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Although it is a full thousand light seconds away from the opponent's spacecraft, the energy beam shot will take at least a thousand seconds to reach the enemy's position, but it can act as a powerful deterrent.

At the same time, the spacecraft of all parties quickly released a cloud of ultra-miniature smart bombs that were not noticeable to the naked eye, and the bomb cloud composed of nano-scale robots began to spread toward the enemy's position.

Although the technological level of intelligent life in the galaxy has reached an extremely high level, when the two armies confront each other, they still need to attack each other face to face, and even need to shoot in a dense formation.

In essence, there is no substantial difference between the war of intelligent civilization and the Iron Age.

After the forwards made a deterrent attack, they immediately jointly supported a large intensive energy shield to protect the friendly forces that are still appearing behind them, especially to protect the stable structure of the wormhole. Otherwise, their own warships have not appeared yet, it may be Will be annihilated in the wormhole.

"Mu Qi, Ergouzi, and Old Shan, I'll leave it to you here!" Seeing that the regular-level battle is about to begin, Richemont narrowed his eyes, feeling the five huge energy fluctuations that appeared in the distance, slowly Said.

Conventional-level warfare has become full of tricks due to the three-dimensional space and the emergence of space shuttle technology, and various strategies and tactics emerge in endlessly.

This aspect is not a strong point for Richemont, and at the same time he has no time to command such a huge war.

The battle that really concerns the fate of the galaxy occurs only in the existence of the nine world masters!

As soon as the voice fell, Richemont and the other three realm-level warriors had instantly torn open the space in front of them, and directly created a space wormhole about two meters in diameter with human power.

In the next moment, they appeared in the void tens of thousands of light seconds away from the battlefield just now. There was darkness here, and almost nothing could be felt. There was only infinite darkness and strong gravity around them.

This place is already very close to the Yinxin Black Hole, and it is the battlefield chosen by several master-level experts for themselves!

This place is far away from the conventional battlefield just now, and even the light from that place needs more than ten hours to reach here.

Then I saw several small wormholes appeared in the void not far away, and five master-level warriors with powerful energy fluctuations walked out of them.

Realm master-level powerhouses can destroy stars and even galaxies with their gestures, and only places like the silver-hearted black hole can become their battlefield.

Nine powerful and incomparable thinking fields opened instantly and intertwined.

"The humble and low-level race, today is your time to die! There is still night, you, the glorious earth survivors, will never tolerate the appearance of traitors!" Yamamoto looked at Richemont and the others, every word. Said.

"Noisy." Richemont snorted coldly, disappeared into the spot instantly, appeared beside Yamamoto, and punched out!

As soon as this fist was swung, the tremor produced by the huge energy contained in it had burst into dazzling light, like a small star!

Yamamoto was shocked, and when he raised his arms, a solidified energy barrier had formed and stood in front of him.

"Boom..." Although it was in a vacuum universe, the free energy mobilized by the two battles instantly filled this area, causing sound transmission.

Facing Yamamoto's energy barrier, Richemont's punch seemed to hit a piece of paper, easily tearing the opponent's defense, and hitting Yamamoto's arms fiercely, immediately knocking him out!

In the battle between master-level powerhouses, ordinary energy skills have no effect at all, but the simplest and most powerful close combat has become the main battle mode. Perhaps this is also an evolutionary cycle.

Of course, although this kind of close combat seems to be the same as the fight of a crawling civilization, the destructive power contained in it is not a level at all. The energy mobilized by each punch and foot is enough to tear this dimension. Space!

Seeing that Yamamoto was attacked, Alice next to her immediately cut her hands, and a space crack appeared instantly, slashing towards Li Feng.

Richemont smiled slightly and said: "Small bugs." He didn't avoid it at all, and he went straight into the crack in the space. The next moment he appeared from Alice's head and launched an attack!

At the same time, seeing Richemont fight one enemy and two, the remaining six master-class fighters also fought in one place.

For a time this eternal void has become a ruin in a fierce battle! The constant appearance of wormholes, space cracks, space collapse, etc., almost turned this area into a dead star field that no aircraft can approach!

