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Dongchen Palace, the power center of the Eastern Region, has the most powerful force in the entire Eastern Region. Here, it gathers all the best talents.

Under Gongmen Mountain, Qin Fei, Tu Lingzun and others were standing in front of the gate, and a group of disciples from Dongchen Palace looked at them blankly.

The disciple who brought Qin Fei and the others here was the one who Qin Fei had let go before, and whispered to Qin Fei: "Brother Qin, be careful, these people will be your competition in the coming days. Opponents! These people are some of the elite disciples of our palace participating in this grand event!"

Qin Fei glanced at those people suspiciously, and said, "What? People from Dongchen Palace will also participate?"

The man smiled and said: "Yes, being able to enter the holy star is the wish of all our monks, the highest pursuit of our lives, so the disciples of Dongchen Palace also want to go! It's a pity that I don't have strong strength and I have been rejected long ago. Elected! This grand event, among you casual cultivators, will select a thousand people to join the Dongchen Palace, and then you will decide the top 100 with the disciples of this palace. The road behind will be difficult, and I hope Brother Qin have a safe journey!"

Qin Fei nodded and looked at the expressionless and hostile people on the opposite side. These people were quite strong, and the weakest reached the sixth level of the Heavenly Viewing Realm.

But in his opinion, these people are not enough to look at, as long as he is willing, he can wipe them out with a wave, and he doesn't know where these guys are arrogant and confident.

Footsteps came from behind, followed by the enthusiastic voice of Qingsongke: "Haha, the earth spirits are really powerful, you are here before Qing!"

The anger surged in the eyes of the earth spirit, and he was about to break out. He was about to scold the other party for taking the credit on the grassland. Qin Fei winked at him and said through the voice: "Forget the earth brother, this kind of person does not need to fight He cares about it, so we will take precautions in the future!"

Only then did Tu Lingzun put away his anger, looked back at Qing Songke coldly, and said, "Brother Qing is not bad. It seems that Brother Qing is indeed superb and knows many methods that ordinary people dont know. Tu is ashamed of it. !"

Qing Songke came over with a smile on his face, and said: "The Earth Spirit is polite, Qing's idea is correct, you and this Qin brother are the pioneers, it is so perfect, you can pass it so easily, Qing I am very pleased. In the future, we still hope to help each other in Dongchen Palace, and the covenant is still there. In the future, we will be twisted together, so there is no need to be afraid!"


As soon as he finished speaking, the earth trembled fiercely, as if it were about to burst, everyone was shocked, only to see the towering and towering Dongchen Palace in front of him and the entire mountain peak suddenly collapsed, and the earth cracked. Opening a huge hole, an uncountable huge black hole appeared in the sky, as if the end of the world had arrived.

Qin Fei's expression condensed, and his color changed abruptly. He was so familiar with the power of destroying the world, isn't it the power of Yin?

How is this going? This is in the Prison of the Nine Underworlds, how come the power of Yin appears here?

Qingsongke screamed, not understanding what was going on, and no one else could figure it out, why did it happen like this?

Only Qin Fei, with anger in his eyes, raised his head and looked up into the sky, and roared, "You show up!"

Everyone looked at him suspiciously. Does he know what's going on? Who is he calling again?

Two rounds of bright moon appeared in the sky, but it released a terrifying murderous intent, and a yin voice came: "Qin Fei, do you want to get the treasure that King Chu has left in the Nine Underworld Prison, and use it against me? Then I will fulfill you. Dont waste your time! Ill bring them together for you!"

When the words fell, the world collapsed, and an arrow came from the horizon, carrying an unmatched aura. Qingsongke was startled and blurted out: "It's a magical arrow!"

Qin Fei's eyes lit up, and the phantom arrow stopped in front of him, and the green pine guest greedily flew up and flew up, trying to **** the phantom arrow, and a yin voice sounded: "Ignorant child, dare to be presumptuous in front of me!"

When the voice fell, Qing Songke's body suddenly stopped, and then flew up in the sky, imprisoned by an invisible force.

Qing Songke's complexion changed drastically, and he called out anxiously, "Don't kill me, Brother Qin, help me!"

Qin Fei glanced at him and sneered: "Shameless person, what can I do to save you?"


