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Lunch is the time in the past 24 hours something that hasn't tried to kill Alex. It's a strange feeling really, not to be fighting for his life for the second time.

Some of the food is strange enough that it might be a murder attempt, though: tiny pear-shaped things drenched in a thick, sweet, maroon sauce. The dishes are just normal breakfast fare: bacon, eggs, pancakes, cereal.

His mind was interrupted when he heard a familiar voice.

"Heya Alex, How's it going?" Kia asks, sitting across from him.

Alex looks up from the food and looks at the girl with a neatly cleaned uniform, her hair in a bun. "Heh, I don't know, maybe I almost got murdered by a flock of overgrown bird brains. How do you think it's going?".

Kia shrugs her shoulder, poking at her food. "Hey, at least you lived. So stop being a brat about it".

"Whatever'' he groans, leaning back on the chair and crosses his arms. "Shit was annyoing. Shawn Michaels or professor goggles had to end the simulation early. To be honest, I thought I was going to die".

Kia crosses her leg and leans her head in her hand, leaning her elbow on the table. "I just can't believe Angelica would do something like that though. I told you she was evil".

Alex scoffs. "When I see her I'll give her a piece of my mind. But enough of that, tell me where the normal food is because I'm not eating this".

Kia rolls her eyes and plays with the sides of her hair. "Yeah yeah. There are some waffles and scrambled eggs over there". She says, pointing to a section he hasn't explored yet.

Alex gets up and walks to where the other food is and gets the breakfast he wishes to eat.

After he returned with a plate full of completely delicious food, Kia seems to continue the conversation.

"Look Alex, I wanna say sorry about everything that has happened getting you here, and I was being a total ass about everything. If you want, we can go somewhere cool and I can help you understand more about the supernatural and other stuff?".

Alex bites down his waffle and stares at her, studying her. She shifts in her seat, getting flushed from his gaze.

She seems genuine about what she said. He could probably let this go and pretend like all this is normal, but of course he himself knows that will be impossible. He finishes up the last waffle and shrugs his shoulders.

"I guess. Since I'm feeling a little happy at the moment. Just try not to annoy me so much. Deal?".

Kia smiles and nods her head repeatedly.

"Of course! We have a deal! I promise not to annoy you".

Alex chuckles at her excitement and shakes his head. "Oh brother".

"Excuse me, Mr. King". Alex turns to see a woman standing behind him. "Your advisor, Seymour Alexander, has scheduled a meeting with you this afternoon to discuss your schedule for the first semester".

Alex stares at her blankly for a second then sighs, waving his hand. "Sure, I'll be there". The woman bows and walks away.

Kia glances at her phone for the time. "Aww, we only have an hour, not enough time to get anything.I guess I can take you on a tour of the school, though, then you can go to your meeting, and we can head to the city afterwards".

Alex yawns, stretching his arms above his head. "Yeah whatever. It's not like I have anything better to do".

Kia nods her head and they get up to put their trays away.

Of course Kia takes Alex on a whirlwind tour, pointing out dozens of locations and stone buildings. Alex was barely paying any attention, his hands in his pocket as Kia speaks.

"The administrative building is on the left and behind us, obviously, is the dining hall. As a freshman you'll probably just get a standard meal plan.the main library is coming up here, and next to it is the health center".

After she is finished, Alex is left with only moments to spare before his meeting. He's left with motion that he probably would wander into a lake or something.

Sometime later Alex and Kia were walking back to the school building when a figure passed past them, bumping into Alex's shoulder hard.

He hisses at the figure, glaring. "Watch where you're going!".

The figure ignores him and keeps walking. Alex groans and frowns deeply then clicks his tongue. "Fucking shit. It's like I can't even take a break for once".

Kia shakes her head slightly and pats his back lightly. "Come on we should get going".

When Alex gets to the meeting he meets Seymour Alexander as the guy greets him with a smile and has him take a seat when he walks into his office. On his desk Alex can see photos of a toddler levitating and a young girl with a tail and which looks like a fox ears next to a big cat.

"It's finally nice to meet you, Alex. As president Angelica may have told you, I'm your advisor for the time being at Blackwood. I understand there have been some issues and a lot has happened to you during the past couple days".

"Now, you're a rather special case here at Blackwood. most of our students have completed a standard secondary school education supplemented with magic instruction throughout the school year, but you are an interesting one my friend".

"Anyway I've done some research on the 'human' school-"

Alex interrupts him, holding out his hand. "Wait wait wait. School? What school are we talking about? I haven't gone back to school since I was fourteen. Where are you getting this information from?".

Seymour sighs and folds his hand together on his desk. "Even so, Mr. King. I saw that your athletic accomplishments were of particular note. What you did when you were young is pretty impressive. So that means it can help you with the courses you will be suited in".

