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After some investigations, Han Bin did not find any problems between the rescue station and Sun Xiaoli.

But Ma Shan in her mouth and Ma Shan, the killer Han Bin knew, were like two very different people.

Han Bin also made a side attack, but he did not get a reasonable explanation from Sun Xiaoli. It is estimated that only Ma Shan himself can make it clear.

Why is a cold-blooded killer so passionate about dogs?

No, given the circumstances of the killing in Alaska, it is precisely because of being so passionate about the stray dog adopted by Sun Xiaoli.

Is it because of the stray dog, or because of Sun Xiaoli, I am afraid that only Ma Shan knows.

The whereabouts of the hire money have been found out. Although it is not clear why Ma Shan donated the money to the stray dog rescue station, the importance of the stray dog rescue station to Ma Shan is self-evident.

These are all money for life. Although it is the life of others, it is still life. Using money from murder to raise stray dogs, although it sounds ironic, it actually happened.

Back to the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Han Bin arraigned Ma Shan again.

Ma Shan was not much different from the previous meeting, and there was a touch of calmness in his expression, as if he had already accepted the result.

Han Bin said straightforwardly, "Ma Shan, do you admit that you killed Zhang Haonan and He Jun?"

Ma Shan replied, "I admit it."

"Why did you kill them?"

Ma Shanchang sighed, "Captain Han, I have already said that these two people made mistakes on their own. I just walked the way for the sky. Although the methods were a bit fierce, it was also to alert the world."

Han Bin snorted, "Do you like dogs?"

Ma Shan was stunned, "Captain Han, why do you remember to ask this?"

"If you ask you anything, answer it."


"Then you killed He Jun's dog?"

"Dogs are like people, they should be punished if they make mistakes."

Han Bin asked nonchalantly, "Have the stray dogs at the dog rescue station made any mistakes?"

Ma Shan opened his mouth wide and did not answer for a long time.

Han Bin continued to ask, "What is the relationship between you and Sun Xiaoli?"

"Who...you..." Ma Shan showed a nervous look, his face changed and changed, and he sighed, "How did you find out?"

"Zhu Xiaohong, oh, it should be that Chen Sanmu has been arrested, and he also confessed you. We not only found Sun Xiaoli, but also found that you transferred all the stolen money from the murder to her." Han Bin said, his tone changed. Sharp, "Sun Xiaoli is also your accomplice?"

Ma Shan hurriedly denied, "No, Sun Xiaoli has nothing to do with the two cases. I can swear to God on this."

"You admit that you received Chen Sanmei's transfer?"

Ma Shan's right hand trembled, "Since you have all found out, I have nothing to hide, but I want to ask you one thing. As long as you agree, I will cooperate with the police investigation and take everything I know. speak out."

"what is the matter?"

"Most of the stolen money was spent by me, and a small part was donated to the stray dog rescue station. You can handle the remaining money in my account at will, but the money I donated to the stray dog rescue station, I hope you will not chase it anymore. discuss."

"Give me a reason?"

"The money has been bought dog food for stray dogs, and it is considered a good thing. The dogs have already eaten it. This is a bad debt and you can't get it back."

"As far as I know, Sun Xiaoli is the person in charge of the rescue station. The dog has no money. We can ask her for it."

"No." Ma Shan's eyes widened. "Sun Xiaoli is innocent. She doesn't even know the source of the money. I beg you not to embarrass her."

"Why do you donate money to the stray dog rescue station?"

"I...I like dogs! I can't bear to watch stray dogs starve to death."

Han Bin smiled, "When you killed He Juns Alaskan dog, I didnt see how much you liked dogs. Our police are not stupid. If you refuse to explain the case truthfully, the police will follow up if there is no reasonable explanation. In the end. We have invited Sun Xiaoli to the Municipal Bureau. As for when she leaves and the extent of the interrogation, it depends on the actual progress of the case."

Ma Shan heard what Han Bin meant. He understood that Han Bin had seen it through and knew that he didn't care about stray dogs at all. "I like Sun Xiaoli and everything about her. Seeing her working so hard to help stray dogs, I think too. Doing my part, the money was really donated to the stray dog rescue station, and Sun Xiaoli did not spend a penny of mine.

If she really used my money, she would not be the Sun Xiaoli I like. "

"How far are you and Sun Xiaoli?"

"We are ordinary friends. I often go to the stray dog rescue station to help, but I have never gotten closer. We talked about dogs at the rescue station. She is really caring and kind. I know if I deserve it. I didnt think about what I could do with her. I didnt even dare to talk to her. As long as I could look at her from a distance... I felt pretty good." Ma Shan gave a wry smile, "Im like this. Isnt it silly, ridiculous."

Stupid Han Bin doesn't know, but he really can't understand the other party's behavior. "How did you and Sun Xiaoli meet?"

Ma Shan fell into his memories, "Last summer, it was raining heavily outside, and I was eating skewers and drinking in a barbecue restaurant. At that time, I was very confused about life and even thought of committing suicide. It is easy to live in this era, but life is difficult. I don't have many friends, and I don't have much contact with my family. My daily pastime is drinking. When I wake up, I wonder why I am alive and what is the meaning of being alive. I feel that everything around me is so cold and lonely.

I dont know if you can understand what Ive said, or maybe Im a messy person myself, or I wouldnt live so ridiculously.

It was at that time that I met Xiaoli for the first time. She rescued a stray dog on the opposite street. The stray dog suffered a leg injury. She bandaged the stray dog and fed it, preferring to shower herself. Cover the stray dogs with an umbrella in the rain. At this moment... I have a kind of empathetic warmth, as if I were the homeless stray dog.

Although this experience is a bit ridiculous, you may not understand it, but...As long as Xiaoli is by my side, I feel warm and no longer as lonely as before. I...like the feeling of being with her.

But I also understand that I am not worthy of her, I am a person without a future, and I can't give her happiness. All I can do is to wait for her, bless, and help her, as long as I can see her often. , Is enough. "

Han Bin said, "Why do you hide your purpose of killing?"

Ma Shan replied, "I don't want you to find the stolen money, let alone involve Sun Xiaoli. I am not afraid of death, but I hope to leave a good impression on her before death, not the notoriety of a murderer."

Han Bin stared at Ma Shan and asked nonchalantly, "Do you know Jiang Suli?"

Ma Shan licked his lips, "That woman in Nantang Village?"

"Sure enough, you did it."

"It's me... now there is nothing to hide."

"Tell me, why did you kill Jiang Suli?"

"Can you promise not to pursue the stolen money and tell Sun Xiaoli about me?"

Han Bin answered truthfully, "I can't do this for you. I will help you apply. According to the current situation, even if the money is pursued, it will not be recovered. If you assist the police in the investigation and perform meritorious service, we can no longer Investigate where the stolen money goes, and you wont even tell Sun Xiaoli what you did."

Ma Shan said gratefully, "Thank you, thank you so much, as long as you can do me this favor, I promise you everything."

Han Bin nodded, "Why are you killing Jiang Suli?"

"I was instigated by someone."

"Zhu Xiaohong from Ruavjia Company?"

"No, I had not joined Ruavjia at that time."

Han Bin was a little surprised, "Who is that?"

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