Qing Songke's body exploded, and there was no whole body.

At the same time, the surroundings exploded, and the world was collapsing at a rapid rate.

Yin Yu is cruel and cruel to destroy this world.

At this time, other parties also flew in a few bright lights, and the most precious treasures of the remaining layers of the Nine Underworld Prison also arrived, gathered in front of Qin Fei, and then did not enter Qin Fei's body, a majestic wave The breath rushed straight into the sky from him, and a huge amount of information poured into his mind, making him understand the secret of the Nine Underworld Prison left by King Chu.

He looked at Yin coldly and said, "Are you not afraid that I would really kill you?"

Yin sneered, "Kill me? You, like the King of Chu, are ignorant people! This world is established by me and Yang, and we are the masters. The King of Chu wanted to go against the sky and replace our rule. Now Even though you have all his inheritance, you will only be equally useless! Go back to the real world! Let me see your skills!"

After that, the Yin disappeared, leaving only the Earthling Zun and others standing still.

Everyone looked at Qin Fei suspiciously, never expected that he would actually get the inheritance of Chu Bawang!

In this way, he is the master of these nine underworld prisons!

"Farewell to King Qin!"

Everyone bowed down and respected Qin Fei, because everyone knew that Qin Fei was the master of the Nine Underworld Prison, and his life and death were only between his thoughts.

Qin Fei said, "Everyone please, please clean up the mess! Brother Tu, you are responsible for helping me manage the star realm! Other things will be discussed later when I come back, Zhou Kun, Dunan, Yanbeihang, Zhou Zhiqing Weidong, you go to other circles and take charge of all circles for me. This is the treasure of all circles and can help you manage all circles!"

He took the treasure from his body, gave it to everyone, then turned around and disappeared.

"Unexpectedly, the Qin Brotherhood trusted me so much. I should work together to manage all circles for him!" Earth Spirit Venerable said solemnly, with a strong fighting spirit bursting into his eyes.

Zhou Kun and others were very excited, and they didn't expect to get such a big benefit.

Qin Fei did not go to the second floor to meet with his family. He knew very well that there was no difference between seeing and not seeing. If this battle was won, he would be with his family forever. If he lost, he would die and everyone would die.

He appeared in the real world, surrounded by boundless demons. With a long roar, the Nine Underworld Hells opened, and creatures from all walks of life appeared in the world to contend with the demons.

There is nothing to say at this time, there is only one thing, and that is war!

The battle started, and the two sides were evenly matched. Although the demons were strong, without the help of Yin, that was all.

The timing of Qin Feis appearance was chosen very well. He appeared at the turn of night and white. His purpose was to avoid seeing the moon and sun, that is, yin and yang. In this way, the demons would have nothing to fear. !

The Demon Race was defeated very quickly, and in less than half an hour, most of them were wiped out, and nearly 50% of the people in the Nine Underworld Prison were killed and injured.

"I want to break the sky!"

Qin Fei looked up at the sky, holding the Universe Sword, and rushing straight up, covered in a set of dazzling armor, which was indeed the King Armor!

All the broken skins of the Overlord Armor have been collected, and under his control, they can easily get them.

He flew into the sky, and suddenly, cloudy eyes appeared in the sky, and the void exploded. Two holes were torn open. The golden giants and monsters suddenly fell out of the holes, and all their power was imprisoned.

When Qin Fei saw the patriarch of the golden giant, his expression changed in amazement, stopped his earth-shaking behavior, and said anxiously: "Senior, what's the matter?"

The golden giant smiled bitterly and said: "Yin is too cunning. When I helped you last time, she took the opportunity to grasp our hiding place! Even the demon ancestor was not spared!"

Yin's voice sounded: "Do you think you are doing it perfectly? Dare to fight against me, it is your death date! I will have a break with him today!"

Qin Fei wondered, he definitely didn't mean himself, could it be someone else?

"You have a dream! The master said that you will never see you forever, so let your heart die!" said the golden giant.

"Death!" Yin yelled, a ray of light flashed, the powerful and incomparable golden giant actually split in two, completely dead.

The demon ancestor over there was furious and roared: "You actually killed him! Damn it!"

Yin sneered: "Don't worry, you are not worth my own hands, let your children and grandchildren kill you!"

