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Text Chapter 129 Gambling

With this loud noise, the onlookers on the top of the South Peak were shocked.

Someone murmured palely:

"The two King Kong and the stronger master in the sky, Xu Yinluo is at stake in this battle."

Everyone was silent immediately, and even these people from the rivers and lakes who blindly worship Xu Qi'an could clearly see the present situation.

"There will be other helpers."

There was another consolation.

Rongrong took a deep breath, clenched her fist, pursed her lips, her face was full of tension.

Young Master Liu sighed silently, while worrying about Xu Yinluo, while looking sideways at the master, he wanted to say: Look, this is why I don't pursue her.

Rongrong has the same heart as him, thinking about people who shouldn't.

The difference is that the person Rong Rong is worried about is even more hopeless.

However, the middle-aged swordsman held his beloved saber tightly and stared at the distant battlefield for an instant, without noticing the change in his heart. .

At this time, Cao Qingyang and others flew into the air and arrived at the top of the South Peak.


A group of warriors quickly greeted him.

"Leader, is there any helper?"

"Can the old leader go out? We can't let Xu Yinluo fight alone. He can't beat so many masters."

"Where is that woman in the sky sacred?"

A series of questions were thrown out, and everyone spoke in a rush.

Cao Qingyang frowned and sat cross-legged on the edge of the cliff silently.

Xiao Yuenu said solemnly:


"When did Xu Yinluo lose?"

A simple sentence seemed to have the effect of a final word, and the noise around him was instantly subdued.

They silently recalled Xu Yinluo's rumors and deeds in their minds, and found that he had never been defeated.

Whether it's Buddhism fighting law, Yunzhou rebellion, guarding Yuyang Pass alone, slashing unconscious monarch and so on.

He has never been defeated, as if he is the love of heaven and earth, with luck.

Girl Rongrong let out a sigh and loosened her clenched fist.

The women of Wanhualou gathered around their host, and surrounded her to watch the battle.



As the soil and rubble were tumbling, Xu Qi'an "pulled" himself out, his face was unprecedentedly solemn.

Regardless of whether it is the King Kong of Dufan, King Kong of Distress, and Rainmaster Nalan Tianlu, they are stronger than him now. If the cultivation base is restored, he may be able to overpower one of the King Kong.

But it is still too reluctant to let him one-on-three at the same time.

"They don't know my purpose of delaying time. This is my biggest advantage. After a quarter of an hour, the old leader can cooperate with me to kill them after a quarter of an hour.

"Well, I'm not alone, I still have Zhen Guo Jian and Taiping Dao."

When his thoughts reached this point, he immediately stopped, because the dark clouds were rolling in the sky, and the thick thunder pillar of the water tank once again led him.

At the same time, Dongfang Wanrong reached out again and started a curse on him.


The blazing blue-white lightning swallowed him.

Xu Qi'an appeared dozens of meters away and was not hit by the lightning pillar. He just used "luck" to avoid the influence of the spell killing technique.

This kind of curse spell cast without any medium will not only reduce its power, but also be easily blocked, but Nalan Tianlu previously used high-personal suppression to make Xu Qi'an a hit.

This time, Xu Qi'an relied on his "good luck" to let Nalan Tianlu play a "miss".

Then use the shadow to jump out.

He had just stood firmly, the Difficulty King Kong had already finished running wildly, and with a leap, under the "thrust" of the collapse of the ground, he pounced on Xu Qi'an and slashed his neck with the knife.

"Buddha, if you don't want to convert to Buddhism, then go back to reincarnation."

The blade condenses Qi machine, just like the sharpest peerless magic weapon.

In fact, with the physical physique of King Kong, this sword is no different from the chopping of a peerless magic weapon.

Even if the third-rank martial artist was cut, he had to break the defense.

King Kong's goal is clear, to kill his head.

The third-rank martial artist is known as the immortal body, but when he first enters this state, cutting his head means death. In the mid-term, the vitality has been precipitated and become more vigorous to make up for this shortcoming.

But if his head is decapitated and a seal is imposed, the Takeo will slowly exhaust his life force and fall completely amidst continual rebirth to no avail.

Dufan King Kong appeared silently and silently behind Xu Qi'an, with his palm like a knife, piercing Xu Qi'an's back heart, with the target being the heart.

Nalan Tianlu, who was controlling Dongfang Wanrong, opened his palm again and cast a spell killing technique. This time, he succeeded.

Xu Qi'an's body was about to be covered by shadows, and when he was interrupted, the shadows faded like a tide.

The three extraordinary teamed up to kill with one blow and make a quick battle.

At the moment of the moment, a figure stepped on a flying sword, whistling like the wind, and Li Lingsu, who was ambushing around, seized the opportunity and aimed at Xu Qi'an and the two King Kong mirrors in his hand.