"But, anyway, I also wanted to speak with you about your preferences for your courses before finalizing anything. There are some classes, like magic theory and monsters and rogues that all freshmen have to take to complete our general education requirements. There are courses, like elemental manipulation, emotional manipulation, phasing (going through doors and sinking through the floor at your advantage), that are best to take as soon as you can in order to complete this semester. I've already included these in your schedule".

Alex closes his eyes for a second then opens them, turning to the man in front of him. "Look, Seymour, thing is I really really don't want to be here right now. You just do whatever you think is best with 'my' schedule, or better yet, not enroll me at all".

Seymour cracks a toothly smile and puts his notes away. "Unfortunately, president Angelica was very, how should I say it, persistent about your enrollment here".

Alex groans and crosses his arms, whispering. 'That fucking witch'.

"But I can try to make this process as painless as possible for you".

Alex looks at Seymour, the man smiling at him. "Fine fine. Just get it over with already".

Seymour nods his head then gets serious. "I do have to tell you something important though".

Alex straightens up and studies him, trying to get a read on him. "Yeah?".

"You're not entirely human, Alex.Your scores in the simulation this morning confirmed that you're not. As I'm sure you already know, you also scored the highest in control magic. I must say, this is the first time I'm seeing something like this. No one has ever scored this highest before, well before 100 years ago by a man named Nikolas Yasimaro".

"What?". Alex looks at Seymour, like a deer in a headlight.

'well shit'

Seymour continues. "Well your apparent abilities in control magic are highly unusual. I want to also say that control magic is extremely illegal, and can only be used by the government officials against humans to maintain secrecy".

So people like agent Cloude, then. Alex thinks to himself.

"Your required and recommended courses are Magic Theory, Monsters and Rogues, Emotional and Elemental Manipulation. As for your elective courses, would you prefer for me to choose them or would you rather?'.

Alex rubs his chin, thinking. "well.hmm.I guess I can pick and see".

Seymour nods his head, pulling out new notes from his desk. "Okay for your fourth time slot, you can choose whether to take Telekinesis or Ritual Magic. Here are the course descriptions for each".

Telekinesis (TELE-101)

In Telekinesis, students are introduced to basic telekinetic applications. For the first half of the semester, telekinetic theory and basic use are the primary focuses of study. The course relies heavily upon application of what is taught in Magic Theory, and the teachers in each department work to coordinate lessons. Usually Telekinesis is particularly offensive and defensive. Tele-101 is recommended for all students

Ritual Magic (RM-101)

This ritual magic class studies the way in which magic can use specific materials to cast spells. Students will study and practice casting through other magic. Ancient runes, formulaic magic, word and sound-based magic, movement-based magics, and alchemy, as well as be exposed to blood magic, and celestial magic theories. The class is project-based with amounts of group work. RM-101 is recommended for those who have strong will.

Alex reads through the notes and hums softly. Ritual seems to catch his interest more since it seems complicated. He smirks and pushes the notes back to Seymour. "I'll take Ritual Magic. Seems legit".

Seymour pulls out other notes and hands them to Alex. The boy skims through the new notes, his eyes scanning over each word.

Combat (COM-101)

In combat, students are introduced to a variety of fighting techniques for use against magical creatures, humans, and non-magical creatures. Lessons will take place in the classroom, at the outdoor training courses, in gym, and in the simulation room. Offensive, defensive, agility, and team work will be required. Armed combat will not be the focus of this class, noly hand-to-hand, non-magic combat.

Potions (PO-121)

In potions, students will be introduced to a wide variety of potions and their functions, with primary focus being on the seven potion bases. Potion studies, herbs, flowers, stones, liquides, and their uses will take place. Time permitting, basic alchemy may be taught, as well as potion creation.

Alex finishes reads, tapping his finger on the desk. "Combat, I already know how to fight. Potion seems pretty interesting but it's not for me. Soooo, I'll say combat, I might learn a thing or two from the class".

Seymour nods. "I should have your schedule completed by tomorrow, I just need to finalize your enrollment. On to the next order of business, your suitemates. As you know, Kia Rose is one of your suitemates, and your other five have planned to arrive today. Obviously, you weren't on the original rooming assignment sheet, so as new as they will be to you, you will be equally so to them".

"Wow, So Kia's my roommate and there are five others. Damn this is going to be a pain in the ass".

"Hmm, I trust that you would like some information concerning your other suitemates?". Alex nods and Seymour continues. "Their names are Daniel Francis, Nico De Angelo, Kaito Katayama, Mia Franics, and Noah Rose Villarreal. Now bear in mind that I can't give too much information on your suitemates".

Alex looks over the book that Seymour pulled out and looks through the pictures of his roommates. "Huh, I don't know why but Katayama sounds familiar, and it's starting to piss me off". He looks at Seymour and closes the book. "Okay, can you tell me more about Kia Rose?".

Seymour frowns. "But you've met her already".

"Well, yeah, but I don't know anything about her and she follows me around like a puppy. And you'll be 'nice' to provide some information".

