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Chapter 1068 Hao Shao's joke is a bit big

Su Yangde's hand froze in midair, and he turned his head slowly, with a trembling voice. Although he looked down on Pei Hao in his bones, he knew that he could not provoke this ancestor.

Especially different from other rich men who have a jealousy about doing things. The man in front of him has no abilities, but he is not stingy. He does things without regard to the consequences. Now he wants to really offend the other party completely, then Su Clan will be over.

Su Clan is over, that means he is over!

Su Yangde, who has spent most of his life prosperous and wealthy, can't believe his life after Su's bankruptcy, and he can't care about his face at the moment. He pretends to put away his hands casually, and the pressure on his face is directed at Pei Hao. He smiled, "It happened that a few came here. I am apologizing to Xixi. It was me who was wrong yesterday. I shouldn't do anything to Xixi. Xixi must forgive dad..."

Su Bixi didnt have seen Su Yangdes face change, but at this moment, he was still disgusted. He pressed his lips and did not speak. Yu Guang glanced at Pei Hao, "Im tired."

"Tired? This...Xixi, can't you forgive dad? Tell dad, what should I do to forgive me?" Su Yangde said sincerely, and you can feel the aggressiveness in him by wearing fine products. .

Pei Hao's face was not worried, but Su Bixi held her mother's hand and said nothing.

The scene was very embarrassing, Ma Mingxue stepped forward to round the field when he saw this, "Xixi, your dad really knows that he was wrong, will you forgive him this time?"

At first, Su Bixi was hesitating when she heard Su Yangde's words, but she didn't want to forgive Su Yangde, but she could feel the change in her mother's mood.

Unlike her, her mother obviously had such a fascination with her father, and this Ma Mingxue was really annoying. Every time she heard her call her own Xixi, Su Bixi was disgusted, and suddenly thought of something, "Forgive me too." Its not impossible."

Su Bixi's words shocked everyone in the audience. Even Pei Hao's was slightly surprised, and he looked at Su Bixi with an eye on the bottom of his eyes.

Shen Yue behind Su Bixi also subconsciously held her hand, "Xixi..."

Shen Yue didnt know why her daughter suddenly let go, but she probably guessed that it had something to do with her, so she shouted nervously.

She didnt want her daughter to wrong herself for herself.

She hadnt expected Su Yangde since last night, so she just asked not to disturb each other.

Su Bixi shook her mother's hand back and signaled that she didn't need to worry before speaking to Su Yangde, "My request is very simple, that is, you will drive this little third away and announce that he is not your son. Later, he will also There is no right to inherit the Su family."

"What did you say? You little bitch..." Before Su Yangde could react, Ma Mingxue let out an excited growl, but the little **** just came out and gave Su Yangde warning eyes.

Ma Mingxue swallowed the rest of the words fiercely, but the previous gentleness and virtuousness disappeared on her face. She looked at Su Bixi's mother and daughter bitterly, then bowed her head aggrievedly, and whispered to Su Yangde softly, "My husband, she wants to For my life, I also want the Su family to wean off children and grandchildren..."

After hearing Su Bixis request, Su Yangde's face was not very good. Hearing Ma Mingxue's words again, the eyes looking at Su Bixi were even more gloomy. He is always good and loves his son the most. He intends to let his son inherit a little older. His family business, but now Su Bixi not only wants him to drive away Ma Mingxue, but also forbids him to admit his son and let his son inherit the Su clan. How is this possible?

Can not give in to Su Bixi's expression, coupled with Pei Hao's pressure on the side, Su Yangde tried to curse Su Bixi several times, but in the end he could only bear it abruptly.

It's important to keep Su Clan first no matter what.

"I...I can promise you..."

"How can this husband!" Su Yangde gritted her teeth, but was interrupted by Ma Mingxue in the middle of the conversation. She grabbed Su Yangde's hand and said, "My husband can't..."

"Shut up!" Seeing the woman around him who had always been well-behaved and clever rebelling against him at this time, Su Yangde murmured in dissatisfaction. He knew that his son was important, but if the Su Clan was gone, he would stay. What's the use of having a son? It's better to promise Su Bixi first, and when the Su clan comes back to life, he won't be fine if he takes his son back at that time.

After scolding Su Yangde, seeing Ma Mingxues beautiful face full of tears, his heart softened. At the same time, he was afraid that the other party would cause trouble to him at this time, so he added in his ear in a low voice, "I am just a stopgap measure."

Ma Mingxue heard the tears still falling, and the whole person became more aggrieved, but she didn't dare to stop Su Yangde any more, only lowered her eyes and weeped softly.

Su Yangde did not stop him, and looked at Su Bixi again, with a more affirmative tone, "I promise you, but can you really promise to save Su Clan?"

Su Bixi heard Su Yangdes answer and was not surprised. She felt even more distressed for her mother. His tone was unkind, with a bit of joking, "No."

"You..." Su Yangde almost lost control again, but Pei Hao's gaze made him look like a man on his back, and he could only endure the anger, "Xixi, Dad has agreed to your request, so forgive Dad, you I also know that Su is the hard work of my father for many years..."

Unable to intimidate Su Bixi, Su Yangde shamelessly played emotional cards.

Su Bixi only felt ridiculed, but thought that he could drive away Ma Mingxue, let her feel the pain of her mother, and at the same time limit the woman who was always triumphant, and even nearly killed her mother last night, Su Bixi looked at Pei Hao, "What about the Su family? Intervened?"

Pei Hao's eyes fell on Su Bixi without speaking.

Su Bixi also looked at him.

Ma Mingxue saw the two of them like this, as if thinking of something, "Husband, she has nothing to do with Hao Shao, Hao Shao doesn't listen to her at all, even if you drive my son and me out of Su's house, Su Bixi can't help you..."

"Who said that? As long as she agreed, what can't it?" Pei Hao interrupted Su Yangde's provocation, and then looked at Su Bixi seriously, "Are you sure to forgive them so easily?"

"Forgive? But I don't want to continue to be involved." Su Bixi didn't want to go bankrupt in the future. Su Yangde directly counted it on her, or looked for her endlessly.

I dont even want Pei Hao to be harassed because of his own mess.

"Okay." Pei Hao understood Su Bixi's aversion to Su Yangde, and said nothing more, "I will let the bank continue to perform the contract."

"Thank you Hosoh...Hey, is Hosho just a bank? There are problems with several projects in our company, how can Hosho ignore it?" Su Yangde was half anxious when he thanked him.

Pei Hao couldnt help but sneered, "I only intervened in Sus bank loan. Whats the other thing to do with me? Is it possible that Su always intends to rely on me for all the problems that Su has caused?"

"I'm not... It's just that Su's family has obviously had a lot of things since yesterday. After I left the crew, Young Master Hao begs you to help me with Su's!" Su Yangde didn't believe that the company's project had problems with Pei Hao. It's ok.

