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I struggled a bit with the next chapter and couldn’t finish it in time, so I’m posting a slightly modified version of a rejected chapter.















In this world, the Adventurers’ Guild is a very important entity and has a certain status in society.

In terms of simple strength, the knights belonging to a country are superior to them. However, the Adventurer Guild has the freedom that the knight order does not have.

In contrast to knights, many adventurers work as a pair or trio, which makes them more useful for tasks that require a quick response.



In the capital of the Archlesia Empire, there stands a branch of the Adventurers’ Guild. Today, many adventurers gathered at the guild, which also acts as a tavern in itself, to exchange information and engage in other activities.

At one of the many tables, there was a pair consisting of a man and a woman.



[……Hey, Nicole.]

[Unnn? What is it?]



The girl named Nicole, who was about 150cm and dressed in a mage’s robe, stopped eating and turned to the red-haired young man seated in front of her.



[……Ummm, if…… errr, if I say that I’m actually a “prince”…… What would you do?]

[……”Request compensation for damages”, I guess?]


[No, I mean, Leo claiming to be a prince is something akin to swindling. I think you should be liable for damages you did by saying such things.]



Nicole lightheartedly replied to the swordsman-like young man named Leo, with a smile. It was a smile that showed through her emotion that she didn’t believe Leo’s words at all.



[……Unnn, well, I guess you’re right. It would be great…… if that really was the case though……]

[…….Eh? Just in case…… Are you actually for real?]

[For the sake of our friendship as long-time partners, do you mind if I consult with you for something?]

[That will be one copper coin.]

[How expensive, I’ll buy it.]

[Thank you for the patronage~~]



They were adventurers who had been working together for a long time, and they know each other very well. However, even Nicole, who has known him for a long time, didn’t know that Leo was a member of the royal family.



[……So, you being a prince, is it for real?]

[Yeah, Leonhard Dia Archlesia…… That’s my real name.]

[……It doesn’t sound like you’re drunk and just saying strange things. Then, putting aside if you’re telling the truth or not…… Why are you telling me this now? Does that have something to do with why this consultation?]

[……Going straight to the point, my sister…… well, the current Emperor…… I haven’t seen her in years. And yet, she suddenly told me that she wants to give me the throne.]

[……Huh? W- What do you mean?]



When Nicole heard the pale Leo’s words, Nicole looked at him in a daze, as if her mind hadn’t caught up with what she heard.



[That’s what I want to ask! I certainly am a prince, but I’m only the “fourteenth” in line of the succession to the throne, you know? The lowest of the low. Well, that’s also why I was able to be an adventurer……]

[N- Now, now, let’s calm down for a bit…… I mean, Her Majesty, the Emperor Chris is abdicating her throne? Eh? Why? Emperor Chris is very popular with the public, isn’t she? She’s solved the food problem in the north, and she’s also amended the employment system of Archlesia……]

[Well, to be honest, I have no idea why Esteemed Sister wants to step down her throne either. Heck, I don’t even know why she’s naming me as the next Emperor.]

[……Hmmm, can’t you just refuse?]



Hearing that Chris is stepping down her throne as the Emperor, something which isn’t known to the public yet, Nicole became surprised and asked about the first topic of discussion, Leo’s accession to the throne.

When she heard her question though, Leo’s face turned paler than before, and shivering, he muttered.



[……It’s impossible. Going against Esteemed Sister Chris’ words…… J- Just thinking about her terrifying eyes that would look at me when I say such words……]

[Eh? Y- You’re that afraid of her?]

[I mean, Esteemed Sister Chris was originally the “eighth in line of the succession to the throne”, you know? She normally wouldn’t have been able to succeed the throne. And yet, for some reason, all my Esteemed Elder Brothers and Sisters…… As if something I don’t know occurred, they had suddenly lost their positions or renounced their rights to the throne, making her the one to succeed the throne.]

[……I’m kind of imagining something really scary happened though……]

[No, I’m sure Esteemed Sister did something to them. After all, Esteemed Sister is the type of person who doesn’t hesitate to use any means to achieve her goals……]

[S- Scary…… I feel like I’ve caught a glimpse of the dark side of the noble society. Errr, I guess that means Leo is forced to become the Emperor because your scary sister told you to?]




In response to Nicole’s question, Leo became silent, looking as if he’s thinking about something. Seeing this, Nicole slightly smiled and continued.



[……Putting that aside, are you up for it?]