Seymour grumbles. "If you hadn't met her we wouldn't be here to begin with. Fine, Kia is a succubus. She transferred from Los Coast after some.messy events last year".

Alex runs his hand through his hair. "Okay, what sort of events?".

"That's for her to tell you at her own time, Mr. King".

Alex huffs then sighs. "Okay, okay, Can you tell me about Kaito Katayama?".

"Ah Kaito Katayama". Seymour turns serious. "Well Mr. Katayama, is a crime boss. Due to his reputation, people fear him. His family owns old money, meaning they're the richest blood here at Nightfall City. He's short-tempered so try not to upset him. After his mother passed away, things were.well.'hard' for him. He's also a shapeshifter. But I believe you two will get along pretty well".

Alex scoffs. "Sure sure, that asshole and I won't be getting along anytime soon, sir. Thanks to him I got this scar on my nose". He touches the bridge of his nose with his thumb then hisses, thinking about that horrible experience with Kai.

Seymour looks at his nose and frowns deeply. "well.umm.Kai's mother is a well known crime boss and she was also a congresswoman".

Alex waves him off. "Yeah yeah, I already know that. Next question. Can you tell me about Daniel Francis?".

'I don't know why but that name sounds familiar to me'

Seymour smiles. "Daniel Francis. He's a good kid. He enjoys making new friends and helping those in need. But he's immune to death. Being not dying is something to think about. He's friends with Kia Rose so I think things will be easier for you. He's really good at archery. Oh and he tends to get invisible from time to time so watch out for that. If you ever need help just ask him and he'll be there for you".

Alex nods along. "Hmm, interesting. Okay, tell me about Mia Francis. Is she related to Daniel Francis?".

Seymour laughs lightly then looks at Alex, noticing the boy had an annoyed expression on his face. "Oh, sorry, I wasn't laughing at you, Mr. King. Many people get them confused as siblings because of the last name. But, No, they're not related. Mia Francis is a Nephilim, an ancient one that plays an important role in supernatural politics and religion. Because of this, most information about her is confidential, but what I can tell you is she has a known abilities in abostion and angelic magic (creating, destroying and reconstructing anything, sometimes to even warp reality)".

Alex whistles. "Wow, she sounds more powerful than the witch. I should be careful around her than. Alright, can you tell me about Nico De Angelo?".

"Oh, Nico, he's an interesting kid really. He's the youngest. He transferred here 8 months ago but I'm not going to get into that. He likes attention, I wouldn't blame him though. After his mother went crazy and tried to kill him, everything was hard on the kid. He has his secrets and I believe everyone does".

"True. Last question, can you tell me about Noah Rose Villarreal?".

"Mr. Villarreal is an incubus. Like his sister Kia.he.well.*clears throat* needs sexual desires. He's.".

Alex notices Seymour struggling with his words. "He's what?".

"Ah, he's nothing but he gave some of the best non-answers to the roommate survey questionnaire I've ever heard".

Alex hums, narrowing his eyes. "Ooookay than. I guess I'm done with the questions".

"I know that you have more questions regarding other things, but it is likely best to ask them rather than me. It was very nice meeting with you, Alex". Seymour smiles. "Best of luck here at Blackwood, even if it is not exactly where you desired to be".

After the meeting with Seymour Alexander, Alex walks out of his office and notices Kia approaching him. She leads the way, walking side by side. "Sooo, do you need anything? Clothes? Office supplies? Caffeine to get you through the day?".

Alex puts his hands behind his head and hums. "What I need honesty is the hour and take a long ass nap".

"Well, okay, but if you want clothing, you have a lot of options on where to go". Kia says looking around the surrounding area. "But we could go somewhere that sells clothes you like to wear and get supplies for you".

Alex raises his eyebrows and scans her up and down. "Don't I have to wear a uniform like you or something?".

Kia wraps her hands around her waist, feeling embarrassed. "W-well.It's up to the students really. I just wear a uniform because of a habit from my old school. But if you want to wear regular clothing, we can go to Kerse or would you prefer a uniform instead?".

Alex looks up, thinking. "Hmm.regular clothes sounds normal".

'Also I should probably get a uniform too'

Kia nodded and they headed to Kerse. After Alex manages to find enough clothing (gray sweatpants, ripped jeans, vintage plaid men shirt with a hoodie, buckle joggers, hooded short tracksuit, white t-shirt, and rolled up baggy jeans with sweatshirt, and boots) to survive the next week.

After that Kia takes him to an office supplies store to purchase pens, pencils, notebooks, paper, and other school things. She also lent him money for a 'magic-tech' laptop and phone.

"I'll show you how your messages work," says Kia. "you can check them in the messages tab on any device, since we're going through the school messaging system. You can also send messages to friends or family if you like, at any time".

Alex looks through his new device and hums softly. "Cool, I can watch porn in here, right?".

