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The employees of the rose technology company have a blind admiration for their Jane and Bo.

President Jian returned from studying abroad at the age of twenty-five and founded this technology company. Relying on the wealth of funds at home and his own ability, he has built the company in two or three years.

At the age of 27, their President Bai also completed his Ph.D., and at a young age, he has made small achievements in the field of omega drug research.

So with the financial support of President Jian, President Bai found the seniors and mentors of the college and persuaded them to set up the most advanced omega pheromone immunological drug laboratory in China.

Because Roses pharmaceutical principle is "to reduce the physical harm to omega, fully enhance the autonomy of omegas choice, and give omega better working and living conditions", this principle is in line with todays international policy trends, so the government also grants A lot of discounts, convenience and technical support.

Not to mention the fathers of President Jian and President Bai, one is rich and the other is expensive.

Therefore, Rose Technology Co., Ltd., within a few years, has become the most dynamic emerging company in the industry, and President Jian and President Bai have also become upstarts.

Still handsome upstart thief.

Because Bai always belongs to the core technology shareholder, most of the time he stays in the laboratory in a white coat, so his external image is rather mysterious.

Most people think that he should be a man of high coldness and abstinence, with the high and indifferent genius used to.

Mr. Jane is different. Mr. Jane, as a well-known omega, has been selected as one of the top ten young richest people in China for three consecutive years. He often attends major events. He is beautiful and outstanding. He is the living signature of Rose.

Omega, it can indeed be very powerful.

So apart from product advantages, Roses omega drug sales will naturally be much better than other peers.

If it's just a simple young and promising omega, it's fine, but it looks good. Although it has passed its thirtieth birthday, the upright youth still has the strength, slender and thin body, and delicate features. The skin is delicate, and every time a suit appears, I cant help but look at that waist, legs, and small face.

So that Mr. Jian is clearly the president of a technology company. Whenever he goes to a financial magazine, he is like a fashion magazine with a small idol, and countless small fans rush to buy it.

As for the personality of Mr. Jian himself, some people say that he is a bit young and frivolous, and some people say that it is high spirits, but since the establishment of the company for several years, he has never made impulsive or wrong choices.

The media once interviewed him and asked him if he was born to be a young man, he smiled and said, no, I used to be a very impulsive person, and many things my lover taught me.

That kind of calm and self-confidence, and undisguised pride, satisfy most people's love illusions about the "young boss".

Coupled with the wedding ring that Mr. Jane never took off on any occasion, the love story of the two bosses of the Rose company once became a legend.

What the outside world does not know is that every year the company will donate a lot of medicines and funds to war zones and poverty-stricken areas.

Good-looking, excellent, talented, kind, good-natured, and low-key.

And the company's benefits are excellent.

Therefore, the employees of Rose company have no reason not to blindly worship their Jane and Bo.

If it is not necessary to say that the two people have any shortcomings, it is probably that the two people often sprinkle dog food frantically regardless of whether the employees live or die.

In this regard, their directors of the pharmaceutical department, Director Yang and Mr. Yang Yue, have something to say.

Mr. Yang Yue said that these two people have been like this since high school. Regardless of the life and death of the onlookers, they insisted on spreading dog food. They spread all the way to the university, graduate students, doctors, and work. They never stop, they are frantic!

The more he spoke, the more angry he became, the more grief and anger he said, so he told a lot of past events under the influence of the onlookers, which made Yang Yue's popularity in the company doubled.

However, the day after Mr. Jian's deeds of "I am a little squirrel, and little squirrel is me" spread, Yang Yue was sent to Africa on a business trip by a decree.

Before leaving, tears in his nose.

"Gan! After so many years, the tyrant is still a **** tyrant!"

When I was leaving the company, I met Bo Huai in a white coat and got out of the car.

Bai Huai raised his eyebrows when he saw Yang Yue crying.

Yang Yue saw that he had finally met a master who could cure Jian Songyi, and immediately cried out: "Papa! Brother Song is going to exile me to Africa! Please help me begging!!! Xiaoyu is pregnant! , You also know how difficult it is for beta to get pregnant, or to get pregnant at an advanced age, I don't worry about it!"