When the words fell, a monster race appeared, exuding a powerful aura, and it was the Emperor Bai!

"Bai Di, do you dare to betray the Demon Race?" The demon ancestor was furious. He never thought that Bai Di would be a traitor.

Baidi sneered: "Yaozu, you are wrong. I am not betraying the Yaozu but you alone! As long as you kill you, the Yaozu is my Baidi's. From now on, no one can order me except Master Yin. Up!"

The Yaozu figured out the traitor, but was restrained in his cultivation, so he could only sigh up to the sky, and was killed by Emperor Bai.

"Boy, you deserve to die!" Yin looked at Qin Fei at this time, and a devastating force surged towards Qin Fei.

Suddenly, Qin Fei's body surged with great light, and colorful colors filled the world, and the treasures of the Nine Underworld Prison emerged from him.

Two rounds of scorching sun appeared in the sky, and a strong male voice sounded: "Yin, why are you doing this? Do you have to force me to come out? What does this do to us?"

The day is out!

Yin said: "You have been supporting candidates in secret, intending to completely seal me! But the King of Chu that you supported last time wanted to rendezvous with you and gather the power of both of you to seal me. It's a pity that you and I are one. Fight, so that his soul flies away! Now that you have supported this kid Qin Fei, I found out that you were the first to take the shot, and now you are forced to figure it out! Once he dies, you will have no supporter in the future, it depends on you Seal me?"

Day Road: "Hey! At the beginning, you and I were husband and wife. You fell into the magical way. This world is our place of comfort, and you made it a mess! I thought about our husband and wife relationship, letting you go several times, but let You have become a bonus, and I want you to change your mind, return to the right path, and become the sun and the moon with you. You still have the devilish nature! Even if Qin Fei can't help me today, I will break it with you!"

When the words fell, the sun and the moon fought together, fighting dimly.

Qin Fei killed the Baidi.

Baidi could only kill the demon ancestor who had no resistance. Facing Qin Fei, he was not an opponent, and soon died.

In the sky, yin screamed: "Sun, do you really want to die with me?"

Day Road: "For hundreds of millions of years, I have had enough. This world has become a single entity and no longer belongs to us! Since we are husbands and wives, let's die together! Why not be free in this world?"

The two finally showed up, a handsome man and a beautiful woman. The two fought each other, and the sky fell apart. In the end, they lost to the moon and fell to the ground by the palm of the moon.

Qin Fei rushed to the sun, not knowing what to say, everything about him was actually planned secretly.

Ri smiled bitterly at Qin Fei and said: "Qin Fei, the world will be left to you from now on. Treat all races well! This world was created by us before, and this world will be yours in the future! I hope you can protect this. The world, let it exist in the long run!"


Qin Fei didn't know what to say.

Ri stood up abruptly, broke away from him, and said: "Accept our strength! Only when you are against the sky can you know the origin of the world! You will have a long road ahead and difficult tasks! I only ask you to protect the world. After all, this is the last piece of comfort left by Yin and I!"

When the words fell, he rushed to Yin, and his body suddenly exploded when he was approaching Yin, and Yin made a hurried voice: "Sun, you would rather blew yourself than make peace with me! Okay, I will die with you!"

Yin also exploded, the two of them exploded, but they did not diffuse away, but turned into two rays of light, entwining each other in mid-air, just like loving people endlessly lingering!

At this time, the great treasures of the Nine Underworld Prisons suddenly flew up and gathered in a circle on Qin Fei's head. The two lights were attracted and did not enter Qin Fei's body in the blink of an eye.

Qin Fei's body shook, his breath rose rapidly, and in the blink of an eye, his strength broke through one after another, Guantian five-fold, eight-fold, and nine-fold, followed by the Heaven-defying Stage, until he reached the ninth-tier and ninth-tier before stopping!

He opened his eyes, his left eye was a blazing sun, burning with raging fire, and his right was a bright moon, releasing a bright brilliance.

He looked at the heaven and the earth, like a king over the world, the outline of the whole world appeared in his eyes, and everything that was destroyed was restored to its original state in his mind, and even the dead people followed his thoughts at this moment. I want to come back to life...

It's all over! Thank you for your support! This book is not well written, and I will definitely work out the next one!

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