Kia gags at the word, blushing deeply. "Wha-....Alex!!". Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworld, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https:///book/who-we-are-now-a-supernatural_19022677605968105/chapter-four-we-meet-again_51088912843596410">/book/who-we-are-now-a-supernatural_19022677605968105/chapter-four-we-meet-again_51088912843596410</a> for visiting.

He looks at her confused. "What?".

"I can't believe you said something like that so easily, gosh". Kia pushes her hair under her ear, not meeting his eyes.

Alex shrugs and tilts his head a little. "We're adults here, what's so weird to be embarrassed about? I mean.aren't you a succubus? Aren't you used to that word?".

Kia frowns deeply and bites the bottom of her lip. "Why do you have to make it sound like that? It's not like I enjoy it or anything," she wraps her arms around herself. "I'm disgusting".

The last one was a whisper but Alex heard it loud and clear. He sighs and lifts his hand and puts it on top of her head. "You're not disgusting, Kia". She looks up at him and widens her eyes, noticing a soft smile on his face. She had never seen him smile before and Kia's heart wouldn't stop beating so loudly, ringing through her ears. She squeaks and shuts her eyes tight.

"You're annoying". Ah there it is. That's the Alex she knows. Kia opens her eyes and glares up at him. "Jerk". She pushes his hand away and pouts.

Alex laughs and whips out a cigarette but Kia grabs it quickly and throws it in a bin. "Ah shit".

"Come on, I still need to help you with other things".

Kia helps him select his textbooks, ranging from the complete guide to control magic to the laws of magic, before bringing him to the spell materials section.

Alex and Kia get ingredients for his spell class. Honestly he didn't want to get tangled up more in this magic world but since he's already here it's already too late for him to back out.

After that he and Kia walked to the cash register to checkout. Kia thanked the cashier and they walked out the store. Alex looks over at her, noticing her with a guilty expression.

"Aww, do you feel guilty about kidnapping me?". Alex says, smirking.

Kia pouts then laughs at his sarcasm. "Oh Alex, kidnapping is such an ugly word".

As they were walking, someone seemed to block their way. It was a guy with dark skin and a sleek leather jacket, just as Kia scowls, it was Cyrus.

"Well, if it isn't my favorite character, Kia Rose. I never thought I'd see you around here again. At this point don't you think you should stop bothering him already?".

"Yeah hello to you too Cyrus". Kia growls. Alex tilts his head to the side, noticing.

Cyrus looks at Alex. "Alex, honestly I never thought I'd see you with her. I thought you'd drop her by now".

Alex hums and stares at him, his eyes shifting. Cyrus' body went cold and he froze in place for two seconds before backing away. The boy falls to the ground, landing on his butt and looks up at Alex with fear. "Wha.".

Alex crouches down and keeps his eyes on Cyrus. "You know, it's very rude to say something like that to someone that has helped me so far. So I'll suggest you show her some respect".

Cyrus weakly nods, whimpering. Kia looked at both of them in disbelief. She doesn't know what was happening, why Cyrus seems afraid of Alex all of a sudden?. Was Alex doing something?. Alex pats Cyrus on the shoulder and straightens up, walking past the boy. Kia looks at Cyrus in confusion then follows behind.

It takes a ten-minute ride on a bus and five minutes of security screenings to get back on campus. The way back was silence though, Kia didn't know what to say after the little incident. Alex seemed like he didn't want to be bothered so she respects that. She did have a lot of questions but now doesn't seem like a good time or day.

After making it through the security checkup, they walked inside the building but sooner was stopped again. Alex was starting to get more annoyed at this point. This new person looked similar to Kia, with brown hair but his hair was darker and he looked tired with bed hair. He was wearing gray sweatpants and a black t-shirt. Alex scans the boy with raised eyebrows, he indeed was different from Kia.

"Hey Kia, I have something for your friend here". The boy says, looking over Alex.

Kia turns to Alex and introduces him to the boy. "Alex, this is my brother, Noah Villarreal. Noah, Alex".

Noah nods at Alex then hands him a piece of paper. "Hey there, Alex, this is for you".

Alex takes the paper from him and looks at it. It seems to be his schedule for his classes.

Classes of Alex King

Elemental manipulation, prof. Yuri

Magic Theory, Prof. Mira

Ritual Magic, Prof. Dimitri

Combat, Prof. Schulz

Monsters and Rogues, Prof. Andrew

Noah yawns softly and looks at Alex. "Anyway, guidance asked me to deliver your schedule, Alex, oh and I walked by our suite just now. Two of our roommates have already showed up".

Alex sighs and folds his schedule. "Thanks dude. Anyway, I guess it's good to meet you".

Noah yawns again and waves his hand off tiredly then walks the opposite direction. Alex whistles and looks at Kia. She looks back in confusion. "What?".

He chuckles and shakes his head. "Nothing, nothing. Come on let's get going and meet our roommates I guess".

"Oh I saw that we have Elemental and Magic Theory together". She says, smiling.

