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The takeaway was quickly found.

Facing several policemen, the other party was obviously nervous, "I didn't do anything illegal, why are you looking for me?"

Time is waiting for no one, Liu Heyang is not nonsense, and has already started to ask: "What are you doing between 3 and 4 this afternoon?"

The delivery clerk said, "Of course we deliver food."

He also couldn't remember how many foods he had delivered. After all, the delivery staff's daily life was to deliver foods constantly.

Liu Heyang asked him how he entered the community.

The takeaway thought about it, after all, this is the neighborhood where he was stopped.

"It was a girl who ordered the takeout. She was very young. I didn't know about the others." The delivery staff recalled: "I was stopped, but then the customer seemed to call them and then let it go. "

He was stopped at the gate of the community, and he almost quarreled with them.

After all, he is not the only one to take out. If he is delayed for a long time, he will definitely be late when he goes to other places, and he will have to be complained when he is complained.

So he called the customer.

The **** the other end of the phone was very lively and said she would solve it.

Then the person who drove him answered a phone call in the office, and then let him go, but someone would follow in case something went wrong.

The delivery staff didn't think much, so they went downstairs to wait for customers.

Shen Yuanye just put the photo on the phone screen in front of him, "Is it her?"

The takeaway nodded, "This is the girl."

He always remembers beautiful girls.

"Later I delivered the takeaway to her, and then left." The takeaway explained: "What am I doing, I just want to secretly take her phone..."

Unexpectedly, this is still there, Liu Heyang can't laugh or cry.

The takeaway's name Shen Yuanye has been obtained.

Jiang Pan and Liu Heyang were both investigating him anyway, so she simply sat aside and began to search for names on Weibo.

The delivery staff has their own Weibo, and the content is some reposted Douyin videos, which is normal anyway.

She directly clicked and quietly followed.

After skipping the above content, she went directly to the calendar line diagram.

It's just that in the seven-day diagram, it's either delivering food or looking at a good-looking girl, and then asks for contact information. There is no good news.

It shouldn't look like a murderer.

When Jiang Pan and Liu Heyang came out of the delivery staff's room, Shen Yuanye gently shook his head at him.

Not him, who is it?

Shen Yuanye recalled what she had experienced in the death video. There was a problem with the surveillance now. It was either the property or the security, which was the most likely.

Suddenly she had a flash of inspiration, "Who is the person who went with you?"

The takeaway was stunned by her question, "I don't know, which doorman is it?"

It was the first time he sent to this community, where did he know the identity of the other party, and he was wearing regular clothes, he didn't even know.

The takeaway frowned and said, "The man in uniform saw the man and called him to come and take me there. It seems that he is not at work."

Jiang Pan immediately asked: "Did you mention your name?"

"It seems to be called Afeng."

Shen Yuanye and Jiangbian looked at each other, thinking that Afeng might be the key to solving the case.

After leaving the house of the takeaway, several people got into the car directly.

Liu Heyang thought for a while, and said: "There was no name with a peak in the property or security guard that day. Contacting him said that he was wearing normal clothes. It should be a person on vacation and can be found."

The police can easily get the security list of the community.

When Jiangpan and the others returned to the bureau, it was already dark outside, and Ren Lulu stared at the list, as if to see through the paper.

"Here." Jiang Pan pointed.

Shen Yuanye glanced over it, and there was a peaked man named Chen Zhifeng.

The river bank said solemnly: "First go to this place where Chen Zhifeng lives and find him."

Whether it is or not, it still needs to be investigated again.

After they left, he turned to Shen Yuanye, "You go back first, don't go back to the community."

Shen Yuanye nodded, "I have already greeted Sun Ai."

Sun Ai was more anxious when she encountered such a thing. After all, what happened to her before, finally settled down for a year, but in the end there was another murder in the community.

Shen Yuanye searched for Chen Zhifeng after getting on the bus.

Chen Zhifeng did not register for Weibo, so the Weibo content in the gray Weibo is very unbearable.

The cover of Weibo turned out to be a picture of a young girl at a glance.

Shen Yuanye frowned, but she didn't expect it to be such a person. Looking further down, her Weibo name was also very vulgar.

His latest Weibo is from Lin Youyou.

Seeing the relevant ones, Shen Yuanye searched his Weibo and found that there was only this one about Lin Youyou today.

She then clicked attention.