Bai Huai put his hands in the pockets of his white coat, so he looked at him in time: "How did you mess with him?"

Yang Yue chuckled twice: "Hey, he accidentally passed out his nickname as little squirrel."

Bai Huai looked at Yang Yue quietly, watched for three seconds, and slowly said, "You are still sound and limbs. It is his maturity and kindness over the years."


Yang Yue couldn't refute for a while, and choked silently.

How could he be blinded by the dog-like beast of Bai Huai, forgetting that this is a demon concubine who is helping to abuse the country.

Yang Yue was really going to cry.

Fortunately, Bai Huai still has a bit of conscience, and patted his shoulder: "Don't worry, he will definitely transfer you back in three months. I heard him mention that it is not easy to raise a child now. If you want, just Find an opportunity to mention the holding partner to you, so dont worry."

Yang Yue was stunned.

Bai Huai smiled lightly, patted him on the shoulder again, and walked straight into the building.

When Yang Yue reacted, the person had disappeared.

Yang Yue lowered his head and smiled. After so many years, why Song Ge is still such a bad virtue.

Obviously, righteousness is not enough, but he has to be cool.

Just eat this one myself.

Otherwise, why didn't I have the iron rice bowl of the National Research Institute and followed him to start a business.

Forget it, go home first, and bring Yu Ziguo some candied haws back on the way.

When Bai Huai appeared at the company, the otherwise noisy office went quiet.

In fact, they are more afraid of President Bai than the fierce President Jian on the surface.

President Jian has a bad temper, but after getting angry, he will still listen to explanations, and President Bai is very calm every time, and then he says one thing, there is no room for change, and there is no place for people to cry.

And the most important thing is that every time Jane loses his temper, only Mr. Bai can coax him well. To a certain extent, Mr. Bai holds the key to the emotions of the entire company.

Its just that when Mr. Bai came to pick Mr. Jane, he would change into casual clothes. Why did he come here today in a white coat?

At eight o'clock in the evening, everyone in the company was almost gone, and only the president's office was still working overtime.

Not long after Mr. Bai entered Jane's office, Mr. Jane came out and knocked on the door frame: "Okay, let's get off work."

"Thank you Mr. Jane! See you Mr. Jane!"

The little secretaries in the office packed up their things and left, very insightful.

One who just took office just recently couldn't help but ask curiously: "Why are we slipping so fast?"

"Want to choke to death by dog food?"


"And today President Bai came here in a white coat."

"Is there any difference between wearing a white lab coat and wearing a private suit?"

"Don't you think Mr. Bai in a white coat is particularly abstinent?"

"...Could it be...hiss"

"What kind of yellow waste do you want! Don't listen to her nonsense. Every time Mr. Bai wears a white coat, the laboratory is short of funds. He comes to ask his wife for money."

"Hey, isn't Mr. Bai also a manager?"

"You don't know yet, Mr. Bai's wealth and life are in the hands of Mr. Jian. Whatever Mr. Jian said is what."

"Wow, President Jane is so happy too."

"That's not it. So, those of us who are subordinates, don't we have a bit of insight?"



The little secretaries guessed right, Bai Huai did come to ask for money.

In fact, it can't be said that it is asking for money, because whether it is a personal account or a company account, both people have the same authority. Bai Huai needs to allocate funds. Basically, as long as you talk to Jian Songyi, there is no disagreement.

Just don't know why, Bai Huai just likes this kind of little taste.

Probably when I was in high school, I became addicted to playing the game of Golden Master Dad and pure male high school students. Bai Huai said he would eat soft food for a lifetime, and he really did what he said.

At that time, Baihuai had not graduated, the laboratory project was very short of money, and the state funding was still unable to come. And Baihuai was the kind of temperament that would never open to Bai Han unless it was for simplicity. It's not easy.