"Yeah? So?".

Kia rolls her eyes. "So, people in the same suites aren't usually put in the same classes when possible. Working with magic with people you're closer to tends to have a positive impact on your performance".

Alex puts his hand in his pocket while the other is rested to his side. "Oh wow, really? That sounds 'awesome' honey".

Kia pouts and pokes his arm hard, causing him to jolt back. "Alex! Can you for once please stop being sarcastic? Gosh!".

Alex laughs and pats her head lightly. "Okay okay. Sorry". She nods and lets him keep his hand on her head before he ends up pulling away.

There were two guys in the common room once they got there. The taller one standing at 6' as Alex's height, has smooth tan with black hair that shines in the light, and attractive features despite his cold icy black eyes. The other is shorter, about 5'5 with light brown hair, pale skin, and gorgeous features with a smile on his face. His eyes are deep black.

Both of them turn when Alex and Kia enter the room, and the shorter one smiles. "Hello you two must b-". He looks at Alex and his eyes widens, remembering the boy. "Alex?".

Alex looks back at him, tilting his head. "Yeah that's me".

"I-....I'm Daniel Francis. You know, Dani". Daniel keeps his eyes on Alex. Maybe he was waiting for him to remember him. Alex squints his eyes at him, rubbing his chin.

"Yeah? So? Am I supposed to know you?".

Daniel winces and looks down at his feet. Did Alex perphes forget about him? The things they used to do together when they were young? But then one day Daniel found out Alex ran away. Why did he run away and left him behind?

"Oi Oi Oi. What's this? If it isn't Alex King". The taller boy smirks and crosses his arms, giving Alex a smug look. "Well ain't this a surprise meeting you here".

Alex folds his hands into a fist, glaring at Kaito Katayama, the one person he hates most. He and Kai never got along and Alex wasn't going to start pretending to be friends, not now, not ever. Four years back, Kai and he were in a pretty bad situation and things went south after that, Kai leaving Alex to his own death. It put him in a bad spot and few newer scars, hating Katayama for it but here he is, standing next to him with that smug expression he always carries. Alex blood was boiling but then remembered he wasn't going to give Kai the satisfaction he wanted.

Alex stares at Kai and pulls out a cigarette and lights it up. "Ah Kaito Katayama. I almost forgotten about you. Almost. But I guess this is a small world after all".

Kai frowns at him then laughs, his laughter ringing through the room. "Man, you haven't changed a bit. I gotta say though I thought you were going to punch me for just seeing my face right now. But you, I always did like you". He moves closer to Alex and pats his shoulder in a friendly way.

Alex puffs out his last one and flicks it out the open window and grabs Kai's wrist and twists it behind his back, pinning him to the floor, leaning against his back, bringing his face closer to his ear. Daniel and Kia look at eachother then at the two, deciding if they should interfere or not.

"Listen here you little shit. 'I' never liked you, so don't come up here acting like I'm your friend. Or I won't hesitate to break your arm right now". Alex's voice was venomous, he was angry yet he felt betrayed and abandoned. Kai groans softly and moves his body a little, trying to get out his hold .

"Careful there Alley, you might make me act up. I remember how you always hated that. If you keep growling in my ear".

Alex gawks, about to pop a vein then stands up. "Fucking shit. Still the same as always".

Kai stands up after and cracks his neck then smirks. "Aww, don't be like that love. What we have is a love/hate relationship. Some will die to have something like that".

Kia clears her throat, getting their attention. "Um.hey.yeah, what just happened?".

Alex was about to open his mouth but Kai cuts in and takes Kia's hand, kissing the back of it. "Well, hello there pretty lady. I am Kaito Katayama, but you can call me your lover instead".

Kia laughs awkwardly then looks at Alex. The boy wasn't even paying attention to any of it. She sighs and looks back at Kai, noticing him smiling dazzlingly. "Oh, hello, I'm Kia Rose Villarreal''.

"Such a lovely name for a pretty girl like you". He kisses her hand again then lets go, walking back to where Alex is and swings his arm around his neck. "So Alley, how did you end up in this situation anyway?".

Alex scowls and pushe him away, ignoring his question. His focus was on someone else, Daniel Francis. For some reason, he seems familiar but can't put his mind into it. Maybe someone from the past? A childhood friend? No that can't be. He had a shitty childhood, after all. He walks to Daniel and leans forward, meeting his eye level. "Daniel Francis".

The shorter boy yelps and looks at him, staring into his eyes. "Y-yes?".

Alex frowns, staring at him for a long time then pulls away, shaking his head. "Sorry. I still don't know who you are". Daniel looks down and bites his lip, his lips quivering. "O-oh". Kai interrupts.

"Hey hey. I asked you a question, Alley. Don't go around ignoring me now. It's painful".

Alex clicks his tongue, running his hand through his hair. "Shut up! So annoying".

"Now now, Alley. No need to get pissed. Yo-".

