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A group of powerful shadow sects flew towards Mo Xiaobai.

A strong breath emerged, and even the white clouds in the sky were shaken away.

"Go up first!"

Everyone changed their faces and jumped back to the island from the water.

As soon as a few people jumped on the island, a series of attacks filled with strong dark aura covered them.

"Be careful!"

Mu Xiatong let out a soft cry, and clenched the staff with both hands, a strong emerald green light flashed all over her body.

In the next moment, thick tree roots broke out from the ground, and the roots were entangled together and gathered on top of the five Mo Xiaobai heads, enclosing them.

Boom boom boom boom! !

The dense attacks landed on the branches, the sawdust flew, and the roots of the tree continued to break, but under the power of Mu Xiatong's nature, it grew at an extremely fast speed.

After a while, the roar stopped and the roots of the tree became tattered.

However, all attacks have been blocked.


The complexions of the strong men of the shadow sect changed slightly.

Especially the shadow sect bishop Hua He headed.

After the failure of the last summoning of the gods, the great shadow lord You Jiang lowered his divine power and raised his cultivation base to the nine orifices.

Not only him, but at the top of the Shadow Sect, several of the vice-bishops have also reached the level of eight abilities.

So many people's attacks were actually blocked?

How can this be?

Everyone looked at Mu Xiatong whose whole body was full of natural power flashing with amazement.

Not only them, but even Mo Xiaobai, Su Yin, and Yan Xue were a little surprised.

"Tongtong, you are so strong!"

Su Yin couldn't help but exclaimed.

Such an attack was definitely unstoppable for Su Yin, but he didn't expect Mu Xiatong to be able to stop it.

Mu Xiatong herself looked at her hands with a little surprise, and then showed a gentle smile:

"It seems that the laws of nature are stronger than I thought."

Mo Xiaobai glanced at Mu Xiatong, then looked at the powerhouses in the sky, and said with a light smile:

"Sister Xia Tong, it's rare that all the high-level members of the Shadow Sect are here, can you keep them?"

Everyone was taken aback by Mo Xiaobai's words.

A look of excitement appeared on Yan Xue's face, and she nodded repeatedly:

"Yes, Sister Xia Tong! As long as these guys are killed, the Shadow Three-Headed Snake wants to continue to influence Azure, I am afraid it will take a long time to prepare!"

Mu Xiatong's turquoise eyes also flashed a killing intent, and she looked at the high-level shadow sects in the distance.

She was silent and nodded: "I will try my best!"

Su Yin grinned, waving his spear, his eyes flashing with warfare:

"I'll be with you! Although I am not an opponent of the nine-aperture guy, I can still fight the eight-aperture guy."

When they were communicating, the strong shadow sects in the sky looked ugly at the moment.

A cold expression appeared on the face of Huahe, who was headed: "The natural godhead must not have been completely absorbed right now! As long as you kill that woman and sacrifice her to my god, my **** will definitely rise to the next level. We can also receive the grace of God! The believers of the shadows! It is time to dedicate our faith to our Lord!"

"Kill!! Kill them!"

The strong men of the shadow sect roared, with bloodshot eyes remaining in their eyes, and a trace of darkness floated from their bodies.

They roared and surrounded Mo Xiaobai and the others.

When Mo Xiaobai saw this, their expressions became cold.

"Huh! I didn't expect that they would dare to come up on the initiative?! Really looking for death!"

Su Yin's pretty face was fierce, with a spear in his right hand upside down, staring coldly at the powerful shadow sects that surrounded them.

Mo Xiaobai, Yan Xue, and Mu Xiatong were also full of breath.

Now only Shui Ling looks dazed in case.

An expression of who I am, where I am, and why I am suddenly surrounded.

The water flowed all over his body, and he spoke in a daze:

"Mo Xiaobai, who are they?"

The four of Mo Xiaobai were taken aback, and then Mo Xiaobai explained with a smile:

"They are the devil's lackeys. They have been secretly looking for opportunities for the devil to descend on our blue sky. Now, they are probably focusing on the godhead of the tide god."

"What?! The devil's lackey?!"

The water spirit flowing from Wan's body became more intense.

He looked at the powerhouses of the shadow kingdom with black mist surging all over his body, and slowly said:

"Yes...there is a hint of void in the dark power of these people, and it must be connected with the void demon! Now that I have encountered it, then I will help you!"

Mo Xiaobai was taken aback when he heard Cong Wan's words.

Void breath?

He just said casually, after all, there is still some difference between the star realm evil **** and the devil.

Unexpectedly, they actually have a relationship with the devil? !

Is the Youjiang behind them related to the devil, or is the Shadow Sect itself related to the devil?

Mo Xiaobai's thoughts were flying.

Before he had time to think, a group of powerful shadow sects had already rushed over.

Mu Xiatong coldly snorted and shook her white right hand.

The ground shook, and then suddenly cracked ~wuxiaworld.online~ A huge palm, made entirely of trees, came out and patted a group of powerful shadow sects.

Among them, the center is Huahe of Jiuqiao.

Feeling that powerful force, Hua He's face changed slightly, and the power of darkness all over his body slashed towards the giant wooden palm.

boom! !

The roar sounded, the giant wooden palm was torn apart, the power of darkness was also annihilated, and the splattered trees shot at a group of powerful shadow sects.

A few unlucky original warriors of Qiqiao were hit by trees on the spot, and their bones were broken!

The trees condensed by Mu Xiatong's natural force are stronger than some powerful extraordinary metals!

That is, the Huahe of Jiuqiao, otherwise, this one would be enough to kill a large group of people.

Seeing that the aftermath of the attack actually injured his subordinates, Hua He became even more angry.

He looked at Mu Xiatong, and found that Mu Xiatong had already risen into the sky and reached the sky, with emerald green light shining at him.

The next moment, a huge emerald green spear condensed and shot at Huahe.

"Small bugs!"

Hua He's face was grim, black mist surged all over, and he charged up with the spear.

At the same time, there were three Eight-Aperture Powerhouses who wanted to follow up and help. At this time, golden-red flame dragons roared at them.

Feeling the terrifying power, their faces changed slightly.

While resisting the attack, they looked at the source of the attack.

Su Yin stood with a gun, with a bright smile on his face: "Your opponent is me."

"Seven tricks..."

A scrawny old man among the three gave a smirk.

Before he could finish his words, Su Yin had turned into a red flame spear and rushed towards them.

The powerful aura caused the three of them to change their faces slightly, and became serious.

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