"How can I help Mr. Su by a worthless brat? Mr. Su is really cruel to me." Pei Hao replied with a sneer, and his eyes were all disgusting with Su Yangde.

Su Yangde did not dare to believe Pei Hao's words, and turned to ask Su Bixi.

Su Bixi's complexion worsened, and she glanced sideways at her mother who was already a little unstable, "I have already said what I should say, my mother should rest, please leave."

"Xixi, you can't do this, the Su family is your foundation. If the Su family and the Su family are gone, then you will be ruined by a joke even if you marry a few in the future..."

"Ahao, he's so noisy." Su Yangde was excited to hold Su Bixi, and instilled how important the Su Family Su Clan is to her into her mind, but Su Bixi only felt noisy and whispered towards Pei Hao. .

It was the first time that Pei Hao heard Su Bixi calling himself Ahao, and still yelling so intimacy, with a little grievance and small complaints, his heart trembled, and Su Yangde's face was even sharper, "Mr. Su, auntie is about to rest. ,please."

"Variously I..."

What else did Su Yangde want to say, facing Pei Haos eyes, his body shuddered and he didn't say much, and he walked out of the ward with difficulty.

Ma Mingxue followed in small steps, "husband..."

"Wait a minute." Su Bixi suddenly said.

Su Yangde thought that Su Bixi had changed his mind and suddenly turned back, "Xixi, Dad knows you are the most sensible!"

Su Bixi glanced coldly. Su Yangde looked at Ma Mingxue, "Your husband, if I remember correctly, my mother and Mr. Su shouldn't have divorced yet? If I hear you call his husband again next time, believe us or not. Prosecute him for bigamy."

Called to Ma Mingxue's husband Su Yangde again and again in front of her mother. Su Bixi didn't know how her mother felt, but she didn't want to bear it anymore.

After listening to Su Yangde, he realized that he wanted to make a difference. He looked at Su Bixi's bad eyes, which could prevent Pei Hao from having to endure, but he rushed to the hospital today and didn't let off his anger. Instead, he was even more cruel and suffocated. It's so powerful that if you don't vent it will cause internal injuries, you can only get angry at Ma Mingxue, "I heard it, who is your husband? You want to kill me!"

Ma Mingxue opened her mouth. She yelled like this on weekdays. Even last night she yelled in front of Shen Yue. She didnt see Su Yangde saying anything, but because of Su Bixis words, she insulted her, and she was very embarrassed. But he could only endure desperately, nodding his head with red eyes.

Su Yangde then looked at Su Bixi, "Satisfied?"

Su Bixi ignored them, turned around and led her mother back to the bed.

Pei Hao glanced at Su Bixi, turned sideways to open the door and waited for Su Yangde and his mistress to go out. He helped Su Bixi close the door of the ward, and then said leisurely, "Su always wants to save Su's family?"

Already desperate, Su Yangde heard this sentence and suddenly went to see Pei Hao.

Pei Hao smiled and sighed, "I have an idea, I dont know if Mr. Su wants to listen?"

"Of course, of course, as long as a few are willing to help me with Su's family, I will listen to everything!" Su Yangde was very excited, and there was a surprise of another village.

Pei Hao saw the curvature of the corners of his lips upturned, and glanced sideways at Ma Mingxue.

Su Yangde immediately understood what Pei Hao meant, and looked at Ma Mingxue and roared, "Hurry up, havent you heard what Xixi said today? By the way, take your stupid son away too, so dont interfere with my eyes in the future!"

"Husband... Yang De..."

"Hurry up, get off!" Ma Mingxue first called out her husband, and then thought of Su Bixi's words just calling Su Yangde's name, but Su Yangde interrupted immediately.

Ma Mingxue was anxious, ashamed and angry, but she could think of Su Yangde's current situation and the problems facing the Su Clan. She could only bear it. Moreover, Su Yangde said just now that driving away their mother and son was just a stopgap measure, waiting for Su Bixi to beg Master Peis family brought the Su family back to life, and it was not too late for them to come back in the scenery.

With this thought, Ma Mingxue endured the shame now and left with red eyes.

Wait for Su Yangdes mistress to leave, Pei Hao slowly continued to throw his bombs, "It's okay to help Su Clan for you, but I have a request."

"A lot of you, don't hesitate to say it." Su Yangde kindly replied. At this time, Pei Hao can agree to any request as long as it is not too excessive.

After all, the company is important!

"Transfer to Su Bixi's 25% of the Su Clan's shares." Pei Hao is still sluggish, with disdain in his eyebrows.

Su Yangde was surprised when he heard it, "How little this joke is a bit big!"

"Is it big? If you think it's a joke, there's nothing to talk about." Pei Hao shrugged and turned and left.

Su Yangde was anxious, and quickly stopped Pei Hao, "I have something to say, but I also own 46% of the shares. If I give 25% to Xixi, wouldn't it be right for Su? Lost control?"

"Oh, that's Mr. Su's own business." Pei Hao sneered and said nothing, but he knew exactly what Su Yangde meant, and he chose to work for Xixi only because he found out about Su's shares. Twenty-five percent.

A number that Su Yangde can do cruelly, but very painful.

"Is there no other way? I have a lot of properties under my name..."

"I'm just asking for this. Su always thinks it's OK, we'll talk about it again, if it's not right, we won't talk about it." Pei Hao interrupted Su Yangde, he said that he was talking to Su Yangde, but he didn't intend to talk about it.

Throwing down this sentence, he bypassed Su Yangde and walked forward.

Su Yangde was really anxious this time, he caught up again, gritted his teeth and said fiercely, "I promise you!"

"Oh." Pei Hao seemed to hear Su Yangde's heartbreaking voice, he snorted indifferently, and then looked at Li Rui who had been standing not far away, "Go and draft a contract with Su Yangde. The contract will include Su Yangde. The mistress and her son were not allowed to enter the Su family, and at the same time, they were not allowed to inherit any property from the Su family."

Li Rui quickly agreed, but Su Yangde's face turned pale. He originally planned to agree to Su Bixi on the face, and wait for the Su Clan to get through the difficulties before taking Ma Mingxue mother and son back to Su's house, but now Pei Hao has written what he agreed to , Then it will be difficult for him to get Ma Mingxue mother and son back in the future.

That is his only son!

Su Yangdes heart was bleeding, but he thought that if Su Clan went bankrupt now, he would have nothing. It would be useless to leave the two mothers and sons...

"What else does Mr. Su have?" Pei Hao asked slowly when he saw that Su Yangde's head was lowered and his neck was full of blue veins.

Su Yangde hurriedly raised his head, restrained the emotions in his heart, and shook his head towards Pei Hao, "No, how dare you."