Du Fan and Du Nan's body suddenly stiffened, their eyes appeared confused for an instant, and their heavenly souls were forcibly pulled out of half.

That force seemed to be unable to succeed and failed.

But this gave Xu Qi'an a chance to breathe. He calmly turned sideways, flashed from the middle of the two palms, and rotated at the same time, turning into a windmill.

Zhen Guojian and Taiping Sword swept across.

Dangdang Dangdang....... Blade storm cut out a dazzling spark on the necks of the two diamonds, and finally, with a "poof", Duhan and Dufan's necks were split, and dark golden blood gushed out.

Dark golden blood was spilled, but any vegetation that touched the blood of King Kong quickly withered.

The effect of the detachment of the heavenly soul passed in an instant. Seeing that the two kings lost their chance, they covered their necks and retreated.

At this time, Li Lingsu had already escaped.

He wisely escaped from the range of dark clouds, avoiding being killed by Nalan Tianlu's thunder.

"Don't recognize me, don't recognize me..."

Li Lingsu stepped on a flying sword and shuttled through the dense forest, using trees to cover his figure.

"I haven't had time to change my face, **** Xu Qi'an, I shouldn't save you. Isn't the scum dying in heaven a sign of justice?"

Li Lingsu muttered, while fleeing away.

"Xu Yinluo broke King Kong's body..."

In the eyes of Nanfeng's crowd of spectators, this scene was a turn of events, and their eyes lit up.

The faces of Cao Qingyang and others no longer tightened.

At least they knew that Xu Yinluo had a chance of winning, not only to get beaten.

Rongrong was joyful in her heart, and suddenly realized that the master next to her was stiff, staring into the distance in a daze, with expressions of joy, sadness and anger.

Rongrong followed her gaze and looked at the mountain where the flying sword man just disappeared.

The person just now seemed a bit familiar...Rong Rong frowned slightly, she couldn't see the person's eyes clearly because of the distance.


Rongrong asked in a low voice.

The beautiful woman who was already over forty suddenly woke up, shook her head and said that she was okay, but she didn't seem to want to speak.

"Qihuan Danxiang, you manipulate the nearby beasts to look for the trail of Li Lingsu. Baihu, you can protect the wind, the fastest speed. Once Qihuan Danxiang finds the trace of the smelly Taoist priest, he will immediately show his true form and take us to chase him. kill."

Seeing that Li Lingsu was like a soldier coming from the sky, Liu Hongmian, who almost changed the situation of the battle, quickly issued an order.

Bai Hu and others have no opinion, and Liu Hongmian's suggestion is exactly what they like.



Xu Qi'an licked the dark golden blood on the Zhenguo sword, his eyes lit up, revealing joy.

"It's such a strong diamond power. If you can drink the blood of one of you, my diamond magic can be accomplished."

When the vajra divine practice reaches the realm of great achievement, the skin color and blood will turn dark gold, and the essence and blood contains vajra power.

Cao Qingyang absorbs his essence and blood and possesses the magical power of King Kong as an example.


Difficulty King Kong shouted.

King Kong didn't have the ability to rebirth from flesh and blood, even though their vitality was extremely strong... Xu Qi'an was about to seize this advantage by winning the pursuit.

"Dongfang Wanrong" in the sky opened her arms again, this time not at Xu Qi'an, but at the two King Kong.

I could only see the blood bursts from Dufan King Kong's body, and the blood and flesh squirmed on the terrifying wound cut by the Taiping Sword and the Zhen Guo Sword, and healed quickly.

Blood Spirit!

This is the ability of the Ninth-Rank Blood Spirit Master.

To stimulate the potential of the target or oneself, it is usually used to create a dead man who is not afraid of death and knows no pain.

Nalan Tianlu inspired the vitality of the two King Kong, allowing their self-healing ability to improve in a short period of time, comparable to a third-rank martial artist.

"It's really difficult, the wizards are fancy tricks. There are still ten minutes..."

Xu Qi'an took a deep breath to calm his emotions.

After recovering from his injury, Nalan Tianlu is no longer just a support. He seals his hands and summons a phantom from the world.

The face of this phantom is vague, there is a vaguely vertical eye on the forehead, the upper body is a human, and the lower body is a snake body, which is a monster.

In terms of blood relationship, this phantom is the grandfather of Da Yao Zhujiu.

A snake demon with the blood of gods and demons.

Four hundred years ago, he was beheaded in the Northeast Wasteland by the rain master Nalan Tianlu.

After summoning the phantom, "Dongfang Wanrong" raised his hand, and struck a bolt of lightning in the clouds, intertwining a thunder spear in her palm.

"Xu Qi'an, Wei Yuan cut my flesh first, and then my only son."

