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"Damn, you can kill, you can't be insulted, you are really deceiving people too much!" Hailong Douluo shouted, "Hurry up and summon your martial soul! I want to tell you what kind of person you have offended!"

"Oh, okay, there is such a request, then I will satisfy you." Qi Ling smiled, "Okay, I guess you won't have the courage to watch it a second time, so take good care of this time. Chance."

So Qi Ling was not polite at all and summoned the Shenlonghuang Wuhun. Although Qi Ling had hidden the color of his soul ring in order not to be too shocking, the absolute kingly dominance of the dragon clan brought by the Shenlonghuang was still Make Hailong's Douluo feel tight.

Fortunately, after seeing that Qi Ling had only eight spirit rings now, Sea Dragon Douluo finally gave a sigh of relief. ?

"Okay, I won't bully you, you quickly use your martial spirit real body, and be fully prepared." Hailong Douluo said, "so that you won't wait until you lose, but you won't be reconciled."

"Hey? It's so good, thank you so much." Qi Ling smiled helplessly, "In that case, let me show it so that you can know why Xiao Wu and the others reacted like this. "

So Qi Ling displayed his martial soul real body, showing his own Shenlong form. No matter from which aspect, the Shenlong real body is perfect and impeccable, so you can see the ultimate.

Not only that, after the real body of Shenlong appeared, Qi Ling's dragon might have been brought to the extreme, making the suppression of Sea Dragon Douluo also reached its extreme. He only felt like he had a huge boulder on his body, and he even acted very well. difficulty.

"This, it's impossible, how could someone just use my martial spirit body, I'm so afraid that I can't move, and even just want to worship!" Hailong Douluo thought to himself, "This must be an illusion! It must be an illusion! I don't believe it!"

So the Sea Dragon Douluo, who urged his body to move with all his strength, rushed towards Qi Ling. What the Dragon Clan was best at was naturally close combat, and Sea Dragon Douluo also hoped to use this to launch his own offensive.

Seeing Sea Dragon Douluo exert all his strength, he finally moved his body, but when he rushed in front of Qi Ling, Qi Ling turned around easily, swung his tail with a move, and knocked him into the air with a tail. , As if a cannonball shot towards Poseidon Island.

The people who had been attracted by Sea Dragon Douluos shouts were all fighting in the air at this time. Who ever thought that Sea Dragon Douluo would be drawn back for a second before the battle started. Smashed to the ground.

Seeing Sea Dragon Douluo fell to the ground severely injured by his own blow, and couldn't get up again, Qi Ling had no choice but to say: "Oh, did you use too much force? This is not good, but don't kill him."

The commotion here naturally also alarmed the strongest man on the island, Sea Douluo Bo Saixi. But when she came to the air of Seagod Island and saw Qi Ling's figure, she was also extremely surprised.

"Qi Ling? Why did you come back? Didn't you go to the Demon Realm and participate in that game?" Posessi said.

"I take a break in the middle of the game, so I will come back and take a look." Qi Ling smiled, "Ah, by the way, just now this Sea Dragon Douluo wanted to ask me to learn from each other. I accidentally tried too hard. You wouldn't mind it. ?"

Bo Saixi looked at the commotion below and the unconscious Sea Dragon Douluo. He obviously knew what had happened. He couldn't help but said helplessly, "Hey, I probably know what happened. Forget it, you can talk to me first. bring it on."

"Hey? The Sacred Pillar Guardian was defeated, don't you, the high priest, actually plan to take action?" Qi Ling couldn't help but said with a smile, "I thought you would definitely seek justice for Sea Dragon Douluo."

"Even if I want to, I have to beat you." Bo Saixi looked at Qi Ling angrily, "You guy, have you become stronger again? It's incredible, you have become stronger. The speed is amazing."

Bo Saixi is right. Qi Ling's current strength has far surpassed Bo Saixi. He thought that Bo Saixi could not inherit the position of God, so under the power of Poseidon, Bo Saixi could only reach the level of a demigod at most. The strength is not even as good as Xue Qinghe, who has already obtained the position of God.

And even if Qi Ling hadn't obtained a complete **** position, his power had already reached that level, and his typical strength far exceeded his own limit, which was commonly known as an open player.

"Also, what Sea Dragon Douluo is like, I know in my heart, I am not surprised if I have a conflict with you." Bo Saixi said, "Hey, blame me, it would be fine if he didn't let him guard this area. "

Under the leadership of Bo Saixi, Qi Ling and the four went to the Sea God Temple together. Looking at the one-thousand-one steps, they couldn't help feeling very impatient. This is where they have practiced before.

"Isn't Xiao San doing cultivation here? I thought he would definitely still do cultivation here." Qi Ling couldn't help asking, maybe Tang San had already begun the Seagod inheritance, right?

Bo Saixi shook his head and said, "No, Tang San's strength has already broken through the limit of this Seagod's Light, so here will no longer be of any help to his cultivation."

"Hey, yes." Qi Ling couldn't help but stunned, and then thought that Xiao San, relying on the twin martial spirits, might have already cultivated to Super Douluo at his current level of strength.