"That's good." Pei Hao replied lazily, not looking at Su Yangde again.

Su Yangde looked at the back of Pei Hao leaving, his legs were soft and he was paralyzed, and it took a long time to relax, then he clenched his fists fiercely, "Damn..."

"President Su, please here?" Li Rui popped up like a ghost and asked.

Su Yangde stopped abruptly, and was shocked in a cold sweat. He raised his head and smiled at Li Ruisan, "Okay, okay..."

In his heart, he has already begun to figure out how to take back the shares given to the mother and son, so as to fill the hole in front of him.

(End of this chapter)


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Chapter 363: An Angry Man Chapter 364: I Actually Want To Hug You Back Chapter 365: You Are The Only One Who Can Hold Her Chapter 366: 20 Million And One Million Are Missing Chapter 367: Lin Guofu Wants To Sue For Divorce Chapter 368: Which Woman Is Badly Hurt By Giving Birth Chapter 369: Why Did He Forget To Love Her Afterwards Chapter 370: This Is Turning Your Face To Deny People Chapter 371: Pei Zhengyang Don't You Let Me Go Chapter 372: The Son Can't Be A Silly White Sweet Chapter 373: What Kind Of Fairy Love Is This Chapter 374: The Grass Is On The Top Of My Head But I Don't Know It Chapter 375: The Resurrection Of Evil Spirits Is Here To Kill Chapter 376: Our Second Master Is Better Chapter 377: Who Says Sincerity Can Surely Be Exchanged For Sincerity? Chapter 378: Bad Man And Bad Woman Are A Perfect Match Chapter 379: Disturb Others And Force Immorality Chapter 380: Upgrading Dad Is Not Reliable Chapter 381: Tsundere And Beautiful Man Coax His Wife Deep Chapter 382: Have You Given Me A Piece Of Candy? Chapter 383: Your Mother And Daughter Are Evil Spirits For Ye Dan Ap Chapter 384: Sell a House To Collect Money Chapter 385: Can A Man Be Described As Cute? Chapter 386: Is She Lin Xiaqing And Also Little Butterfly? Chapter 387: How Could He Let Her Die Again For Jun Fu Chapter 388: I'm Sorry Chapter 389: The Second Youngest Is Going To Die For Mrs. Young? Chapter 390: The Second Master Came Again With His Jealous Jar Chapter 391: Be Good You Look Better Chapter 392: Isn't There A Mine In This Fat Man's House? Chapter 393: I'm Afraid People Think I Can't Afford A Wife Chapter 394: Don't Offend A Black Bellied Man Chapter 395: Thirty Six Strategies Of Wolf President Chasing His Wife Chapter 396: Can't You Bite Me And Let Me Bite You Chapter 397: The Second Young Master Really Has The Potential To Faint You Chapter 398: I Don't Want To Be Crazy Chapter 399: Really Mad Or Fake? Chapter 400: Will Not Die But Will Be Uncomfortable Chapter 401: Jia Junkai Is Getting Engaged? Chapter 402: Miss Xia Who Complained To The Second Young Master Chapter 403: Who Are You? Chapter 404: Am I A Scourge? Chapter 405: It Doesn't Hurt How Do You Remember? Chapter 406: White And Fat Beautiful And Blessed Chapter 407: The Man Who Surpasses Pei Zhengyang's Beauty In This World Chapter 408: I Am A Doctor I Must Go Down Chapter 409: Open Air Surgery Xia Qinglu Stuffing Chapter 410: Fatty His Chapter 411: Who Taught You Not To Call Pain If You Are Injured? Chapter 412: Kids Do You Have A Lot Of Question Marks? Chapter 413: Flaming Teeth Chapter 414: Sweet And Sour Like Love Chapter 415: Mrs. Young Was Beaten Chapter 416: Pig Is Coming Chapter 417: The Second Young Master Fell In Love With Doctor Xia At First Sight? Chapter 418: Grandpa Xia Qingqing Is Not Fat Chapter 419: Can You Beat The Old Man? Wife Grandpa Kind Chapter 420: Is It Possible That You Seduce Him? Chapter 421: You Pinch Me Addicted Right? Chapter 422: Superficial Is Not Love For Helens Chapter 423: Jia Junkai Found Out That She Was Xia Qing? Chapter 424: Pei Zhengyang's Jealousy Chapter 425: Where's The Madam? Did She Admit It Wrong? Chapter 426: We Dont Watch We Are Ashamed. Chapter 427: If You Dont Understand I Can Teach Chapter 428: Pei Zhengyang You Shameless Chapter 429: Xia Qing Calm Down Don't Think Chapter 430: Can't Be Tied To A Delicate Flower Chapter 431: Is It Recommended To Exercise With Me? Chapter 432: Yanjing's No. 1 Beauty Pei Ershao Chapter 433: How Do I Think You And The Second Youngest Fiancee Have Chapter 434: It's A Pity That He Likes Me This Fat Guy Chapter 435: A Fat Man Still Likes The Second Youngest Do You Deserve It? Chapter 436: Father Xia Breaks Into The Auditorium Part 1 Chapter 437: Father Xia Breaks Into The Auditorium Part 2 Chapter 438: Old Xia Who Do You Choose? Chapter 439: Old Stubborn Vs Piggy Chapter 440: Someone Will Bully You In The Future And Find Me Chapter 441: Old Man Xia Gets Pitted Chapter 442: Little Secret Under The Table Chapter 443: She Is Going Crazy On Chapter 444: She Is Going Crazy Under Chapter 445: Old Man Xia Who Makes People Love And Hate Chapter 446: Go Back To Your Boy And Child Chapter 447: Pei Er Shao Who Visited At Night Chapter 448: Every Cell Is Thinking About It Chapter 449: When Will He Be Full? Chapter 450: Don't Bully A Fat Man Casually Chapter 451: Dont You Think Im Worse Than Her? Chapter 452: Classmate Can I Touch You? Chapter 453: Flower Language Of Daisies Chapter 454: The Next Patient Before Dr. Xia's Sudden Death Is Me Chapter 455: It's Over The Second Youngest Is Sick Chapter 456: Give Yourself An Explanation Chapter 457: Cute Like A Teacup Dog Chapter 458: This Fat Guy Chapter 459: Bedside Quarrel Chapter 460: Brother You Are Playing With Fire Chapter 461: On His Lap Sits A Slender Beautiful Woman Chapter 462: The Trash In My Head Is You Chapter 463: Qingqing Are You Pursuing Me? Chapter 464: I Will Be Responsible To The End Chapter 465: The Boy Has A Good Relationship With His Girlfriend Chapter 466: So This Is The Feeling Of Being In