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Chapter 3-1. Black Tree Tribe

Isabel felt Judah hesitating about something from earlier. The hands that once rubbed her hips also lost strength, then he tried to pull his hands out, and their kiss became dull. She wanted to see him for some reason, and when she opened her eyes, she saw him thinking of another girl. Instinctively, a corner of her heart wandered.

She had no psychic ability to read his thoughts, but she had dealt with so many people as a leader, and reading other peoples feelings wasnt very difficult. She wasnt perfect, but she could get a rough idea of what he was thinking right now. She laughed.

She said, Do you dare stand in front of me and think of another woman?


Judah avoided her eyes at her blasphemous words. Tias face and voice instantly flashed with guilt when he lifted her up earlier and when he grabbed her ass a little while ago. Before he left Serenia Castle, Tia said she didnt care who he slept with, but that couldnt be his indulgence. Although he had lost his mind to alcohol and her temptations, he was slowly trying to get his consciousness back. But what if he came back?

She said, I dont know what you intend to do, but if youre here, look at me. Forget everything. Thats the least you could do to respect me.

Judah moaned and nodded his head. She was right. He eventually crossed the line. The only one in front of him was her. Unable to overcome the temptation, he let it pass and come and recounted his guilt to make Isabel the focus of his pleasure. He couldnt withdraw. Isabel laughed and called out his name. Judah felt like the apostle who had forsaken his faith in Jesus, whom he was named after. But for him, he felt like he had forsaken Tia himself.

I cant handle this anymore.

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Isabel shook her head, staring blankly at Judah as he stood there like a fool. To his surprise, Isabel sat down with her clothes on. And with agile hand movements, she unwrapped Judahs pants and ran her hands through the fabric. It wasnt difficult. The penis in his pants bulged hard and pushed through the fabric of his underwear. Even though she was inexperienced, she was relatively skilled because she was provided with ample knowledge, and had more than simple teachings using wooden roots. As she lowered his underwear, she complained the frustrations that she felt so far, about how he held back when he felt like this after all. She watched as his penis protruded strongly.


It was big. Isabel was amazed at the sight of his penis as it poked her nose.

Oh Do you think you are bigger than a wooden penis?

Her hand gently grasped Judahs penis. She laughed happily as she looked at his erect that remained that length, even though she held it with one hand. He fluttered his body at her touch, but his reaction was still lukewarm.

You havent made up your mind yet? Your body is so honest but youre stupid! If you think of a different woman even with me right in front of you, then just stay still. I just need this.

Deep inside, she thought that his pride hurt. Lets see where and how long you can think of her.

Isabel, who was determined to do so, stuck out her tongue. Her long pink tongue stretched out and licked her Judahs head. To her surprise, he made no resistance.


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Judahs penis fluttered to the unfamiliar sensation as she licked his gland with her tongue, striking like a cat.

Thats cute?

When practicing with a wooden penis, she couldnt feel anything like this at all. Married women in the village said that she should learn the essential knowledge of holding a man at night, and now she knew it. Certainly, her knowledge was not useless. Isabel drew a cat-like grin and bit his penis with her mouth open. The moment she swallowed the front part of his thick head, she frowned at its weird taste and scent, but she soon thought it wasnt bad. She was even surprised that her mouth began to water.

And its big. Its big.

When practicing with her wooden penis, she didnt have to open her mouth that way, only opening it quite stiffly. She slowly pushed his penis into her mouth while lowering her hand. The texture that went through her tongue to the inside of her neck felt like a fresh sensation. There was so much heat; she thought it would be warm rather than hot. Her saliva wet his penis. With the penis in her mouth, Isabel aroused Judah quite skillfully for her first time.

Huh. Ugh, huh.

Judah groaned a little at the pleasure rising from his lower body. Whether that stimulated him, little by little, Isabels movements were getting faster. She exhaled her breath every time her mouth and hand swept his penis. He couldnt keep his body still.

Zeup! Zup, chum!

Judah felt the feeling of his ejaculation elevate, but he held back as she continued to obscenely bite his penis, swallow him whole and then pull out halfway again. As she enjoyed his reaction, she sucked him in as he touched her uvula and then spat out his penis with the sound of her ragged breathing. A gruesome web of saliva stretched between his penis and her lips, like mischief.

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As she exhaled lightly, Isabel licked her lips with her tongue. Her cheeks were red, looking up at Judah from under him. As he stared at her face, his heart pounded. When Tias face flashed before his eyes again and began to take away his focus, Isabel spoke up.

I know how to do this, so can we do this earnestly?