"Little San, how many spirit rings does he have now?" Qi Ling couldn't help asking, presumably Bo Saixi must be clear about this.

"Tang San's current twin spirit rings, the first spirit blue silver grass has a total of nine spirit rings, and the second spirit, the Clear Sky Hammer, a total of eight spirit rings." Bo Saixi said, "That is to say. , Tang San had a total of 17 spirit rings on his body, only the last one."

Qi Ling couldn't help but smiled helplessly, this kid actually had one more spirit ring than himself! Presumably the position of his last soul ring was reserved for the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.

And then according to Bo Saixi, Tang San's current spirit power level had already exceeded level 95, and he should be able to make another breakthrough after he passed the training level and obtained the last spirit ring.

This can be said to belong to Tang Sans opportunity, and by that time, Bo Saixi could help Tang San carry on the inheritance of the Seagods position. With the help of her power, Tang San said that he would break through the 99th level of the final threshold to obtain God. Position, reaching the strength of a demigod.

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Hailong Douluo XinShuhaige.COM Chapter 742: , Siege Chapter 743: , Stealing Stars and Changing the Moon xinshuhaige.com Chapter 744: , Beast God descends on XinShuhaige.COM Chapter 745: , The second island Chapter 746: , Ning Rongrong xINShuHaIGe.CoM Chapter 747: , Hide and seek xinshuhaige.com Chapter 748: , Dragon Armor Chapter 749: , Xeon Defense xinShuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 750: , The sword in the stone XINshuHAiGe.CoM Chapter 751: , Draw the sword Chapter 752: , Named XinShuhaige.COM Chapter 753: , XiNSHuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 754: , Gongfa evolution Chapter 755: , New obstacles Chapter 756: , Gorefiend debt collection XiNShUHaiGe.CoM Chapter 757: , Xinshuhaige.com Chapter 758: , The gift of the Gorefiend Chapter 759: , Decide xinShuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 760: , Detoxification Chapter 761: , Xinshuhaige.com Chapter 762: , The poison of ten thousand snakes xiNSHuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 763: , Poseidon's Trident Chapter 764: , The artifact is alive Chapter 765: , The power of the Excalibur 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793: , Angel **** outfit Chapter 794: , The mysterious man Chapter 795: , Wayward Gorefiend Chapter 796: , Huaxingcao Chapter 797: , Tang San was caught Chapter 798: , Cao Yang's plan Chapter 799: , Stealing Stars and Changing the Moon Chapter 800: , The power of Qi Ling Chapter 801: , The unforgivable enemy XINshuHAiGe.CoM Chapter 802: , Cao Yangs offensive xINShuHaIGe.CoM Chapter 803: , The gap between gods Chapter 804: , Azure Dragon Soul xinshuhaige.com Chapter 805: , Demon Soul Reincarnation XINshuHAiGe.CoM Chapter 806: , Defeated Cao Yang Chapter 807: , Bow archery XiNShUHaiGe.CoM Chapter 808: , Qi Ling's plan XINshuHAiGe.CoM Chapter 809: ,Demi god Chapter 810: , Above the limit, below the gods XinShuhaige.COM Chapter 811: , Mandala Snake Emperor xinshuhaige.com Chapter 812: , Meng still Chapter 813: , The king of killing xinshUHaiGe.COM Chapter 814: , Tang Chen XiNShUHaiGe.CoM Chapter 815: , Tang Chen's strength Chapter 816: , Qi Ling vs. Tang Chen XiNShUHaiGe.CoM Chapter 817: , Evenly matched XINshuHaiGe.com Chapter 818: ,result Chapter 819: , Xinshuhaige.com, the inheritor of the gods Chapter 820: , Consciousness xinShuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 821: , Qian Renxue's decision Chapter 822: , The problem of the dragon girl Chapter 823: , Beinas crisis xinShuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 824: , The true **** of war Chapter 825: , The mysterious woman xinShuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 826: , XiNSHuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 827: , Luna's decision Chapter 828: , Howling Abyss XiNShUHaiGe.CoM Chapter 829: , Gladiolus is back Chapter 830: , Alsace Chapter 831: , Wailing cave xinshuhaige.com Chapter 832: , The Skeleton Throne Chapter 833: , Skeleton King XINshuHAiGe.CoM Chapter 834: , The power of level five Chapter 835: ,Cooperation Chapter 836: , Vs. Skeleton King Chapter 837: , Extinguish the world black inflammation xiNShUHaiGe.COM Chapter 838: , The mighty Skeleton King Chapter 839: , Qi Ling's approach XINshuHaiGe.com Chapter 840: , The despicable Cao Yang xINShuHaIGe.CoM Chapter 841: , Summon Demon Soldier Chapter 842: , The magic soldier recognizes