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"Yu Xu, wake up, eh? Why are you still not awake."

You Xu's consciousness gradually returned to the cage, feeling that her face was being rubbed, and she moved her stiff and soft body, and it took a long time to open her eyelids.

"Finally woke up."

You Xu narrowed his eyes slightly, his eyes slowly focused, and he saw the person squatting next to him clearly. This person was dressed in a black gold official uniform and a tasseled cap. He was looking at her with a smile.

Yu Xu had a splitting headache, rubbed his temples and sat up: "Siming?"

"I can call out my name, it seems to be awake." Si Ming slowly turned back to the back of a few cases and leaned back in his chair lazily.

"I'm drunk?" Yu Xu looked at Si Ming's fairy pavilion, feeling strange and familiar, as if it were a lifetime.

Si Ming's fairy pavilion was in a mess, and there were scrolls and books everywhere, built into several hills, except for herself, no one could find the random things.

Si Ming raised his eyes to look at her: "Oh, who drunk my three lives and nine dreams, fell drunk on my desk, and talked about living a dull life, wanting a peerless love?"


"Can not remember?"

Yush fell silent.

"Okay, I have to be busy with official duties, there are still many things left unscheduled," Si Ming waved his hand, "seeing that you are still a little unwell, why don't you go back to Youxu Yunya for some rest?"

Yush was still a little dazed, and after a while, he stood up and started to walk outside.

Si Ming secretly breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as he opened the scroll and lifted the pen, Yu Xu suddenly turned around and patted the desk with a palm, and the scrolls piled up on the side of the desk tremblingly fell down.

"I haven't told you honestly yet," Yush said every word. "Is it really amnesia?"

When Yu Xu returned to this world, she remembered her identity. She was the **** of Youxu Yunya. Since the beginning of the world, the world has been divided and formed. At that time, Yunya appeared on the sea of clouds.

She was the first white flower to grow on Yunya, and Yunya's essence of the recent moon, gathering the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, over time she became conscious.

In the heavens, there are many things like her that have been blessed, nurtured spiritual consciousness, flowers, trees, and utensils, and so on. Only she has the godhead, and she does not know why, she is clearly not of the blood of the gods.

After she was transformed into a shape, Yunya was covered with quiet white flowers. The Emperor of Heaven wanted to give her a deity monarch in accordance with the Godhead, and she had to be named You Xu with the sound of quiet Xu.

The life of immortals is always long and boring, and the Queen Mother often holds singing, dancing and banquets in the Tiangong, calling everyone to drink together. You Xu was also very boring. Going to watch singing and dancing was even more boring, so he wandered around and came to Siming Xingjuns fairy pavilion by chance.

At first, both of them were polite and polite, but after they got acquainted, they showed their respective appearances and ran all the way in the direction of the collapse of the people.

You Xu often suspected that Si Ming had a split personality. When Si Ming picked up a pen to write about things in the world, he was very irritable, like a big bucket of dried chili peppers, pour a little hot oil on it and it can be exploded, as long as she puts down the pen, it looks like Putting down the butcher knife, his face is gentle and calm.

You Xu likes the fairy pavilion of Si Ming very much. Here, she can see everything in the world, observe all kinds of life, and everything is so rich and wonderful that she can't imagine.

Every scroll is a persons life. When that person is born, there will be words on it. After that person dies, the scroll will automatically disappear and appear in the hands of the judge of the underworld, and the judge will see that the person is in death Reincarnation, or down to hell.

Most people's lives are plain, self-contained, and do not need too much ink. Those who need to write about their lives are people who have twists and turns in their lives.

Youxu and Siming are the ironest friends of Jinlan in the sky and underground. Simings fairy pavilion is simply your second nest. You cant read enough papers here every day, and you have to sit next to Siming to watch her. write.

Youxu: "Wow, this man is too bad, forcing people to fall down the tower, causing ruin, **** and adultery, and write him to death!"

Si Ming swiftly swiped his pen: "Okay, this scum, poison him to death..."

Yushu: "This is not necessary... and this woman, helpless, how about marrying a good family?"

Si Ming: "...This is Yue Lao's business."

