didn't speak, and the blonde girl saw him keeping her eyes on the stage, and she seemed to be deeply attracted by the dance drama.

"Do you like watching dance dramas? Coincidentally, I also like to watch dance dramas." The blonde woman continued to accost.

Shen Zhan still ignored her.

"I'm studying modern dance." The blonde girl seemed to have found a way to hook up.

Shen Zhan still did not speak.

The blonde girl frowned, "Can you understand? Would you like me to explain it to you?"

Shen Zhan reacted this time, turning his head to look at her, frowning, a pair of peach blossom eyes accumulating a little impatience, lowered his voice and asked in English: "How do you think the one in the middle is jumping?"

The blonde girl looked over.

"I think she dances very well." Shen Zhan asked and answered.

The blonde girl turned her gaze back and smiled, "She is the main dancer, of course the one who dances the best."

"Thank you." Shen Zhan said.

"Why do you want to say thank you?" The blonde girl scratched her head. Why are Asians thinking so strange.

Shen Zhan lifted his lips, his gaze fell on the light and flat shirt dancing in the middle, "That's my girlfriend."


The blonde girl was posed like this and got up and left with a stinking face.

The music ended, and the curtain slowly lowered to thunderous applause.

Lin Jiayin let out a long sigh of relief and followed the crowd down the stage.

Ella ran over and gave her a thumbs up, and Lin Jiayin gave her a thumbs up.

The teacher said in front of everyone that Jia Lin Jiayin is the most talented Chinese she has seen in the past few years. If there is a chance, I hope the dance company of the Sydney Opera House will continue her studies after graduation.

Lin Jiayin smiled and thanked.

"Are you really not going to the party?" Ella asked her as she changed her clothes.

Lin Jiayin shook her head, "Don't go."

"It's a pity, you are going back to China soon." Ella walked over and shook her arm, "Go ahead, I will recite 300 Tang poems for you."

Lin Jiayin still shook her head, "I don't know how to drink, and it's a disappointment when I go. It's better to play in the dorm."

"Talking on the phone with your boyfriend in the dorm?" Ella poked her.

Lin Jiayin nodded honestly.

She now wants to call Shen Zhan and answer the video with him.

Tell him that today's performance was very successful. Not only did she do it, she also played super long.

Ella was not too difficult for others, after changing clothes and saying goodbye to Lin Jiayin, she took her bag and left.

Lin Jiayin sent WeChat to Shen Zhan while walking.

-The show is over

-Ok, I know

-Why did you know again? Curious.jpg

-you guess

-I do not guess you guess guess

-Lin Xiao childish ghost

You are a naive ghost.

Who used the emoji pack to fight her with her screen?

Lin Jiayin didn't return to him anger at all, put the phone back in his pocket, and before ten seconds, Lin Jiayin couldn't help taking out the phone again to see what he had sent himself.

Shen Zhan sent a photo over.

Lin Jiayin was startled.

In the photo is the stage where she performed just now. The camera technology is not bad, and the moment when the main dancer kicked the Zijinguan upside down.

The picture is still very rare, not very fuzzy, with only a little afterimage of the right leg kicking in the direction of the back of the head.

It seems that the art is very attractive, as if it was deliberate.

After Lin Jiayin recovered, asked him

-Where did you come from

Shen Zhan secondly replied, still the previous two words.

-you guess

you guess?

you guess.

An idea suddenly popped out, and Lin Jiayin happily pressed the keyboard wildly.

Before she finished playing, Shen Zhan sent a 5-second short video of the current shot.

-Come out, I'll wait for you here

Lin Jiayin clicked on the video.

Three groups of huge illuminated shells stood in the air, one covering the other, facing the bay and hugging.

She passes by the Sydney Opera House every day.

She could figure it out immediately where she was taking the photo of this place.

Lin Jiayin clutched the bag and ran out desperately.

I haven't ran so fast when I first raised my side.

With the whistling wind in his ears, Lin Jiayin ran to the large steps of the southern entrance, and Shen Zhan really stood there.

With his hands in his pockets, the peach blossom eyes are slightly staged, and there is a smile that does not reach the bottom of the eyes.

He just looked at her like that.

He pulled his hand out of his pocket, then opened his arms.

"Ahhh-Shen Zhan!" Lin Jiayin ran across with her legs.

This speed can no longer be described by physical measurement, you can go directly to participate in the sprint to win the championship.

With too much momentum, Shen Zhan staggered back and hugged her firmly.

Lin Jiayin directly lifted her legs up and clamped his waist.

Having not seen him for two months, Shen Zhan felt a little fatter holding Lin Jiayin.

It's pretty good, it means you're doing pretty well.

"Why are you here?" Lin Jiayin buried him on his shoulder and took a bite.

"Come to see your first performance, and see you again by the way." Shen Zhan said with a smile.

Lin Jiayin took another bite, "Obviously, I came to see me."

"Well, come to see you, and watch the performance by the way." Shen Zhan reversed the word order before Lin Jiayin let go.

"Why didn't you tell me in advance?" Lin Jiayin got down from him.

Shen Zhan said: "I didn't have time, I made a temporary intention last night, and I was afraid that I would not be able to catch up.

"Why? Is it because I'm nervous?" Lin Jiayin asked.

Shen Zhan took her hand and walked along the shore, "Didn't you tell me when I accompanied you to the theater to watch a dance drama."

"What did you say?" Lin Jiayin's hair was messed up by the sea breeze, and she got off her feet.

Shen Zhan helped her lift her hair to one side, "Said I am waiting to see your performance."

"Oh..." Lin Jiayin remembered, "It's not the first performance as the chief, in fact, you don't need to use it."

"Then I'm leaving." Shen Zhan let go of her hand.

Lin Jiayin grabbed his arm and hung on him, "Don't!"

Shen Zhan's long and narrow eyes pointed upwards, "I won't go if you say something nice."

"Thank you." Lin Jiayin looked at him.

Shen Zhan smiled: "What can I do to thank you."

"Yes," Lin Jiayin said: "You remember every word I said, and every promise you made to me, you are so good, so good, so good, you are the best in the world Shen Zhan."

The man in front of him came to Australia from a long distance just to say something to her casually.

"That said, I have to thank you too." Shen Zhan said.

Lin Jiayin looked up at him.

"You are my light." He said.

Light up my dark world.

Gives me warmth and strength.

The word thank you is not enough at all.

Lin Jiayin smiled at him.

"Little Sun." Shen Zhan looked at her.


"Little Sun." He whispered again.

Lin Jiayin looked at him, "You..."

"I love you," he said, "Little Sun, I love you."

"I love you too," Lin Jiayin's nose was sore, tears fell one by one, "I love you forever."

You said that you want to lead me along the way of life.

So you have to hold my hand, hold me, and keep moving forward.

Keep going, keep going.

Until the end of life.

That is the whole life I love you.

-----End of text-------

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