"Shut up! Shut up! Stop calling me Alley, you dipshit! My name is Alex. Alex King"

Kai holds up his hands like surrendering. "Woah there tiger, no need to get turned on".

Alex growls and grabs Kai by the collar. "Why you-".

Kia gets in between and lightly puts her on Alex's shoulder. "Alex, didn't we come here to introduce ourselves and get settled in? Not cause any trouble".

Alex glares at Kai, which the boy smiles at him still holding up his hands. Alex groans and lets go of him, pushing him back. "Whatever".

Kia sighs in relief, her hand on her chest. Things sure did escalate quickly. The heat between Alex and Kai seems deadly but knowing Alex, what he needs now is a deep sleep and Kai, well maybe he's happy to see an old face or maybe he just likes to piss him off. Daniel is feeling a bit down at the moment, being confused onto why his only childhood friend doesn't seem to remember him. Let alone the sadness he's feeling.

"Anyway". Alex begins, looking at Kai, crossing his arm. "What's your damage?".

Kai tilts his head and looks back at him, smirking. "Well I'm a shapeshifter.and I can teleport. Pretty cool right?".

Alex scoffs and rolls his eyes. "I already know about the shapeshifter part, you smug piece of shit, but damn you can teleport. That's going to be a pain in the arse".

"Danm and here I thought I should impress you or something".

Before Alex could say anything Daniel cuts in. "Come on you two , can we please not start this again. It's too late in the afternoon". He shakes his head then looks at Alex. "Anyway do you know when our other roommates will arrive?".

"My advisor said they all will be here today". Kia says checking the time on her phone.

Daniel nods his head, sitting on the bed to his left side. "That's good, it won't be us alone with these two about to murder eachother".

Alex and Kai look at Daniel at the same time then look at each other "He started it!". They say at once.

Daniel shakes his head and crosses his leg then giggles softly. Even though the one true person doesn't remember him, he was happy to see him doing fine. He's a little disappointed but maybe in his heart he knows Alex wants to forget something deep from his childhood.

Alex scratches his head and sits on a chair, tilting it a little, staring at the ceiling, thinking. He just wishes he could change suites, like yesterday. After a few minutes or so a girl, attractively beautiful, her black hair hanging down to her waist and carrying a book that seems to look like a dairy in her arms walks in. Her skin was beautifully beige and a beauty mark dotted under her left eye. She looks around the room then at Daniel, Kai, Kia, and finally her eyes landing on Alex. "Hello, is this room 601?"

Alex quickly stands up and stares at her. She was incredibly beautiful, Alex couldn't help but stare. She looks at him, waiting.

Kia looks between two of them and frowns, biting her lip. Kai walks to where they are and puts out his hand to the girl. "Yes it is, I am Kaito Katayama. May I know what your name is beautiful?".

'what a darn flirt'

"Oh! Yes of course! Hello, I'm Mia. Mia Francis". She says, smiling blindly at him. Kai shakes her hand firmly and returns the smile.

"And I'm Nico De Angelo", says a cute voice from behind them. They all turned around and noticed a small boy, the same height as Daniel, smiling. He was adorable with wide eyes and dimples. He giggles and walks inside fully. "Oh wow! I never thought I'd be a roomie with such good looking people".

Alex cranes his neck trying to get a good at the boy. His foot gets tangled, twisting his ankle and falls forward, his face landing on the floor. Everyone looks at him, shocked except for Kai who is laughing his butt off. Alex groans and picks himself up, glaring at Kai. "shut up asshole".

Nico moves to the side and stares up at Alex. "Are you okay? That was a nasty fall just now". Alex looks down at the boy then clicks his tongue not knowing what to say. "So damn annoying. So it's you guys who I'm going to be stuck with". Nico tilts his head.

Kia feigns a shock, covering her mouth. "I can't believe you said something like that, Alex. I thought we had something special by now".

Kai laughs, Mia giggles, Daniel sits there, shaking his head, and Nico was looking around the room, humming.

Mia is first to speak, breaking the silence. "Well, anyway, we should probably start unpacking and get to know each other outside of all the orientation stuff. With the way the suites tend to determine classes and assignments for them, it would be nice to help each other out".

'What the hell is wrong with these people and this school?'. Alex voices in his head, sitting back at the chair, crossing his arms.

"Sounds good". That sounds like various forms of agreement from everyone except for Alex who sits there, staring back at the ceiling.

"Hold up, aren't we missing one more person?". Kai says, sitting on the couch, crossing his leg.

"Oh Noah, he's my brother. He will be out helping the giudice counsellor, but he'll be here later tonight". Kia confirms.

Everyone nods and they put away their luggages in their rooms.

Alex puts away the things he'd gotten, then turns to his roommate, Daniel in annoyance. "I don't get it, why are you here? I thought they told me I was having a room to myself".

Daniel awkwardly scratches the back of his head and looks away. "Uh, well yeah, but it was last minute so they told me to roomie with you instead".

