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Once Cecilia recalls the event in the new dungeon, she looked solemnly at Zhen who just fainted. She suddenly flicked her finger and some true qi starts to flow toward his body.

At this moment, I was finally awake from all those new crazy information that just happen. The images in the staircase were the scene of the person in front of me talking with the now-dead Karl.

My prediction was correct as climbing to this peak means the whole jigsaw puzzles will be completed and I have a basic understanding of the event that occurred to Cecilia.

I bet she knew my thoughts as well given the fact that she been inside me ever since the day I was born. She should know about the time I read a novel and found out that most of the plot inside is perfectly describing her story.

Always a tragic event that led to her downfall and to magically strive back up with the help of the protagonist. Except, I never knew one day I would be one of those protagonists.

I have never read a plot like this so I don't know what to do and what would happen to those who I have gotten close to.

Sara, John, and Sandy, this family has given me warmth and although John has been harsh on me lately, it was simply a parent caring for their child.

Something that I wished for a long time and my maid. I closed my eye to stop reminiscing as I believe she will knock me in the head for always thinking of the negative again.

I slowly looked up to this peerless woman in front of me, "I have learned a bit of the event that happened to you and know that you have been secretly helping me out."

Cecilia didn't reply to me and only stare at me. I couldn't help but feel frustrated by this kind of response and it's not because she didn't reply to me but it's her facial feature.

'Please answer me already and not stare at me like that. I would have committed a crime if my mindset were any weaker. You have no idea how much a guy would embrace you or even have lustful thought'

*Cough* "I finally know why I could survive those harsh winter when I'm forced to stay outside as I always felt warmth whenever I was about to die. It should be your doing right?"

I tried to calm my nerve and continue to make a conversation with her. My effort was in vain as she still stares at me without any intention to reply.

'Fine, you are a Sovereign in the past but it's no longer that. Heck, I can't even tell your cultivation base nor if I can even say your mage rank is 1-9 or like that.'

I have obtained a portion of memories from Cecilia back when she was in the higher world so I knew that this fantasy world is only a tiny world.

Although I was a bit shocked to learn that I'm in a tiny world, it didn't affect me much as everything is abnormal. Just based on the fact that I didn't die and transmigrated here is something that no one would believe me.

Not even Kuro would believe me if he didn't see my ignorant state and connected with me through the contract. Tiny world, I can still accept that but even the cultivation ranking is completely wrong is unbelievable to me.

"Is there a reason why I lost all my power when I entered this mysterious place?" This is my main question as I don't know what else could explain my loss of cultivation.

Since I have followed the cultivation procedure that this world believed in, therefore with this new profound knowledge, my cultivation is completely wrong.

I have no idea how to fix this mess of mine and the only person capable to guide me should be none other than Cecilia Von Henning.

"I can indeed guide you to the correct path but I have a condition and you should know it." After a long time, Cecilia finally opened her mouth to speak.

Her voice is really mesmerizing to seduce man easily but I composed myself as I don't even dare to have any illicit thought nor actions toward her.

'Who am I kidding? She is way too powerful and if it weren't for her life is still connected to me, I'll be discarded right away.'

"Your condition should be having me help you on the path of vengeance right?"

"Indeed, talking to wise people always makes things easier. As you have already known that I've been accompanying you ever since your birth, I still need your help as I can only project myself like this."

I nodded at her word since she is strong before but now, she is only a virtual image. Probably when she reached a certain cultivation rank again, then she would be able to forge her own body.

"I understand that but how would I know that you don't have any malicious intent toward me after I helped you regain an actual body?" I asked this slowly and I need to confirm that she would not harm me in any way possible.

"Sigh, I praise you way too early again. If I really wanted to have malicious intent towards you then I could easily dispel myself from your body or even worse, occupied your soul completely." Cecilia shook her head with disappointment when she heard his comment.

Meanwhile, I was dumbstruck as I clearly did not expect something like that. Thinking it more deeply, I have probably obtained a fragment of memories that she allowed me to pry into.

Smacking my head for overestimating myself again, "I understand and honestly, if it weren't for you, I would have probably died so many times especially my final free-fall moment in the skyscraper. I believed it was also due to you that I transmigrated?"

"You are right and you should address me as your highness or queen from now on. Until I deem you qualified, you are not allowed to address me by name, Cecilia nor use the 'you' term again." Cecilia suddenly said in an extremely domineering tone.

I can't help but feel suffocated from the aura she emitting and with a difficult breathing tone, "I understand queen. Now shouldn't you tell me what to do since I'm completely clueless?"

Cecilia nodded in approval for my quick wit and actions. She slowly said with a smile, "Seeing how you're smart enough to understand the situation, I won't be harsh with you."

However, I only felt a cold chill running through my body as I can tell, that smile is an Asura's smile that has malicious intent.

With a shaky voice, "W-What do you suggest me to do first, q-queen?" I can't help but tremble more as her smile grew wider.

If it were a genuine smile, I would definitely be heart-struck. But it's not and I'm extremely frightened by her huge smile.

"Very simple, we start by resetting your cultivation and start body tempering treatment to restart the true cultivation rank."

Cecilia said as she laughs in her mind. She can't help but starts to imagine his fate when the process begins.

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