"Dongfang Wanrong" looked down at him and said slowly:

"He died in Jingshan City, it is a causal cycle. But my hatred has not yet been reported, you are the junior he relied on the most, kill you today!"

Holding a thunder spear, she swooped down, carrying countless fine arcs.

At the same time, Dunan and Dufan King Kong turned into golden afterimages, flanking them from left to right.

"Sooner or later, Lao Tzu will step down on Jingshan City, slay the witch gods, and cut off your witcher heritage... suppress!"

Xu Qi'an shouted.

The Buddha Pagoda shook, bursting with a dazzling golden light, a strong, majestic breath descended on Dongfang Wanrong.

Interrupted her menacing dive.


In this gap, Xu Qi'an brandished a sword and started a hand-to-hand fight with the two King Kong.

The miracle of Huajin Wufu allowed him to easily resist the attacks of the two King Kong.

The immortal body's super endurance and vitality, so as long as he avoids the head being cut off, even if he is hit by the vajra, he can recover in an instant, and his battery life is several times stronger than that of the Buddha.

On the other hand, the two diamonds quickly showed fine sword marks on their bodies, just like a normal person being cut through the skin with a knife, although the skin was wounded, it was bloody.

This is the greatest extent Zhen Guojian can do.

King Kong's physical defense is stronger than a third-rank martial artist in the same realm.

Behind Dongfang Wanrong, the phantom, the vertical eyes between the brows trembled again and again, and a black light suddenly lased and hit the Buddha Pagoda.

The majestic breath stagnated, and then, Dongfang Wanrong reached out and cast a spell on the Buddha Pagoda.


There was a huge earthquake inside the Buddha Pagoda, and a bell-like sound rang.

Curse spells can also be applied to artifact spirits.

After the curse-killing technique took effect, Nalan Tianlu didn't smash the magic weapon, brandished a thunder spear, and slapped the tower.

In the loud noise of "Dang", the golden light collapsed into light chips, the Buddha Pagoda turned over and flew out, colliding with a mountain in the distance, and millions of tons of stones and mud splashed, and the momentum was huge.

This is extraordinary warfare.

"The mountain has fallen..."

Everyone in Nanfeng looked dumbfounded, and clearly realized their own insignificance.

The Pagoda Pagoda can only contain, and cannot fight against a second-rank...Xu Qi'an feels horrified, although he has never underestimated Nalan Tianlu, the rain master, but the opponent's strength is shown , Still frightening.

This is the real powerhouse who can kill him.

Nalan Tianlu in the peak state is the rain master of the second stage peak.

After losing his body, his cultivation base dropped slightly, but the main power of the wizard came from the soul, so he didn't drop much.

But Xu Qi'an was thankful that he was a wizard, not a martial artist, or a sword repairer like Luo Yuheng, because the latter two were known for their killing power.

The wizards are known for their weirdness and command. The battlefield is their home, and their fighting skills are weaker.


The thunder spear cut off from the top of his head, and Xu Qi'an's body quickly "melted" in the thunder and lightning, and appeared in the shadow of trees dozens of meters away.

As soon as Xu Qi'an landed, Nalan Tianlu seemed to foresee where he would stand, and the phantom on top of his head looked sideways, his forehead shot with black light.

Hit him sturdily, melt the flesh and blood in his chest, and hit him stiff.

"In front of hexagrams, your shadow jump has already been controlled by me."

Nalan Tianlu said lightly.

At this time, the Distress King Kong spread out his palm, and there was a trace of blood there.

Xu Qi'an's blood.

This is what the King Kong has deliberately collected during the fight just now.

Nalan Tianlu lightly wiped his fingertips, stained with blood, opened his palm and pointed at Xu Qi'an.

This time, it was a curse with blood as a medium, a curse cast by a second-grade rain master.

As a second-rank rain master, with the help of flesh and blood, he casts a curse on a third-rank martial artist, not to mention a one-shot kill, at least it can make him hit **** the spot.

The most important thing is that having blood as a medium, and then using the character of a rain master, can effectively prevent Xu Qi'an's "extraordinary luck" and achieve a 100% hit rate.

Hum...During a minor earthquake, the two King Kong would naturally not give up such a good opportunity and rushed out. One made a fist and hit Xu Qi'an's chest, which was corroded by the black light, and the other held like a knife. Cut off his neck.

The three transcendent realm powerhouses once again joined forces to create a killing game.

This time, Li Lingsu did not have time to appear.


The pages burn silently.


A clear light leaped from Xu Qi'an's feet, awe-inspiring and upright, not invading all evils.

The paper page given by Zhao Shou recorded the mana of a third-rank pinnacle powerhouse.

