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After Ka Ka left, the room was quiet again.

The extreme quietness can easily lead to distracting thoughts. Bai Xiyue sat on the bed, focused her attention, and began to analyze the situation.

The advantage that the opponent has now is undoubtedly very big, with her ability, it is difficult to shake.

The other party can take her soul and throw her elsewhere.

But the other party seemed unable to interfere with her true life and death.

Since there is such a great ability, but can not do some things, it shows that there must be limitations.

Her only bargaining chip now is herself, and the other party wants her to do those tasks, there must be a reason.

And that reason must be very important, so important that I want her to continue the previous thing immediately.

Bai Xiyue waited for a while, but the sound of a door knock came from outside the room.

After she said in, a woman walked in.

The woman was wearing a black professional attire and smiled at Bai Xiyue.

"Hello, Miss Bai, I am the chief planner of the event, you can call me R."

"Hello there."

Bai Xiyue responded politely, waiting for R's next words.

What R said next, although Bai Xiyue was prepared in her heart, she was still shocked.

Too ridiculous and too natural.

About three months ago, a technology company developed a transmission technology that can send energy waves through time and space, returning to the ancient earth thousands of years ago, and linking people with spirits.

Once this technology came out, it was rushed to report on it.

If you can really talk to the ancients thousands of years ago, then it must be very useful for historical research.

Everyone thinks so.

Then everyone discovered that it seemed to be useless.

Because the history from a thousand years ago to the present has already been picked up, almost all of the information on the Internet has been analyzed by experts. Although many are buried in the dust of history, it is impossible to use that technology. Come and investigate.

Because this technology is very costly, and to establish a spiritual link, the person must also have the ability to sense it.

It's like throwing a signal into a space-time tunnel. It's impossible to know which direction it is heading, and whether it can get a response.

As a result, this technology seems to be a bit tasteless.

But there are also many people who are interested, such as the boss of the company where R works.

This is a company that was born in a live-streaming reality show. It was very popular in the early years, but the industry is becoming more and more competitive. If it cant bring forth new ideas, it will be shot dead on the beach by the waves.

The boss of this company is also very courageous. He negotiated with that company and sent a spiritual connection to the ancients.

This is an investment that may not pay off, but he succeeded.

The first to establish a spiritual connection was a man. After the company observed for two days, the planning team hurriedly hurried and asked the technical department to tailor a system for him to fall in love, using the gimmick of ancient humans online dating. People are put into the environment of data simulation.

The company's ratings have exploded, and the gain is far greater than the effort.

Having tasted the sweetness, the boss plans to continue to develop.

After all, it is impossible for a company to have only one cash cow, and in order for the cash cow to have the motivation to do those things, it promises ten energy points to go home, and the company must launch a second person.

Bai Xiyue is the second person.

"In other words, from start to finish, this is just a game? Or... a reality show?"

The situation she tried so hard to change is nothing more than a reality show in the eyes of others?

"In other words, you can't achieve the conditions promised to me at all?"

"Then Pei Yuzhou I just saw..."

Bai Xiyue suddenly reacted and saw R nodding.

"Yes, that's just a data simulation, not your reality. Your reaction really surprised us. It's really great. You are now our top traffic. The number of views for each episode of the first two Both are over 100 million. This is very rare. You are our new star."

I star you with a hammer.

Bai Xiyue was irritable and wanted to hit someone.

"If, if I got ten energy points step by step according to the system, what did you plan to do?"

"Restore the original world for you."

"Let me live in illusion?"

"How can this be illusion," R said with a smile on his face, "where you think it is real, it must be real."

This is true.

When Bai Xiyue believed in everything she faced before, she thought she was in the real world.

Bai Xiyue thought, if she hadnt discovered all of this, after completing those tasks, even if she was thrown into the virtual world and continued to live, feeling the same life as the real world, there would be nothing. Doubt it.

"What about my original body? If the body dies, won't I die with it?"

"of course not."

R has a very good attitude and explained this technique in detail.

When the spirit builds a link, the soul will be imported in a way of data folding.

"Then can I call it immortality?"

Bai Xiyue thought about the possibility behind this, and even some hairy behind.

"Perhaps it is a narrow immortal life. You have to live on a body, just like every time we put you into a new world, it is a process of extracting you from the original data body, and then filling it in In a new data body, you will feel discomfort during this process."

"Is that how I reacted when I received the memory?"