He clears his throat and looks at Alex who is laying down on his bed on his back, his hands behind his head, with his eyes closed. Daniel swallows nervously, staring at him. His palms were sweating. He was nervous because he and Alex are in the same room. 'Say something', he tells himself. He awkwardly walks to his own bed and sits down, folding his hands on his lap.

"Do you.do we have any classes together?".

Alex slowly opens his eyes and moves his head to the side, looking at him. Daniel shifts from his gaze and bites his lip. Alex sits up and puts out his hand to Daniel. "let me see your schedule". Dani quickly grabs his schedule from his bag that was sitting next to his side and hands it to Alex.

Alex grabs it and glances down at Daniel's schedule.

"Hmm.it looks like we have Elemental and monsters and Rouges together. It's ridiculous to have to take classes like Elemental and Telekinesis though". Alex yawns and hands back his schedule, laying back down, putting his leg over his knee.

Daniel puts away his schedule and looks back at him. "So, Alex, why weren't you placed on the original dorm list?".

Alex scoffs and closes his eyes. "Because, Ms. Kia Rose kidnapped me".

"Oh, I see". Dani doesn't look overly surprised by his answer, which Alex seems to not notice, his chest rising up and down slowly. "Well, I'll see you-".

Alex cuts him off. "Where were you, like where were you coming from before all this?".

Daniel frowns then thinks for a few minutes. "I had my parents".

Alex hums softly. "Do you think you'll miss that world? That world where you could do anything you wanted? But was it really yours?". Alex was questioning him, but really that question was directed at himself.

Daniel looks at him, feeling a ping in his chest. Was Alex sad? Did he not want to be here?. Daniel looks down at his feet. "I.I don't know anymore".

The silence becomes awkward, and Daniel takes that as his cue to finish unpacking his things. Remembering what Mia had said about getting along, Alex decides to hang out in his room and take a nap. He could've gone to visit the others in their rooms but he didn't have the energy for it. Especially how things went between him and Kai about few moments ago.

Alex sleep is interrupted by a dream of some girl talking to him. Her voice fades in and out, and he can only make half of what is being said to him.

"....didn't realize you'd be here again so soon. Their loyalties.have you met him yet.? It seems as if all that was.remember not to trust any of them, your highness, they never did.hope they burn.you have a mission to.".

Alex wakes up, sitting up on his bed, gasping and holds his chest tightly. It burns. His chest is on fire. He covers his mouth, trying not to wake his roommate and coughs violently. What is this he's feeling? What was that dream just now? It felt so real. He falls to the floor, his hands leaning on it as he brings his head down, his forehead touching the ground. He seems to be in pain.

"W-what.is.this?". Blood starts to drip on the floor. "Huh? Wait, is my nose.bleeding?". His nose was indeed bleeding. He touches his nose and sees the blood on his hand. He coughs and sits down, leaning his back against his bed.

"S-shit.what.was.that.dream?". He closes his eyes and puts his head back. "Your highness!". Alex opens his eyes quickly and looks around the room, searching for where that voice came from.

What was that voice?. Alex laughs and gets up, laying back down on his bed. "Damn, maybe it's because I haven't been sleeping right". He closes his eyes and goes back to sleep.

That dream never came back after he went back to sleep. Daniel woke him up the next morning when it was time for breakfast. After brushing his teeth, he makes his way to the dining room (wearing sweatpants and a black t-shirt he slept in) with the rest of his suitemates.

Mia and Kia were sitting beside each other, chatting happily. Daniel, Kaito, and Nico were also chatting amiably about some sort of fighting technique. Alex sits down and holds his head, groaning. It's that pain again. Nobody seems to notice, yet.

Considering he's with a group of young adults, they could probably turn him into dinner. Alex ears twitches, hearing two men arguing with each other in front of the entrance to the dining hall. "So.noisy.". Alex growls in annoyance.

"Like any of us would ever side with you!!". Says one man. "History will determine all of you as traitors to your species and magic for siding with those barbarians!!".

"Oh? As if you have any authority in the matter". Says the other one. "When the angels presented their plan for protecting the artifacts-".

The first man scoffs. "The angels?! What century are you living in?! They have no power over us anymore!!".

The other man reels back, pointing his finger at the first man in anger. "You watch your tone!! Blasphemy! Treason! A century ago you would have been burned for such an accusation!".

Alex gets up and slams his hands on the table, which causes it to crack a little. The others jolt up from their chairs, feeling the table crack and the two men stop shouting at each other, looking at his direction.


Kia, Mia, Kaito, Daniel, and Nico all look at eachother. "Ah, Alex?". Kia says worried. The boy didn't hear her as he continued to yell.

"EVERYONE.is.". He groans in pain and holds his head in agony, backing away.

"F-fuck.what is.this?". His suitemates stood up and ran to his side.