The spell killing technique failed to take effect, and Xu Qi'an's body "melted" and appeared in the distance.

He avoided the mortal situation again.

With the initial cultivation base of the third stage, he has struggled with two King Kong and a rain master until now.

The spectators on the South Peak squeezed a cold sweat for him.

The corner of King Kong's eyes twitched, and an uncontrollable anger surged in his heart.

Combining the power of the three people, he has been able to get out of trouble again and again, and he hasn't won it for a long time.

So difficult.

Shura King Kong folded his hands together: "Amitabha!"

He calmed down his anger by chanting the Buddha's name.

"There are still five minutes, and the Confucian magic can last for two minutes. During this time, I don't have to worry about Nalan Tianlu's curse and killing technique. I can fight appropriately..."

Holding a brass sword and a peace sword, Xu Qi'an took the initiative to meet the three of them.

In this battle, there was no situation where you came and went, fighting together.

Because of the existence of the second-grade rain master Nalan Tianlu, as long as he was caught and controlled, Xu Qi'an died on the spot.

He is like walking a tightrope on a cliff, he will die at any moment.

This is the price of contending three extraordinary people with one's own strength.

And now, with the Confucian Haoran righteous protection, he can block the black light and curse of the phantom, then Nalan Tianlu at this time is equivalent to a third-rank martial artist (call of the heroic soul).

He faced only three third-rank martial artists.

As everyone knows, Takeo is vulgar.

do not be afraid!

The four-person melee started as a result, Xu Qi'an relied on the sharpness of the Taiping Sword and the Zhenguo Sword to fight one enemy three. Although the fight was extremely embarrassing, the three enemies paid the same price in blood.

Their battle caused a landslide and destroyed half of the main peak.

This was because Xu Qi'an vacated from time to time and moved the battlefield into the air.

Two minutes passed quickly, and the clear light lingering on Xu Qi'an disappeared.

Upon seeing this, Nalan Tianlu decisively withdrew from the battlefield, smearing the collected Xu Qi'an blood on his palm, and cast a spell on him.


The pages of paper burned, the clear light that dissipated rose again, and the curse spell failed.

Xu Qi'an took out a stack of paper, bit it in his mouth, and smiled:

"Go on."

The two King Kong were furious.

"You underestimated me."

Nalan Tianlu said indifferently: "Do you think the rain master can only call the wind and call the rain?"

"Is not it?"

Xu Qi'an asked back, he was happy to delay time by talking.

"That's because you don't know the nature of the rain master. The next level of the rain master is the great wizard, and the great wizard can use the laws of heaven and earth to integrate himself into the heaven and the earth, and let the position of the heaven and earth serve him.

"It can even drain the power of this piece of heaven and earth, turning thousands of miles of fertile soil into a desert. The rain master can rain, which is the initial control of the power of heaven and earth.

Nalan Tianlu sighed, "I lost my physical body. I didn't want to forcefully use the power of this world. This would make me suffer backlash."

He opened his arms and said in a deep voice:

"The wind is coming!"

Inurongshan is a hundred miles around, hurricane blowing, flying sand and rocks.

"The rain is coming!"

Within the territory of Mount Inurong, dark clouds cover the top, lightning and thunder, and heavy rain.

In this terrible storm, Xu Qi'an saw the trees wither rapidly, the fertile soil became sandy, and the rocks decayed... The power of the five elements was deprived, turned into pure power, and merged into Nalantian. Lu inside.

He is like the master of this world.

The same method was used once when the Great Wizard dealt with Wei Yuan.

Immortal means...Cao Qingyang and others shivered in the wind and rain.


Someone couldn't hold it, kneeled down in the wind and rain, with their heads down~wuxiaworld.online~ like repentance and begging for mercy.

The warriors of lower rank knelt down one by one. It was not that they wanted to kneel, but that they could no longer straighten their knees in front of Tianwei.

Cao Qingyang and other rank 4 martial artists did not kneel, but they trembled constantly, struggling to support.

It's impossible to win... this idea flashed through everyone's hearts.

Xu Yinluo's undefeated myth does not have any prestige in the face of such power.


Desperate emotions surged from Xu Qian's heart.

The heavy rain poured over his head, like endless cold water, extinguishing his fighting spirit.

The wind was blowing on him, as if urging him to run away.

The warrior's premonition of the crisis was activated, and every cell was ranting "Run" frantically.

Xu Qi'an only felt that what he faced was not the enemy, but the whole world.

At this moment, he seemed to have returned to Yuyang Pass again, back to the night when he sat on the head of the city.

Below the city are 80,000 enemy troops, behind which is Emperor Jeanne.

Can't see the future, no way out.

Desperate people cannot be refunded!

In such an environment, he realized the jade broken.


Zhen Guojian shook violently.

