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So the time in the game passed very fast, at least in Wang Zheng's opinion, it was just a monster that had been killed for a while. It's been such a long time, and it's already been from one meal to another.

However, although it is said that you have to work hard in the game, your life in real life cannot be messed up.

After seeing that Wang Zheng had already arrived at the meal, he decided to go off the assembly line with Liu Lingwei for dinner. Of course, before going off the assembly line, Wang Zheng also confessed to the breeze.

"Let's go down for a meal first, and you're off the assembly line too, just come up and farm monsters together after dinner."

Why would you be unhappy when you hear the breeze? Of course they nodded again and again. In fact, Wang Zheng said that they were farming monsters together. In fact, it was only Wang Zheng that farming monsters alone, while Liu Lingwei and Breeze Curly stood by and rubbed their experience.

After a good time point was determined, the three people went offline together, leaving behind those players who were still slowly upgrading, facing their leaving figure, envy and hate.

"I knew that even if I was holding this player's thigh just now, I would join this player's team."

"Don't think too much about it, and don't look at what you look like, and how could that player like a man like you? He is not curved. If he can choose, he will definitely choose a beautiful woman. "

"The pastors in our team all want to join his team. People's hearts are unstable."

Because the other pastors saw that Breeze was a pastor and were invited to the team by Wang Zheng, they thought it was because Wang Zheng liked the pastor, so they invited Breeze.

This of course makes them think that they also have an advantage, and compared to the team they are currently staying with, the experience is so little and the work of constantly adding blood to people is simply too tiring, of course. I just thought, it would be great if I could join Wang Zheng's team.

So in the team they are now carrying, they are not so attentive.

Wang Zheng didn't know that those people were still upgrading for them. They rose so fast, which made people envy and hate, and some people were eager to join their team.

After Wang Zheng was offline now, he took Liu Lingwei to the restaurant where they usually ate. It is said that Wang Zheng has always eaten in this restaurant since he came to this world.

One reason is that Wang Zheng ate here for the first time, and he has a little feeling for it. The second reason is that the food here is pretty good, and the price is quite reasonable.

In addition, the owner of this restaurant is very enthusiastic towards them, so Wang Zheng would choose to stay here every time he eats.

After eating here as usual, Wang Zheng and Liu Lingwei went back, and the time was simply short.

But Wang Zheng was not thinking about how well he wants to live in this real life, he just wanted to be able to play a little more time in the game world and get more things.

So Wang Zheng didn't care so much about life in real life. After eating this meal in such a short time, he felt that there was nothing wrong with being able to cook it.

For Liu Lingwei, it is the best thing to be able to follow Wang Zheng to spawn monsters and upgrades. Therefore, Liu Lingwei does not care if he finishes the meal in such a short time, and he even enjoys it. In this case, he doesnt. Will there be more time to upgrade with Wang Zheng?

After they went online, Breeze was not there, because before they went offline, Wang Zheng and Breeze were friends with each other, so you can see that Breeze is not online at a glance in the friends bar.

This is also understandable. The breeze is as a womans meal, of course, its better not to take two mouthfuls so quickly like these big masters. It must take a long time to do so, so the two people are smashing the blame, and then While waiting for the breeze to curl up.

When Wang Zheng and Liu Lingwei were brushing wild monsters here, the players who were still around saw them appear, and they moved closer to them.

Of course, the purpose can be seen at a glance, because I've seen it before, how fast Wang Zheng can spawn monsters, even if he wasn't here before, he can tell at a glance now.

So after discovering Wang Zhengs talents, they all wanted to join Wang Zhengs team. They still had the same idea before. After joining Wang Zhengs team, it was like Liu Lingweis. You can upgrade immediately without any effort.

This kind of upgrade method is simply not too good. Of course, they don't want to miss it, so they are selling themselves hard.

But no matter what they said, Wang Zheng didn't seem to be able to hear him, and he was still focused on killing those wild monsters there. They chatted with Wang Zheng for a while, and found that Wang Zheng did not respond to them at all, and then gave up.

Of course, they just gave up talking to Wang Zheng, but it didn't mean they gave up, joined this team, and after a while, they focused on another goal.

That was Liu Lingwei who was in the same team as Wang Zheng.

After they came here, Liu Lingwei ignored them. They still sat in the corner watching Wang Zheng's mobs. After seeing that, after they had short-eyed people talking to Wang Zheng, Liu Lingwei still thought they were funny. Well, but suddenly found that these people were all surrounding him, Liu Lingwei still didn't know what was going on.

Shouldn't they go around Wang Zheng? Why did you suddenly surround yourself? Did they admit the wrong object?

In fact, these people found that it was impossible for Wang Zheng to persuade them, so they could only stare at Liu Lingwei in desperation. Together with Liu Lingwei, his face looked very harmonious, and it should be quite easy to discuss. People, that's why they thought about going to talk to Liu Lingwei next to Wang Zheng.

After these people had spoken, a puppy understood why? I originally thought that this was because I was suddenly very popular, but I didn't expect that it was for joining their team to make Liu Lingwei happy for nothing.