the master xiNSHuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 843: , Transmission array XINshuHAiGe.CoM Chapter 844: , Gui Shen Liu Duan Chapter 845: , Resurrecting Tang Sans mother XiNShUHaiGe.CoM Chapter 846: , The treatment of Tang Hao XinShuHaiGE.CoM Chapter 847: ,resurrection Chapter 848: , And pedicle joint strain broken intestine red xiNSHuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 849: , Damings request xinShuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 850: , Go to the devil Chapter 851: , Mad three XinShuhaige.COM Chapter 852: , Devil World Inn xiNShUHaiGe.COM Chapter 853: , Shiquan Dabutang Chapter 854: , Zhuge Xiaoyu xiNSHuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 855: , Ambush xiNShUHaiGe.COM Chapter 856: , Arrived at the venue Chapter 857: , Soft persimmon XinShuHaiGE.CoM Chapter 858: , Soil Xingshu XINshuHAiGe.CoM Chapter 859: , Soil inkstone Chapter 860: , The horrible transformation XINshuHAiGe.CoM Chapter 861: , A big killing XiNShUHaiGe.CoM Chapter 862: , A strong enemy Chapter 863: , The ghost king Chapter 864: , The first round is over xinShuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 865: , Queen of Ice XINshuHaiGe.com Chapter 866: , The player debut Chapter 867: , The identity is exposed XinShuhaige.COM Chapter 868: , Noah XINshuHAiGe.CoM Chapter 869: , I find myself Chapter 870: , The double agent xinShuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 871: , In addition to spirit alliance XINshuHAiGe.CoM Chapter 872: ,alliance Chapter 873: , Yemengade xINShuHaIGe.CoM Chapter 874: , The battle royale of a thousand people xiNShUHaiGe.COM Chapter 875: , The terrible demon world Chapter 876: , Defense order xINShuHaIGe.CoM Chapter 877: , Token evolution XinShuHaiGE.CoM Chapter 878: , Absolute zero Chapter 879: , XiaoyuxinShuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 880: , The trap of the safe zone xiNShUHaiGe.COM Chapter 881: , Enter the safe zone Chapter 882: , Trading xiNSHuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 883: Madness serious xiNShUHaiGe.COM Chapter 884: , Cang Yue Chapter 885: , Blood loss xiNSHuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 886: , The blood-sucking butterfly XINshuHAiGe.CoM Chapter 887: ,Do the task Chapter 888: , Bagua ZhenxiNShUHaiGe.COM Chapter 889: , Do the task XINshuHAiGe.CoM Chapter 890: , Another Qi Ling Chapter 891: , XinShuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 892: , The body of steel XinShuhaige.COM Chapter 893: , The dragon body Chapter 894: , Power showdown xiNShUHaiGe.COM Chapter 895: , SSS-level monster XINshuHAiGe.CoM Chapter 896: ,opportunity Chapter 897: , Really Red Powerful xiNShUHaiGe.COM Chapter 898: , Xiaoye appeared xinshuhaige.com Chapter 899: , Princess Luna Chapter 900: , Haolong xinshuhaige.com Chapter 901: , The strongest battle lineup xiNShUHaiGe.COM Chapter 902: , Sword Demon Chapter 903: , Sword Demon duel Chapter 904: , The gods and demons reproduce XinShuhaige.COM Chapter 905: , Healing xinShuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 906: , Cang Yue wakes up Chapter 907: , The majesty of the queen XINshuHaiGe.com Chapter 908: , The discovery of Xiaoye Chapter 909: , Raiders ruins xinshuhaige.com Chapter 910: , Lunas Wisdom XINshuHAiGe.CoM Chapter 911: , Haolong betrayed Chapter 912: , Luna's decision xiNSHuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 913: , Nine Life Cat xiNShUHaiGe.COM Chapter 914: ,breakthrough Chapter 915: , The greedy heart XINshuHAiGe.CoM Chapter 916: , Tiandadi tea XinShuHaiGE.CoM Chapter 917: , Self-contained Chapter 918: , Despicable and shameless XINshuHAiGe.CoM Chapter 919: , Qi Lings victory xinShuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 920: ,award Chapter 921: , A powerful reward XINshuHaiGe.com Chapter 922: , The trap XinShuHaiGE.CoM Chapter 923: , The rescue Chapter 924: , The lava behemoth XinShuHaiGE.CoM Chapter 925: , Three battlefields xiNShUHaiGe.COM Chapter 926: , The final victory Chapter 927: , Force Chuling back to XinShuhaige.COM Chapter 928: , The game is over xINShuHaIGe.CoM Chapter 929: , Luna's decision Chapter 930: , Back to xinshuhaige.com in Douluo mainland Chapter 931: , Goodbye Xiao Wu xiNSHuHaiGe.CoM Chapter 932: , Taking Bingdilian Shuangchanghongchang Chapter 933: , Absorb the spirit ring XINshuHaiGe.com Chapter 934: , Resurrection xinshuhaige.com Chapter 935: , The return of Bibi Dong Chapter 936: , Luna and Yutu xINShuHaIGe.CoM Chapter 937: , With the world in mind Chapter 938: , The new Hailong Douluo XinShuhaige.COM Chapter 939: , Tang San's recent situation