Love Chapter 467: The Sour Taste Of This Love Chapter 468: A Woman Who Wants To Share The Joy Of Love Chapter 469: Grandpa Xia Who Was Almost Beaten Chapter 470: Grandpa Don't Let You Kill Him Chapter 471: Coax On Both Sides Chapter 472: What Is The Beauty Of The Country At Present? Chapter 473: Doctor Xia Is The Victim Chapter 474: What Are You Holding In Your Hand? Chapter 475: The Shares Are In The Hands Of The Young Lady? Chapter 476: Settle The Matter Between Us First Chapter 477: Do You Know What Is The Love Of Husband And Wife? Chapter 478: It Seems That Little Finally Panicked Chapter 479: Do You Know What Passion Is? Chapter 480: Why Does My Boyfriend Never Take The Initiative To Send Messages? Chapter 481: Are You Crazy To Go To Moon Lake Manor For Barbecue? Chapter 482: Is She Not Gifted In Love? Chapter 483: A Man Whose Style Has Gone Wrong After Falling In Love Chapter 484: God What Did I See? Chapter 485: She Is Pei Er's Fiancee Chapter 486: Jia Junkai's Invitation Chapter 487: Are You So Concerned About How She Died Are You Her? Chapter 488: You Speak Like A Hostess Chapter 489: We Were Invited How About You? Chapter 490: The Jealous Second Young Master Is Looking For Qiu To Settle Accounts Chapter 491: Are You Suspecting That I Am Not A Man Enough? Chapter 492: Documents Forgotten By Xia Qing Chapter 493: I Am Very Supportive Chapter 494: A Prescription For Losing Weight Without Dieting Or Exercising Chapter 495: I Don't Want That Little Villain Chapter 496: Take A Bunch Of Waste Wood To Get The Crown? Hahaha Chapter 497: Why Do You Study Medicine? Chapter 498: Second Young Master This Is For Your Health Chapter 499: This Face Is Really Big Must See Chapter 500: Hospital Delivery Room Internship Chapter 501: Deliver The Baby Chapter 502: She Is The Ancestor You Can't Afford Chapter 503: Promoted To Face Everyone In The Preliminary Round Chapter 504: The Second Young Man Protects His Wife Chapter 505: Whose Prodigal Man Is This? Chapter 506: You're Fine But You Don't Have Me In Your Eyes Chapter 507: I'm In Love With The Second Young Master Chapter 508: I Only Touch My Head Chapter 509: Sweet And Soft To Your Lover Chapter 510: Allow You To Eat More Tonight Chapter 511: The Second Young Master Is Showing Affection Again Come Chapter 512: I Really Want To Fall In His Arms And Can't Get Up Chapter 513: Second Young Master Something Happened To Qingqing Chapter 514: She Gives You More Money I Will Give You Three Times Chapter 515: I Just Want To Be Pei Zhengyang's Little Fat Guy Chapter 516: Did Lin Xiaqing And Teacher Jia.. Chapter 517: I Will Give It Back Ten Times For What I Received Today. Chapter 518: Hotel Video Was Edited And Exposed Chapter 519: Pei Er Shao In The Cold War Chapter 520: She Is So Powerful And Still Needs Me To Control? Chapter 521: The Video Is Not The Same As We Thought Chapter 522: The Love Between This Man And Woman Is So Fragile Chapter 523: Two Young People Fail In Self Reflection Chapter 524: Xia Qing Cooks For The Second Youngest Chapter 525: Pei Er Shao Is Not Coming Home At Night Chapter 526: He Took Her Too Seriously Chapter 527: Is He Trying To Retaliate Against Her? Chapter 528: Don't Be Afraid We Have Washed Our Hands Chapter 529: Why Don't You Say That You Were Born Again By Doctor Xia? Chapter 530: Still Reluctant To Bear Him Chapter 531: Don't You Know What You Have Done Yourself? Chapter 532: Lin Xiaqing I Won't Let You Go Anywhere Chapter 533: Oh In What Capacity Are You In Charge Of Me? Chapter 534: Not Just Thinking But Every Day Chapter 535: Can I Treat You As An Invitation? Chapter 536: He Is Occupying Me Chapter 537: Let Me Hold Your Hand Chapter 538: Send Xia Qing To School Openly Chapter 539: I'm The One Who Gave Up My Life Chapter 540: Sudden Changes In Surgery Chapter 541: Did You Break Up With Qingqing? Chapter 542: Missing Grows Like Weeds Chapter 543: Ayang Why Are You Angry Again? Chapter 544: Hasn't It Been Reconciled? Chapter 545: Yes Your Death Was Not An Accident Chapter 546: Is The Love Of Women So Shallow? Chapter 547: Little Fat Guy Should Be Fine Chapter 548: If She Dies I Must Have Killed Her Chapter 549: Second Young Master People Have Been Cleaned Out Chapter 550: She Is Not Clear Chapter 551: What Should I Do? Chapter 552: Do You Know How Much Qingqing Trusts You? Chapter 553: I Don't Want To Lose You The Second Time Chapter 554: The Rumors Of Yanjing City Chapter 555: You Can Scold The Second Master But You Can't Scold His Fiancee Chapter 556: Father Pei Knows The Truth Chapter 557: Have I Slept For A Long Time? Chapter 558: Xiaoqing I Finally Got You Back Chapter 559: Unattainable Love Chapter 560: Maybe He Hypnotized Qingqing? Chapter 561: Will You Indulge Me Too Much? Chapter 562: Miss Grandpa And Baby Again? Chapter 563: Qingqing Will You Still Blame Me? Chapter 564: It's Like A Knife At A Glance Chapter 565: Xiongxiong Can You Take You To Find Your Mother? Chapter 566: Will He.. Call His Mother? Chapter 567: I'm Going To Find Qingqing With Xiongxiong Chapter 568: Do You Think I Am Entitled To Rest Like This? Chapter 569: Qingqing Loves Him Chapter 570: Concealed Buckle Under The Suitcase Chapter 571: The Postcard Left By Qingqing's Mother Chapter 572: Can I Take This Sentence As A Confession? Chapter 573: You Are The Real Grind Chapter 574: We Are Going To See Mom Chapter 575: Invite The Neighbor Next Door To The Wedding Chapter 576: Can I Hug Him? Chapter 577: Can I Still See The Raging Tomorrow? Chapter 578: Call From The Second Younger? Chapter 579: Do You Want To Say Hello To Miss Kiyoko? Chapter 580: Found Xia Qing's Trace Chapter 581: Attend Kiyoko's Wedding Chapter 582: I Saw The Bride At The Wedding Chapter 583: Qingqing