"Bang!" Yamamoto and Alice flanked back and forth, punching Richemonts chest, and was about to directly destroy the space. Suddenly, I felt a horrible suction coming from Richemonts body, and the whole person almost had to be sucked in!

Almost all the bodies of these world masters have been purely energized. At this time, they can't control their bodies, which is obviously in great danger!

He yelled, and a fierce light flashed in his eyes, and his arms trembled tens of thousands of times in an instant, generating a huge momentum, trying to resist Richemont's suction.

Alice also saw that something was wrong, and her body turned into a beam of energy, shooting towards Li Feng's head.

Richemont let go of Yamamoto's arm with a cold snort.

This powerful suction power comes from his previous gravity control skills. Now if he wants to, he can be transformed into a human-shaped black hole. It's just that Yamamoto is unique after all, so he couldn't keep him.

Seeing that Yamamoto was out of trouble, Alice turned around and ran, while the other three high-level warriors of the High Alliance, including God Emperor Kesar, also turned and left, retreating to dozens of light seconds away, and the energy fluctuations disappeared completely.

Gerst, Ye and the others couldn't figure out the situation for a while, and couldn't help but pay attention.

Then I saw dozens of thin "papers" flying from all directions, encircling them!

Thirty two-way foils!

These thirty two-directional foils were triggered almost at the same time and immediately formed a terrifying two-dimensional collapsed ball. Because of the huge amount of energy released from the three-dimensional to two-dimensional collapse, the dazzling light emitted by the collapsed ball instantly illuminated Light up this dark universe.

A large amount of light is curved because of the huge gravitational force of the silver-core black hole not far away, like arcs, forming an unprecedented wonder.

The four main class fighters of the Liberty League were all trapped in the collapsed sphere at this time. The diameter of the sphere has shrunk to less than one light second, and the collapse will be completely completed in the next second!

The five high-level alliance master-level fighters quickly retreated, facing the two-dimensional collapse, even if they were the master-level fighters, they would also have lingering fears. They would peel off if they were not dead, and might even be completely annihilated.

"Hahaha, the **** of Richemont last time had something left by'that person' to save his life, this time facing all the remaining two-way foils of the bereaved of the earth, I see what he would do!" Enter the one already hidden here. A spaceship, Yamamoto said with a big smile.

It's just that no one thought that the last second of the collapse never came, and the two-dimensional collapsed sphere was frozen in a diameter of one light second, as if time had completely stopped.

Only the dazzling light on the surface of the collapsing ball and the energy surging and dissipating like ocean waves indicate that it is still collapsing, but I don't know why this process has been slowed down.

Immediately afterwards, the collapsed ball unexpectedly began to expand again, turning into thirty two-way foils as if returning to the original path.

Richemont stood there, although his face was pale, his face had a faint smile.

On his left arm, the length of the dragon scale transformed into a two-dimensional form reached nearly one million kilometers, forming a huge plane, which was constantly twisted and hovered.

Just at the moment of the moment, the dragon scale instantly transformed into a two-dimensional form, directly invaded the inside of the two-way foil, changed the direction of the two-way foil, and eliminated the attack of these dozens of two-way foil in one fell swoop!

Of course, the huge energy required in this almost drained the front, but he has now become a master-class fighter, and his understanding of the entire three-dimensional world has reached an astonishing height. It only takes a breath of effort. Most of the energy lost can be replenished.

"This...really...hell!" Yamamoto's eyes widened, and his emotions were too agitated, causing intense energy fluctuations.

This is a force that crosses dimensions. Even the world masters who have completely mastered the laws of the three-dimensional world, it is impossible to resolve the attack of the two-way foil so easily, at most they can evade it!

With a quick move, Richemont had once again transformed the dragon scales into a three-dimensional form, and the thirty two-directional foils also fell into his hands.

"Give it back to you."

Dozens of space wormholes were torn out in an instant. The 30 two-directional foils just obtained, plus the six accumulated before, a total of thirty-six two-directional foils, were submerged into the space wormhole and appeared in Yamamoto et al. Right now!

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