Shen Yuanye drew on the calendar line diagram without even looking at it. The background of the first picture was a bit dark, and Chen Zhifeng's back was a bit blurred.

After she clicked on it, she realized that it turned out to be the parking lot.

There is a text under the picture: [Chen Zhifeng has a bad idea about Lin Youyou, tie her up]

Shen Yuanye stood up directly.

She hurriedly called Jiang Pan, speaking extremely fast: "Chen Zhifeng, it is him, he did it on Lin Youyou."

"I see." Jiang Pan didn't even ask why.

He directly picked up his coat and called Li Chen who was in the game to go with him, lest Chen Zhifeng escape with fear of crime.

Chen Zhifeng lives in a dormitory arranged by the company.

When the group arrived, they saw a man panicking behind the building. The river bank had a different instinct and ran directly with Li Chen.

When he ran closer, the man turned his head and the two recognized Chen Zhifeng himself.

Of course, the policeman who could not run the training regularly was pushed down on the wall.

"You're still running? Why didn't you run?" Li Chen panted, pressing Chen Zhifeng's hand down.

Liu Heyang in the building also noticed something was wrong, and ran outside to meet them.

Chen Zhifeng's heart is ashamed.

He was nervous for several hours. When he saw the police coming from his home, he panicked and ran out of the other staircase without taking care of his things.

Who knows there are people out there.

Now it is naturally interrogated overnight.

Everyone outside the case is staring, the sooner the case is solved, the better.

Jiang Pan handed over the questioning to Ren Lulu and Liu Heyang, while he watched outside.

Chen Zhifeng naturally knew that the matter had been revealed.

He didn't even want to do it at all. Today is still his day off, because he knows that there are celebrities living in this neighborhood, so he often wanders to see if he can see it.

Who knew I was called by my colleagues to take the takeaway when I was walking.

Because the takeaway can't go upstairs, we can only meet downstairs.

Lin Youyou was already very young, in his eyes he was no different from Loli. When she was handing over with the delivery staff, he started to think badly.

So after the takeaway left, he looked for an opportunity to drag Lin Youyou into the underground parking lot.

Its just who knows that when a car owner drove by, he scared away Chen Zhifeng, who was practicing for the first time.

But he forgot to paste the tape, and Lin You You died just like that.


Just because of a difference in thought.

When Jiang Pan talked to Shen Yuanye, Shen Yuanye was silent for a moment.

She didn't speak, but the river bank on the other end of the phone suddenly changed the subject: "I have already told my family about marriage."

Shen Yuan Ye was dull, "What?"

The river bank didn't rush and said, "Look at what happened today, so you don't have to live alone, and you will avoid many accidents."

Shen Yuan Ye: "..."

Although it makes sense, but...

The author has something to say: Because of the problems with the delivery of the save manuscript, it is very difficult to save the manuscript, so I made a change, and now it is called "I am a fortune teller! ", still related to food


After rebirth, Qiao Zhiyu obtained a "gourmet divine calculation system"

The system not only issues daily tasks for solving crimes and fortune-telling, but also provides food with special crime-solving and fortune-telling functions

"The **** murderer burst into tears when he ate it?"

"[Intimate Potato Chips] that you can hear the voice of others?"

"Yuxiang not scattered [sticky tea eggs] perfect tracking weapon!"

"The speed is too fast to pass the time foreseeing [Speeding Pippi Shrimp]?"

Reporters: What do you think about the title of detective that everyone voted for?

Qiao Zhiyu: I'm just a fortune teller!

--small theater--

One day, Qiao Zhiyu wanted to buy crayfish, and he met the new Dragon King who was addicted to breeding

"Do you want the golden lobster here?"

"Or do you want the silver lobster over there?"

"Should I still want this diamond shrimp?"

Qiao Zhiyu:...Sorry, I just want normal shrimp

Fortune teller x dragon addicted to breeding

Tweet the article of Jiyou again "She is so beautiful [Quickly wear]"

Jiang Xun had been unlucky all the time, she was regarded as a disaster, and she was sealed for thousands of years until she bound the beauty system.

She became the most popular **** in every world

Question: I have been given so many green caps, what do you think?

Male players: Of course, I chose to forgive her, make herself better, and let her not like others orz

Key points: Su Susu, Shuang Shuang Shuang... The heroine, the actress, the bitch, everyone loves it

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