The peace knife automatically broke away from the owner's hand, floating quietly on one side.

"Haoran is righteous!" He whispered.

Sneer....... All the paper pages burned, turned into awe-inspiring righteousness, layered layer by layer.

Wind and rain were blowing, the sky was gloomy, Xu Qi'an stood in the air, looking down at the rain master like a god.

"Nalan Tianlu, do you dare to bet your life with me!"

Shen Xiong's roar resounded like thunder.


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Vol 2 Chapter 61: High Profile Admission : Update After Early Morning Write A Big Chapter Vol 2 Chapter 62: Power Of All Beings Vol 2 Chapter 63: Zen Machine Vol 2 Chapter 64: Mahayana Buddhism Vol 2 Chapter 65: New Schools Of Thought Vol 2 Chapter 66: Not Kneeling Vol 2 Chapter 67: Luo Yuheng's Shock Vol 2 Chapter 68: 2 Conversations Vol 2 Chapter 69: Red Book Iron Voucher Vol 2 Chapter 70: Attend The Meeting Vol 2 Chapter 71: Intrigue Big Vol 2 Chapter 72: Be Strict With Yourself Big Vol 2 Chapter 73: Terrible Doom Vol 2 Chapter 74: Reassuring Teammate Eight Thousand Words Vol 2 Chapter 75: In The Grave : The Little Mare. Vol 2 Chapter 76: Maze And Reunion Vol 2 Chapter 77: Weird Vol 2 Chapter 78: You're Here Vol 2 Chapter 79: Shock The Owner Of The Tomb Appears Vol 2 Chapter 80: Immortal Body Vol 2 Chapter 81: The Amount Of Information Is Too Big The Brain Is Down Vol 2 Chapter 82: Manogami Hitoya Vol 2 Chapter 83: Information Exchange Vol 2 Chapter 84: Can Xu Cijiu Make Poetry? 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Vol 2 Chapter 110: Visit Sitianjian Vol 2 Chapter 111: Alchemy Of Life Vol 2 Chapter 112: Court Appointment Vol 2 Chapter 113: Northbound Vol 2 Chapter 114: Brush The Toilet Vol 2 Chapter 115: Draw A Knife Vol 2 Chapter 116: Night Talk Vol 2 Chapter 117: Analyze The Reasons Why The Princess Is Accompanying Vol 2 Chapter 118: Ambush Vol 2 Chapter 119: Who Can Help Me Vol 2 Chapter 120: Escape Plan Vol 2 Chapter 121: Shen Majesty And Xu Yin Gong Vol 2 Chapter 122: Xu 7'an's Plan 1 Vol 2 Chapter 122: Xu 7'an's Plan Vol 2 Chapter 123: The Secret Of The Princess Vol 2 Chapter 124: Bracelet Vol 2 Chapter 125: The Mission Arrived In The North Vol 2 Chapter 126: Enquiry Mission Vol 2 Chapter 127: Biography Of Li Miaozhen Vol 2 Chapter 128: 3 Huang County Vol 2 Chapter 129: Dark Child Vol 2 Chapter 8: Month Summary Vol 2 Chapter 130: Xu 7'an's Interception Plan Vol 2 Chapter 131: All Lies Vol 2 Chapter 132: Real Murderer Vol 2 Chapter 133: I Like Him Very Much Vol 2 Chapter 134: Demon Army Transit : Update Later Vol 2 Chapter 135: White Horse Silver Gun Li Miaozhen Vol 2 Chapter 136: Complex Vol 2 Chapter 137: Meet Vol 2 Chapter 138: Attacked Vol 2 Chapter 139: Empathy Vol 2 Chapter 140: 4 Way Move Vol 2 Chapter 141: Siege Vol 2 Chapter 142: Zhen Guojian Vol 2 Chapter 143: Man Is Innocent God's Punishment : Vol 2 Chapter 144: The Avengers Vol 2 Chapter 145: Zuoyi Vol 2 Chapter 146: Replay : Vol 2 Chapter 147: Relocation Vol 2 Chapter 148: 3 Qiyuan Jingdi Vol 2 Chapter 149: Master Shoufu Something Happened To Chuzhou Vol 2 Chapter 150: Curse Thanks To The Silver Alliance Of Cz Vol 2 Chapter 151: Undercurrent Vol 2 Chapter 152: Opening 1 Vol 2 Chapter 153: Opening 2 Vol 2 Chapter 154: Opening 3 Vol 2 Chapter 155: Come