Later, Yu Xu, who had nothing to do with the Godhead, watched the world and felt emptiness. She was thirty thousand years old, day after day, as plain as water, and never had any twists and turns.

Yush felt that there must be only a few pens in the paper about her, and they were nothing significant.

Si Ming saw her thoughts at a glance, rubbed his hands and said excitedly: "What? Can you want to experience something?"

"Uh..." Yush had originally thought, but seeing her eyes shudder, and thinking of her heavy taste in writing, Yush felt a little unbearable, "Forget it, one Dont worry about your age."

Of course, it wasn't that she said that even if it were, it was doomed to reincarnation of cause and effect, and even the gods would experience it.

Si Ming pinched his fingers and said to her with a smile: "Don't worry, you will be here soon."


Now Yu Xu somewhat understood what was going on, but the specific source of the dragon was not yet clear, so he stared at Si Ming and urged silently.

Si Ming had to write down, and Wen smiled and said, "Well, good friend, don't worry, listen to me."

"Do you know Lord Fu Xun?"

"Of course I do." Yush sat on the floor and nodded.

For example, there are only two people called gods in the world today, one is Yuxu, the other is Fu Xun, but unlike Yuxu, who emerges out of thin air, Fu Xun is the blood of the gods, the real god.

Since the prehistoric times, the heavens and the earth have been chaotic, and the gods and demons have fought. At that time, the gods fell, and only the last blood of the Blue Phoenix clan was left, Fu Xun.

After the end of the great famine, the juniors gradually cultivated to become Fairy Xingjun, forming the current heaven.

When the heavens and the earth were divided, there were only the heaven and the human world, so many sprites and ghosts stayed in the earth, causing disasters on the earth, and the Emperor of Heaven and Fu Xun jointly opened up the underworld.

But at that time there was a magic dragon born out of the sky, specializing in inhaling evil spirits and ghosts, to the yin to the evil, and it was extremely harmful. Not only the human world, but even the heavens were threatened. The **** Fu Xun held the sword to protect the common people and killed the demons. The dragon was also hit hard by the magic dragon.

However, the devil dragon died and the evil spirit was overflowing, wherever it went there was no grass, and the plague disease, Fu Xun could only act as a container to absorb the evil spirit, and finally sink into the enclosed devil pond.

Si Ming said: "Those evil spirits are eroding God Lord Fu Xuns divine consciousness day after day, trying to control his body, rush out of the seal, and once again descend into the world to endanger the common people. Originally, the **** can still resist, but his catastrophe has come. , So that the divine power is weakened and the divine consciousness is further corroded by evil spirits."

"With the state of God Fu Xun at that time, it is difficult to overcome the catastrophe. If he fails, he will not only fall, but also be taken over by evil spirits, causing disaster to the world, and no one can fight against it. If he can successfully overcome the catastrophe, his divine power will be even greater. On the first floor, it may be able to purify evil spirits."

"So this calamity is very important. It can only be successful, and it must be assisted by God Fu Xun to cross the calamity."

Yush raised his eyebrows: "So why me?"

"Well," Si Ming smiled, "Yue Lao said, this calamity is the love robbery of God Lord Fu Xun, and it is also yours."

Immortal God's calamity, after all, is to temper the state of mind. Almost all the gods in the heavens have experienced love, so they can see through the seven emotions and six desires, and get rid of all things.

And the one who has experienced the most tribulations is Si Ming, because she writes everything and must see through the passions. Later, Si Ming's heart became like a stop to water until he gradually became perverted, and he specifically liked to write sad sadomasochism that came alive.

The size of the love catastrophe depends on the character of the person who has experienced the catastrophe. If it is a weak lover, the love catastrophe is small; if it is a paranoid person, the love catastrophe is big.

This time they experienced the fifth life before they had finished their love tribulation, which shows that God Lord Fu Xun has a deep emotional obsession.

In fact, at that time, You Xu also considered that she had a catastrophe, but she thought it was a catastrophe, "But I haven't even seen Lord Fu Xun's face, so where did you experience the catastrophe with him?"

Si Ming: "God will do this."

Yush: "What's the matter with that system."

