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Like a spear of thunder thrown.

Shooting towards Liu Yan.

Although this thunder was hidden in countless other destructive thunders rushing towards Liu Yan.

But the sharp killing intent.

It was caught by Liu Yan.

Instant thunder!

Liu Yan quickly stepped away.

Next second.

He threw a punch towards the place where the sharp thunder sent.

"Lei Zhen!"


Punch the void, like hammering a drum.

Shocked circles of terrifying ripples directly in the void.

Destroying thunder from all around.

It was also distorted by the shock.

At this time.

Liu Yancai clearly saw that a translucent long snake phantom was shattered and swiftly passed by, forming a block in the void not far away.

"Boy, you are in big trouble!"

Xiao Hei's voice came with a hint of solemnity.

"This is a mysterious snake. Even with my current strength, you are far from its opponent. There is only one way to save your life."

"What way?" Liu Yan asked in his heart.

Let Xiao Hei make such a judgment.

Liu Yan believes.

The thunder mysterious snake in front of him is definitely not simple.


Xiao Hei only said one word.

Liu Yan looked speechless.

But in the next second, Liu Yan unfolded the Lightning Lightning Method and slashed towards the depths of the earth.


The body of Jian Lei Xuan Snake sent out a swift thunder and lightning.

Then it seemed like lightning.

Chasing towards Liu Yanji.

Fortunately, Liu Yan's body is not weak, and he can barely maintain a safe distance from Xu Lei Xuan Snake.


over time.

The distance between Xu Lei Xuan She and Liu Yan is getting closer and closer.


Xu Lei Xuan She opened her mouth and vomited.

An arrow-like thunder suddenly rushed out. If Liu Yanshan hadn't swept fast, I'm afraid he would have been hit directly.

And Liu Yan flashed this moment.

He was pulled a little closer by Xu Lei Xuan Snake.

"Hurry up, kid."

"You are so slow, are you afraid that the Thunder Profound Snake doesn't want to eat you?"

"I'm already the fastest!"

Liu Yan frowned.

"No, it's not." The little underworld said, "You have the Thunder System body technique, and you also practice the Thunder System. If you can borrow the Thunder here cleverly, you can be faster."

"Borrow the thunder here?"

Liu Yan was puzzled.


He believed that this was Xiao Hei pointing to himself a feasible method.

But how can I borrow this?

The Destruction Thunder here is absolutely domineering.

I only need to touch a trace.

Will be injured.

Still want to borrow?

But right now, I am afraid there is only this way.

Liu Yan escaped with the flash of lightning.

While trying to draw a trace of destruction thunder in the void into his body.

It's just a tiny strand of hair.

Suddenly Liu Yan felt numb all over his body.

"Damn! Why is this Destruction Thunder so terrifying?"

Liu Yan's heart was shocked.


He can't take care of that much anymore.

Run away.

While trying to perceive this trace of Destruction Thunder carefully, let the thunder power in his body merge with it.


Fusion instantly failed.

Liu Yan could only remember the form of destroying the thunder, and then let the thunder in his body imitate and construct it.

"Don't slow down, hurry up, hurry up."

Xiao Hei urged.

Liu Yan just dropped the speed.

Suddenly speeded up again.

But this speeds up.

It also affected his perception of that trace of Destruction Thunder.

And let yourself be built by imitation of thunder power.

Fortunately, Liu Yan can now carry on some distractions.


Under such distractions.

The perception effect is not very satisfactory.

"No! There is a problem with the form. The thunder you just constructed is only 30% similar to the Thunder of Destruction, which is far from enough."

Xiao Hei reminded.

Liu Yan immediately dissipated the trace of destruction thunder that had just been constructed in his body.

Then gritted his teeth.

A trace of Destruction Thunder was reintroduced.

The bombardment made him frown.

After finally enduring the bombardment power of this destructive thunder.

Liu Yanyi quickly distracted and comprehended its form again.

Then break it down bit by bit.

See its internal structure clearly.

"Don't slow down, hurry up." Xiao Hei urged again.

Liu Yan immediately speeded up again.

Then continue to be distracted to build a new power of destruction and thunder.

"No, no, this time is worse than last time. It doesn't even have 30% similarity. Let's do it again."

Xiao Hei rebuked.

Liu Yan couldn't help it.

Can only continue to use the lightning to escape.

While introducing another trace of Destruction Thunder, under the impact of that power, he almost wanted to die.

It feels like the whole internal organs are about to be cooked.


Amidst the thousands of thunder that gathered, another terrifying thunder bombardment sounded directly beside Liu Yan, tearing the shield on his body surface.


A large amount of Destruction Thunder rushed into Liu Yan's body frantically.

Xiao Hei quickly urged his momentum.

Heal the torn opening.

"Boy, don't slow down!"

Xiao Hei shouted in a deep voice.

"Being overtaken by Xu Lei Xuan Snake, you and I are all over."

Liu Yan just felt like he was dying.

So much destruction thunder.

All of a sudden pouring in.

It's like an ordinary person has been touched by the switch.

The whole person didn't know what was going on.


Liu Yan's will is far beyond that of ordinary people, and he recovered in a snap.

Then speed up quickly.


He continued to be distracted and comprehend the majestic destructive power in his body.

Break them down one by one.

Observe the structure carefully.

"No, the internal structure of Destroy Thunder is too messy. The most similarities that can be found are only 40%. How can this be borrowed?"

Liu Yan was caught in a dilemma.

Xiao Hei said: "You can only rely on you. I am not proficient in Destruction Thunder, and any big insights are beyond words and deeds."

"This is the restriction imposed by the Dao on cultivators."

"Unless you can completely control a certain avenue and use it to achieve immortality, it is possible to achieve a glance or to help others understand your avenue one or two."

"Boy, in terms of perception, no one can help you right now."

"Also, your speed has slowed down again."

Liu Yan chewed Xiao Hei's words carefully.

At the same time, it speeds up quickly.

Instant thunder! Instant thunder! Thunder...

Every flash sweep is a very long distance.


This piece of space belongs to Destroy Thunder, but it is endless and there is no end.

Hurrying for so long at the speed of Liu Yan.

I didn't see what I was looking for.

Liu Yan fled while maintaining a very fast speed.

While comprehending the different destruction thunders in his body, he decomposed their internal structure bit by bit, and then let the power of thunder in his body evolve and construct.

"It's done!"

Liu Yan's eyes lit up suddenly.

The power of thunder in him.

Finally built a trace of thunder that looked rather devastating.

But Xiao Hei directly denied it.


"In the silk of thunder you just constructed, what is contained in it is not to destroy thunder, but to draw tiger cats, which are nondescript and unusable at all."



The thunder that Liu Yan constructed in his body.

The ruining thunderbolt still remaining in Liu Yan's body was rushed.

It dissipated without a trace.

He can only do a new build again.



Failure again and again!

At the same time, he was almost caught up by Xu Lei Xuan Snake again and again.

at last!

After many failures.

Liu Yan constructed a brand new Destruction Thunder.

"It's not bad this time, there is a 60% similarity, you can try to borrow it first."

Xiao Hei's voice came.

Liu Yan immediately mobilized the trace of destruction thunder built in his body.

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