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When the sun entered the body, Emperor Jun's memory recovered, and he understood the cause and effect of the incident.

With a terrible anger in his eyes, he whispered: "It's a good calculation, let my Monster Race and Wu Clan smash, take the opportunity to rise, and then enslave my Monster Race, it's good."

While speaking, Emperor Jun opened his mouth and swallowed, and the ancestor demon's original energy rolled into his body, his cultivation level rose rapidly, and his holy might broke into the holy realm.

"With our current strength, fighting those shameless guys is not enough."

Ning Xiaolei murmured, his figure suddenly emerged.

"Rumble rumbling!"

In the next moment, he exploded countless undeveloped areas in the Demon Refining Pot space.

Pieces of precious treasures, sacred items of cultivation, appeared one after another.

When encountering something beneficial to cultivation, Ning Xiaolei was not polite and swallowed it directly.

In his frenzied devouring, the cultivation base increased rapidly, from the beginning of the saint realm, and gradually reached the peak of the saint, in a faint, half foot has crossed the saint.

"Back then, you were afraid that I would take this step. This time, I will show it to you."

Ning Xiaolei murmured and left the demon refining pot with the same greatly increased Dijun.

Outside, the two of them were attacked as soon as they appeared, and slammed them down.

The rhyme of the Taoist whistle flowed, and various visions appeared, as if it was not a whisk that fell, but the whole world.

"Hongjun, you mean villain."

Ning Xiaolei let out a low roar, the Eastern Emperor Bell flew out, and with a sound, it shook off the falling whisk.

Opposite him and Di Jun, an extremely wretched old man stood there holding a whisk.

"Hey, thank you for the compliment, I didn't expect you two to have this hand, it is really troublesome."

Hongjun grinned and whisked down again.

"Back then, you didn't dare to fight us head-on, only dared to play conspiracies behind your back. Now let you know that after so many years, you are still unworthy."

Dijun drank coldly, the sun was really blazing, and Hetuluo's calligraphy treasures were offered together.

The whisk fell and collided with Hetu Luoshu, but it was still unable to break through.

Of course Ning Xiaolei would not watch, and set off to rush towards Hongjun.

"Do you really think that after so many years, I have so little strength? Amusing you."

Suddenly, Hongjun showed a wretched smile, and countless clones appeared around him, each using different means to fight against the two.

"Knowing that for so many years, why have you still not been able to take that step?"

Looking at the bunch of Hongjun's figures that rushed forward, Ning Xiaolei was not worried, but tugged at the corner of his mouth, revealing a hint of sarcasm.

In Hongjun's suspicious gaze, Ning Xiaolei whispered: "What is the supreme? Invincible is the supreme. If the sky hinders me, I break the sky, if the earth restrains me, I split the ground."

"Supreme is a kind of belief. I am invincible. We are just two people. You are afraid. No wonder you can't become a supreme."

In the low voice, Ning Xiaolei suddenly raised his voice to the sky and said loudly: "Today, I am considered the Supreme."

With the voice, there is an invincible world, the belief that I will be the other.

As if in his eyes, no one in the world is his opponent, he is the strongest and most powerful existence on the earth.

In the place where the two worlds of immortality and Buddha were fighting, all the people who heard this voice were shocked.

Supreme is the realm above the saints, the realm they have pursued for a lifetime.

Almost instantly, everyone stopped fighting and rushed in this direction frantically.

"Don't think about it!" Hongjun roared, and suddenly Penning Xiaolei killed him.

It was for fear that this person would break through this realm, that he conspired to design the Lich War, and now he has no idea of breaking through, how can this situation happen again.

"Master, you are still like this, because of your own evil thoughts, how many lives died tragically back then!"

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared, surrounded by sharp swords, and it was the Master of Heaven.

"Get out of the way, you traitor!" Hongjun was furious, flicked and smashed.

As soon as the Master Tongtian was about to stop, Ning Xiaolei at the back said: "Get out of the way, if you are afraid of him blocking, how can I become the supreme."

With that, Ning Xiaolei walked towards Hongjun step by step, and with every step he fell, the aura on his body was rising rapidly, and the surrounding spirits surged into his body.

When Hongjun approached, his cultivation level had reached an unfathomable level.

"Isn't it fun to imprison the Avenue and start the war?"

Looking at the stunned Hong Jun with cold eyes, Ning Xiaolei punched out.

Obviously it was an ordinary punch, but Hongjun found that he couldn't dodge, and hurriedly took out a jade disc of good fortune to resist.

However, it was useless. With this punch, the jade disc of good fortune was directly smashed into the air, and Hongjun at the back made a solid punch.

In the stunned eyes of everyone, the powerful and invincible Hongjun's body was shattered inch by inch, and in the blink of an eye he turned into a white gas and dissipated between the heaven and the earth.

"Since it is nothingness, why bother to chaos the world."

Watching Hongjun disappear, Ning Xiaolei's indifferent eyes turned to the holy realm of Lao Tzu, Yuanshi Tianzun, Tathagata, Randeng and so on.

"From now on, in the six realms, I am the master, all beings in all realms are equal, each practicing and enlightening, less disputes, less killing, can you?"

Everyone looked at each other and did not relax for a long time.

They were still shocked by the scene where Ning Xiaolei killed Hongjun with a punch just now, and they haven't recovered.

"My Monster Race is willing, and I wish to respect the Supreme Order."

At this moment, a beautiful voice rang from the back, and the pretty girl-like Nuwa spoke and walked out slowly.

All the saints who had recovered from their senses peeked at Ning Xiaolei, who couldn't see the anger on his face, and hurriedly shouted loudly after all.

Even Hongjun, the master of the three great saints, could kill them with a single punch.

The uniform and uniform voices echoed across the world in the next moment after several saints first shouted.

"My Demon Race is willing, and I wish to honor the Supreme Order!"

"I am willing to immortal world, I wish to respect the supreme order!"

"My Buddhism is willing, and I wish to honor the Supreme Order!"

"My demons are willing, I wish to respect the Supreme Order!"

"I am willing to the ghost world, and I wish to respect the supreme order!"

"My human race is willing, and I wish to respect the Supreme Order!"

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