Don't You Want Me And Xiongxiong Anymore? Chapter 584: I Remember Chapter 585: Father Hug Mother Hug Chapter 586: You Are Not The Type I Like Chapter 587: Is Xiong Xiong Really My Child? Chapter 588: Did She Really Love That Second Young Master Pei? Chapter 589: I'll Beg You From Now On Chapter 590: She Loves Raging And Doesn't Love Me Chapter 591: Qingqing Grandpa Xia Wants To Video With You Chapter 592: Because I Am Her Safest Choice Chapter 593: Qingqing I Was Wrong Don't Go.. Chapter 594: Madam Young Go See Our Second Young Man Chapter 595: If You Are The Young Lady Do You Believe It? Chapter 596: Did I Lose My Memory Because Of The Explosion? Chapter 597: Sorry Miss Xia I Can't Help You For Ye Chapter 598: Did You Forget Because It Was Too Painful? For Chapter 599: He Really Wants To Hug Her Chapter 600: Xiongxiong Is Missing Chapter 601: Did They Really Love Each Other? Chapter 602: Second Young Master Shall We Go? Chapter 603: Why Is The Young Lady Following Us? Chapter 604: Who Escaped Marriage For You? Chapter 605: Let Go Of Me Raging Awake Chapter 606: I Prepared A Gift For You Chapter 607: Why Is This Woman So Cruel? Chapter 608: Qingqing Don't.. Chapter 609: It's Better To Sacrifice The Young Lady Chapter 610: Why Are You Shy? Chapter 611: Are You Confessing To Me? Chapter 612: Its Nothing More Than A Thousand Arrows Penetrating The Heart Chapter 613: Are You Angry And Pretend To Sleep? Chapter 614: The Second Master's Bitterness Chapter 615: You Know I Have No Resistance To You Chapter 616: He Doesn't Regret It At All But He Admits Defeat Chapter 617: I Have A Shameless Thought Chapter 618: Qingqing Don't Look At Me Like That Chapter 619: Miss Lin Has Lost A Lot She's So Beautiful Chapter 620: Damn Me Will You Punish Me Tonight? Chapter 621: Are You Prone To Abuse? Chapter 622: Qingqing Can You? Chapter 623: Terrible Man Chapter 624: How Can I Be A Big Man With A Child? Chapter 625: Who Tm Wants This Kind Of Surprise? Chapter 626: Qingqing You Broke Chapter 627: She Has The Same Eyes As Grandpa Chapter 628: I Heard You Greeted Me After I Died? Chapter 629: Do You Want To Live? Chapter 630: Are You So Sure That I Will Marry You? Chapter 631: Qingqing Is This Hurting Me? Chapter 632: I Don't Need Your Forgiveness Chapter 633: Sister Don't Blame Mother Okay? Chapter 634: This Gift May Not Be Easy Chapter 635: Woman Make A Price Chapter 636: Fat Guys Are All Potential Stocks Chapter 637: Manman Dad Is Here To Take You Home Chapter 638: Grandpa I Won't Let Her Be In Trouble Chapter 639: Ayang So Tired Chapter 640: Raging Is Gone Chapter 641: It Takes Sincerity To Ask Others For Forgiveness Chapter 642: Didn't You Find A Fat Man? Chapter 643: I Am More Curious At What Price You Can Sell Chapter 644: I'm Afraid This Woman Is Too Late Chapter 645: Woman Who Smiles Like A Fox Chapter 646: What A Perverted Man Is This Chapter 647: Second Young Master Do You Like This Young Lady Too? Chapter 648: What Do You Think Of The Price Tag? Chapter 649: One Wave Has Not Settled Another Wave Has Risen Chapter 650: This Is The Fat Wife Of The Second Young Master? Chapter 651: Gossip Eyes From The Little Fat Man Chapter 652: Does This Tm Have A Bear Bile? Chapter 653: Young Master Pei Who Was Left Behind By Her Own Woman Chapter 654: What To Look At? Single Dogs Chapter 655: Todays Dog Food Is A Bit Supportive Chapter 656: I Like The Night View Of This City But I Like You More Chapter 657: You May Not Investigate Clearly I Am Not Short Of Money Chapter 658: Pei Zhengyang What About Your Integrity? Chapter 659: What's In Your Little Head? Chapter 660: Identity Is Both Glory And Shackles Chapter 661: Qingqing Listen To Me To Explain Chapter 662: You Stupid Woman Chapter 663: The Second Young Master Personally Dismissed The Rumors Chapter 664: All You Want Is You Chapter 665: What Kind Of Fairy Love Is This? Chapter 666: Ayang Is Obedient Mom Is Good For You Chapter 667: He Has The Best Qingqing In The World Chapter 668: Witnessing The Transformation Of The Young Lady Chapter 669: Ayang Let Go Chapter 670: Ayang Let Me See Your Injury Chapter 671: Is She Dying? Chapter 672: Don't You Let You Move? Chapter 673: Xia Qing Is Where My Happiness Lies Chapter 674: Before The Storm Chapter 675: Fight For Pei's The Second Young Man Will Be There Chapter 676: Don't Act With Me Chapter 677: Be Responsible For Being A Man Chapter 678: Is Mrs. Bae Disgusting Me? Chapter 679: Is She Losing Weight And Not Changing Her Head As For? Chapter 680: Xia Qing Where Did You Get The Treatment? Chapter 681: I'm Dead She Can't Live Either Chapter 682: Then Let Her Die Chapter 683: It's Not Money But Fate Chapter 684: Did You Use It To Capture The Heart Of The Second Young Master? Chapter 685: Take Her Away Protect Her Chapter 686: Second Young Master Why Is This? Chapter 687: I Wont Be Too Young In The Future Chapter 688: He Will Definitely Come To See Me Chapter 689: The Cruel Man Who Scolds His Own Dog Chapter 690: Pei Zhengyang You Let Me In Chapter 691: Do You Want To Break Up With Me? Chapter 692: Do You Really Like Him That Much? Chapter 693: Don't Laugh If You Don't Want To Laugh Chapter 694: Grandpa I Want To Take Xiongxiong Away Chapter 695: Mr. Pei Gets Angry Chapter 696: Second Young Master I Will Take You To Chase Chapter 697: I'd Rather Not Be Born By You Chapter 698: You Are Better Than Anything Else Chapter 699: Meet A Random Dog Chapter 700: The Second Youngest Is Sad And Crazy? Chapter 701: If You Lose You Can Afford To Lose Chapter 702: The Sulking Pei Er Shao Chapter 703: Xia Qing Forced To Ask The Second Master Chapter 704: Woman You Are Done Chapter 705: See Clearly Dancing With Others Chapter 706: The Second Young Man