Back Home Vol 2 Chapter 156: Angry 4d : One Day Of Exhaustion Write One Testimonial Vol 2 Chapter 157: Admit Mistake Vol 2 Chapter 158: Guilt Vol 2 Chapter 159: Ask The Spirit Vol 2 Chapter 160: Nine States Of Different Beasts Vol 2 Chapter 161: Call Vol 2 Chapter 162: Old Case : Vol 2 Chapter 163: The Abandoned Princess Vol 2 Chapter 164: Lotus Seeds Are About To Mature Vol 2 Chapter 165: Shield The Secret Vol 2 Chapter 166: Wait For 1 Guy Vol 2 Chapter 167: Go To Jianzhou Vol 2 Chapter 168: Earth Book Fragment Holderxu 7'an Vol 2 Chapter 169: Face Vol 2 Chapter 170: Move Out Vol 2 Chapter 171: 1 Arm And 1 Instrument Vol 2 Chapter 172: Revenge Is Not Overnight Vol 2 Chapter 173: Fight To Death Vol 2 Chapter 174: Kill The Enemy Vol 2 Chapter 175: Hole Cards Vol 2 Chapter 176: Qiu Qian's Identity Vol 2 Chapter 177: Rules Of The Wulin League Vol 2 Chapter 178: 3 Dishes? Vol 2 Chapter 179: Xu 7'an Vs Cao Qingyang Vol 2 Chapter 180: Punch Vol 2 Chapter 181: Lotus Seeds Mature Vol 2 Chapter 181: Lotus Seeds Mature Vol 2 Chapter 182: Women's National Teacher Happy Mid Autumn Festival Vol 2 Chapter 183: Cat Instinct Vol 2 Chapter 184: Lotus Seed Vol 2 Chapter 185: Enlightened Sabre Vol 2 Chapter 186: Name The Knife Vol 2 Chapter 187: Emperor Yuanjing: Where Is My Lotus Seed? Vol 2 Chapter 188: Truth Or Dare Vol 2 Chapter 189: Protection Vol 2 Chapter 190: Xu 7'an: There Is No Waste Fish In My Fish Pond Vol 2 Chapter 191: Undercurrent Vol 2 Chapter 192: Xu 7'an: 2 Lang Eldest Brother Teaches You Fish Farming Routines Vol 2 Chapter 193: See Lin'an Vol 2 Chapter 194: Ask For Payment Vol 2 Chapter 195: The Disappeared Living Man Vol 2 Chapter 196: Deed Vol 2 Chapter 197: Dance Vol 2 Chapter 198: Relic Vol 2 Chapter 199: Floating Fragrance Story Vol 2 Chapter 200: Analysis Of The Story Vol 2 Chapter 201: The Secret Of Hengyuan Vol 2 Chapter 202: Luo Yuheng's Secret Vol 2 Chapter 203: Commune Vol 2 Chapter 204: Demon Mission Vol 2 Chapter 205: Daru Pei Man Xilou Vol 2 Chapter 206: Wenhui 10000 Characters Big Vol 2 Chapter 207: Parties Vol 2 Chapter 208: Night Talks Vol 2 Chapter 209: No. 1 Initiative Vol 2 Chapter 210: Wang Simu's Shock Vol 2 Chapter 211: Fear Vol 2 Chapter 112: Great Wizard Vol 2 Chapter 113: Clever Plan Vol 2 Chapter 114: This One? Vol 2 Chapter 115: Book From The Ground Opens New Functions Vol 2 Chapter 116: Half A Lifetime Vol 2 Chapter 117: Beat The Drum Vol 2 Chapter 118: Confidant Vol 2 Chapter 212: Great Wizard Vol 2 Chapter 213: Clever Plan Vol 2 Chapter 214: This One? Vol 2 Chapter 215: Book From The Ground Opens New Functions Vol 2 Chapter 216: Half A Lifetime Vol 2 Chapter 217: Beat The Drum Vol 2 Chapter 218: Confidant Vol 2 Chapter 219: Identity No. 1 Vol 2 Chapter 220: Preliminary Study Vol 2 Chapter 221: National Teachers Recommendation Vol 2 Chapter 222: Joan Of Arc Twenty Six Years Large Vol 2 Chapter 223: Nanyuan Vol 2 Chapter 224: Man Of Origin Vol 2 Chapter 225: Small Groups Of Tiandihui Can Be Honest Vol 2 Chapter 226: Parties Large Vol 2 Chapter 227: The Disappearing Truth Vol 2 Chapter 228: Reverse Society Death Vol 2 Chapter 229: People Go Upstairs Vol 2 Chapter 230: Partial Truth Vol 2 Chapter 231: Explore The Tomb Of Emperor Xian Vol 2 Chapter 232: Raiders Vol 2 Chapter 233: Remarkably Brave Vol 2 Chapter 334: It Hurts Vol 2 Chapter 234: It Hurts Vol 2 Chapter 235: Wei Yuan's Hole Cards Vol 2 Chapter 236: Guo Shi Wushuang Vol 2 Chapter 237: Bad News Vol 2 Chapter 238: Send Off : Update Delayed Until Noon Vol 2 Chapter 239: Leader Vol 2 Chapter 240: Siege Vol 2 Chapter 241: Wei Yuan's Past : In The Above There Is 1 Sound And The Update Is Delayed. Vol 2 Chapter 242: Take The First Level Of The Enemy Generals In The Army Happy Vol 2 Chapter 243: Yang 0 Magic Arrival Vol 2 Chapter 244: Relocation Vol 2 Chapter 241: What? Xu Yinluo Killed Hundreds Of Thousands Of Enemy Troops With One Sword? Vol 2 Chapter 242: He Is Laughing Vol 2 Chapter 243: Letter Of Decree : Let Me Talk About The Update. Vol 2 Chapter 244: Xu 7an Wakes Up 4d Vol 2 Chapter 245: Uncover The Conspiracy Vol 2 Chapter 246: Wei Yuan's Successor Thanks To Qing Ningzi's Silver Alliance Vol 2 Chapter 247: Preparation Beforehand Thanks To The Silver Alliance Of Yuyang 711.. Vol 2 Chapter 248: Who Is Loyal? Vol 2 Chapter 249: Rebel : Oh The 2nd More Tonight Is Over. Vol 2 Chapter 250: One Husband 1 Anger Eight Thousand Vol 2 Chapter 251: Fight Each One Seven Thousand Four Hundred Vol 2 Chapter 252: Fierce Battle : Finish This Story In One Breath. Vol 2 Chapter 253: Killing The King 4d Vol 2 Chapter 254: Surprise White Warlock Vol 2 Chapter 255: Answer Vol 2 Chapter 256: Shield The Secret Vol 2 Chapter 257: Reverse Vol 2 Chapter 258: Father Son Game Vol 2 Chapter 259: Stinky Lady : Chat 1 Chat. Vol 2 Chapter 260: Skilled 1 Chip Vol 2 Chapter 261: Afterwards Vol 2 Chapter 262: 7 Exhausted Gu Vol 2 Chapter 263: Secretly Sweet Love Vol 2 Chapter 264: Xu 7an Got His Wish Vol 2 Chapter 265: Juvenile Brigade : End Of Paper Summary Foreshadowing Explanation Performance Report Leave Vol 2 Chapter 1: Qianlong City Vol 2 Chapter 2: Thirsty For Arsenic It Tastes Real Vol 2 Chapter 3: Eat Crab Vol 2 Chapter 4: Rain Comes : The Plane Just Landed Vol 2 Chapter 5: Mummy: Where Is He 2 Vol 2 Chapter 6: Master Vol 2 Chapter 7: Frighten Vol 2 Chapter 8: Shimen Scum Vol 2 Chapter 9: Diving Vol 2 Chapter 10: Injustice Vol 2 Chapter 11: Sister Vol 2 Chapter 12: Half Old Friend Vol 2 Chapter 13: Escape Vol 2 Chapter 14: Exchange Information : The Physical Book Is Online Vol 2 Chapter 15: Strike 1 Strike A Bike Becomes A Motorcycle Vol 2 Chapter 16: Insoluble Contradiction Vol 2 Chapter 17: The Son With Connections In 9 States Vol 2 Chapter 18: Wen Ren Qianrou Vol 2 Chapter 19: Exploring 3 Flower Temple Vol 2 Chapter 20: It's Not That The Enemy Doesn't Get Together Vol 2 Chapter 21: Finally Saw The Legendary Xu Yinluo Vol 2 Chapter 22: Surging Vol 2 Chapter 23: Conflict 2 Vol 2 Chapter 24: Buddha Six Thousand Vol 2 Chapter 25: The Task Is Extremely Difficult Vol 2 Chapter 26: Dreamland Vol 2 Chapter 27: Looking For Nalan Tianlu Vol 2 Chapter 28: Demon Vol 2 Chapter 29: Cut Off : Talk About The Recent Plot Vol 2 Chapter 30: Kill Hengyin Vol 2 Chapter 31: Buddha Pagoda Vol 2 Chapter 32: Make Up Vol 2 Chapter 33: Xu Qian's True Identity Vol 2 Chapter 34: Communicate With Gods Vol 2 Chapter 35: Book From The Ground Vol 2 Chapter 36: Yongxing Vol 2 Chapter 37: Barren Mountain Night Rain Vol 2 Chapter 38: Murder Vol 2 Chapter 39: The Enemy Is Visiting Vol 2 Chapter 40: On The Cat Vol 2 Chapter 41: Self Cultivation Of