[……Honestly, I’m feeling shaken. I didn’t use to feel this way, but as I became more and more active as an adventurer…… I guess you could say that I’ve come to appreciate this country? Anyway, I’ve come to like the Archlesia Empire more than before. I’ve come to like the people who live here now…… So, if there’s anything I can do for the people living in this country, I also want to do my best.]

[Fumufumu, isn’t that great? That’s just like you…… I think that Leo would make a good Emperor.]




Hearing her partner’s calm words, Leo nodded once, as if he had made his mind. Then, looking straight into Nicole’s eyes, he continued.



[……So, I’d like to ask you regarding the main question I have……]

[Main question?]

[Unnn, I’m thinking of becoming an emperor…… but I don’t know if I can do it well. I’ve been away from the noble society for a long time, and you know, I’m an idiot……]


[That’s why…… if it’s okay with you…… I’d like you to be with me. I need your help.]

[Fine with me~~ That’s one gold coin!]

[Too lighthearted!? Eh? Hey, I may be the one asking this…… but don’t you think you agreed too easily!?]



Nicole nodded at Leo’s words, which sounded like a proposal in a sense, without giving it much thought. Although she did shrewdly demand money……



[How long did you think we have been partners, Leo? I’m the only one who can support the idiotic Leo, right? If it weren’t for me, how many times did you think you would have died by now, Leo?]

[Ugghhh…… I- I can’t deny that.]

[Ahaha, well, I don’t feel like working with anyone but Leo now anyways…… Well, I’ll go along with you.]

[……Nicole. Thanks.]

[I’m glad that you’ve settled with that. I can be relieved then.]

[ [ Eh? ] ]



Finished with their topic, the two stared at each other with a smile. Just as a warm, ticklish atmosphere began to drift between them, the sound of light applause and a voice resounded.

Hearing the voice, they both turned around at the same time…… and Leo’s face turned pale again.



[E- E- E- Esteemed Sister Chris…… W- W- W- Why are you here……]

[Well, I just happened to be visiting this place for my inspection. Then, I saw my cute little brother and wanted to talk to him, but I didn’t want to interrupt what seemed to be an important conversation, so I waited.]

[……You’re lying…… You’re definitely lying…… There’s no way that an Emperor would go out of her way to personally inspect a place……]



When they saw the deep smile Chris had as she told them this, as if she could see through their everything, Leo and Nicole couldn’t help but shudder.

Moreover, not knowing when it happened, they saw that there were no people in the Guild at all.



[Even so, as expected of Leonhard…… As one to be expected from my successor. I see you’ve already found a “queen”. How wonderful.]

[……N- No, no!? Your Majesty, The Emperor? It’s not like I intend to be queen…… I- I’m fine being a concubine…… Or rather, I’m a commoner, so that’s impossible, isn’t it?]

[Ahh, if it’s about that, you don’t have to worry. I’ve already “talked to your parents about it”. You’re treated as “the adopted child of a noble” in name, making you a noble…… “since tomorrow”.]




Looking at Chris’ smile as she carefreely told them this, Nicole shivered and whispered to the nearby Leo.



[Leo, Leo…… She scares me, she freaking scares me…… How the heck did I become a noble since yesterday? Why the heck did it become decided without my knowledge? Can I renege on this after all?]

[……You can’t. Once Esteemed Sister Chris has her eyes on you, there’s no escaping.]




Knowing that they were all running around Chris’ palm, Leo and Nicole’s shoulders drooped down, while their faces turned paler. The thought of being taught the basics of being a member of the royal family by the terrifying Chris sends shivers down their spine.

Thinking that the conversation was over, Chris turned around and was about to leave the Guild. But at that moment, Leo got up from her chair and spoke.



[P- Please wait, Esteemed Sister Chris…… Please allow me to ask you one thing.]

[……What is it?]

[Why are you quitting being the Emperor?]




A question came out of his mouth. Leo was convinced that his future is set as the Emperor, but he never thought that he would exceed Chris as an Emperor.

She was indeed a terrifying sister in his eyes, but Leo knew that Chris was capable. He also thought that she clearly cared more about her country than anyone else.

That’s why he couldn’t understand why Chris would quit being the Emperor…… Worried that she might be suffering from a serious illness that requires her to designate a successor, he asked this question.



Hearing Leo’s question, Chris was silent for a while, before she suddenly…… let out a smile that Leo had never seen before. A true heartfelt smile.



[……I have an important person waiting for me. That man isn’t the kind of person that could be tied down to one country…… And for me to be by his side, the position of Emperor is a bit of a hindrance.]