Si Ming is a bit complicated. The simple summary is that every world actually has a hidden system. The system needs the qi of each world to operate as energy, and the qi luck of each world is different. The world of gods is merit, and the emperor uses one. Pen merit and trade with them.

The system then begins to look for a matching world setting and matching characters.

You Xu understood that, it was no wonder that she had to go on strike and not do the task, and the requirements she said could basically be met, because the emperor had a hard background and had a lot of merit.

Si Ming sighed, and complained: "I'm not afraid that you won't cooperate. It's changing the settings, pulling the timeline, and mirroring it."

Her tone is just sayingour backstage staff are super tired.

You Xu looked at her: "What about mirroring?"

"Mirrored both of you," Si Ming said, "In fact, you are out of the world, Fu Xun Shenjun is almost the same, except for the world that you have been out of, like Duan Min, Shen Yue and Wen Shu. After the mirroring, Shenjun Fu Xun left."

It is equivalent to being in a parallel world, mirror images of them still continue the story.

You Xu glanced at the pen in Siming's hand, picked it up, and shook it: "Such everything, it's rare for you to be so quiet, are you pretending to be dead, seven or eight?"

Shu Wanshi is the magic pen in Si Ming's hands. In order to be lazy, Si Ming lit this brush and let it write by himself.

Si Ming laughed out: "I saw it so quickly. At that time, I sent it to look at your situation. As soon as it saw that the systems there were numbered, it assigned itself a seven-to-eight title. , After you dont want the system there, I will let it continue to accompany you."

You Xu knew it right away. No wonder the Qiba business was unskilled and unmotivated. Returning to the tail of the crane was simply to make soy sauce.

The black hair on this wooden body is six to seven points similar to the stickman with a wooden body and black hat it incarnates.

"God," Shu Wanshi smiled eagerly, "I didn't deliberately leave you behind. I saw that you can survive this disaster, and my master has accumulated too much official duties, so I came back to help."

No wonder Yuxu said that after the Fifth World, she became a remnant soul, why she lost the system.

Knowing what she still needs to ask, Shu Wanshi continued: "I put you in the 21st century to familiarize you with human life, and to accept system settings more openly."

Yu Xu let go of it and looked at Si Ming blankly.

"I wanted to go to Yunya to discuss this with you," Si Ming said hurriedly, "Who knew you were drunk and brought it to the door, then..."

Pack it while drunk and send it away.

Seeing that You Xu didn't reply for a while, Si Ming asked with his chin, "What else can I ask?"

Yush was fascinated, as if he didn't hear clearly.

Si Ming immersed himself in writing the volume, and after a long time passed, he took the time to look up, and saw Yu Xu's eyelids drooping and his expression silent.

Having been a good friend for more than four thousand years, Si Ming had never seen her hesitating and sad, and couldn't help but sighed: "If you want to see him, he is still under the demon pool. The divine power of diligence after the robbery, the evil spirit now is not to be feared."

"After the fifth life, he should also be familiar with you, maybe you can enter the restriction of Feng Demon Tan."

Fu Xun placed a ban on the entire Fengmotan, not allowing anyone to enter, nor allowing evil spirits to overflow.

"I'm not afraid of evil," Yush hugged his knees and whispered suddenly, "I'm afraid..."

If this is not finished, Si Ming understands that the calamity is only an opportunity and challenge given by God. If you succeed, you will cultivate your mind and your mind. If you fail, you will lose your mind and your mind. No one will take the things in the calamity seriously and succeed. After that, I won't be bothered.

Basically, it was regarded as a dream, and then continued to live the life of being an immortal and a god.

She was afraid he would forget her.

In fact, Yu Xu wanted to see him as soon as she woke up, but she was afraid of seeing his indifferent expression. In the end, everything was just a dream for the rest of her drunk life.

Si Ming sighed softly: "Look at you, I have to report to the Emperor of Heaven later."

"Then I'll go back to Yunya first." Yuxunene finished speaking and left the fairy pavilion.

"Hey? You Xu Shenjun is back."

"It's been a long time, why don't you go to my place for a drink?"