Stayed In Miss Su's Boudoir Chapter 707: Pei Zhengyang You Scumbag Chapter 708: I Am Not Interested In Men With Fiancee Chapter 709: I Can't Fall Asleep As I Miss You These Days Chapter 710: Hug Qingqing To Sleep Chapter 711: She Deserves To Be Abandoned By The Second Young Master Chapter 712: I Will Prove It To You Chapter 713: The Second Master Chose Me Chapter 714: Waiting For The Night Chapter 715: Every Bit Of Growth Of The Child Surprises Her Chapter 716: Qingqing I Can't Sleep Without You Chapter 717: The Vinegar Jar Of The Second Young Master's House Is Turned Over Again Chapter 718: He Is A Light In My Life Chapter 719: Female Celebrities Chased By Dogs Chapter 720: When Are You Going To Hold It? Chapter 721: Probably He Is Not Shameless Enough Chapter 722: There Are Always Men Staring At Her Little Fat Man Chapter 723: Pei Group Failed To Bid Chapter 724: Ma Ma Dinner Chapter 725: Who Said We Lost? Chapter 726: Forget It Don't Mess With The Broken Hearted Man Chapter 727: Dolphin Show Accident Chapter 728: Decide Less Chapter 729: Can You Throw Her Down? Get In The Way Chapter 730: You Protect The World I Protect You Chapter 731: I Don't Finish It Now She Will Die Chapter 732: Pei Zhengyang What's Wrong With Your Face? Chapter 733: Sudden Dog Food Chapter 734: Uncle I Hurt Chapter 735: The Second Young Master Online Is Humble Chapter 736: Who Else Do You Want To Fall In Love With? Chapter 737: Gave Pei Er Shao A Hat Chapter 738: Qingqing Let Me Kiss You Chapter 739: He Can See With That Face Chapter 740: Can The Second Young Master Work? Chapter 741: The Dude Also Has The Benefits Of Dude Chapter 742: I'm Shameless You Still Begging Me To Sleep With You? Chapter 743: I Was Beaten Why Are You Crying? Chapter 744: Pei Er Shao Who Asked Master Lai Xing Chapter 745: If I Can Do It You Have The Final Say Chapter 746: I Decided To Give You A Chance Chapter 747: Selfie Of The Second Young Master Chapter 748: The Little Beautiful Boy In Qingqing's Family Chapter 749: To Come And Not To Be Indecent Chapter 750: Encounter Sanbei In The Morning Chapter 751: So Care About Him? Chapter 752: If You Miss Me Too Much Tell Me Chapter 753: Wife Abused For A While Chapter 754: Pei Zhengyang Was Arrested Chapter 755: Xia Qing Is Suspicious Chapter 756: The Pei Group On The Cusp Of The Storm Chapter 757: Xia Qing's Heart Chapter 758: Who Is The Woman Next To Father Pei? Chapter 759: The Fairy Is Lin Xiaqing's 200 Fat Man? Chapter 760: The Second Young Man's Scum Hat Chapter 761: Xia Qing's Cheap Mother And Brother Chapter 762: Are They Considered Evil Fate? Chapter 763: Does Being A Lawyer Make So Much Money? Chapter 764: The Pei Family Man Is Poisonous Chapter 765: Pei Ershao Of Manman Chapter 766: Then How Are You Going To Thank Me? Chapter 767: Xia Qing's Father Chapter 768: Let My Cousin Teach You How To Behave Chapter 769: I Just Assumed Lin Xiaqing Was Born By Myself Chapter 770: Xia Manhe I Accept Your Apology Chapter 771: Your Son Is Obsessed With Our Family Qingqing Chapter 772: Ms. Huo Who Was About To Die Of Xia Qing Chapter 773: Whose Animals Are So Beautiful? Chapter 774: Pei Zhengyang You Don't Know How To Be Ashamed Chapter 775: It Seems That I Am Not Working Hard Enough Chapter 776: Two Young Men Domineering And Protect His Wife Chapter 777: Baby Why Are You So Good Chapter 778: Qingqing Can The Second Young Master Work? Chapter 779: The Little Girl Who Worked Hard To Dig The Corner Chapter 780: So Should You Consider Changing A Man? Chapter 781: Are You Planning To Change Men If You Don't Come? Chapter 782: Why Does The Little Fat Man Attract Bees And Butterflies Like This? Chapter 783: The Plan Changed Xia Qing Shot Chapter 784: Xia Qing's Marriage Was Re Evoked Chapter 785: I'm Not Angry When Others Are Angry Chapter 786: Xia Qing Became Rich Overnight Chapter 787: Xia Qing Provokes The Second Young Master And Fails Chapter 788: Ahai's Circle Of Friends Chapter 789: Sent A Lonely Chapter 790: Before The Storm Chapter 791: Pei Zhengyang You Are A Liar Chapter 792: Silly Girl Is It Worth It? Chapter 793: Does Mrs. Young Have A Misunderstanding Of Herself? Chapter 794: Grandpa Pei Is Critically Ill Chapter 795: Slap Sanshu Pei Chapter 796: Pei Zhengyang You Bastard Chapter 797: Xia Qing Was Reported Late At Night Chapter 798: This Is Probably Love Chapter 799: Woman You Are A Bit Foul Chapter 800: I Don't Want To Hear Anything Sorry Chapter 801: The Second Young Master And His Rivals Chapter 802: Lin Xiaqing's Fiance Chapter 803: Qingqing Do You Miss Me? Chapter 804: Qingqing Marry Me Okay? Chapter 805: Four Men's Confession Chapter 806: Young Master Pei With A Strong Smile Chapter 807: The Second Young Man Is Beautiful And Bitch Chapter 808: Is There Someone Hiding In The Second Young Man's Villa? Chapter 809: How About Letting Me Take Care Of You From Today Chapter 810: Qingqing It Turns Out That You Are So Rare For Me Chapter 811: Xia Qing Saw Huo Yan When He Was Young Chapter 812: Huo Yan Found Out Chapter 813: If You Say You Are My Dad Do You Believe It? Chapter 814: I'm Sorry To Let You Grow Up Alone Chapter 815: Young And Hot Xiamanhe Chapter 816: Qingqing I Can Use It Whatever You Want Chapter 817: Get A Certificate From The Civil Affairs Bureau Chapter 818: Some Of The Past Will Eventually Pass Chapter 819: No Way I Like A Woman Like Her Chapter 820: Uncle Are You Daddy? Chapter 821: Mom Don't Cry Chapter 822: You Are The Hero Of Gigi And Mom Chapter 823: Divorce Is Pierced Chapter 824: Lawyer Cheng's Little Chef Chapter 825: Is It Possible That Your Husband Is Lawyer Cheng? Chapter 826: Misunderstood By Cheng's Mother To Live Together Chapter 827: Cheng Hanyu You Can Hide So Deep Chapter 828: Son Are You Involved In Someone Else's Marriage? Chapter 829: Where Is Gigi's Father? Chapter 830: Hannstar You Send Miss Xu Home Chapter 831: Ambiguous In The Carriage Chapter 832: Late Night Negotiation Chapter 833: See Zhu Jun Being Beaten Chapter 834: People Have To Know Their Identity Chapter 835: Did You Fall In Love In High School? Chapter 836: Attorney Cheng Is Such A Good Person Chapter 837: Does It Look Like A Family Of Three? Chapter 838: Man Sao Chapter 839: Lawyer Cheng Smiled At Me Chapter 840: The Paternity Test Report For You And Jiji Chapter 841: Xu Xiaoen Who Is Gigi's Father? Chapter 842: Conscientious Little Things Chapter 843: You Are Defending A Woman Chapter 844: Xu Xiaoen Faces Unemployment Chapter 845: Miss Xu Can You Let Me Go? Chapter 846: Lawyer Cheng Shows Her Affection Chapter 847: Girl Your Peach Blossom Is Here Chapter 848: Drunk Woman Chapter 849: You Look So Good To Smile Chapter 850: Do You Want Me To Help You Remember Your Memories? Chapter 851: She Was Drunk And Forced To Kiss Lawyer Cheng Last Night? Chapter 852: How Does Lawyer Cheng Want Me To Be Responsible? Chapter 853: Cheng Hanyu We Are Different Chapter 854: I've Had Enough Of The Suffering Of Marriage Chapter 855: No Zuo No Die Chapter 856: Let's Talk About The Price Chapter 857: Lawyer Cheng's Girlfriend Chapter 858: Xia Qing Is Pregnant And Trained Chapter 859: Life Is So Wonderful Chapter 860: Don't Move Stay With Me For A While Chapter 861: Are You Greedy For My Porridge Or Are You Greedy For Me? Chapter 862: Xu Xiaoen Won't You Change Your Breath? Chapter 863: Talk About How To Breathe Chapter 864: Is She Being Teased? Chapter 865: Why Is It Called Attorney Cheng? Chapter 866: I'm Still Pursuing Her Chapter 867: I Know But It Does Not Prevent Me From Wanting To Support You Chapter 868: Deserve To Be Single For Thirty Years Chapter 869: Are You An Invitation? Chapter 870: It Turns Out To Be Jealous Chapter 871: Yeon Can I Call You Like That? Chapter 872: Yeon Be My Girlfriend Right? Chapter 873: If Cheng Hanyu Is Home Chapter 874: The Mask Of The Prom Chapter 875: Are You Deliberately Watching My Joke Hit Me In The Face? Chapter 876: One Of The Best Diamond Kings In Beijing Chapter 877: Ex Boyfriend Is The Most Annoying Creature Chapter 878: A Scumbag And A Girl Chapter 879: Lawyer Cheng Your Girlfriend Was Bullied Chapter 880: Young And Ignorant A Bit Blind Chapter 881: Is This Going To See The Parents? Chapter 882: This Iceberg Has Become A Bit Showy Chapter 883: Receive A Red Envelope And Receive A Soft Hand Chapter 884: Just As Bojun Smiled? Chapter 885: How Did Xu Xiaoen Do It Chapter 886: She Is Xia Qing's Substitute? Chapter 887: Take Off The Mask And Kiss Chapter 888: Can't Hit People Except For Scum Chapter 889: Are You Afraid That I Will Abscond With The Money? Chapter 890: Man's Mouth Deceitful Ghost Chapter 891: I Like You Better Chapter 892: Tomorrow's Headline Reservation Is Successful Chapter 893: Who Is The Hype? Chapter 894: Slap In The Face Too Fast Like A Tornado Chapter 895: He Didn't Forget Her But It Was Not Because Of Love Chapter 896: Come And Please Me Chapter 897: Liang Qing? You Really Value Yourself Chapter 898: Do You Want To Play So Exciting? Chapter 899: Song Mianmian's True Identity Chapter 900: Mianmian Is The Person I Believe For My Whole Life Chapter 901: The Lion Has A Big Mouth Chapter 902: Sister Brother In Law Treats You Well Chapter 903: Was Mistaken For Rice Chapter 904: Self Cultivation Of Female Artists Chapter 905: Good Looking Women Are Other People's Wives Chapter 906: There Is A Feeling Of Dreaming Chapter 907: Is It Luck Or Is It Hidden? Chapter 908: Why Don't Their Fish Catch The Bait? Chapter 909: Knocked On The Director's Door Late At Night And Was Filmed Chapter 910: Be Good Don't Make Trouble In The Car Chapter 911: Didn't You Say That Ye Dao And Song Mianmian Have A Bad Relationship? Chapter 912: 50 Million To Buy A Character Chapter 913: How Did You Do It So Cruel? Chapter 914: You Really Can't Change Your Shit Chapter 915: Xia Qing Was Woken Up Late At Night Chapter 916: It's Your Freedom To Love Who You Sleep With Chapter 917: Why Can A Female Star Eat So Much Chapter 918: The Melon Field Produces New Melons Chapter 919: Would You Like To Go Home At Night? Chapter 920: A Dog Blooded Car Accident Is It Revenge Or A Touch Of Porcelain? Chapter 921: How Are You Going To Compensate Me? Chapter 922: Where Are You Uncomfortable? Chapter 923: Don't Ask Men This Kind Of Question Chapter 924: Dont Leave Dont Even Think About It In Your Life Chapter 925: Do You Remember Our Agreement? Chapter 926: Are You Worried About Me? Chapter 927: Blind Kindness Will Only Appear Stupid Chapter 928: I Only Treat You Casually Chapter 929: Bensan's Man Shameless Chapter 930: Life Is Too Bitter And Sweeter Chapter 931: Want To Be Honest Tonight Chapter 932: Are You Sure It's Not Your Sister Who Bullied Me? Chapter 933: Can't You Wait? Chapter 934: I Suspect That He Has A Big Move Chapter 935: Call Dao Ye In The Show Chapter 936: Wife You Are So Cold Chapter 937: Have You Told Him About Our Marriage? Chapter 938: This Man Is Sick Chapter 939: Ex Husband And Current Chapter 940: I Am The Only One In My Heart Chapter 941: Are You Sending A Beggar? Chapter 942: The First Vinegar King Of Xiyue Mountain Chapter 943: What Did The Ear Do Wrong? Chapter 944: All Guests Are Missing Chapter 945: Pei Er Shao Shot Chapter 946: Don't Cry I'm Really Fine Chapter 947: Ye Dao's Counterattack Chapter 948: Love Is Crazy Chapter 949: Do We Count As Old As We Are? Chapter 950: A Tease From Ye Dao Chapter 951: Song Anle I Think You Really Owe It To You Chapter 952: Sister Mianmian Are You In Love With