At first, Jian Songyi didn't know, but one day he found out that Bai Huai had secretly sold a house that Bai Yun had given him. He became angry at that time and pushed Bai Huai on the bed, forcing him to give him a full account.

After the explanation, I directly sponsored the project in the name of Rose the next day.

Of course, on the evening of the account, the pure and poor male doctoral student used his body to give a good return to a certain domineering president.

Later, the overbearing president, Jane, has been uneasy, grabbing Bai Huai every three to five, and asking, is he short of money? Lack of equipment? Is there no sponsorship?

Even though Baihuai's laboratory had sold many patents later, even if the market price of Baihuai's capital stock and technology stock was already in the tens of digits, Jian Songyi still worried that Baihuai had no money.

When he was admitted to the university, he thought that Bai Huai would do scientific research for him, so he would let Bai Huai do scientific research with confidence.

But Bai Huai got his mind right, so from the pure and poor male high school students, to the pure and poor male college students, to the pure and poor male graduate students, and finally to the pure and poor scientific researchers, he has been tirelessly eating soft food.

He came to ask Jian Songyi for money, just to contribute his body reasonably and find a perfect excuse.

The office door was locked.

The shutters in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass are closed.

After driving away the staff, Jian Songyi looked back at Bai Huai who was sitting half leaning against his desk.

He is more mature than he was when he was a boy, and his temperament is more restrained.

The dark gray shirt was tied meticulously, his trousers were wrapped around two straight legs that were too long, the white coat just over the knee and the thin gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose seemed to be gentle and abstinent.

However, Jian Songyi has seen such a gentle and abstinent person, who is the most greedy, strong and gentle in love affairs.

Thinking of this, Jian Songyi was sultry.

Walked over, held the table with one hand, circled Bai Huai, and pinched his chin with the other, and pulled out a scornful smile: "I heard that Mr. Bai needs money?"

Bo Huai was also very cooperative, with a cold expression: "Yeah."

"Money can be given to you, but not in vain. What is our Mr. Bai going to trade for?"

Jian Songyi's suit today fits him very well, the waist is pinched very thin, and the color lined the skin very white, but he even deliberately made a sloppy look.

Bai Huai squinted his eyes, his eyes a little dangerous.

Jian Songyi didn't realize it, and continued to babble, "I think Mr. Bai looks very much to my appetite, and is somewhat similar to my husband, so why not consider being my little lover?"

Jian Songyi is the skin on his mouth. What he likes most is to beat up Bai Huai's abstinence, and then run away. Although he never runs away every time, he just likes to tease, but he doesn't have a long memory.

Bai Huai squinted his eyes and looked at him, his tone also a little dangerous: "Oh? Jane still looking for a little lover?"

"We are young and successful people who are always looking for one or two... Fuck! What are you doing, Bai Huai?!"

Jian Songyi was suddenly picked up by Volley and panicked.

But Bai Huai was very calm: "You."

Jian Songyi was stunned, and when he reacted, his face blushed, "Bastard! This is at the company!"

"It's not the first time anyway."


The door of the office lounge was closed.

Isolate them from Jane's pitiful and helpless cry.

"Bo Huai, you beast!"

"Bo Huai, you let go of Lao Tzu! Lao Tzu's new suit!"

"Fuck it, I'm the one who gives the money, you give me down!"

"Bo Huai, you really are a **** beast!"

"Don't think I dare not beat you!"

"I really beat you up!"


The rose in the snow has become more and more courageous, more courageous and more frustrated, repeated defeats and repeated defeats.

However, it is useless.

In the end, he still couldn't beat the wind and snow, and could only gritted his teeth and crawled on the snow with exhaustion, dying.

Begging for mercy: "I was wrong, I don't look for a little lover, young and successful people like us, we have to end up with one another, I was really wrong..."

"I said I was wrong! You still come! Are you a beast!"

"Bo Huai, I'm going to your uncle!"


After another heavy snowfall, Little Rose was let go.

When Jian relaxed on the bed in the lounge weakly and was held in his arms by Bai Huai, he felt that he was too awkward to be a domineering president.