[That’s why, I’ve decided to pass it on to a successor I could trust.]

[E- Errr…… What does that mean……]

[I wonder? You’ll have to figure that out by yourself.]



Leaving those words, Chris left the Adventurers’ Guild. Being in a public area within the Archlesia Empire, Chris didn’t dare use the words “I’ve found someone more important to me than my country”, which she had said to Laguna.

She puts her country first and foremost, and when something comes along that she wants to prioritize over her country, she would step down as Emperor. This was Chris’ royal ideology, and she doesn’t intend to impose it on Leo.

All she wanted for Leo was to find his own way of being an Emperor, for him to find his own royal ideology…… Hoping for such a future to come, Chris went back to her castle with a smile.



About three years later…… A coronation ceremony was held for the New Emperor of Archlesia Empire. A few days later, the New Emperor’s wedding took place.

At their wedding, the former Emperor was seen cuddling with a man with light brown hair……



















Reason for disposal: This chapter was originally going to be added in an Extra Chapter dedicated to Chris, but the chapter became too long, so this story was cut out.













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364 After The Battle 365 She's A Passionate Woman 366 I'm Really Sorry For Everything 367 It's Hard For Me To Say That She's Sickeningly Frightening 368 I'll Continue Writing After I Get Home 369 I'm Going To Live In This World 370 I'm Afraid Of What Happens Later 371 She Came Up With A Good Way To Make Money 372 I'm Suddenly Really Tired 373 This Kind Of Date Exists Huh... 374 About Time I Think About How I Should Use My Money 375 We Had A Very Enjoyable Meal 376 It Will Be Held Soon 377 Intermission: Caraway What Was Lost And What Was Gained 378 We Finally Arrived At The Venue 379 I'll Scold Her 380 Does The Words Weak Are Those Who Fell In Love Mean This? 381 A Problem Appeared Just After Another Ended 382 I'm Pretty Sure I'll Be Receiving A Really Outrageous Vip Treatment 383 This May Be The Beginning Of The Hardest Battle I've Ever Had 384 The Starry Sky With You 385 386 I Have A Feeling That Another Upheaval Is Coming 387 In The End What The Heck Is A Maid? 388 My Reasoning Will Completely Disappear 389 I'm Completely Cornered 390 I'm Falling In Love With Her All Over Again 391 I Think She's Actually An Angel 392 They're Melting My Reasoning At A Frightening Speed 393 You Can't Just Turn Anything To Baby Castella You Know? 394 I'm Sorry 395 The Six Kings Festival Is About To Begin... 396 I Felt Proud 397 Bacchus San Run Away 398 It's That So Called Unlucky Day? 399 If You Don't Enjoy It It Will Be Your Loss 400 It Strangely Fits Just Right 401 I Think I Should Also Fight 402 I Don't Think It Will Be So Easy 403 This Feeling Doesn't Feel So Bad 403ex First Anniversary Popularity Poll Results 404 It Was A Cute Request 405 Extra Chapter Peaceful Sky Ozma Doesn't Tell 406 I Think We Could Get Closer To Each Other 407 Alice's Best Friend 408 I Have A Feeling This Is Going To Be A Great Fight 409 Fortress 410 The Black Beast Of Tyranny 411 I'm Just Going To Do My Best 412 I'd Like To Request A Change In The Live Commentator And Analyst 413 This Isn't Just On The Level Of Going Against The Creator's Intentions You Know? 414 There's A Secret That Megiddo San Didn't Know 415 This Match Isn't Going To Be That Easy 416 - "The Weak Sharpen Their Fangs in Silence" 417 - I Think It's Because I Was Able to Grab it With my Own Power 418 - That's my Black History, You Know!? 419 - Apparently, There was a Battle That Happened Behind the Scenes 420 - The Taste of the Wine of Victory...... 421 - That was the Most Dazzling Scene I've Ever Seen 422 - Could it be That I Really am Under the Curse of Mixed Bathing? 