You Xu's popularity in the Celestial Realm is good, and the immortals came to say hello when they saw her. After You Xu declined and flew back to Yunya.

The boundless sea of clouds is white and vast, the clouds surging inside are wrapped in fairy air, and the cliffs of clouds are also white, and they are covered with white flowers.

Yush lay on the soft faint flowers, looking straight at the sky.

The feeling of emptiness always disturbed my mind, and pictures appeared in my mind.

Duan Min who endured the illness had to go out and adapt to the outside world, just to not be left behind by her.

Shen Jue, who had to cut out her heart after suffering extreme pain, just in exchange for her vitality.

That stabbed herself full of blood, blood-stained long steps, only to ask the Buddha's forgiveness and let her hear the technique safely.

Yu Si, who cut the fish tail and turned into a human leg, turned into foam in the white snow, and finally buried deep into the soil with her, becoming two bones under the dandelion flower.

The enchanted fell into the Tao, went to the underworld to cross the Styx, holding Yin Xun, who was obliterated by her persistence.

Yuxu sat up abruptly, she was going to look for him, if he forgot, or just as a tribulation, let go, she will take care of her thoughts, and will not disturb him too much.

Making a decision, Yu Xu got up and flew to Fengmotan.

The place where the Feng Demon Lake is located is an extremely cold place, surrounded by continuous snow-capped mountains, and the snow and ice are thousands of miles away, while the Feng Demon Lake is like a pool of spring water, clear and light green.

When Yush entered the extremely cold place, a silver light of runes lit up on the ground, and when the light touched her, it disappeared.

Sure enough, as Si Ming said, the restrictions here did not stop her from letting her pass inside, and the restrictions set by Fu Xun made it impossible for even the Emperor of Heaven to enter.

Yuxu came to the lake with a complex and excited mood, and couldn't help but hope.

She thought, after five lifetimes, I am looking for you again, don't forget me.

Just thinking about it, Yuxu jumped into the pool.

The clear and translucent under the pool water is the opposite to the outside, the underneath is muddy and dark, full of gloomy suffocation.

There was a man in the middle of the bottom of the pool. Yuxu swam over, saw his look clearly, and was stunned. She had never seen Fu Xun, but she recognized his face and was very familiar with it.

Because the people of the fifth life are like him in two ways, or to say that his appearance is characteristic, the people of the fifth life have a part.

It looks like five puzzle pieces, put together to form the complete appearance now.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep, his heart pierced by dragon teeth.

Yuxu called him several times to no avail, then raised his hand to pull out the dragon's teeth, and the pool water was surging in an instant, and the dark evil spirit overflowed from his heart, like a sharp blade.

Yuxu resisted with a magical shield, but the evil spirit that had accumulated for thousands of years was extremely evil and powerful, breaking the barrier she erected.

Her hand holding Dragon Fang's horn was cut with blood, a drop of blood fell into his heart, and his eyelashes trembled suddenly and he opened his eyes.

In an instant, his divine power swept across, the bottom of the yin and evil pool was cleansed, the pool became clear and calm, the warm sun beamed into the water, and the two could clearly see each other.

"Yush, you didn't lie to me."

"You have come to find me."

Fu Xun hugged her tightly, his voice was dumb, his eyes were red, he let out his spiritual sense, and felt her existence over and over again.

Yu Xu's nose was sour, choked and buried his face in his arms, "Fortunately, you didn't forget me."

The dragon teeth disappeared, the evil spirits cleared away, and the snow in the extremely cold land melted away.

Between the heaven and the earth, under the lake, are two intertwined divine consciousnesses, which are long and long between each other.

A news spread vigorously in the heavens. God Fu Xun and God You Xu became a priest. The heaven and the earth can be learned, and the sun will never change.

It is said that Fu Xun Shangshen was in a good mood and waved one hundred thousand fortunes to all directions.

The goddess didn't even return to his palace, and he nestled on the cloud cliffs of Yush day by day, wrapping her with divine consciousness, just like a squirrel with a big tail wrapped in nuts to protect food.

For others, Fu Xun's consciousness is coercive and terrifying, but for You Xu, it is as soft as a breeze and rain.