Bai Huai looked at him bulging and smiled: "How come you look like a child."

"Go! Beast!"

"You didn't tease me first?"

Jane relaxed and angry, not wanting to speak, turned around, looked at her embarrassed suit on the ground, and became even more angry.

Bai Huai hugged him from behind: "I have been busy for the past month. I haven't seen you much. I miss you. I miss you all over."


"This project will be over next month, and it happens to be our seventh wedding anniversary. Let's go out and play, okay."

"I thought you would live in the laboratory."

"Nonsense, I didn't go home someday."

"I fall asleep sometimes when you go home."

"But I kiss you every day before going to bed, and I kiss you before going out."


Jian Songyi nuzzled in Bo Huai's arms.

Bai Huai chuckled: "What would they think if they knew that Mr. Jane was still a kid secretly?"

"Who the **** is a kid?"

"Good, good, no." Bai Huai laughed and coaxed, "I heard you threw Yang Yue to Africa?"

"Well, you also know that Yu Ziguo is pregnant, and his parents are not in good health in the past few years. I want to take the opportunity of this aid to come back and let Yang Yue join the board of directors and get 1% of the technical shares."

Bai Huai held Jian Songyi tighter.

Sure enough, his little sun is still that little sun, who has been in the market for so many years and watched so many intrigues, and he has not changed him.

Jian Songyi nestled in Bai Huai's arms, and suddenly remembered something: "Zhou Xiaoluo's due date is also next month, right?"

"Well, we should just be able to catch the full moon wine when we come back."

Jian Songyi curled his lips: "Lu Qifeng, that beast, now that he has both sons and daughters, it's really cheap for him, and it hurts Zhou Xiaoluo."

"People do favor Zhou Luo."

"That's true. But your alphas are all beasts, which is also a fact that cannot be changed."

Jian Songyi said, arching twice in Bai Huai's arms, "If I was an alpha back then, what happened to you and Lu Qifeng."

"Even if you are an alpha, you are mine. You can't beat me anyway."

"Who the **** can't beat you." Jian Songyi punched backhand.

Between the eyebrows, he saw the shadow of the school bully again.

Maybe it was really because she had never really had any bitterness before, and Jian Songyi always retained the most innocent purity and warmth in him, so he could still see the appearance of a teenager in him.

Bai Huai really liked this kind of Jane relaxation, stretched out his arm to tightly wrap him in his arms, as if possessing.

Jian Songyi was hummingly surrounded by him, resting on Bai Huai's arm, feeling the shelter of his alpha.

For many years, Bai Huai's possessiveness has always been strong, but there is also a degree. Although he is jealous, he respects him very much, and has always protected him calmly.

Outsiders only see their own brilliance, but nothing in this world is easy.

It's just because those are not easy, and I walked with Bai Huai, so those sour and bitter, later, in the memory, are also sweet.

He turned around and buried him in Bai Huai's arms: "I want to eat sweet and sour pork ribs tonight."

"Okay, my husband will do it for you at night."

"I still want to eat cola chicken wings."

"Then we'll go to the supermarket later."

"Take a rest and go again, your legs are sore."

"Okay, take a break, tomorrow weekend, don't worry."


As night falls in the bustling city, the reinforced concrete loses its temperature, the traffic cuts through the city, the passing lights are not nostalgic, the neon lights flicker coldly, the night sky sinks, and the stars are invisible.

Looking at the office building from a high place, I only feel that the world is beautiful but alienated. It seems that everyone is isolated.

Jian Songyi was already asleep in Bo Huai's arms.

Bai Huai kissed his forehead and whispered: "Jian Songyi, I love you."

"Hmm." Jian Songyi hugged him back by instinct, "I love you too."

Bai Huai smiled lightly.

He put his arms around Jian Songyi, only feeling at ease and warm in his heart.

As long as his mortal dust is still there, this world is still lovely.

I just hope that every lovely person in this world can meet his mortal for the rest of his life.

The full text is over.

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