"Hey man, you alright? You don't look so good?". Kai says, putting his hand on his shoulder. Alex pulls away from his touch. "I-I'm fine.".

Kia wanted to move to his side but she decided against it, considering how he seems to be in pain at the moment. She bites her lip, feeling weak and can't seem to help him.

Daniel slowly walks to him and tries to put his hand on his shoulder like Kai did but clenches his hands, feeling helpless. Why? Why is this happening? He did notice there was dried blood on the floor this morning but ignored it, thinking it was just a small problem. He clenches his hands tightly.

Kaito clicks his tongue and crosses his arms. Honestly he wouldn't care about him but this seems serious. Alex wasn't always like this though. He used to smile when they were around each other, but now he just chooses annoyance, cursing words to hide his feelings. Kai shakes his head and looks at his old friend, who was in agony.

Mia moves to Alex's side and gently puts her hand on his back. "Alex, try to relax for me". The boy painfully looks at her, which she nods her head at him, smiling. He closes his eyes and breathes in and out, relaxing his body. "That's it, you're doing good. Keep relaxing just like that". She closes her eyes and her hand starts to glow a ball of bright white. She was healing him. His pain. The agony. She was healing his pain. But was Alex feeling it? Was he really healing? The glow stops and she opens her eyes.

"I think you did good, don't you think so?". Alex opens his eyes slowly and notices the pain was gone.

"Yeah.thanks". He says looking at her. She nods and pats his back, walking away.

"Come let's eat. I bet you're hungry". She sits back where she was sitting from before.

The three were amazed but one was frowning how she easily just healed him without making any fuss.

Alex sits down and grabs a fork, starting to eat, the others following. He didn't know what that was just now or the dream from last night. Whatever those men were discussing died out as they were approached by another man who told them to follow him.

The meal was as strange as it was from the last one, but Alex did manage to eat some more normal food: pizza, burgers, waffles, pancakes, and eggs.

"Alex?". Nico turns to him and smiles. "Do you have anything else I can call you? Alex sounds so.formal".

Alex looks at the younger boy, biting down his pancake. "No, not really. Just Alex is fine".

Nico pouts and taps his fork in his plate. "I don't know.but if you said I should then I guess it's okay".

Kai cuts in, smirking. "You could call him Alley if you want. That's the nickname I gave him".

"Please don't".

Daniel smiles lightly and looks at Kai. "I used to call h-....". He stops and looks down at his food.

"What? What?". Kai says, smirking. He already put two and two together but he wants the boy to say it instead. "Now, I'm curious".

Daniel shakes his head. "It's.It's nothing".

Alex stares at Daniel with a stoic expression. "You used to call me Al. right, Dani?".

Daniel quickly lifts his head up and looks at him with widened eyes. Did Alex remember him? "Alex?".

"Sorry I took so long Dani. I see that you turned out great".

Daniel's eyes start to get wet with tears and he quickly blinks it away. "Y-you remember?".

"Yeah but a few minutes ago though". Alex finishes his last food and rubs his chest. "I don't know why I couldn't remember my childhood days, but now I do". As he says that he looks at Mia who was smiling but Alex only frowned.

"Awww. such a beautiful reunion" says Nico.

They all laugh happily. Mia was incredible.

Kai sighs, getting everyone's attention. "I know we talked to some of you, but what species or powers does everyone have? For anyone that doesn't know I'm a shifter".

"I'm a succubus"



"And I'm.I have elemental manipulation"

Everyone turns to Alex. "what about you, Alex?". asks Daniel.

"Oh, I don't know and I don't care".

"That's weird," Kai says as politely as he can which causes Alex to glare at him.

"He.they're still trying to figure out what he has.is". Kia explains.

"Well hopefully you'll find out what you are soon" Mia regards him carefully.

After that everyone was finished and cleaned the dishes, putting it away. Kia voices her thoughts to everyone. "I almost forgot, there's a party a couple days before classes start at Magi University. Anyone is invited".

"Wait? Cyrus and Cassy's?". Kai asked. Kia nods her head. "Yeah, I'm surprised you'd be invited to the twins' party".

"Invited? I was the one who gave them permission to have one". He says cocky.

Alex rolls his eyes and stretches his arms. "Sounds boring".

"Aww, don't be like that love. I was hoping you show up too". Kai moves to his side and wraps his arm around his shoulder. "It'll be boring if you're not there to entertain me".

Alex groans and pulls away from him. "piss off".

Kai laughs, everyone following in.

Kia mutters something unsavory under her breath. Everyone heads back to their rooms to chill or just relax for the day. Hours passed and they had nothing to do, so when night came again everyone went to bed.

Alex was in his room tossing and turning. It's the same dream again, but this time it was different. His entire body was covered in blood, standing on bodies. Dead bodies, looking down at them as he had a crazed smile on his face. It was unpleasant to look at it. Was he laughing? And is that a demon sword in his hand? What is this dream? And why is he having them now?

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