Youxu thought, just wrap it up, it's quite comfortable anyway, and the cultivation base is advancing by leaps and bounds, which is equivalent to lying down and rubbing experience, although she doesn't fight monsters, it's useless to have experience.

But it doesn't count if Fu Xun is wrapped up. People who touch her will always kiss her eyebrows, rub her neck, and coax her: "Let the spirit sense out, let me touch it, eh?"

Yuxu said with a blushing old face, stubbing his neck, "Just a moment!"

"Well, one moment."

As a result, he was entangled in the sky and the sun and the moon were dark.


A long time passed, because their time is not calculated by the day, and you Xu also don't know how long it has passed.

In short, one day, when she was asleep, something slightly sticky and warm liquid fell on her face. She opened her eyes and saw Fu Xunjieyin's palms bleeding.

At this time, for the first time thick dark clouds gathered on the cloud cliff, and the thunder and lightning blasted across the sky, and the pale light reflected the entire sea of clouds.

It's a catastrophe.

It is rare to have such a huge thunder calamity, and many gods watch it from a distance.

True Monarch Yi Sheng said: "This is the heavenly calamity of You Xu Shenjun, with a total of seventy-seven ways. I never thought it was so mighty. I thought I had gone through twenty-seven ways back then, but I didn't keep my appearance.

After smashing dozens of thunder tribulations.

Xingjun Wu De said: "No, it is not seventy-seven, but ninety-nine."

The Nine Heavens Profound Girl on the side was surprised and said, "What?!"

The highest Thunder Tribulation is the ninety-nine Dao, and even the Heavenly Emperor has only experienced the 97 Dao.

The late Queen Mother looked at it for a while, and said: "It is God Lord Fu Xun who is not willing to suffer from You Xu Shenjun, and wants to help her withstand the thunder catastrophe. Lei catastrophe is a catastrophe from the sky. How can you tolerate it for others? Increased punishment."

All the fairies present were all moved. Fairy Baihua said: "I never thought that God Jun Fu Xun, who has been indifferent for tens of thousands of years, was so persistent."

Yue Lao could understand, touched his beard, and smiled: "There is only one word of love, and God cannot hide."

A little fairy said worriedly: "Shenjun Fu Xun can handle such a thunder disaster?"

You Xu widened his eyes and said hurriedly: "My thunder robbery is here, you should hide away."

Life was so comfortable, she had forgotten to count that her catastrophe was coming, and she didn't feel it at all.

In general, the gods will perceive the great catastrophe, and they will often feel upset and depressed.

It's just that You Xu didn't know that Fu Xun counted that she was coming, so he calmed her with his spiritual sense.

Fu Xun's focus was not on the word hiding, but frowned slightly, dissatisfied with Lei Jie: "Wake you up?"

After speaking, Fu Xun hit the sky with a backhand of supernatural power, and collided with the falling Jie Lei, suddenly flashed the fire, the sky and the earth exploded, and the immortals exclaimed.


You Xu realized that he hadn't heard the thunder all the time, indicating that Fu Xun had set up a sound insulation method.

She was about to say something, suddenly there were sporadic and fuzzy memory fragments coming to mind.

The sky fell straight down, light and shadow traced his figure, his ink rose, and his face was a little pale.

After the ninety-first thunder tribulation struck, Fu Xun couldn't maintain his skin-like flesh and turned into the original Azure Phoenix body, protecting her under the wings.

Yu Xu was unscathed, and his blood dripped from the corner of her eye and fell from her cheek.

She was startled, and the tail trembled: "It's you..."

Obviously, Fu Xun knew it, and he looked at her softly.

Tens of thousands of years ago, Fu Xun, who had just turned a thousand years old, calculated that his first Thunder Tribulation was about to come, but he had to rush back to Jiuzhongtian because he had something to do. His palace had already prepared a magic array of artifacts that could be used to resist the power of the Tribulation.

Unexpectedly, the thunder robbery struck him down, causing him to fall into the cloud and fall on the cloud cliff.

