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' System ... you are one with my soul right? "

" Yes Master ! "

" So did you receive any damage now ? "

" No . I am present inside the core region of Master's mental palace and the damage has not reached to that point yet ! "

" Phew.. I'm glad then but shit... this pain is killing me .. "

Raven was on the verge of death but he had full confidence to survive this ordeal now . If anything happened to the system then Raven would suffer too much in the future so he first decided to confirm it's well being even though he was sure that system was fine because Raven knows the condition of his soul like the back of his hand .

More than one hour passed and Raven's mind recovered a bit but he did not show anything outside because he was patiently waiting for the sneaky enemy to attack.

" Kekeke.. well then , it's time to end you ! Good Bye .. " Suddenly with the words , Raven's lifeless eyes regained light and a silver talisman appeared on top of his head .

Raven gritted his teeth and moulded his energy with great difficulty to send it inside the talisman .

Fortunately it only required little energy so the talisman was activated in time and suddenly was ripped apart . In its place , a small golden sphere had abruptly appeared and it was shining brightly.

" How ? Release me you half dead bastard !!"

From the golden light the creepy voice of the enemy sounds but it was barely audible now.

If one looked carefully then he could see that there was a small light blue light in the middle of the golden orb which was constantly struggling.

Raven was still lying on the ground and could not move but he had a grin on nice while his eyes were fiercely looking at the golden orb . No , precisely He was glaring at the small blue light imprisoned inside the golden orb .

" Haha.. to think that the Corpse Sect sent a rare Soul Cultivator after lowly me .. I'm glad that I had refined one soul prison talisman before and did not sell it ! .. Oye , Haha.. now who is half dead , you creepy bastard ? "

Raven's voice was weak but he said each word with heavy tone . In fact the blue light was the soul of the invisible enemy from before .

Even more rare than space cultivators, there were also special cultivators who could only cultivate their soul . Such cultivators needed too many heavenly treasures to cultivate and could not absorb energy from the air like other cultivators.

These special beings can conjure their soul spirits to reality and fight using them . Their attacks were extremely deadly because they injured the enemy's soul too with their body. Soul cultivators when reach Earth realm , can detach their soul directly from their bodies to attack the soul of enemy . But the range is very small and this one shot attack can only be performed once within certain time limit .

Raven was blessed that his soul was stronger than others and the enemy was only Level 1 Earth realm cultivator otherwise Raven's soul would have shattered in a single attack . He only knew so much because Raven had much knowledge from the inheritance of the Ancestor of Heavenly Element sect who was a disciple of the best during his era . It was just a coincidence that Raven had refined a Level 4 Soul prison talisman because he had come across a small stalk of soul grass which was the main ingredient to refine this talisman. Raven would of course never waste such rare ingredients so he had immediately used system to refine the talisman . He could have never thought that the wretched Corpse Sect had produced Soul Cultivators too and one was even sent after him !

Raven was too scared now of this war because he had never expected that Corpse Sect would come so much prepared . These battles were not even main ones because those were among Heaven and Void Realm experts . But these bastards used rare stuff like Yin Dome Formation and Soul Cultivators casually like they were just some ordinary things .

The soul of the enemy would die automatically if it not returned inside enemy's body in a certain period of time because even Void Realm soul cultivators had to face such restrictions. Raven did not want to take any chances though so he decided to directly destroy the soul and leave this bullshit area after recovering a little .

He looked at the blue thingy and smiled maliciously before ignoring it and using his Divine Sense to explode the golden orb . The prison was conveyed to Raven's life essence so he could command it anytime .

The gentle explosion produced no sounds and the creepy enemy died without even managing to leave his name behind . Raven could not care less about that because he had already confirmed that there was no soul imprint of a powerful expert on the creepy soul . So now besides him nobody knew that Corpse Sect had lost one of their most genius young disciples.

The surroundings suddenly started producing ripples and Raven was back in the real forest in seconds . Raven sighed in relief because the enemy actually controlled the bastard Illusion Formation with his own soul as medium . Raven was jealous of such a convenient and powerful cultivation talent but he grinned when he remembered that he had just killed the same one just a few seconds ago . His ego was satisfied but Raven could not feel genuinely happy yet because his damned body was in too much pain and would not move no matter how much he tried. Now he regretted selling all the soul power Replenishing pills to the black market because if he currently had them with him then he would have recovered from his soul damage easily...

' Sigh.. I'm done with this bullshit war now so let's just focus on healing properly now and hunt small fries until the damned war reaches a conclusion ! '

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