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Chapter 962: This is God and Man Chapter 963: Charizard Chapter 964: Soldiers affected Chapter 965: perish together? Chapter 966: Clean up the battlefield Chapter 967: Ishihara Nakaki Chapter 968: Fengteng Entertainment Chapter 969: Unimaginable surprise Chapter 970: The delusion of Qiaomu Ichiro Chapter 971: Bodyguard not found Chapter 972: Delia's "wrong" choice Chapter 973: Competition among entertainment companies Chapter 974: Xuanye finds the door Chapter 975: Ways to deal with aliens Chapter 976: Nakaji Ishihara's end Chapter 977: How to die with a scar face Chapter 978: The end of offending people Chapter 979: Failed to win Chapter 980: Let them come Chapter 981: Wang Zheng's solo show Chapter 982: Arrogant thoughts Chapter 983: Purpose achieved Chapter 984: Unexpected Chapter 985: mission completed Chapter 986: Holographic game Chapter 987: Enter the heyday Chapter 988: The task of the little beggar Chapter 989: Task reward: skill book Chapter 990: Beggar beggar Chapter 991: Goal: Out of Novice Village Chapter 992: Murder and Treasure Chapter 993: Lin Shen Muyu Chapter 994: Selling wild boar teeth Chapter 995: Invite to join Chapter 996: Gentleman's Revenge Chapter 997: God's right hand Chapter 998: Learn cooking Chapter 999: Shared task Chapter 1000: Devil Forest Chapter 1001: Tricky task Chapter 1002: Weakness of Sin Demon Wolf Chapter 1003: Set up a stall to sell things Chapter 1004: The first pot of gold in the game Chapter 1005: New tenant Chapter 1006: Outrageous game pod at a high price Chapter 1007: Famous Chapter 1008: Arrogant thug Chapter 1009: Into the forest Chapter 1010: Venomous spider Chapter 1011: It's just a second Chapter 1012: Hold thigh tight Chapter 1013: Temporary breach of contract Chapter 1014: Beater's revenge Chapter 1015: Dragging teammates Chapter 1016: Colorful tiger Chapter 1017: Self-destruction Chapter 1018: Pit yourself Chapter 1019: Covet Chapter 1020: Yu Yuyu wants to talk Chapter 1021: Agreement with Liu Lingwei Chapter 1022: Keep dying Chapter 1023: Crazy upgrade Chapter 1024: Waiting for the sin demon wolf to appear Chapter 1025: Kill as soon as it comes out Chapter 1026: Teleport to the top of the tree Chapter 1027: Look for weaknesses Chapter 1028: Arouse anger value Chapter 1029: Decreased durability Chapter 1030: Unavoidable Chapter 1031: Urgently Needed Blood Bottle Chapter 1032: Lips and teeth are cold Chapter 1033: Roll the dice and divide the equipment Chapter 1034: Golden equipment! Chapter 1035: Collect materials Chapter 1036: main mission Chapter 1037: The main task received at the same time Chapter 1038: Cooperate again Chapter 1039: Lin Shen Muyu Chapter 1040: Pass on hatred Chapter 1041: Auction equipment Chapter 1042: Cheating auction house Chapter 1043: Transfer task Chapter 1044: Learn elementary skills Chapter 1045: Level 20 skills Chapter 1046: Kill mission Chapter 1047: sss-level task score Chapter 1048: Super skills Chapter 1049: Elementary Skills of Rubbish Chapter 1050: City Lord's Mansion with a Locked Door Chapter 1051: Kill npc Chapter 1052: Sole task Chapter 1053: Go to jail Chapter 1054: Become a citizen Chapter 1055: Cellmate next door Chapter 1056: Take the task in the prison Chapter 1057: Penalty for mission failure Chapter 1058: nonstop Chapter 1059: Tiaohulishan Chapter 1060: Run away after stealing Chapter 1061: Escape the golden cicada Chapter 1062: Long journey Chapter 1063: Additional rewards Chapter 1064: The stolen property of the lord of the city Chapter 1065: Golden necklace Chapter 1066: Incidental skills: Healing Chapter 1067: Laboratory Chapter 1068: Bidding qualification Chapter 1069: Lan Zhao's Light Chapter 1070: Gradeless equipment Chapter 1071: Looking for Nariston Chapter 1072: Figure in the trash pool Chapter 1073: The origin of Lan Zhao's light Chapter 1074: Room full of equipment Chapter 1075: Set permissions Chapter 1076: Make a set of equipment for free Chapter 1077: Enter the big city Chapter 1078: Equipment ranking Chapter 1079: The benefits of anonymity Chapter 1080: Find Maxon Chapter 1081: Kick over Chapter 1082: Maya Cliffs Chapter 1083: amulet Chapter 1084: Die out Chapter 1085: Learn a lesson Chapter 1086: Cave entrance Chapter 1087: Ghost Chapter 1088: A small highlight Chapter 1089: Come save me Chapter 1090: Ignore any attacks Chapter 1091: Powerful attack Chapter 1092: Long overdue Chapter 1093: A bunch of ornaments Chapter 1094: Of course Chapter 1095: Regain first place Chapter 1096: The breath of ghosts Chapter 1097: Grey task Chapter 1098: Bad luck Chapter 1099: Be a Lone Ranger Chapter 1100: A black horse Chapter 1101: God's right hand that grows stronger Chapter 1102: Upgrade with Liu Lingwei Chapter 1103: Watch the excitement Chapter 1104: Sit and rub experience Chapter 1105: Envy and jealous of former teammates Chapter 1106: Happy? Chapter 1107: Offline meal