Before he could make any more moves, the sky thunder continued to fall. He had to raise his hand to form a seal and set a barrier to protect the soul. The gods heavenly calamity was so powerful that it didnt take long for his ban to be cut off and smashed into his flesh. Body, let him become his original form.

At that time, there was a small white flower under his cyan wings, delicate and tender, trembling petals nestling against him.

Such a catastrophe is her ultimate disaster.

She was terrified.

Seeing that this little flower had spiritual consciousness, Fu Xun didn't want her to suffer from this innocent disaster, so he tried his best to protect her, his blood plummeted and dyed the white flower red.

After going through the thunder tribulation, Fu Xun supported his body and returned to the Jiuzhongtian to rest up his mind.

After a while, he happened to pass by the sea of clouds again, not knowing what he was being led by, he went to Yunya invisible to take a look.

There were small white flowers growing there, and there was a woman in the bushes wearing white gauze, black hair draped, snow-skinned red lips, and all her gestures and gestures were leisurely and leisurely, making her heart soft when she smiled.

Fu Xun knew that she was the delicate flower. Under his wings, he drank his blood and experienced the tribulation with him.

Unlike others, the thunder robbery experienced by the Protoss is called the **** robbery, and as a result she gained the Godhead of Heaven.

That little flower should belong to him, Fu Xun thought.

For the first time, he had the thought of wanting for him, who had always been pure-hearted and wanting nothing.

But at first he didn't understand the deep meaning. When this idea was ignorant and vague, he often wandered in the palace, unconsciously went to Yunya invisible, and watched Xiaguang Xinghui with her several times.

Later, when he saw her weaving a wreath on her head and smiling like a crescent moon, he couldn't help raising his hand and touching her eyes.

Then she blinked, tilting her head and wondering: "Hey, where is the wind?"

Fu Xun's fingertips trembled, his heart beating wildly, as if he had done something unspeakable, he got up abruptly and left in a panic.

The heart that has been silent for a thousand years, like a calm lake, finally rippled.

He met Yue Lao on the way back, and Yue Lao smiled: "Is it because of God's appearance?"

Fu Xun was stunned, and he returned to his palace in a daze. After a long time, he had no thoughts, only his heart trembling and palpitations.

He thought about it for a long time and decided to show her appearance. If she felt that he was too abrupt, then he could accompany her as a friend first.

After making up his mind, Fu Xun was about to get up to look for her, but the emperor came first and discussed with him to kill the dragon and seal the evil.

The matter was critical, the evil had already harmed one party, Fu Xun had to hold the sword to protect the common people first, he thought, when he came back, he must go to her.

But he could not come back.

In the extremely cold place, in the Evil Qi Pond, he looked at the direction of Yunya and slowly closed his eyes.

The unspoken feelings are hidden deep in the bottom of the pool.



After the ninety-ninth sky thunder fell, the tribulation ended, the dark clouds dispersed, auspicious clouds emerged, and golden light shone across the sky.

Yuxu's tears fell, and he hugged his neck tightly, his throat choking so hard to speak.

It turns out that they have known each other a long time ago, and they have gone through many calamities together.

"Thirty thousand years..." She choked again, "Five lifetimes..."

Fu Xun looked down at her, kissed her brows and eyes, and raised his hand to wipe the corners of her wet eyes, "I am grateful for those five lifetimes. If there were no such experiences, I would be afraid..."

I'm afraid you won't be so pleased with me.

The flowers and plants that give birth to spiritual consciousness are born with a lack of emotional roots, insensitive to emotional matters, and hard to be emotional.

Fortunately, everything is just right.

Fu Xun liked the tears she shed for him, and pityed her tears, and wanted to make her smile, he pulled out his best-looking cyan Lingyu to her.

He kissed her tears, and said softly: "You Xu, I feel bad."

Yuxu took Lingyu and picked a quiet flower for him.

"The world often gives meaning to flowers."

"Now, I give it too."

"Youxuhua's flower language is---research."

Fu Xun, find again.

The meaning is that I have found you again.

From then on, the place where Fu Xun was blessed by the gods was full of faint flowers, and the people who grew on these lands passed on its meaning from generation to generation.

In the end, its flower language evolved into-get what you want.

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