423 - This isn't Going to be Easy 424 - It Doesn't Seem Like It Will Go the Way I Want it to 425 - Seemed Very Womanly to Me 426 - It Tasted so Bad that I Lost Consciousness 427 - I Look Forward to Seeing What It's Like 428 - I Feel Something Like Fondness Towards Her 429 - I Realized that I was a Blessed Man 430 - It Seems to Indicate that It was True 431 - Intermission: Lillywood Yggdrasil ~~ To the Ordinary and Special You ~~ 432 - The One who Created the Prototype of the Current Demon Realm 433 - They're Certainly Family 434 - Looked So Radiant 435 - It Might be One of Her Charms that is Second to None 436 - Their Assessment Towards Me is Turning Strange, You Know!? 437 - Let's Firmly Take the Lead on our Date 438 - Extra Chapter: Tanabata ~~ Her Small and Cute Wish ~~ 439 - Accumulating Memories 440 - Lilia-san, Please Come Quickly! 441 - Something Filled with Love 442 - It Feels Like She's on a Whole Other Level Already 443 - Something that Can't Be Replaced by Anything Else 444 - Tasted Sweeter than Usual 445 - Seems to be an Everyday Occurrence 446 - It's Already on the Level Where I Can't Show my Face Anymore! 447 - I Think We Need to Have a Good Talk About This 448 - Our Perceptions Didn't Match 449 - They Looked Exactly Alike 450 - My Depressed Heart was Cleared Up 451 - Intermission: Six Kings Festival ~~ The Agony of a Certain Demon ~~ 452 - We've Taken a Step Forward Towards Such a Future 453 - I Guess a Relationship Like This Isn't so Bad 454 - Let's Keep it a Secret that I Thought She was Cute 455 - The Food Brought to Us Looked Familiar 456 - She Looked Even More Lively 457 - It Seemed that She Pushed Herself Too Much 458 - Please Wake Up Already, Lilia-san! 459 - Why is it That You Resemble Her That Much? 460 - The Fact is That they are Different People 461 - The Heaviness in my Legs Disappeared 462 - Intermission: Miyama Akari ~~ Believing in Victory ~~ 463 - Don't You Think You're Too Heavily Equipped? 464 - It's Something that I Couldn't Just Easily Forget 465 - I Feel Like I'm Getting Closer to Neun-san 466 - I Think It Made Me a Little Stronger 467 - First Anniversary Extra Chapter < Challenge to the Magic Power of Death Part 1: Kaito's Decision > 468 - First Anniversary Extra Chapter < Challenge to the Magic Power of Death Part 2: The Endless Wall > 469 - First Anniversary Extra Chapter < Challenge to the Magic Power of Death Part 2: The Endless Wall > 470 - First Anniversary Extra Chapter < Challenge to the Magic Power of Death Part 2: The Endless Wall > 471 - First Anniversary Extra Chapter < Challenge to the Magic Power of Death Part 3: Dream Come True, The Story of Our Love > 472 - First Anniversary Extra Chapter < Challenge to the Magic Power of Death Part 3: Dream Come True, The Story of Our Love > 473 - I Wish I Had Kept One Sooner 474 - One After Another...... 475 - I Wonder What Kind of Monster She Will Buy? 476 - She Was Once Her Comrade 477 - She's a Mad Scientist 478 - Even Worse Than Her 479 - Can't We Just Use Recognition Inhibition Magic or Something Like That? 480 - Extra Chapter ~~ Peaceful Sky Ozma Doesn't Reveal ~~ 481 - Ignorance is Bliss 482 - I'm Pretty Sure That's Alice 483 - Really Powerful Monsters 484 - Started an All-Out Attack 485 - Is That Person Really That Scary? 486 - She Feels More Like a Teacher Type 487 - Felt Refreshing, Making me Glad 488 - Quite Nervous 489 - It Ended in a Draw 490 - Please Let me Draw Something That Will Make Sieg-san Happy 491 - This Isn't Really What I Expected 492 - She Had an Astonishing Ability 493 - Will She be Okay After This? 494 - She's Quite Scary 495 - Magic is Quite Deep 496 - Rejected Content : "April Fool's Day Extra Chapter" 497 - I'll Just Wait for Lynn to Tell Me 498 - Rejected Content : "April Fool's Day Extra Chapter Part 2" 499 - Intermission: Lindwurm ~~ A Wish for the Future ~~ 500 - White Rice...... 501 - It's Alice After All, So She Should be Alright 502 - Hope Awaits in the Future 503 - I Feel Ticklish 504 - I Feel Like My Happiness is Growing Greater 505 - She's the Type of Person Who's Soothing to Talk to 506 - She's Glaring at me Like Crazy...... 507 - Isn't This Being Too Overprotective? 508 - I was Completely Confused 509 - Can I Get a Take-Two? 510 - Rejected Content : "Extra Chapter Without Any Particular Reason" 511 - I Ranked Up 512 - It Seems Like It's Going to be a Difficult Relationship 513 - I Want to Grow to Become Someone Cool