The disgusting feeling of weightlessness, as if someone fell from a high altitude, was it because it was drawn out and then filled in?


"What about my original world? I'm gone, what will happen to that body?"

R silently shook his head at Bai Xiyue.

"Sorry, we don't know."

A truth appeared in front of Bai Xiyue in the words, and Bai Xiyue also saw the sincerity and subtext of R's dialogue.

She never concealed it, and cut off Bai Xiyue's back.

"So it's not that I'm not allowed to go back, but I can't go back?"


This is a trip with no return. When Bai Xiyue agreed to the so-called system, she had already said goodbye to the real world.

In short, this technology only knows how to pull people over, but it doesn't know how to send people back.

In other words, in real life, the self who has lost the soul may have become a fool, or that is, may be dead?

Bai Xiyue thought about that possibility, but still felt a bit dark and cool.

She has nothing to worry about in that world, if Pei Yuzhou sees her body............ Then I am really happy to think about it.

He wants her?

Impossible, don't give it to him if you die.

So hi.

"You are a fraud."

After Bai Xiyue knew that she couldn't go back, she felt quite happy.

Goodbye fucking, dog is better than man.

"Theoretically speaking, this is the case, but we did not sign any contract, and ancient humans do not enjoy the protection of federal law, and Miss Bai can only move within the scope of our technical support."

R said politely.

This conversation that seemed to be the other partys statement also revealed the other partys meaning and confidence.

One, Bai Xiyue got on the thief ship and couldn't get off.

Second, Bai Xiyue's life is equivalent to them, as long as they don't fill in the data body for Bai Xiyue, Bai Xiyue may be gone.

Third, they are not considered illegal, because Bai Xiyue is an ancient human and does not enjoy legal protection, and the other party can control the scope of Bai Xiyue's activities.

Bai Xiyue has only one bargaining chip, and she is their cash cow.

If she does not cooperate, the other party will die.

Bai Xiyue thought it was a bit funny, the third-line Buddhist actress in her previous life, after she died, she was actually a big coffee in the company.

And the reason to become a big coffee is because he is an ancient human.

God **** ancient humans.

"What about the previous system?"

"That is just a product of data simulation. In order to strive for reality, the technical department's settings will make it think that it is really such an existence, and it has now been formatted."

R doesn't think there is anything, it's just an analog system, you can create one whenever you want.

Bai Xiyue was silent for a moment, feeling a little pity in her heart.

Although it is fake, it can be considered to have been with it for a long time.

"Everything has been clarified, so we hope that, Miss Bai, you can work well with us to create a win-win situation."

"Until you find the next ancient human?"

"Of course we hope that more is better."

"Even if you work part-time, there is a contract period, right?"

Bai Xiyue felt a little troublesome. If she didn't agree, she would be deadlocked here. The other party's attitude would definitely not be so good, but if she agreed, there would be no initiative.

Taking one of the two, Bai Xiyue chose the first one.

"This... we can't say well."

R's face was serious.

"In fact, we can't predict when reality shows will fall into the cold winter. We are trying our best to diversify to keep the audience's attention. Fortunately, we can smash the blood with this technology and use it very successfully. The company does not have a second one, so we are still ahead, but the future is hard to predict."

R's attitude made Bai Xiyue more at ease.

At least I didn't say how long it took. It didn't feel reliable. Seeking truth from facts made her feel that the owner was quite reliable.

"I want to ask, does the spiritually connected brother in front of me know the truth?"

R shook his head.

"Isn't it a good thing to give him hope? Even if it's just fake, we worked hard to give it to him."

Who can say no? It's a silly life, and it's pretty good. At least there is a rush, a goal, and I feel that I can be saved.

But Bai Xiyue still felt that it was not a bad thing to live a little bit more clearly.

Although the future looks imaginary, it is also the truth that I can understand.

"I need a contract."

R gave Bai Xiyue a surprised look, then nodded.

Knowing that there is no law to protect her black household, Bai Xiyue still needs a contract. When will it come in handy if the security is not complete.

R quickly drafted the contract, and Bai Xiyue read it again and said that she was OK, using what R told her, and stamping it with brain waves.

"Happy cooperation, Miss Bai, your assistant is Ka Ka, you can use it to communicate in the data world at any time."

"Can I have my original one?"

"But it's already formatted."

"it's okay."

Before entering the next world, Bai Xiyue heard a familiar voice in her mind.

[System]: Hello, this is the system.

Bai Xiyue smiled and said hello.

[End of text]

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