Dao Ye? Chapter 953: Want To See You The First Time Chapter 954: You Guys Really Know How To Play Chapter 955: This Is A Proposition Chapter 956: Don't Want To Give Birth To Me? Chapter 957: Song Anle You're Lighting Up Do You Know? Chapter 958: Is It An Interview Or A Hongmen Feast? Chapter 959: The Fate Of Life Is Really Unpredictable Chapter 960: Song Mianmian You Really Have The Ability Chapter 961: Song Anle Have You Always Been Such A Lie? Chapter 962: Yes I'm The Most Deceiving Chapter 963: If I'm A Man I'll Give You My Life Chapter 964: Song Anle Are You A Trash? Chapter 965: Song Anle Come Home With Me Chapter 966: Wait For Me At Night Chapter 967: Dogs That Bite Don't Bark Chapter 968: Is He That Important To You? Chapter 969: The Passionate Miss Song Chapter 970: Dao Ye Is Really Disabled Chapter 971: Call From Stranger Chapter 972: Isn't My Dream Just You? Chapter 973: Sister Sorry Chapter 974: I Can Protect You Too Chapter 975: Brother In Law Is My Sister Crazy? Chapter 976: Final Voting Result Chapter 977: Their Fate Is Coming Chapter 978: I Want You And Legs Chapter 979: But They Just Bullied My Wife Chapter 980: Ms. Song Who Is So Embarrassed Chapter 981: Is He Connoted? Chapter 982: What Kind Of Dog Man Is He Chapter 983: Does The Second Youngest Know That You Kiss Him Like This? Chapter 984: No One In This World Is More Handsome Or Charming Than You Chapter 985: How About It's A Hundred? Chapter 986: Is This The Punishment Given To Her By Fate? Chapter 987: How Do You Think I Will Serve You? Chapter 988: Who Are You Going To Serve? Chapter 989: So Shao This Is The Ward Hiding Jiao? Chapter 990: Hao Shao Had Fun Last Night? Chapter 991: Where Is Her Life Going? Chapter 992: But I Like You For Real Chapter 993: Xixi Sorry Save Me.. Chapter 994: Did He Touch You? Chapter 995: Baeho Why Are You Crazy? Chapter 996: Are You So Exciting To Play? Chapter 997: I Don't Mind Feeding It To You By Myself Chapter 998: Is It Sweet? Well Sweet. Chapter 999: Bae Hao Don't Deceive People Too Much Chapter 1000: Ayang Why Are You So Bad Chapter 1001: Su Bixi I Really Owe You Chapter 1002: Like Her Is He Worthy? Chapter 1003: Is This Man Making Trouble Out Of Nowhere? Chapter 1004: The Script Will Meet The Rivals Again Chapter 1005: The Glamorous Woman Who Broke Into The Script Chapter 1006: Friendship Between Women Chapter 1007: Song Mianmian Do You Have Cramps In Your Eyes? Chapter 1008: Can You Chase Someone Tonight? Chapter 1009: As Long As You Are Okay I Will Be Okay Chapter 1010: I Don't Mind Gagging Your Mouth Chapter 1011: Xixi Are You Caring About Me? Chapter 1012: Xixi What Do You Think I Want To Do? Chapter 1013: I Want To Hear Baby Tell Me Chapter 1014: Do You Think I'm Stupid? Chapter 1015: Poor.. It's Really Frustrating Chapter 1016: Director Ye Madam Has Spoken Up Chapter 1017: I'm A Puppy Ok? Wang Chapter 1018: Song Mianmian Wait For Me Chapter 1019: Ye Xiezhi Shall We Go Home? Chapter 1020: Do You Believe That I Am Your Mother On The Internet? Chapter 1021: Come To The Bar With A Thermos? Really Chapter 1022: Drunken Woman Chapter 1023: Sister Mianmian Are You So Exciting? Chapter 1024: What Happened To Ye Dao's Face? Chapter 1025: Ye Daos Biggest Black Powder Is Song Mianmian Chapter 1026: Was It A Mistake Or A Careful Arrangement? Chapter 1027: Go Back To Coax His Wife Chapter 1028: What's Wrong With Wearing A Mask While Drinking? Chapter 1029: Duplicity Woman Chapter 1030: Is It Great To Have A Wife? Chapter 1031: Leaf Guide Kicked Out Of Bed Chapter 1032: I Just Admire Beautiful Boys Chapter 1033: Video Reversal Chapter 1034: Eyelashes Are Almost Rocking Chapter 1035: Be Responsible For Giving Birth Chapter 1036: You Take Care Of Your Wife Chapter 1037: This Face Is Too Fast Chapter 1038: Lost In Love? Is Bae Ho In Love? Chapter 1039: Who Makes People An Investor? Chapter 1040: I'm Only Good Tempered To You Chapter 1041: What If I Have To Force It? Chapter 1042: I Can Help You Into The Play Chapter 1043: Give You A Face Right? Chapter 1044: You Are The Girl I Love Chapter 1045: This Is A Grand Feast Chapter 1046: Who Are You Ugly? Chapter 1047: Is This A Marriage Grab? Chapter 1048: Could It Be That I Can Eat You? Chapter 1049: Did You Two Just Finished Sleeping? Chapter 1050: We Will Have A Good Time Chapter 1051: Duplicity Woman Chapter 1052: Should Female Stars Raise Trash? Chapter 1053: Miss Song Is No Longer Alone Chapter 1054: I Suspect That Someone Is Going To Be A Big Fan On The Crew Chapter 1055: Why Should I Frame You? Chapter 1056: He Likes You Do You Like Him? Chapter 1057: I Can Give It To You Chapter 1058: I Am Super Satisfied With You Chapter 1059: May I Apologize To You? Chapter 1060: You Provoke Me First Chapter 1061: Miss Su Shall We Be Together? Chapter 1062: Girlfriend Please Advise Chapter 1063: Are You Hitting My Woman? Chapter 1064: Write A Huge Iou Chapter 1065: Xixi I'll Be Nice To You Chapter 1066: Men Are The Most Fickle Chapter 1067: Are You So Ruthless? Chapter 1068: So Shao This Joke Is A Bit Big Chapter 1069: Let Me Hug My Girlfriend Chapter 1070: xixi Is It Okay? Chapter 1071: Xixi Is Murderous Chapter 1072: Don't Watch Is He Handsome? Chapter 1073: Can I Believe You This Time? Chapter 1074: Prodigal Man That's Also Your Man Chapter 1075: Um Miss You Chapter 1076: Encountered Xia Qing And The Second Young Master Chapter 1077: Who Has Hot Pot For Afternoon Tea? Chapter 1077: Who Has Hot Pot For Afternoon Tea? Chapter 1078: What If I Want To Be Bullied By You? Chapter 1079: Are You In Love With Dingliu? Chapter 1080: We Will Never Be Possible? Chapter 1081: I'm Jealous Understand? Chapter 1082: You Tortured Me Chapter 1083: Without Morals Anything Is Possible