As she said so, Judah brought his waist a little forward. His glans pressed firmly against her lips, which was still closed. Her tight, bright red lips were pressed, and his penis could feel her hard teeth inside her mouth. She glanced at Judah with laughter as if he had done anything absurd and then opened her mouth and swallowed his penis.


She teased his penis to keep her cheeks and her teeth from hurting. Isabels eyebrows and eyes curled bewitchingly, looking at Judah, tickling the underside of his glans with her sensitive tongue, and savored the taste. She had seen numerous pornography in the world and had seen 3333 images of the act, but when she saw such a lewd appearance at him under the moonlight, she felt strongly turned on. The sound of her heart pounded in her ears until it was all she could hear.


Judah bit his lips. As he watched Isabel, it was hard to bear his feelings and temptation. Feeling the same, he let Isabel stop stimulating him. She let go of his penis.

Ooh Ah How is it? Cant stand it? Ive learned a lot about how to tease.

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Isabel laughed at him, biting her lips and looking at Judah with pleasure as he tried to hold back his. A little more tormenting. She muttered and tormented Judah by swallowing his penis again. Judah, thinking he couldnt stand it anymore, ejaculated, his back clenched and his hand trying to clutch the wall behind him.


Isabel, who was pulling and swallowing with her mouth, suddenly felt something sticky in her mouth. Her eyes widened. Crumbling and rumbling, semen sprinkled intensely in her mouth. It was a lot more than he thought. Isabel was amazed at the cum that showered in her throat, and she swallowed it without any time to deal with it. Isabel, who stopped his ejaculation, briefly took out his penis from her mouth. She leaned her head down with her mouth closed.

What is this?

Was this a mans ejaculation?

Like an innocent virgin, Isabel was paralyzed for a moment. What was she to do with the cum in her mouth? Was it right to swallow it?

She didnt care at all that he dared to ejaculate in her mouth without her permission. No, she couldnt afford to care about it. She was just wondering what to do with the semen that she had settled on her tongue. The semen mixed with her saliva began to increase as each moment passed.

Huh Its sticky.

It seemed to swell as her tongue moved back and forth. As she opened her mouth slightly to breathe, bubbles formed in her sight. She hurriedly closed her mouth with her hand, squeezed her eyes tightly, then gulped to swallow it all.

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Taking a breath lightly, the moment she swallowed his semen, she felt a strange warmth in her body. She was hot before, but now she felt something different. Something was missing. Isabel knew that a man letting out semen meant satisfaction, and while she felt a sense of accomplishment, she also felt that this was not enough. Her stomach began to throb and craved for the next stage. Inside her undressed skirt, she felt her pussy grow excited. Her hand traveled down her body, and her fingers crept between the tightly closed cracks of her pussy that no one had ever entered.


It was as sticky as the semen she swallowed in her mouth. Even if it was a natural physiological phenomenon, it was strange.

Is it because of the alcohol? I dont know.

Did she really have this stranger stuck in her mind? Isabel felt embarrassed by her weird , beating heart.

She did. She questioned why but she couldnt come up with the answer. The fact that Judah had the same spirit characteristics as the story that had been passed down to her tribe contributed to her crush on Judah, but what she didnt know was the twenty-fourth fragment in his possession. The main reason was Carpe Diems -Fascination- effect. All of that was just synergies.

I want to have sex I want it.

Isabel lightly rubbed her fingers as they touched her pussy. Thrilling pleasure rose from her underside, riding up her spinal cord. Her waist perked up. Her sexual desires, which had been suppressed for decades, were erupting.

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She could see that she was incredibly excited without having to put her fingers inside like she was in heat like an animal. She used her index and middle fingers to open her pussy from side to side. The love juice that settled within it dripped like a stream of water.

The day was dark, and the moonlight cast a shadow on her, so it was hard to see.


Isabel knew.

If the semen she swallowed a little while ago entered her bottom, she will become pregnant, just like the women she had seen so far. Her stomach would grow and give birth to children. Isabel laughed at the mix of strange anticipation and fear.

She looked at the penis throbbing in front of her eyes. She saw its momentum waning a little while ago, and she seduced his erection again harder than before. At the end of his glans, his semen hung.

Isabel lifted her head slightly, stuck her tongue out, licked it, and puckered her lips.

She then licked her cheeks to clean the semen that remained in it and sucked up whatever remained in his urethra.

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It would be difficult to bear it, right? Come here Dont say you cant.

Isabel grabbed Judahs shoulder and pushed him behind her. She let out a whine, and Judah turned back to look at her. Isabel put her hand on her wall and propped her hips behind her.

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