Scumbag Vol 2 Chapter 42: Chai Xian Vol 2 Chapter 43: Suspects Vol 2 Chapter 44: Eiji Vol 2 Chapter 45: Deep In The Cellar Vol 2 Chapter 46: With A Clear Purpose Vol 2 Chapter 47: Murder Vol 2 Chapter 48: No Clue Vol 2 Chapter 49: Autopsy Vol 2 Chapter 50: Clue Vol 2 Chapter 51: Bait Vol 2 Chapter 52: Encounter Vol 2 Chapter 53: Confrontation 1 Vol 2 Chapter 54: Come To The Bottom? Vol 2 Chapter 55: Remove The Sealing Nail Vol 2 Chapter 56: 1 Dollar Vol 2 Chapter 57: Suicide Vol 2 Chapter 58: National Teacher Transmission Vol 2 Chapter 59: Animal Gold Charcoal Vol 2 Chapter 60: Everybody Is Right Happy New Year's Day Vol 2 Chapter 61: Layout Vol 2 Chapter 62: Fishing Vol 2 Chapter 63: Luo Yuheng 1 Sword Sets The Storm Vol 2 Chapter 64: Shura Field? Vol 2 Chapter 65: Child Time Vol 2 Chapter 66: 7 Love Vol 2 Chapter 67: Missing People Vol 2 Chapter 68: Robbed Xu Yuanshuang Vol 2 Chapter 69: Younger Sister Vol 2 Chapter 70: Xu 7an: I Will Take The Lead : We Are In A Meeting This Afternoon And There Is No Time Code. Vol 2 Chapter 71: Miao Youfang Vol 2 Chapter 72: Li Lingsu: I'm About To Comprehend Too Much Forgiveness Vol 2 Chapter 73: 5 Letters Vol 2 Chapter 74: Street Encounter Vol 2 Chapter 75: From Tianzong Vol 2 Chapter 76: Hot Spring Vol 2 Chapter 77: Luo Yuheng's Social Death Vol 2 Chapter 78: Betray : Reminder Vol 2 Chapter 79: Tsing Yi Blocking The Road Vol 2 Chapter 80: No Fruit Position Vol 2 Chapter 81: Xu Qian Is Xu 7'an Vol 2 Chapter 82: Fighting Enemies Vol 2 Chapter 83: Siege Vol 2 Chapter 84: Dawn Vol 2 Chapter 85: Healing Vol 2 Chapter 86: Love Vol 2 Chapter 87: Old Friends Meet : Just Fell Asleep On My Stomach Vol 2 Chapter 88: Surprise Vol 2 Chapter 89: Crouching Vol 2 Chapter 90: All Things In The Capital Vol 2 Chapter 91: Donate Vol 2 Chapter 92: Visit Sitianjian Vol 2 Chapter 93: Return To 3 Dishes Vol 2 Chapter 94: Princess 5000 Words Vol 2 Chapter 95: Go To The West And Invite The Buddha : After The Update Wee Listen To Me Explain : Come Up And Make A Bubble. Vol 2 Chapter 96: What Bad Thoughts Can My Sister Have? Vol 2 Chapter 97: 7 Evolution Vol 2 Chapter 98: Come Back Home Vol 2 Chapter 99: Xu Lingyin: Social Sinister Vol 2 Chapter 100: Recommend Vol 2 Chapter 101: Coercion 0 Official Six Thousand Vol 2 Chapter 102: Ancient Secret Vol 2 Chapter 103: I Am Straight At Vol 2 Chapter 104: Brilliant Vol 2 Chapter 105: Sword Comes Vol 2 Chapter 106: Weird Vol 2 Chapter 107: Temple God Vol 2 Chapter 108: Goddess Thanks To The Silver Alliance Of Shanhe Moyun Vol 2 Chapter 109: The True Face Of The Temple God Vol 2 Chapter 110: Transaction Vol 2 Chapter 111: According To 9 States Vol 2 Chapter 112: The Unsafe Master Vol 2 Chapter 113: Needle Does Not Poke Vol 2 Chapter 114: Parties Vol 2 Chapter 115: Final Battlefield Vol 2 Chapter 116: Intelligence Vol 2 Chapter 117: Dark Child Vol 2 Chapter 118: 0 Mile Away 1 Shot Takes A Person.. : Update Later. Vol 2 Chapter 119: Gather Together Vol 2 Chapter 120: Game Vol 2 Chapter 121: Prepare For War Vol 2 Chapter 122: Enemy To Vol 2 Chapter 122: Attack The Mountain Vol 2 Chapter 123: Has The Leader Been Promoted To Rank 3? Vol 2 Chapter 124: King Kong Vol 2 Chapter 125: No Need To Explain Vol 2 Chapter 126: Rain Teacher Vol 2 Chapter 127: Extraordinary Melee Vol 2 Chapter 128: Gamble